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  1. I think this would become much more relevant if a "wellbeing" mechanic were to be introduced. Then they could diversify the Pass Time system, so that you could choose an activity to perform while you run down the clock, and there could be varying effects.
  2. Does anyone remember those hilarious video clips from the US a couple of years ago, when there was a particularly cold winter, of people filming themselves chucking cups of boiling water up in the air because they'd heard people say it would freeze in mid-air and fall to the ground as ice? And of course it didn't: it fell on their heads as drops of still very hot water!
  3. If advanced cooking is implemented, I think some sort of mess-tin in your basic inventory would be a desirable accompaniment to it. Then they could de-abstract things like making water from snow, cooking food, and making tea and coffee, without requiring you to find pots and pans from a house or cabin first. I understand the arguments in favour of maintaining that abstraction to an extent, but I don't really agree with them. In my view it comes across as a pretty imperfect 'work-in-progress' mechanic that should only really exist while the game is in early development, and it wouldn't sit very well as a finished system while more detail is added to other parts of the game.
  4. I missed it. I rather regret that. I'm kind of hoping something similar (the night-time only scenario, not necessarily the other halloween-themed stuff) gets added as a Challenge mode somewhere down the line.
  5. Is the train wreck safe? I've been mauled by the resident bear while inside the truck several times before. Though I have a vague memory of reading something about that being 'fixed'...? Anyway, unless you're completely sure, I wouldn't rely on it. Remember that you can use the hunting blinds as temporary safe spots, though. Great read, by the way! I remember spending a few weeks with OB on Pleasant Valley when Hunted Part I first came out - but that was only because I didn't know my way out of the map at the time, and had to get used to dealing with his presence on a daily basis in order to find the exit! The mechanics have changed utterly since then though, so most of what I learned is probably worthless now.
  6. I've only ever found one in PV that isn't the one near the rope. And I've only ever found it once. I ended up living in it, because it was in the perfect location for near-infinite survival without danger or risk! (And then I inevitably got bored with the repetitive routine of staying there and went out exploring, whereupon I was mauled to death by bears and wolves, obviously.) I've never found one in Coastal Highway or Desolation Point or Timberwolf Mountain or Farting Mustard, but I suspect they don't exist there. Either way, I wouldn't want to know if they did, and I certainly wouldn't want to be told where they were. The fun of finding them unexpectedly is really great!
  7. As far as I know, tool condition doesn't make any difference to its effectiveness. That means it also doesn't matter whether you keep them in good condition or not. You can use them up and then harvest them, as long as you keep at least one in working order while you still have whetstones. If you have several hatchets, for example, it's sometimes useful to plant them around the map in different locations that you frequent, so that when you go back there you'll have one handy - that way you don't have to carry one with you. The forged knives and hatchets are less effective than the 'looted' ones, however, so they aren't worth bothering with until you have used up all the proper ones. Use can openers if you have them, rather than other tools. They last for ages, so spare ones can generally be broken down for scrap metal if you need it. Guns should be kept in decent nick, otherwise they can jam; again, placing them around the map in useful hunting locations will mean you can avoid carrying them about all the time (unless you prefer to have one for shooting/scaring wolves that are in your way, but that isn't really necessary in my opinion). I generally keep clothing intact unless and until I actually need the cloth. Just because it doesn't make a difference when you break it down, and you never know when you might want a replacement or alternative bit of clothing, and there's usually plenty of other cloth sources anyway. As for core survival gear: warm clothes is most of it. You can get by with carrying just a knife (for wolf fights), something to light a fire with (for avoiding wolf fights), maybe a flare or two for emergencies, plus some medical supplies. Everything else is extra, depending on what you want to do on a given day - even food and water doesn't need to be carried because you can make/find that as you go. I've got into the habit of carrying 5 bits of cloth in case I need a snow shelter in an emergency, because I rarely bother carrying a bed roll any more. (You should be able to start a fire with a lit flare in hand: if you if you scroll through the list of ignition sources in the fire-starting menu, it should be one of them.)
  8. When I first opened this thread, I thought the title was "Tantrums". I like the idea of the player character suddenly losing its shit and going into an uncontrollable rage fit.
  9. suggestion

    I think Thermos is brand name though. Might have to call it something else.
  10. I think it might be made more interesting by extending the time you need to spend in each place, rather than reducing it. Maybe 7 days or something? That way, you probably would use up the loot food/drink before being able to move on, and be forced to make a base in each place for a short time. Also, the ability to play it with Stalker settings would make it much more appealing to players who know where the stop-off locations are before they start. I appreciate it's designed to introduce newer players to the idea of exploring all the maps, but it doesn't tell you this in the description. I made the mistake of leaving this challenge unattempted until the point where, unknowingly, it would no longer be any fun for me - if there had been a clearer indication that you ought to play this before you are confident playing on the higher difficulties, so as to maintain the fun aspect of the challenge, I would certainly have played it earlier.
  11. I hate to pick holes in people's ideas, and I really like the wooden signpost picture that @nicko mocked up! But... (yes, I'm afraid so)... it just doesn't make sense. For a start, what is going to be written on these signposts? The region names aren't proper place names, they're just 'what the character calls them'. Who would choose to live somewhere that was actually called "Crumbling Highway" or "Desolation Point"? That's not their real name! And don't get me started about Forlorn Muskeg... whoever thought that up wants shooting! And then there's the problem with routes between maps. Think about the realities of the layouts and the transition points. They just are not the types of places that would ever be officially recognised and designated as signed rights of way. You could have roadsigns, perhaps, but that isn't going to help players navigate because the roads are out of use and we have to find alternative ways around. Simply, the connection between pre-disaster infrastructure (like signposts) and the navigable post-disaster routes doesn't really exist in the game's environment. In fact, that's the whole point: you can't use pre-disaster obvious routes any more, and have to instead resort to searching for an alternative off-piste way. But fundamentally, the very concept of telling players which way to go in order to find things in the game is just...wrong. it's not my idea of what TLD is about. When we are new to the game, or to a new map, we stumble about randomly, lost, until we come across something. That sense of relief when you find a safe shelter, or the sense of anticipation when you discover the entrance to a new location - that's important to the game. I feel that signposting things all over the place would detract from that: it's too much of a spoiler, too much hand-holding for my liking.
  12. I'd prefer it so that the whole trip took a bit longer, really - hence why I like the idea of a transition map. It feels slightly cheap that you can loot the mountain (partially, at least) and then be back at the Farmstead by the end of the same day.
  13. I think a transition map would be the best solution. Something that gives you more of a feeling of ascending into a mountainous region: a few more rope-climbs, maybe; some steep hills to clamber up. It could be small, but more 'vertical' than the other transitions! It could include a cave or two and abandoned campsites as well, to give some flavour. Maybe a resident mountain lion, once/if those get added?
  14. I got the Pacifist achievement from doing Nomad, by mistake! As I said, there's so much loot that you never have to actually bother killing anything, and you still have more food and water than you can carry between the locations.
  15. If I want to vote "no" to Question 1, I can't answer Question 2 and then it won't register my vote at all. I agree that the Nomad Challenge is hilariously easy, but I don't think it's got anything to do with how long you have to stay in each location. It's just because there's too much loot, and you therefore never have to do any 'survival' tasks like fishing or hunting, or crafting. I'd like it better if you had to stay three days in each place, but that you had to spend the three days actually 'surviving', rather than just eating, drinking and passing time in bed
  16. Am I playing a different game from you guys? Where are these public footpaths? Down a cliff face? Or through a dangerous collapsing cave system and a river gorge that would be impassable if it wasn't frozen? Maybe a public right of way through a coal mine, or a train tunnel? I've never been to Canada, but those aren't the kind of footpaths I'm used to.
  17. But... if you follow the roads, you end up at a rockfall blocking the way. If you want to get in or out of Pleasant Valley, to use your example, the roads aren't a lot of help. It's not a bad idea for adding a bit of atmosphere to the environment, but it's not a viable way of helping players navigate the realities of the game world. Also, the names of the map sections as we know them are not very convincing as 'real' place names - they sound more like nicknames that someone unfamiliar with the area would give them. I wouldn't expect to see "Forlorn Muskeg" written on a roadsign!
  18. Most transitions between maps involve walking along railway lines or through caves, which aren't exactly the types of routes you'd expect to see signposted.
  19. I'm using a 5 year old lap top which I have to dismantle every couple of months to clear out the fans, so that it doesn't overheat when playing TLD! I don't have a lot of time to play at the moment, but when I do I normally start a new Interloper game, then die a few times in a short space of time before going back to my Stalker save, where I'm basically just walking around the world living off loot and camping wherever. I've recently also been working my way through the Challenge modes which I'd never paid much attention to before.
  20. If you haven’t heard already, you really need to try the lightly sparkling fish-flavoured drink F-Max that is EU approved! It’s good for healthy and is guaranteed to improve skin complexion and and increase your chances of a male son. F-Max! It’s not just a drink; it’s a lifestyle choice! I can't decide if it is (or was) a real product, or just a long-running in-joke that's surfaced again more recently. Someone might have been mad enough to conceive of such a thing, and then try to market it? Especially in mid-90s Communist China... Edit: further research suggests that it actually did (and possibly still does) exist, though probably has nothing to do with Communist China.
  21. I don't think we actually need to have a visual representation of vomiting, but perhaps a sound effect combined with a big sudden loss of hydration? While you've got the affliction, even if it's treated with meds, it should probably cause your food, water and fatigue bars to tank.
  22. Have you ever died of starvation? Because I never have. It's always a result of freezing or of getting mauled by wolves because I'm putting myself in danger while out looking for food. Take a step back and think: do I really need to kill myself running around like this? Freezing will steal your condition much, much faster than starving will, so don't sacrifice it to the cold for the sake of a few calories - you won't get it back. Stay as warm as possible at all times at all costs, and make sure you always have water - do not leak condition to those aspects. Food will present itself: don't waste it, but don't kill yourself chasing after it, either.
  23. question

    Sometimes this can happen accidentally in the game now. For example, when you find your 15th can opener and the guy says in a voice laden with sarcasm, "This could come in really useful." Or when you pick up a stick from the forest floor and he says, "I hope nobody needs this anymore." In general though, I just think a bit more variety would help ease the feeling of constant whinging. Or perhaps a mechanic that tracks which expressions the character has used recently and doesn't repeat them for x amount of time. I tend to get into arguments with mine, especially when he says stuff like "I've never been so hungry in my life", when in fact he was in a much worse state of starvation earlier that very same day.
  24. suggestion

    I always assumed that the P in your name stood for Poll, Steve!
  25. I'm sure I've heard mention of geese somewhere from the dev team. Or did I imagine that?