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      The Light at the end of The Long Dark -- Launch Date, WINTERMUTE, Next Sandbox Update   05/16/2017

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      If you or someone you know has been looking forward to playing The Long Dark on PS4, it's a good time to place your order. The game is now available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store and currently has a 20% discount! UPDATE: This offer is limited to most regions of North and South America. Please check the PlayStation Store to see if pre-ordering is available in your area. Things are pretty busy on our side, but we're on track to officially leave Early Access / Game Preview on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 and launch the first two episodes of, Wintermute, The Long Dark's story mode. As always, general information about the game and the upcoming launch is available on our stylish new website, TheLongDark.com . If you'd like to get news and announcements about The Long Dark by email, you can sign up for our newsletter.

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  1. Unless you make a deal with Fluffy and direct other survivors there, telling them it's perfectly safe. Fluffy gets the tender flesh and any fur/hair-care products they might have on them, you get the loot. Win/win!
  2. Ooh, that'd be nice. Wouldn't even have to show new areas. I just love it when Hinterland match music to their sweeping trailer/update videos. I even find myself re-watching old update videos sometimes. Anyway, I shall inform my PS4 friends.
  3. Welcome Kraeto77! To be honest, I've never been convinced that zombies would be that big a deal. They're rotting, right? So first thing their teeth fall out. So all you get in the end is a bunch of gummy zombies, pawing at you and schlurping ineffectually on your arms. Even betoothed ones and the smarter kind with dentures would find it remarkably difficult to properly bite down on your flesh. So I firmly believe in the event of a zombie apocalypse, where the undead rise, it'd be relegated to just a string of low-key annoyances, like finding your picnic being ruined not by ants, but an undead Auntie May trying to feebly gnaw on your denim clad legs. "Oh not again, dear. Just move the blanket and pass me the spray."
  4. Hullo Kristabzz! I'm afraid mind over stomach is a lost cause for me. Life in the Long Dark would be one traumatic, bitter, weeping search for a jar of fine kalamata olives, some french cheese, crusty bread and a bottle of red wine.
  5. Heh, yeah, I hear you buddy. I meant it more in it being reassuring in how much vegetation you can load onto a map and still optimise for good performance. For me, The Long Dark is the most beautiful game I own. Only Cities Skylines modded with my small-town America buildings comes close for pure lose-myself atmosphere. But what's even more exciting is imagine the sound design! Birds chirruping! The tinkle of flowing streams! The scrunch of fallen leaves underfoot! The scream of a cougar as it ARGHARGHARGH!
  6. Firewatch gave a good example of how you can do vegetation in a game whilst still retaining a stylised, clean, crisp, atmospheric art style. I imagine the team will be looking closely at that if they plan to bring the game into the next season.
  7. All I know is it's hard to stay upset at anyone who posts a clip from Fargo. Lets make Minnesota Nice and move on. (Bonus points for imagining Steve Buscemi swearing profusely and flailing around out on Mystery Lake. In fact, that's going to be the name of the Cabin Office corpse from now on. Steve Buscemi.)
  8. Well they'd certainly win the Long Dark prize for best journal!
  9. Long Dark video showcasing NPC hand-fighting and weapon selection, yesterday. Finally a new use for towels other than harvesting for cloth.
  10. My problem is that I'm terrible at shooting wolves once they see me. I panic and miss, caught out by the little jinking manoeuvres they do. Sometimes I leave it too long to shoot as well, and get jumped just as I squeeze the trigger. Wish I could be cool, calm and accurate. Testament to the game, I suppose!.
  11. True. I remember a few months ago I was checking the snares by Heartbreak Ridge by moonlight. I heard a loud squeak just out of sight over a hummock, between me and red mail box at the end of the lane. I thought it was curious, and went back to checking the snares. Then I heard a low growl, walked a little higher to see what was what and saw a wolf looking up at me, stood over a dead rabbit. I thought they never strayed beyond the large orchard on the other side of the driveway, but a rabbit must have wandered over into the other field and been pursued by the wolf! I ran like crazy back to the farmhouse, heart pounding, I can tell you! Funny how things happen like this, now and again, when you become complacent and think that certain routes will always be safe.
  12. To be honest I'm not sure why, it's just grown on me and seems less intrusive now. I like the way it sort of uncoils, and the way the red fills in the radial bar showing your bulky, waddling, clown-shoe inability to sprint effectively. Still feel the same way about the red condition icons though. I had a good session this evening. I'm still completely in love with this game.
  13. I'm warming quite a bit to Faithful Cartographer, I actually like the vaguer elements of the new condition bars, it makes more sense being less sure. The only thing left that I still really don't like is the icon placement of alerts on the main HUD screen, I wish there was an option to only have the red thermometer, thirst, etc only show up when you hit the tab. It kind of spoils my immersion having those red information icons floating about you see, and the way I see it is that you don't really need that information in your face constantly. Just the audio and a brief alert flashing up would be enough to have you checking tab more often. The less on my screen the more I feel like I'm there, you see. I'd also like to have the scent and wind icons lower left near the sprint icon, or at least have them appear next to each other, rather than having one encroach further down. I have however turned around completely on the new sprint icon, I now prefer it to the old bar! So yay for that. Overall, Faithful Cartographer is an very good update, just that quibble above preventing me from hugging it tight.
  14. Aw! That's so cute. But the consequences I fear can only lead to a terrible rabbit plague, complete with inexplicably overturned burning cars, buildings collapsing from all the burrowing, and chaos in the streets. I am now obliged to link to this Father TEd video, it being the greatest thing revolving around rabbits ever:
  15. Welcome DogFood! Happy to see PS4 players joining Team XBox and Team PC at the picnic on the ice, we've saved a side of the frozen blanket for you.