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  1. I've tested it as much as I can and as far as I can tell, hides do not attract wolves. I've had about 5 fresh hides on me but never had a wolf follow me while carrying it. Got pretty close to them too. I'm not entirely sure about this. It could take a lot of hides to get wolves to follow you but when I play, the rule of thumb that I follow is: "If you can drop it as a decoy, it will attract wolves." Don't know anything about the 1 percent curing though. Never had the idea to try. I only transport guts from shelter when fully cured. I harvest my guts and meat as close to shelter as possible if I can help it. If not then I clear the way before harvesting.
  2. You can find .303 rounds washed up on shore at CH, OIC, and DP in stalker mode.
  3. Wolf dodging basics: 1. No meat or raw guts. - Since the new mechanics, smell drags wolves to you from very far away almost instantly. 2. Crouch (when prudent). - Crouching makes you invisible to wolves up to a certain distance (smell still works so guideline No. 1 still counts). 3. Listen very carefully. - If you can hear the wolf, the wolf is close enough to hear you. If you are crouched, then you can hear the wolf without the wolf hearing you. Even if you are not crouched, you still have time to act; you can run away, light a torch, or crouch and prepare to shoot (only works for the bow if your skill level is 5). 4. Carry a flare or a torch, or both. - This buys you time and room to maneuver if an encounter happens. If you're carrying both, start with the torch and if you miss your throw you can light your flare fast enough to prevent the wolf from jumping you. 5. Use the terrain. - Spotting wolves from a vantage point allows you to plan a safe route. If an encounter does happen, you can use a hill, building, or outcrop to make the wolf lose interest. Your objective with this is to break line-of-sight and get distance. If you're far enough that the wolf can't hear you and an obstacle keeps the wolf from spotting you it will lose interest. Passing through terrain impassable to wolves is also a way to stop a chase or end an encounter. Climbing up or down to unreachable spots is a surefire way to make them leave you alone. It could also scare them away (I don't know why, but if you are in or on an unreachable spot they just run away sometimes). 6. Wear hides if possible (outer most layer). - Hide clothes are probably the most protective clothes available in the game (I haven't found all the clothes yet so I could be wrong about this). If you do get jumped, they protect you well and they don't take as much damage as other clothes (in my experience). It's possible that wearing a wolf coat could also scare wolves away (I don't know if this is true). 7. Use weapons to control them. - As long as you haven't been spotted, you can use weapons to control them and make them go where you want them to go. Just firing the rifle will make all wolves that are close by run away from you. The distress pistol seems to be expressly designed to scare away wolves. Shooting an arrow will make it run away from where the arrow landed. Stones can be thrown to make wolves go to where the stone landed. 8. Cull them once in a while. - In some places, the density of wolves is just too high. When possible, killing them is the best way to make sure that you don't get cornered. Edit: One more thing: Carry bandages. - Like meat in guideline No. 1, blood attracts wolves. Although being attacked by wolves isn't the only thing than can cause bleeding, it would be very unfortunate and demoralizing to be attacked by one wolf, bleed, not have any bandages, which therefore causes another wolf to jump you.
  4. Definitely a glitch. Figure out where the bear was stuck, take a debug screenshot, and report as a bug.
  5. I've had an idea like this from way back, since GELtaz's video where the challenge was to live with Fluffy for 5 (ish) days, but since the current system back then seems to have worked out well enough, I never really had the inclination to share it in the forums... until the recent changes. It really is simple. In every possible hand to hand weapon, add an option in the actions sub-menu to holster the weapon on your belt. It would look something like this: When you have a sidearm holstered, an indicator will appear on the top left corner of it in your backpack like so:
  6. This should affect more that just carry weight. Endurance, sprint speed, weapon sway, and the ability to hit hard and fast (i.e. stabbing during a wolf encounter). Problem is... how is this going to be implemented? Should there be a starvation affliction or should the character's abilities be reduced without a hint? Personally I think that there should be an affliction.
  7. It's the meat. Any meat on you will lure wolves from a certain radius towards you. I once entered crumbling highway carrying two cooked venison steaks and lured all of the wolves in the entire crumbling highway area to me. Luckily, there was a fallen tree nearby that I managed to climb and shoot the wolves from. This effect also happens when carrying raw guts, cured guts seem to have no effect, but with raw guts, the luring effect seems to have a much smaller radius than cooked meat. I don't know what Hinterland was going for but to me it looks like there was a mistake with the tuning. It's also very unintuitive. Smell isn't a form of radiation. It's chemicals suspended in a fluid, dispersed by brownian motion. It's why smell dependent animals have to follow a scent trail instead of following the object that the smell originates from. That's because the smell doesn't radiate from the object, chemical particles are released by the object. Most of those chemicals disperse but some linger in the air or stick to surfaces and that's the scent trail that smell dependent animals follow.
  8. At the Rural Crossroads in Pleasant Valley. As night was falling, I noticed that the stars were stretched near the western part of the sky.
  9. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯... Used to do that long before v.423 though. If you sprint off the corner of the table, you can land on the bed nearest the fireplace.
  10. Here you go: https://hinterlandgames.atlassian.net/projects/TLDP
  11. So I was playing in stalker mode prowling the town, clearing wolves. I was stalking a wolf, waiting for the prudent moment to shoot since I haven't mastered my archery skill yet. He was just about to pass me but I was too close and he started chasing me. I got up and bolted to the nearest car. I felt relief since it looked like I was just about going to make it, but the wolf caught up to me just as I was opening the car door and a wolf struggle ensued... Except, nearly a minute later there was still no wolf struggle. This is what it looked like from the time the wolf struggle was suppose to start, until I decided to close the game:
  12. suggestion

    It'd be nice to have a game that's as challenging as interloper but it has all content available.
  13. Thanks. For this I wanted a kind of camp knife or survival knife. A bit of a multipurpose tool but specifically with a bit of heft for chopping and a pointy end for drilling and fine carving wood. Oh and it also has a 90 degree spine for scraping wood, bamboo, etc. and striking ferro rods.
  14. So I made a knife and I thought I'd share it with you guys (Actually I just got ripped apart by a wolf yesterday and to fill the emptiness that the lost game left, I though it would be a good time to show off this knife I made recently): Here it is from the other side: Here I'm gripping it: It feels good in my hand... well I shaped it for my hand plus the handle is quite thick so my fingers don't dig into my palm. This is only the second knife I made so there are some flaws, imperfections, and what not. You can see in the photo above that a bit of the tang is visible right below the handle scale. There's a bit of a gap between the handle scales and the tang: So it's not as pretty as it could be but it works. I've used it for a variety of purposes, mostly shaping wood. The steel is salvaged from a piece of scrap that I found and spark tested. I shaped it using a hacksaw and an angle grinder. For heat treating, I quenched it in used cooking oil and tempered it in a toaster oven. The handle scales are made out of rambutan wood held unto to the tang using aluminium pins and clear epoxy.
  15. Yep. I wanted this from the start. Especially the one inside Camp Office. Frankly speaking I'm not sure why scavengers aren't able to just consume the bodies. A carcass being frozen doesn't seem to bother wolverines, bears, or birds of prey. Even wolves and foxes depend on carrion in the winter. Lol... You're kidding right? They're an inexhaustible source of feathers. They're really bloody annoying during calm weather, especially if you're trying to listen for a wolf. They're also quite unsightly for most people. Plus they're rather interesting sometimes. A lot of people have made stories about those bodies, like the dam guy. Probably started out bowhunting at the winding river area. He had an encounter with fluffy in or outside the dam. He ran. She got to him. He escaped but lost his scarf in the process. He tried to use a torch to stop her. It worked. He made it to the door but he wasn't able to open it before she caught up to him. A struggle ensued. Using his arrows, he was able to fend her off and lock her behind the other side of the door where she waits, hungrily, for her next meal. But after all that he still succumbs to his wounds. As for the Camp Office guy... he's an idiot. How could he die inside of a building with food, medical supplies, and firewood? I wanna be able to drag his idiot corpse out of the building and dispose of it.