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  1. Made me chuckle. If you were to take a walk through Pleasant Valley on this mode, would you get chased by a farmer shouting, "Hoi you! Git orrf moy laaaaand!"
  2. Yeah, this. If the saving system were to remain the same as it is now, but with the added function that game auto-saves whenever you quit, no matter where you are, wouldn't that work?
  3. To be honest, I've never seen a problem with the current system. The only times I've lost progress were due to getting stuck between rocks so that I couldn't get out and had to reload in order to continue (or wait until I died!). If I've got a limited amount of time to play the game, I'd always make sure I saved using the existing system of indoor locations and sleeping in plenty of time before I have to stop. And I wouldn't go somewhere where I can't save my progress if I know I haven't got time to complete that bit of my journey. Perhaps more frequent or time-based autosaving could be a solution? I don't really like the idea of adding a quicksave feature.
  4. According to the December community update, they are not planning to introduce any major new gameplay systems to the Sandbox until Story Mode is released - but there will be new systems introduced at the same time as Story Mode. And according to the podcast, they have been 'getting their heads down' on Story Mode since Resolute Outfitter came out. To me this suggests that there won't be another update to Sandbox at all until Story Mode ships (unless something unforeseen happens, causing a delay to Story Mode, and they decide to release an extra Sandbox update to keep the playerbase onside?). We also know that Story Mode will include new maps (possibly or possibly not available to play in Sandbox as well), and that the introduction of Mooseses is pretty much ready. So there's that. Anyway, Sandbox updates have generally arrived about every two months over the last couple of years, and it's been about two months since the last one. But it's likely that if Story Mode is indeed the next thing we'll see, it might be a bit longer than normal this time. In any case, they've consistently stated that exact release dates won't be announced until they are certain of meeting them. You're right, though: it 'feels' like about the right time for a formal progress report.
  5. I really enjoyed it. Watching The Thing immediately before listening to the podcast certainly made a big difference. Perhaps I'll go and watch the Mad Max movies and then re-listen to episode 0! If you're going to reference a particular movie or book in future episodes, maybe you could let us know a little in advance so we can keep up? It'd be like a TLD book group! It's interesting to hear what has influenced the lead game designers in terms of their pop-cultural upbringing, particularly if there are nods towards those influences in the game (as there clearly is with The Thing). I found the discussion you had about the characters' backgrounds in The Thing to strike a particular chord, as this is the most obvious aspect of TLD that we are (or I am, at least) anticipating now: who is this character we are playing as and how did s/he wind up in the situation? Also this: (Spoiler for anyone who hasn't seen the movie)
  6. I'm just looking forward to being able to say, "Hoots mon, there's a moose loose aboot this hoose" whenever I see one. We already have plenty of braw bricht moonlicht nichts in the game, so this will complete the picture.
  7. Great! Now I have to watch the rest of The Thing before I listen. Will be on the lookout for TLD references.
  8. The game used to wake you up if you became freezing while asleep. I think I read something about it being disabled for Stalker and Interloper, though. I haven't played Voyageur for so long that I have no idea if it works on that mode, but I know for sure that it doesn't work in Interloper no matter how warm you 'feel' before you go to sleep. I died quite recently sleeping in a car, despite having lit a fire next to it and getting the temperature inside nice and toasty before turning in. Wind got up in the night, blew out the fire and I froze to death without waking (or, at least, that's what I assumed must have happened, because I went to bed warm with a long-lasting fire, and still ended up dead). I'm not sure how I feel about it, really. I think you should be able to die in your sleep from cold if you're not careful. But it does come as a bit of a shock when it happens. To be honest, I'd like to see sleep in the game changed in other ways, such as not even allowing you to choose how long to sleep for, especially if you're really tired beforehand.
  9. There would have to be a lot of changes and adjustments, plus new mechanics and features added - I think that's a given. But it could be made to work, I think. The development roadmap has "Spring Sandbox" as a future addition that the Hinterland team are at the least thinking about making. I take that to mean a standalone game mode, rather than an addition to the current winter sandbox: ie. there wouldn't be a transition from winter to spring; you'd just choose one season or the other at the start of the game and stay in it throughout. The full year-round sandbox mode with seasonal transitions is, on the information we have, at best only an idea at this point, and probably a very long way off. By the time it ever made it into the game (if it did at all), there would likely have been major changes to the way the game works over the course of a few years' development. Therefore, I'm not sure it's really worth looking at it from the perspective of how the game is now. (That contradicts what I said in my early post, I know, but what the hell.)
  10. Coastal Highway is arguably more preferable to live in than Mystery Lake, and Desolation Point is nearer to CH than Forlorn Muskeg is. Also, DP is probably less hazardous than FM as individual maps. Plus there's the beach-combing in DP, which could be considered an advantage (just about). I actually quite like Desolation Point in and of itself, though. I even quite like Crumbling Highway - and you're nearly as likely to run into wolves at the Tunnel not-Collapse-anymore as you are there anyway.
  11. Lassie's let herself go a bit.
  12. With the current maps, the most obvious problem you're going to face outside of winter is the fact that the lakes, rivers and sea won't be frozen. That means moving around is going to be much more restricted and time-consuming. Forlorn Muskeg would be to totally different and more difficult place to live in, for example. The Riken (and the forge) would be submerged and lost. Winding River would be impassable. Pleasant Valley would be chopped up into defined sections with restricted access between them.
  13. Yeah, I'm aware of that. Like @Deathdealers747 I also earned my Pacifist badge from doing the Nomad Challenge. I didn't go for it on purpose; it just happened like that because I didn't find I ever needed to hunt for food (and I honestly can't remember whether I fought any wolves during that game or not). I don't care about Steam Achievements at all, and I never do any of them deliberately, so making completion of this one harder wouldn't bother me a jot. But then again, going 25 days without hunting, fishing or trapping is pretty easy to do outside of Interloper, so perhaps making it more difficult to get this achievement would objectively be alright? Anyway, I'm not claiming anything other than that the name is of the achievement is a bit inaccurate. They could change it to "Pacifist unless you get in a fight", and then I would be happy.
  14. Just don't call it Pacifist if it isn't. As soon as you start saying "He started it!" you lose.
  15. Don't seem right to me. Surely the essence of pacifism is an outright refusal to fight, no matter the provocation? Get it changed!