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  1. Episodes 3-5, when?

    Things do take time, and Hinterland have been pretty good at explaining the reasons for the delay this time around. But the wait is still pretty disappointing, especially for people who bought the game since the full release. Maybe egregious is too strong a word, but 7 months (and counting) should definitely not be regarded as 'par for the course' for future Wintermute episode releases. Under normal circumstances it's got to be more regular than that otherwise people will just lose interest altogether. I do hope there continues to be regular communication about progress, too. There is an obligation on Hinterland's part - they have released a story in five parts, so completing the series is a promise they must keep. Customers would be well within their rights to be angry if Wintermute is never finished. I'm not questioning that they will follow through and complete it; but it wouldn't be wise for the development team, I don't think, to go quiet for 2-3 months again, like they did after the December update.
  2. electrocution

    I did that too. At least you figured out that it was electrocution. I was just walking around and suddenly got: "wow, that's hot" You burned to death. I had no idea how I'd died until I asked on this forum. (I have since discovered that it's not always fatal of you move away quick enough.)
  3. Tool availability as a custom setting

    Yes please. Also I'd like to see some intermediate setting between Stalker (loads of stuff everywhere) and Interloper (hardly anything at all) levels, and perhaps more customization of which types of loot are scarce and which are less so. Oh, and a "Randomize All" button!
  4. Movies and TLD

    The main difference between TLD and the two movies you mentioned is this: The Long Dark is great, whereas The Revenant and The Grey are both complete crap! There's a podcast somewhere in which Patrick Carlson and RvL discuss movies that influence them. They talked about The Thing quite a lot. And I saw The Mountain Between Us quite recently, which had a few similarities with the gameplay and premise: plane crash in the snow; woman goes off alone and man tries to find her; fighting wild animals with a flaregun; falling through ice on a frozen lake; using abandoned buildings for shelter. It's not a brilliant movie, but worth a watch.
  5. NEW ACHIEVEMENT: Fish o'clock

    Just out of interest, how much did you catch?
  6. Dev Diary - February 2018

    That's true. But hopefully the release of Episode 3 + 1&2 overhaul will bring the story closer to that original vision - that certainly appears to be the intention set out in this dev diary. For me, early access has been a great way to get hold of some very good games at knock down prices, and The Long Dark is certainly one of those, so I'm pretty happy with how it's gone. And in this case it might not even have got made at all if the EA uptake hadn't been as strong as it was. The full release of this game has clearly not gone entirely according to plan, both in terms of delivery of the product and also actual game content. But the team do seem very committed to putting both things right, which is encouraging from our point of view, I think. I haven't lost any trust either in Hinterland or in the Early Access concept in general as a result of TLD - I think overall they've gone about it in the right way.
  7. Dev Diary - February 2018

    I don't think every episode will take this long. I agree that it would be too long if there was such a big gap between every remaining installment of Wintermute, and that people might well lose interest in the series if that happened, and be justified in doing so. But Hinterland have explained the reasons for this particular delay and I'm sure they'll be working hard not to see any repeat of the kinds of issue that have caused it this time. What I read from this Dev Diary is that the longer-than-anticipated wait for Episode 3 is partly down to the fact that they want to take their time now rather than later to sort out the major problem areas with the game. They can then hopefully get the rest of the series done in better timeframes that the player-base will find more acceptable. As long as they keep us customers informed reasonably regularly on general progress, they'll allow us to judge whether the game is worth following. And they've always been quite good at doing that thus far, so I'm not particularly worried.
  8. improvements/reworks/additions

    Very good, very comprehensive list! I especially like your ideas about using flares in wolf struggles. And I definitely would like to add support to the return of burning brands instead of low-condition torches, survival skill changes, more and harsher afflictions, and better animal AI and pathing. In fact, the only one I didn't like much was having character classes with special skills. I think it's a bit naff, to be honest, and you can already give certain buffs to a starting character if you unlock Feats.
  9. Dev Diary - February 2018

    The cinematics are already too restrictive in the current version to handle minor deviations that the player might make from what the narrative expects them to do and in what order, making many of the cutscenes feel out of sync, contradictory, and in some cases very jarring. Plus there is the fact that Will's clothing in the cinematics doesn't match what the player has chosen to wear, or the equipment they might be using (such as when you trip over the body and bang your head in the darkness of the workshop, the cinematics don't reflect that the player might be carrying a lantern or other lightsource, and is deliberately approaching the body in order to investigate it! Or when you first enter the Dam and are suddenly teleported over to the elevators) - again this is very jarring and breaks the player's immersion in the character. For me this will be the biggest improvement, if the team can pull it off - both allowing the player to choose whether or not to tackle the missions, and keeping them in-character more with the cinematics. It was mentioned in a previous dev diary (or perhaps in one of the "radio" interviews with Patrick Carlson + RvL) that Half-Life's cinematic style of first-person, in-game cutscenes was something they'd like to replicate: I couldn't agree more. The current cinematics look nice, but they do take the player out of character and break immersion as well - and the game is better off without them. Giving the player more freedom to make meaningful decisions about how to react to the NPCs and the tasks they give out is also an absolute must, in my view - otherwise we're merely passive observers to a prescribed narrative, rather than active participants who can affect events. After all, that is surely what playing a game (as opposed to watching a movie or reading a novel) is all about! So, I'm really, really happy with the way the game looks to be evolving according to this Dev Diary - exactly what I wanted to hear!
  10. So... any news?

    Yeah, those quotes you highlighted show to me that there is still a lot of exciting potential in the future of TLD, as well as explaining why it's taking longer than people (including Hinterland themselves) perhaps expected. Looking forward to the imminent (we hope!) new Dev Diary for more information!
  11. So... any news?

    I don't think the story mode is up to the level that they originally envisioned it would be. Early development diaries talked of things like moral choices and meaningful decisions that affect your game, with the tagline of "How far will you go to survive?". There isn't really any of that in Episodes 1 and 2, and certainly none at all in the sandbox. In Wintermute, you go as far as the NPCs tell you to, and if you deviate from their instructions you can't progress to the next stage - there is no decision-making for the player to do, moral or otherwise. But that said, I don't think for a moment that they've given up on the game - quite the opposite. The last I heard they were planning to revamp Wintermute episodes 1 & 2, as well as working on 3, 4 and 5 to complete the series. I hope it gets better, and that they can include more of what they previously talked about - but as long as they complete the Wintermute series they will have fulfilled their obligation to people who've bought the as-yet-incomplete game, regardless of any new features for the Survivor Mode.
  12. The (Updated) solution

    Most indoor spaces in TLD are actually separate 'maps' from the outdoor world around them - so you couldn't have doors falling off and allowing wildlife inside. But, I don't see a reason why indoor temperatures couldn't degrade over time to reflect storm damage / general wear and tear on the buildings. When you are indoors, you can still tell (roughly) what the weather is doing outside from the sound of wind, so the game obviously can connect the two 'worlds' together to an extent. The fact that indoor spaces are a total safe-haven is a problem for the gameplay balance, in my view. And it has been for as long as I have played TLD (can't remember exactly how long that is, but it was from when the only maps were Mystery Lake, Coastal Highway and Pleasant Valley, and you had to unlock each one by discovering them in the game before you were allowed to start a new game there). This is certainly not the first time someone has suggested having condition degradation and maintenance for buildings in order to mitigate the issue a little, and it almost certainly won't be the last.
  13. In game product advertising

    Dunno how happy real companies would be with the possibility for their game-product to give you food poisoning and kill you. They might might find it difficult to find a willing manufacturer of granola bars, especially.
  14. Base Building

    If it is due to game balancing, then I don't think that's a very good reason. I honestly cannot remember the last time I cut fir/cedar limbs for firewood in the game - it was quite a while ago, though. There are so many sticks lying about for the player to collect, just while they're walking around doing other things, that I haven't found I've needed to make use of the option; and the fire mechanics do not make it advantageous to use logs rather than sticks as fuel. Therefore, I think the ability to harvest the logpiles would probably be equally redundant to your survival needs. But I do agree that it would make sense for us to be able to do this - and the game could do with a rebalancing of fuel availability, whether or not they ever plan to implement it.
  15. Keep TLD As It Is.

    If I wanted to take rifles out of the game (which I don't), then there is a custom setting for that. And there's Interloper. I'm not sure if there is an option to take the world map out of the game in the custom settings, but I can easily just not look at it again. (Though I can't undo the fact that I have inadvertently looked at it already.) I've spent my entire time in TLD avoiding the third-party maps, and I decided not to use the Faithful Cartographer mapping system after a bit of experimentation, because I don't like it much. Now I've accidentally seen the in-game world map, and I kind of wish I hadn't. The point I was making was that I hope the predefined Experience Modes (eg. Stalker, which is what I'm playing atm) don't change too much in terms of giving the player more equipment/tools that make those modes too much easier as a result. The custom settings allow for all sorts of things to be added as options, as long as players know in advance which features are included in which modes as default, and there are clear options for disabling them in Custom mode.
  16. Keep TLD As It Is.

    I think the Custom game settings have opened a bit of a can of worms regarding this. People will always now be able to argue that something should be included, however much it alters the core feel/atmosphere of the game, as long as it can be toggled in the custom menu. But if things are added to the game in the pre-defined experience modes, they do affect the game whether we choose them or not. (For example, I really want to turn off the world map. I never would have looked at it if I'd realised what it was, and I will disable it if I can find a setting for it in the Custom mode next time I start a new run. I prefer to build up my own mental image of the environment rather than be shown directly, and I don't really get how my character came into possession of the information in the first place.)
  17. A Bunch of ideas

    There you go: it's a perfectly balanced addition to the game.
  18. Would love a Doggo...

    I got maximum Trust with Grey Mother. Gave her loads of tins of dogfood and raw meat to eat, and lots of sticks to play with. She made me play fetch.
  19. A Bunch of ideas

    Craftable flamethrower. That's what I want. Imagine how satisfying that'd be. Edit: Ideas 1 and 3 from the original post are good ones, from my point of view. I'm not so keen on meat preservation as a mechanic, though, because food scarcity is the only thing that makes the game hard - if renewable food lasts for too long, then the 'survival' part of the game loses all challenge. (Because if you have a large food stockpile, there is no practical reason to go outside at all.)
  20. Some ideas that will nerf houses

    How would you explain the decaying of interior temps, though? I guess they could be a %age higher than outdoor ones, rather than a constant (reflecting poor insulation)?
  21. Some ideas that will nerf houses

    I don't think it's a simple as that. What about the shelters that don't have a fireplace inside? The only way to warm up in them would be to get into bed, perhaps, and this is already the case sometimes at the beginning of an Interloper game. But it's a fine margin of temperature level and is overcome when you improve your clothing a little bit. Herein lies the problem: clothing negatges low indoor temperatures over time, making the game easier as you progress - and it doesn't take very long to acquire the clothing needed so that you can ignore it as a factor completely. The only way to 'nerf' shelters is to have some way for indoor temps to degrade over time - so that they serve a useful purpose in the early game, but don't become overpowered as you become established. (Either that, or completely redesign the way temperature affects the character.) I quite like the idea of mould spores, which activate in a warmer environment (ie. when someone is living in the building), and cause problems if the place is left unventilated. Faster degradation of clothes (and food) would seem a sensible way to do this, but there could also be a damaging character-health condition to do with respiratory problems to go with it. But I have always thought that just a general deterioration of the building's condition, causing temperatures to equalise with the outside, would be an effective way to achieve the same general goal.
  22. Too many burnt buildings

    This is the thing. If you've survived 140 days and are looking for things to 'do', then you have effectively beaten the game on that Experience Mode. The only objective of Survival Mode is to survive as long as you can, and the only ending is death. If you feel like you can go on and on and on without much danger of dying, the only choices, really, are 1) to try it, and see if you really can, maybe attempting to unlock some achievements along the way if you feel like it; or 2) to quit that run and play again on a harder Experience Mode, a Custom setting or with your own invented restrictions and targets for what you do. Having more buildings available to loot in the existing maps isn't going to give you 'more to do' - not for very long, anyway. All it'll mean is that you have even more loot that you don't particularly need, since you are already on top of the survival requirements without having access to those buildings. (But I do agree with the general principle of what you're saying: intuitively, we should be able to break into boarded up buildings pretty easily with the tools at our disposal.)
  23. Trailblazing

    You can drop used flares or excess rosehips as way markers - or any other items that you don't need, for that matter. But the red colour shows up quite well against the snow, as opposed to, say, a ruined whetstone or sewing kit.
  24. Crazy Wolves

    I sometimes use the rifle as a wolf scarer. Usually it's when I'm fed up of sneaking around them or spamming campfires to get past them (especially now that you can't cancel the fire one you've started). If you spot a group of wolves blocking the way you want to go, you can fire the gun in their general direction (you can aim to hit one of you want, but it doesn't particularly matter if you miss!) and they will scatter in fear. That gives you a short amount of time to get past them before they regain their senses. The only problem with this (apart from using up ammo) is that if they see you first, then aiming the rifle can cause them to charge, which isn't what you want.
  25. school + materials

    Bigger towns than Milton are likely to appear in the future. Rupert's Landing? Perseverance Mills? (though I seem to remember the old trapper describing the latter as a "shitnothing town", so maybe there isn't a school there!) Although I do far prefer the more 'wilderness'-based maps to play on, I think it's likely that we will get to see some more 'urban' environments because of where Wintermute's narrative will take the game. And towns probably have schools, as well as other public amenity buildings.