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  1. It would need a fairly hefty physics overhaul! At the moment, there is nothing approaching realistic friction in the game. You can walk down near-vertical cliffs as long as you're careful, seemingly glued to the surface like a spider. More importantly as far as skis or sleds are concerned, you can't slip or slide down a steep bank. Improved physics is absolutely necessary before - or alongside - any inclusions of friction-based movement like these.
  2. I don't agree with including scuba gear or wet suits. But if we get to play Bear Island in summer, swimming is an obvious addition to complement it, especially in places like Mystery Lake. Sharks and killer whales to avoid? I hope you're joking.
  3. It don't really understand it either. It seems like they changed it just so that it would annoy people. I mean, the first time you go there ever, if it's dark, you might fall through the floor to the lower level and be a bit confused/surprised for a few seconds. But once you know about the gaps, it's just irritating. I think it should be changed back, personally.
  4. I think this a good idea. Research times x2 if you're sick or injured (or starving!)? I use the reading in-game as a way of avoiding use of the 'pass time' system. I just want to feel like I'm doing something productive if I'm forced to wait out a blizzard and I have nothing else that can usefully be done.
  5. suggestion

    The main problem is the warmth and the light. You might be able to grow potatoes if you found some bags of compost (and some potatoes to start you off, obviously). I think you'd probably need to keep a fire burning in the same room in order to maintain enough ambient warmth though. The thing about enabling players to live off the land in one location is this: it's really boring. You can do this already with current game mechanics if you want to, and you don't need vegetables. If you live close to rabbits (and preferably fish as well) you can get a sustainable food supply; then all you need to worry about is having enough matches/ignition sources. But it gets really tedious and repetitive. I know it's all subjective as to how one gets enjoyment from the game, but the exploration of the world is what makes the game interesting and challenging, not the sedentary farming bits (or a mixture of the two, at least). Exploration and movement around the map brings all the game systems into play - dangerous animals, weather, different types of food available and equipment required. If you stay in the same spot, you're deleting a lot of this variation from your experience.
  6. suggestion

    Well, if this were to be introduced - collecting and drying animal faeces - it would raise the question as to why we don't have to dry out firewood we find lying in the snow, as well. That might be a can of worms that doesn't need opening. On tracking: it just isn't necessary to track animals at all with the current AI and spawning systems. If you want to hunt, you just go to where the animals are, then shoot them! In order for any kind of tracking to be introduced, and be worthwhile, it'd need a big overhaul of the way the wildlife behaves and moves around the map. This isn't to shoot down the suggestion at all - more free-roaming, less predictable wildlife movement would be a big plus to the game overall if the devs could pull it off. (by the way, who actually uses the word 'poop' unless they are talking to someone below the age of 6, or are below the age of 6 themselves?)
  7. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, but surely you can use Engine Cave to warm up in without a fire, as long as you have enough food and water and wakefulness (for want of a better word) to last you while you pass the time? Is there anywhere you can catch rabbits nearby? You can then sleep in a shelter when needed (I suppose for this you'd need the shelter to be at the top end, as there's nothing much useful to be done at the bottom and you can't pass through the cave without using fire anyway). Have you tried harvesting carcasses in small batches, warming up somewhere inside in between? That might not be feasible where you (and they) are, come to think of it. And fishing: fishing is good. Not only is it good calories, but the oil allows you to make torches, which allow you to guarantee 1-match firestarting every time (one torch will last at least 6 failures, probably more). I guess you need the hammer to fish (unless icesmasherbars spawn anywhere ever in TWM?), but if you can get the fishing hole open, using a low-condition set of tackle to catch a few fish seems to me like much better last use of it than ruining on a clothing repair. I don't think tackle-condition counts for anything when fishing, but I could be wrong. In any case, if you do decide to fish, it is probably best left until after you have your new boots and panties, so you can maximize warmth and minimise fire useage inside the hut. Good luck with number 34!
  8. Yes. And why not throw in some dragons and magic spells while we're at it?
  9. While I like the idea of houses or basements sometimes being locked and requiring a prybar to get in, I don't think this would apply to the type of door at the back of Carter Dam. It's big and heavy and metal, and would probably outlast the prybar. The audio clues would be good, though. (On locked containers generally, I'd like to see lockers be able to be opened with a heavy hammer, for the cost of some calories and fatigue (and maybe the ability to use it as a locker afterwards!). Or perhaps even without any tools, for a much bigger calorie+fatigue cost, and with the chance of a sprained ankle thrown in? And I've never really understood why the TWM containers can't be opened with the prybar as well as the hacksaw... Oh, and I'd like to be able to dismantle crates and pallets for reclaimed wood with the prybar as well!)
  10. This is a new one on me: When the character is on very low condition, he sways about like a drunk when you try and move around. So you have to be careful how close you get to those campfires.
  11. If you click LMB when the campfire template is red, it tells you why you can't light it. It might say it's too far away, it might say it's too windy or it might say it's an invalid location, as appropriate. The information is there for new players. Perhaps it could be a bit clearer, but I never had a problem with it.
  12. I've always thought we cup our hands together and hold the water over the fire to boil it, then gently let it trickle through our fingers into the magic weightless plastic bottle that comes in varying sizes to suit. Or maybe we take a mouthful of non-potable water, then hold our heads over the fire until the water is boiled, then spit it into the bottles? That way it might be easier to prevent spillage.
  13. I've done Whiteout. It was ridiculously easy, and I was really surprised that you are allowed to finish the challenge when it's still weeks until the storm arrives: I had enough supplies to last out the impending blizzard, but not for the intervening period as well! Your version actually sounds really good. Not saying I could do it, but it'd be fun to try.
  14. My problem at the moment is that Stalker feels like a walk in the park, whereas Interloper kills me inside 3 days on most attempts, and by about day 8 if I do well! Both feel repetitive, if for very different reasons! I dunno, maybe it's just that my current Stalker game started me on Coastal Highway, which is always loot galore. I'm into week 3 of survival and I haven't actually done any 'surviving' yet - no hunting, no fishing, no rabbiting, no crafting. I did shoot a couple of wolves a few days back, but that was just to keep the pesky varmints out of the Townsite. I'm going to play the Challenges as a bit of variation, I think.
  15. I light at least one fire most days on Stalker. But I've never got anywhere near surviving long enough to run out of matches.
  16. Yeah, I was being a bit ambitious with that first bit, maybe. But once you get into a routine of only lighting fires when it's sunny so you can use the meg lens, then burning the fire for as long as you can in mammoth fishing/boiling/cooking sessions, it's surprising how seldom you ever use matches anymore. As you say, for emergency wolf deterrent only.
  17. I don't know about a list, but I can tell you what I've found in the past: Cloth, sticks, reclaimed wood, saplings (cured and green), raw fish, cat tails, tinder, logs... old boots, shopping trolleys, used johnnys... maybe not the last three. Apparently scrap metal can show up, but I can't remember ever finding any myself.
  18. 1. It's called Mystery Lake! In terms of an interactive tutorial, there might be something like this included in Story Mode when the game reaches full release? Who knows. 2 & 3. Agreed. 7. I have never used outside-of-game maps. I've never even seen one. I wouldn't mind if they introduced a findable paper map in the game as a loot item, if it was rare; but I wouldn't want it to be very detailed or comprehensive, and I don't think it's particularly necessary anyway. Any type of HUD-based map would make the game worse, not better, in my opinion. Learning the environment is part of the exploration challenge, and we don't need inbuilt shortcuts. If you want to use third-party guides to help you, that's up to you, but please don't assume that everybody else wants or needs to do the same. 8. There is an archery target near the red barn in Pleasant Valley. You can use that to practice on. (Or you can use deer to practice on!) Shooting wolves with the bow is indeed risky and difficult. But that's fine by me. 11. I think the idea of using the butt of the rifle to break the ice in fishing huts is a reasonable one; but shooting it open is a bit far-fetched. You can already use the prybar to break the ice. 12. This is a difficult one. Although it does make sense to do this, if you could bring a carcass indoors to butcher it, it would have a big impact on the overall balance of the game. As things are, collecting food is the only real survival reason to go outside at all (you can stay warm, rested and hydrated by staying indoors as long as you have fuel, which isn't difficult to acquire). If you were able to harvest food indoors as well, it would make the game an awful lot easier, as well as giving much more prominence to Cabin Fever... and I don't like the idea of that!
  19. You can sometimes scare wolves away by running at them. Waving a lit flare or torch as well also helps, but shouting "RAAAAAAGGGHHHH" at the monitor doesn't seem to make any difference. I've done this to scare wolves off their kill before, but sometimes it doesn't work and you end up in a fight, so I'd only do it if I was desperately hungry. The game is really due an improvement pass on wildlife behaviour, I think. It's the single thing that would make the biggest positive impact on the gameplay in my view.
  20. Carrying a lit brand around so that you can light a chain of fires while you move from A to B - thereby keeping a flame going without using extra matches - is a way of extending the lifespan of your matches. But obviously it doesn't work when it's too windy, and a few consecutive fire-start failures can also put an end to your brand as well. The magnifying lens, however, does extend firelighting indefinitely - it's just that you can't pick and choose when or where to light fires as freely as you can with matches/firestrikers. All other necessary resources are infinite (theoretically), if you consider beachcombing.
  21. This method also allows you to steal wolf kills with total safety. You just wait for a wolf to kill a deer, then activate the campfire template; keeping the green template on the ground in front of you, walk towards the wolf; as soon as it gets leary with you, left-click to start the fire-ignition process. The wolf will always run away. You can cancel the fire-ignition at this point, and it'll only cost you one tinder, plus the match, and then help yourself to the kill. But the wolf usually comes back, so it's worth lighting another fire for security while you harvest, even if you don't need the heat (for yourself or the carcass). In order not to spend two matches on two fires, you could let the first one light, then carry a brand to the carcass to light the second. If you get the magnifier, you're better off cancelling the first fire so that you don't have to waste fuel; but that obviously restricts you to wolf-stealing on sunny days only.
  22. Thanks. That would explain it. On the starvation penalty: I didn't eat for two days and nights due to being trapped in the Blizzard Valley radio hut by the weather. Lost about 40% condition solely due to starvation, and the rest bar was penalized to about 60% of maximum, meaning I couldn't sleep for more than about 5 hours at a time. But as soon as I started eating again, the sleep restriction disappeared really fast and I was able to recoup all the lost condition more-or-less as normal. It could definitely be made harsher, in my opinion.
  23. Actually thinking about it, LMB is definitely 'drop' when it comes to brands. I do it all the time when I'm trying to pick up sticks or mushrooms.
  24. I've never actually had anything disappear before my eyes when I've been looking at at. But I've quite frequently experienced deer, wolves and bears appearing or disappearing when you look in another direction for a split second. Especially at Coastal Highway: I've learned that if the Misanthrope bear is NOT there when you start to walk towards his cave, you should not take your eyes off that spot until you get there, or well past it. If you look away for a moment, the bastard will have appeared at the cave entrance when you look back.
  25. What happened to the "You woke up freezing" mechanic? I literally just died in this very way! Does it not exist any more, or did I do something wrong? But I agree with the idea that the player should have less control over how much they sleep, especially if the character is exhausted. I like the idea of the character waking up due to pain or hunger or thirst as well (toilet is the other obvious one, but that's not in the game, so no matter!). As a side-note: I recently observed the rest penalty due to starvation (ie. your maximum rest level is decreased incrementally when you continue to starve for long periods of time). I think this should be much more prominent, probably kicking in as soon as you start starving, rather than just taking effect when you've lost 30-40% condition. I also think it should remain for longer after you do start eating again, to act as more of a deterrent to abusing the starvation/recovery mechanics; perhaps it could negatively affect your warmth as well?