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  1. I don't think it would make a less compelling experience at all. It just feels wrong that a perfectly healthy person could die from cold without ever waking up (https://www.woot.com/blog/post/the-debunker-will-sleeping-in-extreme-cold-kill-you) as if you were mauled by a wolf in your sleep and the game didn't wake you up but simply let you die. I'm all for game difficulty but given this is a survival game it's important that the way the player interacts with the world *feels* natural and realistic, note that this is not the same as *being* realistic. It's also important that the game feel fair, which is why bears don't ever just maul you to death even though that would be more realistic. Another example of a game mechanic I dislike for very much the same reason is the 'rest as a resource' mechanic. The idea that the best was for my extremely injured character to heal quickly is to go out and repeatedly climb a rope to exhaustion so he can sleep more just feels all kinds of wrong. And the constant minigame of trying to manage your rest bar so you can sleep through the night but not suffer extreme penalties just feels very gamey and not fun. It pulls me out of the experience. Does it make the game harder? Yes. Does it make the game more fun? No. There are so many ways the difficulty could be increased that would make the game more compelling without feeling unfair or unfun. Just some examples: Dramatically reduced healing rate Reduced wildlife spawn to make hunting harder More danger from wolves Reduced loot (esp tools)
  2. I still think this is terrible game mechanics. If you go to bed warm and your reach freezing you should wake up. That's how it happens in real life and it would benefit the game if it worked this way. A death like that just feels cheap and it cheapens the game experience. If you go to bed cold on the other hand....
  3. That's not nearly as bad as when you character picks up a stick outside and blurts out "I wonder who this belongs to" or "I hope nobody still needs this"
  4. Houses do not degrade - You have infinite warmth Beds do not degrade - You have infinite rest Wood respawns and magnifying lens never degrades - You have inifinite water and cooking Snares are renewable - You have inifinite food That said there is soooooo much loot. AFAIK no long run has ever ended due to limited resources.
  5. I think the too fast condition recovery if changed would have a huge beneficial effect on the game. As it is clothing damage hurts far worse than condition damage from an animal encounter. That just feels so wrong.
  6. Exactly. I always run a fire in the tail section while I'm gathering and sorting the loot
  7. Just FYI you can break down crates in the tail and get stuff too. One of them might help with your fire starting situation. Only the single crates give anything and not all of them. I have never gotten anything from the stacked crates.
  8. I think this is really the root of the issue. The player should never have an affliction happen to them that a normal person would have felt happening to them without knowing that it was happening to them.
  9. I think he was trying to say that with his idea in place you wouldn't be able to as easily make as much water per fire (since you would be additionally limited by available containers).
  10. I understand I can do that but having to look at a completely different screen just to check on that one thing doesn't seem reasonable. I don't need to know if my clothes are getting wet just if I'm at risk for an ailment and what progress it's at. Every other ailment risk is either so urgent that you need to respond to it immediately (bleeding, infection), is directly related to one of the bars you can see (hypothermia), or is something you can't really respond to at all (parasite risk). Frostbite risk is just too easy not to notice because the disconnect between when my boots get wet and when I get frostbite is too long. I stepped through the ice and had wet boots but I knew I had several hours so I killed the bear like I wanted to. I probably missed the risk warning sometime when I was harvesting the carcasses. Totally forget my boots are frozen, get back and check my status (tab), everything looks good, go to sleep suddenly 2 instances of frostbite and well on my way to a third. It just feels completely broken that I can completely forget my character's feet are frozen. And to add insult to injury the affliction is permanent.
  11. I get it in Forlorn Muskeg because my feet get wet sometimes because of weak ice. The thing is it can be really hard to remember that you have that problem since all your status bars will be fine and there's no on screen reminder.
  12. I don't really like this idea. I think that it would just add unnecessary inventory management which would not make the game more fun in any way. I operate under the assumption that there are plenty of containers lying around in every structure but the game is abstracting them away.
  13. Getting frostbite is a serious serious penalty. Permanent condition reduction is very painful. I have now gotten frostbite four times on my stalker game. Every single time I didn't even realize I was at risk until the frostbit affliction popped up. I had all the resources available to start a fire and prevent the frostbite I just didn't realize I was at risk. This is very frustrating as a player because I feel cheated. All my bars were full and I saw no warnings, went to sleep at positive temp and bam frostbite. The player needs a constant clear and visible indicator that they are at risk for frostbite. PS: Does anyone know how to edit save files to remove frostbite? I keep ending up with Data Corrupt.
  14. I wonder. If you got the hacksaw you might possibly be able to make it to the summit by making use of snow shelters... I think long term snow shelter + cave would be your best bet for getting the longest survival time on interloper. You can sleep during the day and pass time in the cave during the night or blizzards to stay warm. That said I haven't actually tried it.
  15. They really need to adjust the save mechanics now that we have maps like FM that almost completely lack interior transitions causing saving to be a real problem for when I need to quit the game.