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  1. @mic there a few things like that - have to say that one scared me the most. I can't remember how to do the spoiler tag so - I'll just say if you check out the wiki you can find a few other set encounters. Good luck! I love this game, hope you enjoy it too!
  2. hi @micthe wolf inside the dam is a set encounter. Her nickname is fluffy. The first time I ran into her I almost had a coronary because I so wasn't expecting it...
  3. I just want them to last a little bit longer...
  4. I'll also note on days when I've started curing hides and plan on traveling away from the spot I've left them on. So I'll have a note on say day 23, or one on general tab saying on day 28 go back to office and start boots. I track bear spawns because I plan my routes my them. Setting aside food and hide, bears are useful because on the smaller maps they contain wolves to certain areas. And you can skulk along with them and remain relatively wolf free. Just don't get too close.
  5. I vote Pleasant Valley
  6. I'm pretty happy with the ice in FM - though you are in serious trouble if you fall through near steep land. There are some subtle clues and you can make some assumptions too. However, there is some weirdness. As an example Survivor 115 was out in the middle (heading away from the Poacher's Camp and generally towards the Homestead) when she got chased by a wolf. I misjudged the ice and ran too far onto the weak ice and went in. However the wolf also attacked and next thing I know I'm in wolf combat screen, but then the wolf flees like they do when they hit a patch of week ice. End result - I'm on the nearest solid land - I'm bruised, I have a sprained ankle and hypothermia. No bleeding. So in essence the wolf ran up and pulled me from my watery grave before running off to do good elsewhere! Too bad I died of hypothermia before I could make it to somewhere with matches.
  7. As mentioned by others store it outside. Check out the thread 1000 days in the dam - one of the last things done was a final posting of degredation values. The whole thread makes for interesting reading though.
  8. Its not really a death sentence even on interloper, there are just some odd things - like steep land tends to mean deep water. But you can crisscross it fairly easily once you figure out the oddness. Though not in a fog, its a death trap in the fog. It also has a very robust wolf population, very robust.
  9. I use the journal to track where I've cached stuff and if there's resources in an area I haven't harvested. So I can come back later if I need it. And to track bear respawns.
  10. Generally I've been able to avoid barehand struggles. Except on interloper of course.
  11. question

    for me it was Buttercup.
  12. That's awesome! While I am eagerly awaiting the Story Mode, I do enjoy the sandbox. Well maybe not Interloper, enjoy isn't quite the right word. Still trying to figure out how to get past day 5.
  13. question

    I'd be ok with more variety, but I'd hate to have my survivor go back into buttercup mode. There was a time after one of the updates when the comentary was endless. I also have to say I prefer the female survivor to the male survivor on vocalization. I find her comments slightly more amusing. "Whew, right on" in a slightly sarcastic tone is beautiful.
  14. I've had that too, its why I crouch before first aid - they're less likely to come back. But what I'm talking about is before you get the save symbol you can't do anything but watch lupe walk away - or in these cases decide to come back and finish the job.
  15. It probably is. I tried starting a conversation it at one point but someone moved it to the bugs section and then support snarked that it was on purpose and was my fault and shut down the thread. Not worth being harrassed like that to make a bug report even though it continues to happen and as near as I can tell not to many if any others. But those sneaky second wolves are much more dangerous.