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  1. Or string them together using a sewing kit to make puppets!
  2. I generally have rather crude nicknames for the most awkward of the bears. I won't repeat them in full here, but for me the unnamed pond bear is usually called "****", the one above Coastal Townsite is "*******", and and the one at Signal Hill is "******".
  3. I actually think I'd value the two things (hard block on encumbered rope climbing vs on sleeping anywhere) the opposite way round to you. The way I look at it, climbing down a high, vertical cliff on a long rope with a heavy pack would be incredibly dangerous, and quite likely cause you to lose your grip and fall, possibly to your death. But if the game did that to you it'd be incredibly annoying, so blocking you from doing it at all seems sensible. On the other hand, the fact that you can build a snow shelter in the outdoors and sleep directly on the snow, yet you can't use the same or similar materials to construct a makeshift bed indoors - or in a cave - just seems illogical and a bit arbitrary.
  4. Amen.
  5. I've been 'cheating' by turning up the brightness level in the graphics settings way beyond the recommendation. It makes the exploring of building interiors a lot more satisfying. Agree with you about the torches. It's a real shame to have lost brands. Enjoying having a good story to follow here again. Thanks for posting it!
  6. For more animal naming suggestions, I have taken to calling the pack of wolves who hang out on the track leading to Signal Hill radio hut "Rude Dog and the Dweebs".
  7. I generally agree with the principle that the game shouldn't block you from doing things (like sleeping on the bare ground) just because it would potentially be a bad idea: we as players should be allowed to make such mistakes, and be punished for them. However, the character himself does seem to know about the danger of sleeping on the ground: "I'd lay down right here if I thought I'd ever wake up again." There is also the issue of not wanting to obviate the importance of the bedroll as a piece of survival equipment by relegating its benefit to a mere few degrees of warmth bonus. There would have to be a hefty temperature penalty to sleeping on the ground, and perhaps also a sleep cap penalty so that you couldn't get a fully refreshing rest (you wake up in pain with a sore neck/back before you're fully rested). On allowing more sleep when injured, I think this could be done by simply changing the rest bar recovery rate so that it is slower if you are healing. It could also be capped, to stimulate to an extent that your sleep would be more disturbed than normal, depending on your condition.
  8. Apparently Iceland is so called because the Viking explorers who found it thought it was a great place to settle, and didn't want too many other people coming and spoiling it for them. Conversely, Greenland was so inhospitable that they again used a misleading name to encourage settlers. (Or that could all be bollocks. I tend not to trust memories of my undergraduate university lectures, for a few reasons.) But there could be some of that going on in the naming of Pleasant Valley. Maybe.
  9. Not one of your suggestions qualifies as "bad". I'd play the hell out of this!
  10. I don't know how it's affected Interloper directly, but having played about with it a bit in Stralker, I do think the stone throwing has made the early game unnecessarily (and, for me, undesirably) easier. I have two suggestions : 1) you should have to hit the rabbit in the head to stun it, otherwise it just runs off; 2) you shouldn't be about to throw with enough power to stun it from a crouched position. Or, perhaps, combining the two abovementioned, you can stun it with any hit from a standing position, but need a head shot from crouched?
  11. Philistine.
  12. Add the fuel before you extinguish the torch? Is not rocket science
  13. Even if you get an infection you can still cure it. It's not a death sentence; it'll just cost you a day or so of healing.
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