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  1. I think there should be different possibilities: 1. wildlife drowns (it will get under the ice and it wont be possible to find it again) 2. wildlife manages to climb out (but takes a while and the player can shoot it while it tries. OOOOOr maybe he can help him and makes a friend) 3. wildlife stucks and will die to predator or hunger
  2. Hej there, I just discovered forlorn muskeg and realised that I am getting a bit tired of seeing derailed trains evrywhere, I mean also in other maps. I dont know yet what story mode will explain, but why would nearly EVERY train be derailed? I think it kind of destroys the effect of the picture, that is intended. I think when suddenly a catastrophe happens mostly the trains would be left by the staff and just will stand on their place. Well, maybe I am wrong and story mode has a good answer, but If not you should think about it.
  3. Well at least heavier wildlife should break through thin ice as well. I managed to hunt down a bear with a single headshot in forlorn muskeg and wasnt able to harvest it, cause i always fell through the ice (see screenshots). one time i sprinted and was lucky to get into the menu for harvesting but half a second later i was wet again. I understand that rabbits and wolfes and maybe also deer can walk across ice, that wont carry me, but a bear? KI should also be improved, that only animals in panic would move on thin ice and maybe fall through.
  4. some smaller things, that i d love to see fixed or implemented: - shorten the time for useing very small amounts of food/drinks: It takes me the same time to drink 0.67l water or to drink 0.12l which were left in my bottle. - for me the Information of how much i can carry at the Moment and how much is in my backpack atm is really important. Would be nice to see it while running, when, showing the stat menu - running: I like the idea, that i cant sprint backwards anymore. But i really often used two movement keys to walk slightly sidewards to look around without losing time, which isn possible anymore since the last update. But i think it should be possible, because its like when i turn my head while moving a bit, a completly natural thing. - crow feathers shouldnd stick to the ground when its windy i like the interloper mode, its really challenging and even as experienced player i didnt survive more than 3 days (yet) but the difficulty-gap between interloper and stalker feels really huge. i d like to see a difficulty between those two modes or that stalker becomes a light Version of interloper, because that would be my favourite difficulty to play. i dont like the passing time function at all, i think its simply not nessessary. When i want to pass time somehow, i wanna repair stuff, read a book, make deerboots, whatever. Or sleep. But i dont wanna calculate how long i need to pass time before i go to sleep, so that i am at full stamina, when i ll go outside. The sleeping function in older versions was better, because not unnessesary complicated. Having more things to do when inside would be much better than a pass time function - i dont like the changed text that appears on The screen when i point on a stick e.g. Because it kinda kills the athmosphere of The Game, when out of nowhere text appeares. Its enough when i see the text after i clicked on an item. I dont need to read that this is a stick, i can see that and i also know what i can do with it. -reduce the weight of pills. In longer games i often carry all pills that i habe and sometimes i habe like 50 antibiotics or so. They dont weight 1 kg in reality well after all i really like tld and the changes and new modes, that are implemented, keep it going that way!
  5. Idk why it it such a problem to travel to DP to forge arrow heads (if u want more than those, that u find in other maps). Personally I really like that there is only one forge right now and that I have a reason to go to DP and to spend a few days in that beautiful lighthouse. There is no reason to stay there too long because there is not too much to discover around, and after 5 days or so DP is looted and u can take the staff back to ur basis. But isnt TLD about travelling and getting stuff from evrywhere? so why do u want to stay in one map the whole time? I ve never heard a discussion about that there is only one flare gun (afaik) and that the way to get is is too long... U basically need the skill and knowledge how to use ur hands and tools. Its a craft, not a studies. And for other materials: why not use bones to carve arrowheads? also as a long term solution. Buuuuuut in general I think it is important not to invent 10.000 items, when 10 can do exactly the same. Sure u always can find another solution, but is EVRYTHING really worth implementing? There are so many discussions in the forum, where I just think its fine as it is, we dont need 5 other solutions for the same thing.
  6. Didnt realise, thx for the tip
  7. I realised, that your posts in the last months are more and more negative and aggressive and that you sometimes discuss stuff, that is not on topic (like in my threat difficulty for storymode). Maybe you can change that. Would be really nice for the forum, as you post under nearly everything. No offense, Gleudal
  8. True XD But I dont like killing wolves. They give so few for my precious bullet.
  9. To get this screenshoot, I started a new sandbox and went to the farmstead. When I arrived it was one wolf, then I slept for 1 hour, 3 wolfes, 1h sleep, 3 wolves, then this four. The Two Games in Challange mode when I visited Farmstead when travelling by, both time were 4 wolfes there - maybe I was just unlucky or there are always four wolfes at the start of each game and they change places later. Thats great, than I am fine
  10. The first two times I didnt realise the stairs on the side and thought I have to jump down and take the damage every time
  11. well, I dont play like that and I wont do it.
  12. I didnt re-discover all maps after the "Tireless Menace"- update, but I realised, that behind the Pleasant Valley Farmstead are now 4 wolfes at the same time, where before none ever was. I feel that this is way too much. It would be ok, when they would move as a wolfpack, but they dont, its just a no-go area, where I used to place my rabbit traps before. I also dont like when there are too many wolves on frozen sees. Why would they go there? - There is no food, no shelter, no nothing.
  13. But I really like to use the shortcut from the summit of timberwolf mountain down to the montaineers house, just over the cliff saves so much time. Also I can easily escape the old bear in challange mode, when just useing the cliffs as a shortcut. But seriously its really worth thinking about changing that.
  14. nice!
  15. For some reason, I can see my calories, when eating, but not my thirst bar, when drinking, so that I always have to switch back into the menu, which is a bit wired atm.