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  1. I enjoyed the story, thanks for sharing @mystifeid. The summit move could now become a standard interloper opening
  2. Well, I managed to kill Snowball 34 after 28 days in a very stupid way. I hit "sleep" instead of "pass time" button during a blizzard in the morning and froze to death in my bed. I have no excuses. Before that happened, I tested the firestarting training by @Troxism (combined with the torch 1-match firestarting trick) and got my character from level 2 to level 4 in 24 in-game hours. During that time I found out that cabin fever risk doesn't reduce while you are crouched, even if you happen to be outside. At least that's the only explanation I could find for what I observed. In addition, I confirmed for myself - others here probably know - that this fireplace at the Mountaineer's Hut isn't completely safe from wind: There will be no more snowballs, at least not for some time. After what could be called a gaming marathon, the real Drifter Man finally has something useful to do
  3. Hmm... where does the oil from fishing go when I have no cans?
  4. You just spared me a dangerous trip and at least 1 match spent on the way Thanks! I've abandoned the snow shelter idea already and I'll invest my cloth into clothes.
  5. I'm thinking along the same lines for fishing now. And thanks for the one-match-fire trick. Didn't think about the torch that way. I still have one at 50%.
  6. This was the very initial idea for placing the shelter. You can use the Engine Cave to warm up, but it's a slow going, and it gives you cabin fever - I checked a while ago. And there is just one rabbit run nearby, who knows how many rabbits it can yield. And the shelter performs much worse than the Hut temperature-wise in the long run - especially if placed outside one of the outdoor locations with temperature bonus like the 3-Way Cave. So no, I don't plan to do this. The shelter was a key idea in getting to the summit, though. I did, in warm afternoons you can do that with the hacksaw. I scored a deer+wolf combo with my flare pistol in a place on which I couldn't build a fire. I processed the deer for 3 days, got all the meat and one gut. Then the weather got worse and before I could come back, the carcass decayed. The wolf died elsewhere and I got its meat and guts with the help of fire.
  7. Nope, never happened to me... in 30 attempts.
  8. Actually I'm able to collect quite a lot of firewood at this point. And the outdoor fire duration bonus is substantial (I didn't know about it at all, although I had the "feeling" that fires somehow last longer outside). I've just been to the fishing hut to ward off cabin fever, stoked the fire to last for about 9 hours and it lasted at least 15 in the end! I wanted it to end in the morning but it lasted into the afternoon. Next time I'll check how many sticks are really needed to run fire for 24 hours. If increasing my firestarting skill (using your trick) allows me to reduce my need to 60 sticks per day, I'm confident I can keep permanent fire. I especially like the last one - not the shelter, but the fire. I could sleep safely in the Hut if I could run my envisaged perma-fire there, I might even store my clothes in the hatch to reduce wear. I could go outside anytime to get rid of cabin fever risk, and it is closer to stick spawn locations than the fishing hut. Also, I wouldn't risk being eaten by wolves when I need to seek out my fire at night or in fog. Is the fire reliably protected from all directions there? Exactly my thinking now. Get guts from rabbits, get calories from fish. I have a few pieces of scrap metal that can be turned into hooks. No other use for them anyway.
  9. I got cabin fever once (just before dying for other reasons, so I didn't see it end) and I remember the 24-hour no-rest countdown decreased while I waited indoors. I assume that if I let it roll to zero, cabin fever would immediately break out again. Bad news for me - since I essentially cannot be outside without burning a fire, cabin fever for me equals 24 hours of fire. A massive drain on firewood, although doable from time to time. The 50 or so liters of water I would produce in a single such session would last me for the rest of the game, probably. I could also do some fishing, although I'm not happy to spend gut this way. I need fire for two purposes: 1) to warm up in the late night/early morning if it is cold, or sometimes when blizzard breaks out unexpectedly. 2) to stay warm while working on carcasses. Cooking and water only take little time. Basically, whenever I step out of the hut to do anything, I need fire very soon, or I need to return to the Hut for warmth. Thanks for the info on rabbits. I will spread out my snares. As for the 3-Way Cave, I unfortunately don't plan to make a trip there anytime soon.
  10. It does make sense. I don't have the experience with other maps on interloper but I can imagine it was intended as you say. My assumption was that the interloper world is meant to become uninhabitable as time progresses.
  11. Snowball 34 / Day 21 I am close to the end of Stage 3, or at least as I imagined it to precede Stage 4 (living in the snow shelter with occasional visits to the Hut to replace broken snares). I have eight snares, two fishing lines and tomorrow I could start working on rabbitskin mittens. However, the info from @Troxism changes the game quite a bit. It seems that building a shelter at the 3-Way Cave is not such a good idea after all. Two problems on which I need advice: - Cabin fever. I'm constantly battling cabin fever. I can only get rid of it by staying outside, but I can't stay outside without lighting a fire and spending a match. What exactly happens when cabin fever breaks out? It says you can't rest indoors for 24 hours. Can I stay indoors for those 24 hours (and then it resets and I can rest)? How long before it hits again? Does it have other effects such as condition loss or fatigue? - Rabbits: The snares don't work very well. I've been placing them for 8 days (in increasing numbers) and only got 5 rabbits. That's not enough to feed me. I still have about 40-50 cattails (I even returned to Eric's Falls to collect those that grow there), but I need a sustainable source. Are the above numbers normal yield from a single rabbit zone on Interloper? Additional note: Waterfall Cave and the cave under the Fallen Tree Bridge searched, no loot found (except some firewood). It looks like no mag lens to me, but I don't think it would be much help in my situation. Forest Cave and the two Echo Peaks are the last locations I haven't searched.
  12. This is interesting indeed and no, I didn't know about it, and it's probably the most important piece of information I could get at this point. You are right: I just checked in my game, I have -9°C inside and -25°C outside air temperature on Day 21. That's +16°C bonus, compared to +10°C bonus that I thought the Hut had based on my checking once at the start of the game (not including +5°C from the beds) I initially didn't want to divulge the specific place I had in mind in the shelter to allow some people find it for themselves, but now that everyone has found out, it's the three-way open cave close to the spawn point above the Echo Ravine. There is +8°C bonus given by the location, +15°C from the shelter, +3°C from sleeping in the shelter, for a total of +26°C. Mountaineer's Hut (including bed) has +15°C on Day 1, +21°C on Day 21. If this goes on with the same rate, the Hut will beat the shelter before Day 40. I suppose it's unintended behavior, something the developers have overlooked, and I'm a bit disappointed since living in the shelter would be utterly cool Nevertheless, thanks for this critical information. It also indicates that outside air temperature decreases by about 1°C per 3-4 days on Interloper.
  13. Next time I pass, I must take a closer look. In my only longer non-TWM interloper game, I found one next to a corpse on the far side of Jackrabbit Island.
  14. And I feel like Hotzn now, standing in the Cave of Engines, looking east, utterly bold, his ass freezing in his pants.
  15. This starts to look like a full-fledged competition who'll be the first to colonize TWM It won't be me, though. My time's running out, I'll have to stop playing soon. @Ruruwawa some people hinted at a certain piece of firestarting equipment found at the wreck I've never found it, though. Will look again. I seem to be missing a lot of things. A lantern at the Wing? Which wing? Where? And congratulations on making it to the summit without hacksaw! So, does the game place two or more key items around the map? Start with a lens, find the hacksaw at the top? Maybe I always find hammer at the summit because I start with hacksaw in the Hut.