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      The Light at the end of The Long Dark -- Launch Date, WINTERMUTE, Next Sandbox Update   05/16/2017

      For the latest information on WINTERMUTE (story mode in The Long Dark), as well as details on the final sandbox update prior to our August 1 launch, check out our recent Dev Diary here: http://www.thelongdark.com/news/posts/light-at-the-end/ And while you're there, be sure to have a look at our new FAQ as well: http://www.thelongdark.com/news/posts/frequently-asked-questions/
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      The Long Dark Sandbox **May 2017 Test Branch** [OPT-IN, FORUM PASSWORD, SPOILERS]   05/19/2017

      Hello community, 

      As we did with the December 2016 Sandbox Update, we are implementing a TEST BRANCH for The Long Dark's MAY/JUNE 2017 Update, FAITHFUL CARTOGRAPHER. This reflects the fact that we have a huge diversity of players on a variety of hardware configurations, and as a small studio we just can’t test them all! 

      The idea here is to provide an early version of the next update, about a week or so before we’d like to launch it officially in the Release branch (i.e. where you are currently getting it), so that we get some extra time to find bugs, crashes, and any other issues before it goes lives for the rest of our community. 
        >>> IF YOU DO NOT OPT-IN TO THE TEST BRANCH, YOU WILL NOT GET IT. I.e. You will not get the Test Branch build "by accident". This should help keep spoilers to a minimum. Here on Official Forums the Test Branch Discussion subforum requires a password to access. The password is: test_branch
      Some details. READ THESE CAREFULLY: 

      * The Test Branch is for STEAM ONLY. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 
      * The Test Branch is full of SPOILERS. If you don’t want to see what’s in the next update, stay out of the Test Branch and all its discussions. 
      * The Test Branch is a tool for us to find issues with Work In Progress features. We’re primarily looking for feedback on bugs, crashes, and any major balancing issues. 
      * When reporting on bugs or issues, please use the appropriate TEST BRANCH sub-forums on Steam and in our Official Community. DO NOT DISCUSS TEST BRANCH FEATURES outside the Test Branch sub-forums. Those posts will be moved or deleted. 
      * When reporting on bugs or issues, please use the posted bug submission procedures. This will help the development team filter the feedback, eliminate duplicates, and in general ensure we can act on the feedback in a more timely fashion. 

      Our hope is that this new Test Branch process will allow us to ensure we can continue to put out stable Sandbox updates well into the future. 

      We’re very hopeful that the people who choose to opt-in to this Test Branch will approach this as a way to help ensure the updates are as smooth and stable as possible, and not use the Test Branch discussion as a forum to lobby for or against certain features or content. 

      As always, The Long Dark is a community-informed, not community-driven, project. We look forward to enlisting your help in identifying whatever issues we’ve missed in our own internal testing! 

      For more details, please check out the TEST BRANCH discussion forums [SPOILERS!] http://hinterlandforums.com/index.php?/forum/81-test-branch-spoilers/ (See password info above for access)

      Thank you! 

      The Hinterland Team 


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  1. the current system works like having such a alarm clock. but i guess they are not standard equipment of any bushplane, so i was trying to find an explanation to it. I guess not everyone is from day zero trained like that, at least i am not. especially i would never be able to plan exactly 2 hours rest after a wolf attacked me and i survived a blizzard close to death and i traveled several miles with 30kg luggage. I would sleep like a stone. Thats my point. thats funny, you re contradicting yourself: different people have different needs, I am alwas awake when it storms, you not. I am suggesting to implement varities like those in the game. When implementing such a different sleeping system you need to plan your sleep really carefully. coffee might become a vital part of this planning. thats it. wouldnt you feel chilled before feeling cold when you start sleeping with positive temperature, but then it drops while sleeping? my point is, that i wanna wake up from this, to change my position to a warmer place, start a fire, whatever. the psychology part: i dunno what i have to do in storymode yet, lets think of i killed somebody to get his food, cause i was starving. i wouldnd sleep the next night well. would you? full moon: i am not thinking of some crappy werewolf-stuff. but I for example sleep bad at full moon, cause its brighter than usual. I am not the only one with this and its not random. if you are not such a person, be happy, it makes stuff easier. I am trying to find influences, that i know, not evrything might be worth implementing, but sorting out what fits into the game is part of the developers work. yep, but stuff like that happens in TLD, so thinking about it, isnt wrong, right? nice, that we have at least one mutual point here - so besides criticising my ideas, what are yours?
  2. i meant there are different types of players out there, those who prefer optical and pictoresque menus but also those (like me) who like the clear structure of the current bars with percentages. Would be great to have an HUD-option for both here.
  3. suggestion

    yes, there are locations, where it really sucks not to jump or to climb 10cm high to the next edge, but I guess the problem with implementing jumping is, that you would have to change all the maps so that you cant get to somewhere where you are not supposed to be. I guess finding such 10 cm edges and making them more even would be better thatn implementing jumping.
  4. i really appreciate all the changes, that hinterland did anounce with the upcoming update, but I also strongly disagree with this HUD. I think that the small pictures for health, cold, fatigue, thirst and hungar should stay as they currently are. I like the rest of the radial menu, i guess it will be good, but those 5 pictogramms look aweful. They are inaccurate, because they have different sizes and shapes and they are smaller. All in all they make it harder, not easier for me to know how much of the current state is left. There should be at least a HUD option to retain the current bars. Pls Hinterland! Pls dont take my percentages!
  5. i d like to cure it too, but otherwise it keeps difficaulty high if not
  6. there could be a mirror image in some houses of ourselfs
  7. i mentioned this before, but i am still in!
  8. i think that should definitly a mid to late game option. i d also like to prepare a TWM-run like this
  9. Hej hej, how realistic is the sleeping system? I mean do we have an alarmclock from the very start always with us to wake us up (electrical )? Like I said in another thread before I dont like freezing to death without getting any sign of warning. But whats the explanation for planning my sleeping hours exactly? I think here should be done some work. Also i dont like the current system where i need to play cards for two hours before i got to sleep again only to start 100% awake for the next morning. Its inconveniant and unrealistic. Some Thoughts: 1. could find a mechanical alarm clock (needs to be winded up) to plan the sleepingtime exactly, would not be possible without 2. wake up after a random time when we rested up at least to 75% or so - would make coffee a really important item if you really should not fall asleep, because sleeping would take longer than it would be good for you 3. wake up from several events: - storm - you would hear the noise and not just stay sleeping, come on - cold - not exactly sure how the human body works on extreme conditions, but IRL I wake up, when i feel cold - attack - already implemented - sometimes noise of (close) animals (could also be an element to not get sleep, because its to loud, same with storm, would also depend on level of tiredness) - injuries and pain - psychological events (if something like this will be implemented; waking up from terrible scenes crossing your mind) - sunshine into your face (one of the better ways to wake up, i guess) - beeing sleepless or having problems to get sleep during full moon (could be applied with the seasonal changes) 4. making it harder to stay awake when completly entired - events where you pass out for a short time could happen - would be able to combine with a level of how strong your will is - extreme events that keep you awake (idk hurting yourself to feel the pain to not be able to sleep or something like that) 5. with those events there should be a difference or rebalancing of the current tiredness system (i can burn my tirednessbar within 3h or so, if i want; with climbing even faster) Its a difference if you are unable to sprint or cant hold your eyes open
  10. thanks a lot, i missed that in my previous games
  11. Hej hej, is there a way down to the bottom of ravine? because there is a dead deer on the ground. If there is not, it would be cool to climb there.
  12. Hej hej, I just died for no reason in the ravine. good weather, 2 degrees plus and additional temperature of my sleeping bag. I go to sleep outdoors, 1 sec later hyperthermia, 2 sec later dead. dropped from 100% health. I am a bit upset, i had a pretty good run, with like 8h of real time spend in that save game. Pls fix, its really annoying!
  13. next to the smaller Bridge in the Ravine is a Rock hanging in the air
  14. good idea!
  15. True Didnt thought about this possibility. But still I think it would be cool to have the possibility also in the inventory. I know its just a small tune, but I think a pretty nice one.