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  1. If you read the official roadmap, you can see "willdlife interaction" will come.
  2. If concentrated milk and sardines give water again thirst, I militate for hydration from tomato soup ^^.
  3. wet wood I like it. Devs should read that.
  4. Thanks MellGuille. I think maybe a little easier (like 5%) to start fire than wood match. It's a item used to startfire and make light to see. It's just a question of realism for me. Of course, all the accelerant, as he said, could now be used at its full potential. PS : a lighter is nice, beautiful and very light to carry !
  5. Mysunderstanding. I shot to improve my own skill IRL. And I didn't receive skill points. Ok, it's better than nothing. But, I think skill shoudn't affect the condition loss from shoot. Only dexterity. When I'v learn archery (IRL), I've never broke down a bow, only missed target, ..and affraid someguys. Yes I know the logic of cunsumerism natural items all the time. But if if they understand that surviving is more an idead of preservation of ressouces and spartan consumerism, they should loot LESS mapple and make LESS condition loss. Because I'm bored to think about condition of a bow when I shoot, eve if I have enough ressources to craft another one. It's not the way of survey, create a bow every week or every two days when at level 1. At this point, bow condition loss make us dependant of crafting new ones all the time rather than make us a little enfranchise about cartridge consumption. I thought i would liberate about this ammunition dependance when i found this bow, because arrows are pretty reusable. But I didn't imagine to break a bow like that. Even less gain skill points while crafting arrows, that don't make any sense.
  6. You're right for the skill system. "It's not because I clean my car every day that I will become michael shumacher". ( just for the example, I don't do that^^). But archery books yes.
  7. Voyageur experience, with a bow at 30% condition : I shot 6 arrows in the snow (targeting a dead corpse) to improve my own proficiency. The bow is broken now, 0%. How could be so fast to ruin it ? I can't find the wood to craft a bow every week and it's boring. Normally it's the kind of thing a survivor can be proud to have crafted one, because this thing would long-lasting and so considerably increase mental faith for the future of the adventure.
  8. @Raphael van Lierop. Maybe you could organize an episode after the launch of TLD story to debrief and discuss about it : - first impressions of the community, - analysis of eventual misunderstanding - key point of the story - future of it
  9. What do you think about make possible to shoot with bow when crouched, from level 3 or 4 in archery skill ?
  10. I often think about all this kind of things concerning TLD during my free time or sometimes in during dreams^^). 1. Yes, I agree to be confronted to this downside with burned food if it's left too long above fire. Like if the food is left above fire 1,5x too much than required cooking time, it will burn. If burned, it give 5x less calories or lost... By the way a friend said to me : if the meat is parasites or dysentrie risked, cook it again 1 or 2 more times and you could eat it (with 2x less calories). 2. Also, concerning water, it could evaporate if we spent to much time to reading books or other "multitask" as you said (sorry English is not my native language). And finally, one thing that I don't understand what it isn't already implemented, the possibility to drink simply hot water. 3. Maybe this kind of downsides and mystakes about food could affect the "morale" (as I understood it will be implemented). I imagine the character saying when he realise food is burned: "dammed, you're idiot !" > and -1 morale ! I could see a in-game screen like this while the food is cooked :http://images.google.fr/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fus.123rf.com%2F450wm%2Fchanwitohm%2Fchanwitohm1511%2Fchanwitohm151100010%2F48519739-la-cuisson-dans-des-conditions-de-terrain-bouillante-pot-au-feu-de-camp-sur-pique-nique.jpg%3Fver%3D6&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Ffr.123rf.com%2Fimages-libres-de-droits%2Ffeu_de_camp.html&h=300&w=450&tbnid=12X_qPTJ7wQyAM%3A&vet=1&docid=YnpV1Rxu90_djM&ei=QKyTWN7sHIiHaPGzgZgK&tbm=isch&iact=rc&uact=3&dur=1466&page=1&start=47&ndsp=55&ved=0ahUKEwjejOv4tPLRAhWIAxoKHfFZAKMQMwhlKEYwRg&bih=963&biw=1920 Concerning the multitask, I also have "the Edge" movie scenes in mind. - Making blacken spearheads while cooking - and make birch glue, that could be usefull for the "canoe" future updated too. - craft traps Fire is life and a multi-gift for the survivor. Let us use the fire for it's multi-uses, and let the fire give us the time to multitask. PS : I wish I could warm-up mapple sirup when the full-seasoning will be there . And animals will smell it ?
  11. suggestion

    I've suggested a vegan challenge to this excellent french youtuber (I don't know if can post external link for youtuber in this forum so tell me)
  12. The roadmap's "things still to do" are pretty impressive. I wish Hinterland will not interupt it.There's a lot of things I'm waiting for, moreover than the story. Especially : 1 - "Real time cooking" : it'll change Everything for me. To be able to use time for other things while cooking, read, repair, eat/drink, check the bacpack, make bandages, cleaning the rifle, use the whetsone, ... ! I love this. I will considerably make game days lot longer. So I was wondering if we could read books per 30minutes to 30minutes. Because I see the problem to cook a piece of 1kg of wolf during 30min and begin to read 1h to finally realise I lost the second part of 30minutes of fire. 2 - An interesting thing for me is the "Non based navigation system ". As I don't speak and read English perfectly, I ask : is it for example real constellation in the sky for navigation (orintation) ? or maybe do I translate this wrong : is it a "navigation" system, mean a "Aquatic Travel" ?
  13. I wish these wheather be implemented : - thunder and lightning - hail - maybe rain (for > 0° C) or other seasons that will come one day.
  14. Why lighters does'nt exist in TLD ? https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Briquet
  15. I've wished for already for that too. Good.