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  1. The biggest single thing I'd like to see is animal AI improvement. I'm not so bothered about the other aspects of hunting at this stage - they'd be nice, but I don't think they are as urgent. And in terms of cooking, I think the heat of the fire should affect cooking times. It's always struck me as a bit weird that it doesn't. Again , the rest is a bit superfluous at this stage maybe. I think we will get aesthetic improvements, like the new environment detail that's been previewed in previous trailers, when the story is ready.
  2. I wouldn't put it past them to have the countdown reach zero on May 4th, then afterwards just have it start counting forwards again, still without any word of an announcement on anything... Now that would be funny. (If possibly a little damaging to their reputation.)
  3. Yeah, it would be tempting to mess about by putting stuff like newspaper or clothes or lighter fluid on there to see what happened. Or bullets. It might turn out to be something of a can of worms for the developers to be opening - with the current abstracted cooking it isn't an issue, and that could be seen as an advantage. But in principle, I'm all in favour of more complex systems, as long as they can maintain in-game logic/consistency.
  4. Two new regions are coming with Story Mode. They're not going to release them beforehand, because they want people to be able to play Story Mode without map knowledge, as a part of the narrative. I think that's what they've said, anyway. Frankly, if the countdown is for an announcement on a release date, that's going to make them the butt of a few jokes - but that doesn't matter all that much, I guess. If the countdown is for an Alpha Sandbox update, I don't know why they can't just say that. Why the secrecy?
  5. On that note, how about being able to forge Roman armour at the Homestead?
  6. It would just be nice to bloody well know, one way or the other! I don't really understand the point of all this mystery and vagueness!
  7. @LloydNoiseThis is actually a really good call. (Although the precise wording of their announcement might not be quite as you predict...) It was previously announced that several new Sandbox features and mechanics would arrive alongside Story Mode. It's possible that they've changed their minds about that and decided to release a 'finished' version of sandbox (minus the Story Mode maps, of course) in advance. It would be quite a clever idea, really, because when Story Mode did arrive it would allow players to focus on the narrative of that part of the game, rather than having to learn new mechanics and gameplay functions at the same time - which otherwise might detract or distract from the intended experience. Alternatively, that 'finished' Sandbox version could be what's arriving on the 4th of May - with the Story at some later point. [I realise they are going to continue to iterate on Sandbox over time beyond full release, but those changes will probably accompany new Chapters of the Story and be fewer and further between] In any case, I can't see the countdown being just for a 'regular' Alpha Sandbox update. That would just be such a weird and misleading way of communicating with the community (and the press, more importantly, who are already predicting Story Mode's imminent release to the wider public).
  8. The way I would like to see this tackled would be to have injuries and conditions that you suffer throughout your game have a very small but permanent affect on your character's abilities to carry out basic tasks and functions. That way, the longer you survived, the more likely it would be for these effects to accumulate, gradually making it harder and harder to continue successfully surviving, but without having to arbitrarily impose worsening environmental conditions (weather, wildlife, resource availability) on the player at arbitrary time-points in order to maintain late-game challenge (this is something that's always struck me as being a slightly inelegant solution - early, mid and late-game, if that's how you define progress in TLD comes at different times for different players or play-styles). In theory, if you kept your character out of trouble, didn't get injured or sick, didn't starve or get hypothermia, you would be able to live nigh-on forever. But this would be so difficult to achieve that there would almost always be a natural progression to the difficulty curve that was actually based on how you played and how successful you were (or weren't), rather than on blunt, unrelated restrictions imposed by the mechanics. Then you could bring in as many long-term, craftable, recyclable survival tools and/or infinite natural resources as you wanted, but still have a counterbalance to it - as a part of the character's health mechanics. And it would make sense intuitively: in such a situation, a person probably would become gradually more and more worn out by the toil of lone, unassisted survival in a hostile environment like we have in TLD.
  9. discussion

    ... and then while you are asleep he goes and chews all your curing hides and saplings into little pieces. And pees in your boot.
  10. This is the funniest thread I've seen for ages! Thanks @Pharose, @Hotzn Anyone got the artistic prowess to mock up a TLD-themed imitation cover page of "Man's life", perhaps with Will and Astrid fighting off hoards of vicious, rampaging bunny rabbits with crowbars?
  11. discussion

    I wanted to vote for "No dog". So I just picked "Other".
  12. Especially if you leave piles of fresh meat on display just outside your home!
  13. The closest we're going to get is maybe some cooperation with NPCs in the story. There might be NPCs in the Sandbox at some point as well, but it'd be nice if they were optional, so as to maintain that 'isolation' feel of the Sandbox that a lot of us would like to maintain if we're given the choice.
  14. Well, you've got 3 weeks to get divorced. Sorted.
  15. They'd previously announced that there wouldn't be any major new game play systems introduced to Sandbox until Story Mode is released, but that new systems or features (at least 2, i think they said?) would arrive alongside Story Mode. But they've now said that there will be one more Sandbox update before Story Mode, so either they've brought one or more of the new features forward to test them first, or else the Sandbox update prior to Story Mode will be relatively minor. I don't see any reason why they'd put a fancy countdown timer on their website for a 'minor' Sandbox update, so either way, the Sandbox game is going to see some substantial improvements pretty soon, as far as I see it. Take, for example, the implementation of moose. They "didn't quite make it into December's update", so it's pretty likely they're ready by now. Moose are dangerous and aggressive animals; they're not just fat-guy deer. In order to satisfactorily implement that danger, they're going to need to be able to charge and trample the player: a 'struggle' animation, like we have for bears and wolves, isn't really going to work so well with moose. Therefore, I think there'll need to be actual proper collision detection between player and animal. And if moose have collision detection, why not apply it to other animals too? The way fleeing animals run around in circles, often towards the source of danger rather than away from it, and even passing through the player-character like a ghost, is, in all honesty, fairly shoddy as a game play system and smacks of being 'unfinished'. I think that above most other things wants sorting out before full release (Story Mode), otherwise it's surely going to be highlighted negatively by reviewers and such. So - and this is all conjecture on my part, I know - I predict the Hinterland team want to test moose behaviour and collision detection on the Alpha player base before Story Mode hits, to make sure it works properly. And I predict that this update will arrive in the next week or so, in order for them to have time to iron out any problems before the Final Countdown expires. I'm quite prepared to be utterly wrong ,but that's what i think !
  16. Agreed! But this forum would be unreadable for weeks, because of all the abuse and tantrums that would inevitably ensue. And poor old @cekivi would have to be here trying to referee it. I just hope for his sake that it isn't a joke!
  17. I still don't believe it. By not announcing anything concrete alongside this mysterious countdown timer, they are purposely building expectation among the fanbase. What would be a purpose of then crushing that expectation, except to deliberately annoy people? It wouldn't make any sense! I've been in the community long enough to know that Hinterland has always been extremely careful not to build false expectation - this would be so out of character on their part, that I just don't buy it. It's got to be Story Mode; otherwise, they've all gone mad.
  18. Yeah, but so will my job
  19. I know you have to play that role, but honestly... I don't believe that you believe it. They publish a countdown timer without explanation as to what it's for, knowing full-well that hype and anticipation for Story Mode is at boiling point within their community. If the counter isn't for Story Mode, then it's going to be a massive let-down for a lot of people - and Hinterland surely know that? They must have known that most people would make that assumption, and if they didn't they're stupid (which I don't think true!). If the counter isn't for Story Mode, then it's a terrible, terrible piece of PR decision-making, and the person responsible for it wants sacking, frankly. I simply don't believe that they would deliberately mislead their support-base like that, unless they actually want a load of bad press - because that's what they'd get.
  20. God damn it! My parents are coming to visit that weekend! Unbelievable!
  21. I think they've delayed adding the story until Moose Mode is ready.
  22. yeah, but if you miss then you're buggered! Or it might just pull the saw from your grasp, then spit it out onto the ground and continue to bite your face off, albeit through damaged and bleeding chops.
  23. I find her a bloody nuisance! She's the only wolf that I will actively make a point of killing (oh, plus the one in the cave at DP, maybe), and she scares the crap oout of me every time I go in there until she's dealt with. The darkness inside makes her really awkward to shoot at: I've found myself perched on top of one those raised platforms in the big downstairs room, light sources scattered about so that I see where she is, taking pot shots at her with the rifle as she scampers around the floor below! Worst part is, every time you fire the gun in that place you get a horrible ringing in your ears for about 30 seconds afterwards!
  24. Sorry to weigh in on this. I'm an English teacher and I can't help it! There's nothing wrong with the grammar of the original sentence, and it isn't slang. "Those who want to understand me though" is a perfectly good sentence. You can't put a comma between "to" and "understand", because "Those who want to" is the subject of the main verb "understand", and in English you aren't allowed to separate them with a comma like that. It would be like writing, "They, understand me." And that would be wrong. If you put into the passive, it's easier to understand, though: "I am understood by those who want to [though]."
  25. I once searched all through the Upper Dam (on Voyageur, I think) without coming across the Fluffster. Then after clearing out the Lower Dam I went back to retrieve some more things from Mystery Lake before moving on to Winding River, and I got jumped by the blighter on my way back through. I'm not sure if I somehow missed her when I first went through, if she was hiding somewhere, or if she can not spawn one time but then later. Don't know. But it's a word of caution for you in any case.