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  1. I suspect is a graphics issue. And since it doesn't always show up it probably difficult to reproduce.
  2. I just tried jumping off a cliff, it was a very unsatisfying experiment. All I did was sprain my wrist and ding up my clothes. Wolves also proved to be too deadly. Still takes too long to tear up your socks for bandages. So I'm back at randomly assigned condition loss. Though if they let me start with a knife I'd happily stick it into my foot.
  3. No - I'm a barbarian so I actually pronounce the J. But yes, the same name! Squee!
  4. @toebar We're talking axes not mauls. And I don't know what the general population does but my family gathers wood from their properties and one of the tools is an ax. Its the first entry the article you so dismisively told me to read.
  5. @CalNieDaGtarGuy the interior (ones with a loading screen) caves in the game tend to be around 37F (~2.8C) degrees and stay a constant temp. So with clothes on you can get relatively warm. So long as you're above 32F (0C) the game doesn't send you into hypothermia. I wouldn't recommend sleeping bare skin on the rock though. Caves that don't have a loading screen vary in temperature depending on proximity to the entrance and the current outside air temp. The temperature varies between caves and depending on weather. So the one's I'm proposing would be the loading screen ones. In real life, proper caves stay pretty much about the same temp all year round (average annual for the region) with deeper caves getting warmer as you go down.
  6. bummer
  7. @Dug make it detachable and mount it on @mic's vehicle. Boooyaaah!
  8. @SPiRiT check out 1000 days in the dam if you want hard numbers. I'd look at the end, one of the last things he posted was a final chart on decay rates.
  9. support

    I've only had this happen to me with sticks. I somehow went from 25 sticks to 50 sticks while walking from FM to ML. Its doubled other times, but that was the most noticeable.
  10. fyi - the abandoned bunker in Pleasant Valley is static. Its there every game. Sometimes people confuse that one for a prepper bunker.
  11. For part of the group, oh yes. The some of us mutinied and swam for shore after a couple of days.
  12. I would love to be able to dispose of ruined sewing kits, fish hooks, brands, whetstones, meat, etc. The clutter gets to be noticeable
  13. Here's 10 about me: 1. I have lived (briefly) in all but 4 states in the US but for some reason keep coming back to New England. 2. I love cats. Dogs are cool too, but I'm really allergic. 3. My fondest memory is of my Grandfather who, to celebrate the fact I had glasses and could see properly for the first time, took me out to the Catskills on a very bitter winter's day to a spot where if we looked in one direction we could see a glint of Long Island Sound and if we looked in another direction we could see a cloud which was the breath of Niagra Falls. Almost lost a toe, but it was worth it. 4. The only time I've cried for the sheer wonder of something was once during winter camping in Yosemite's backcountry when the night sky was so full of stars it was like I was swimming in starlight 5. I learned to ski about the same time I learned to walk 6. I can't ski any more and it breaks my heart 7. I can't hit the broadside of a barn when I'm shooting....unless someone makes me angry 8. I lost all my mousey brown hair due to chemo last year and when it grew back it was a glorious grey and black 9. Mountains are where I'm happiest, doesn't matter the size 10. I was in the scouts during a survival happy time, so I have actually voluntarily been dropped off as part of an unsupervised group on an island with only what we would be carrying if we were on a plane that had gone down. What were my parents and all of the adults involved thinking?
  14. A transcript would be awesome, I can hear it I turn the volume way up, but not everyone has that option. Plus it would make translation much easier for folks who don't speak English.
  15. I'd wondered about this too!