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  1. So, I've been having an issue when playing, involvong the game seizing up and the screen going black (audio will still play). The only way I can fix this is by Alt+F4, which is fetting quite annoying as I've had to re-loot Carter Hydro Dam a few times over. May it have something to do with the fact that I had to download files from the Steam cloud when reinstalling the game? I was notified that the local files and the files on the cloud were not the same. In addition, the first one or two times I open up a container to store things in a session cause the game to freeze for about 10 seconds.
  2. That is a very large post... But very helpful. Thank you.
  3. From a pistol, I'd likely use it as I would in a real-life situation...to scare off threats and, if needed, eliminate them. Thia is one issue I've had with not being able to throw flares anymore...if I want to scare a wolf, I either have to shoot the rifle or pin my hopes on torch brandishing.
  4. So, just a quick question, as stated; Which type of clothing will be warmer and less restrictive? Natural (i.e, skins and furs) or man-made (i.e, coats and the like). Also, is the expedition parka worth wearing, provided I ever find it?
  5. So, had this idea while testing out Forlorn Muskeg for myself (Report over on the General Discussion sub-forum). So, from what I saw of the map (Admittedly, that wasn't very much), I saw a whole lot of ice with not a single ice fishing hut. In that kind of environment, I would think that ice fishing would be a main source of sustenance while trying to survive/traverse this map (The latter presuming this map will connect with another eventually). I thought that if we could have the ability to ice fish virtually anywhere, certain restrictions allowing (What, I'm not sure...I'll leave that to any commenters), surviving this desolate wasteland can be made a little easier. However, as in real life, you would need a way to create an ice fishing hole; unlike your standard ice fishing hut, there's more than just a thin layer of ice between you and the fish So, a requirement should be that, if this mechanic is implemented, players would need an ice drill, like the one below, in order to break through the ice to reach the fish. Thoughts?
  6. So, I got overexcited and, against my better judgement, started a separate sandbox starting in Forlorn Muskeg, just to see how the new map is. Well, the first five minutes, I fell through some ice (My thinking was that the weak ice portion wasn't that big, so I tried to sprint across it...nope). Luckily, I came across the Poacher's Camp and immediately set up shop, gathering every bit of wood I could find as well as the coal and starting a fire (Props to Hinterland for making the scrub brushes harvestable). Somehow, I managed to survive the first night. With minimal supplies and the like, I set out to try and find some sort of cave or copse, or even just a simple hut to provide a little more warmth. Only thing I found was a pair of wolves, which I snuck around. With daylight waning and now new landmarks in sight, I started to head back to the Poacher's Camp. Upon reaching the tracks however, I was jumped by another wolf, which chased me out onto yet another patch of thin ice.... Not even two days survived. Holy crap, Hinterland, you have answered my prayers! And with this, I've had an idea which I will post over on the Suggestion sub-forum. Can't wait to try this out with my main sandbox profile!
  7. I was in DP on my current playthrough today and, with my forging done (two hatchets and 14 arrowheads, more than enough I think, for now), I decided to head back to Coastal so I can start fishing for food as a second option. On my way, I stopped by the church to see what I could find and decided to harvest the birch saplings there. Only thing is, as I harvested them, I was also given a cured birch sapling for every one I cut, resulting in double the amount. While not complaining exactly, I don't think that's how it's supposed to be...has anyone else experienced this?
  8. I made mention of this not too long ago (which is why I'm glad to see it in-game). I plan on going to this map when I reach an extended amount of days survived and it is simply too easy to live on the other maps. As one player said in that thread, 'walk into death and see if you can live'.
  9. In Desolation Point, which of the three main buildings (Lighthouse, Riken, Hibernia) is the most beneficial in terms of warmth? I'm currently operating out of the lighthouse and have all of my gear stored there; I plan on moving to the Riken to forge a hatchet and a knife, then back into Hibernia (I already did some light looting) to restock on supplies before I make for Mystery Lake. I'm just looking for the best place to stay while I loot the region of what resources I can find. As a side note...I forgot the bear patrols all of the processing plant...went to head back home off the docks, dropped down, and found myself a stone's throw away from him. Thankfully, he didn't detect me.
  10. I wouldn't know...I play TLD on a laptop with a USB mouse, and what I usually do whenever I get attacked by a wolf is forget running and just hold the mouse in both hands, then spam the LMB rapidly with one hand while holding the mouse steady in the other. It tends to allow you to hit the button in quicker succession. As for a 'one-shot' type of mechanic, I don't think something like that would work...the bar only fills up when you are in the struggle itself.
  11. While I understand where you're coming from, I think this is a good mechanic (though this is the first time I've heard of anything like it). What I mean is that this behavior seems very realistic. If I was actually in this situation, I would herd food sources towards my survival outpost in order to keep from having to go very far and risk attack or freezing. That said, perhaps a good mechanic to implement is one where wolves/bears will 'hang around' a carcass for a limited number of days, to simulate their scavenging behavior and make it a little dangerous to harvest the carcass unless you do it quickly.
  12. I believe this is planned or, at the least, has been well-discussed amongst the developers and other Hinterland staff. Where those talks have gone, I've no idea.
  13. That said, I don't think electronics will work...I'm not too familiar with it, but I believe all electronics were fried in the flare that caused this event. To my knowledge, the only way we'll ever see working radios and lights is during the aurora...which, by the way, will thay ever be implemented into the sandbox?
  14. Age

    The old hunting game Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2005 allowed you to do this...you had the option of an 18-y.o., 35-y.o., or 60-y.o. Each had their attributes: 18: Better stamina and resilience as opposed to the others. 35: Fairly middle of the road...accuracy tended to be better as one of this age would be well-experienced in firearms training while not having to worry about the effects of time. 60: While lacking in stamina, resilience, and other similar traits, the 60-year old had the best 'stats' in the game in terms of stealth and tracking. That said, the stats in the game were simply hard stats...for example, tracking just was the radius in which your player could detect tracks; resilience was how much damage would be sustained in an animal (Not necessarily a predatorial one either. Moose are evil.) etc...
  15. ...this is what I'd want in the game with me. (Only issue is carrying enough food for it as well.) Caucasian Ovchartka, offically known as the Caucus Mountain Dog, aka Russian Bear Dog. Bred specifically to help shepherds defend their flocks against bears, jackals, wolves, and other predators, this large dog weighs up to 45-100 kilograms (99-220 pounds) and stands at 65-90 centimetres (26-35 inches) tall. These are considered very intelligent dogs. Imagine a wolf trying to attack you with this thing by your side in the game ;P