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  1. There would have to be a lot of changes and adjustments, plus new mechanics and features added - I think that's a given. But it could be made to work, I think. The development roadmap has "Spring Sandbox" as a future addition that the Hinterland team are at the least thinking about making. I take that to mean a standalone game mode, rather than an addition to the current winter sandbox: ie. there wouldn't be a transition from winter to spring; you'd just choose one season or the other at the start of the game and stay in it throughout. The full year-round sandbox mode with seasonal transitions is, on the information we have, at best only an idea at this point, and probably a very long way off. By the time it ever made it into the game (if it did at all), there would likely have been major changes to the way the game works over the course of a few years' development. Therefore, I'm not sure it's really worth looking at it from the perspective of how the game is now. (That contradicts what I said in my early post, I know, but what the hell.)
  2. Coastal Highway is arguably more preferable to live in than Mystery Lake, and Desolation Point is nearer to CH than Forlorn Muskeg is. Also, DP is probably less hazardous than FM as individual maps. Plus there's the beach-combing in DP, which could be considered an advantage (just about). I actually quite like Desolation Point in and of itself, though. I even quite like Crumbling Highway - and you're nearly as likely to run into wolves at the Tunnel not-Collapse-anymore as you are there anyway.
  3. Lassie's let herself go a bit.
  4. With the current maps, the most obvious problem you're going to face outside of winter is the fact that the lakes, rivers and sea won't be frozen. That means moving around is going to be much more restricted and time-consuming. Forlorn Muskeg would be to totally different and more difficult place to live in, for example. The Riken (and the forge) would be submerged and lost. Winding River would be impassable. Pleasant Valley would be chopped up into defined sections with restricted access between them.
  5. Yeah, I'm aware of that. Like @Deathdealers747 I also earned my Pacifist badge from doing the Nomad Challenge. I didn't go for it on purpose; it just happened like that because I didn't find I ever needed to hunt for food (and I honestly can't remember whether I fought any wolves during that game or not). I don't care about Steam Achievements at all, and I never do any of them deliberately, so making completion of this one harder wouldn't bother me a jot. But then again, going 25 days without hunting, fishing or trapping is pretty easy to do outside of Interloper, so perhaps making it more difficult to get this achievement would objectively be alright? Anyway, I'm not claiming anything other than that the name is of the achievement is a bit inaccurate. They could change it to "Pacifist unless you get in a fight", and then I would be happy.
  6. Just don't call it Pacifist if it isn't. As soon as you start saying "He started it!" you lose.
  7. Don't seem right to me. Surely the essence of pacifism is an outright refusal to fight, no matter the provocation? Get it changed!
  8. Sorry, I wasn't being pedantic about the realism (for a change). I just meant, my fire wasn't hot enough to use the forge... by 2°C
  9. It wasn't hot enough to melt iron... grrrrrrrrrr.
  10. The main change I'd like to see regarding melting and boiling times is the effect of the heat of the fire. Right now I don't think it makes any difference how hot the fire is, which feels a bit odd. I once did a stupid with the Riken furnace, where I got the temperature up to 2°C below the required forging temperature before running out of coal. I was left with an 8 hour, very hot fire that I couldn't do much with. I was pretty annoyed, but I spent the time making potable water so as not to make it an entire waste. What occurred to me then was that the snow ought to be melting a hell of a lot quicker in such a heat, as should the water be boiling. But it wasn't noticeably different in terms of time from using a 20°C open campfire. But I do agree with the general premise of this thread in that water purification tabs feel a bit redundant in the current state of play, because it's so easy and resource-cheap to just boil any non-potable water you've made from snow, thus rarely posing a need to use them. (or ever ever to risk drinking non-potable water )
  11. This is pretty much exactly what I was going to write. I too would like to see the game's approach to tools turned on its head. I'm not sure about being able to forge prybars, to be honest (would a novice smith like our character really be able to make something that was strong enough out of bits of scrap metal heated up in a furnace?). But in answer to @Patrick Carlson: yes, I think greater longevity of tools could be balanced by making them much rarer to find in the first place, alongside having deterioration of effectiveness (time/yield) go with their condition - this could also tie-in with how much stamina or fatigue you lose while performing the action. I think the possibility to 'break' them should remain (you could snap a knife blade, chip a hatchet or break a prybar). I'd also like to see a separation of tool blades from their handles, with separate condition and maintenance/replacement - both to make it feel more realistic and also to give the mechanics a bit more depth. Finally, I'd like to see a bit more diversity of use from tools, so that you could, for example, bash open a locker with a hammer. Again, choice of tool for a task could be linked to efficiency in terms of time spent and energy exerted (and tool wear).
  12. Not sure I agree with that. Would allowing cargo containers to be opened by prybar make the hacksaw redundant? Certainly not, given all the other uses for the hacksaw. And would allowing lockers to be opened with the hacksaw make the prybar redundant? Perhaps a little more so, but still not entirely. Making each tool more versatile would solve the problem. And while I agree that realism is not the top priority, the good thing about making mechanics feel realistic is that it allows the player to use their own common sense to solve problems, rather than having to learn artificial game rules.
  13. I think this would become much more relevant if a "wellbeing" mechanic were to be introduced. Then they could diversify the Pass Time system, so that you could choose an activity to perform while you run down the clock, and there could be varying effects.
  14. Does anyone remember those hilarious video clips from the US a couple of years ago, when there was a particularly cold winter, of people filming themselves chucking cups of boiling water up in the air because they'd heard people say it would freeze in mid-air and fall to the ground as ice? And of course it didn't: it fell on their heads as drops of still very hot water!
  15. If advanced cooking is implemented, I think some sort of mess-tin in your basic inventory would be a desirable accompaniment to it. Then they could de-abstract things like making water from snow, cooking food, and making tea and coffee, without requiring you to find pots and pans from a house or cabin first. I understand the arguments in favour of maintaining that abstraction to an extent, but I don't really agree with them. In my view it comes across as a pretty imperfect 'work-in-progress' mechanic that should only really exist while the game is in early development, and it wouldn't sit very well as a finished system while more detail is added to other parts of the game.