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  1. For 2 and 3 I think it makes sense.
  2. Could we read books in beds/bedroll to have the warm bonus ?
  3. the Mirror item : - 1 Mirror + 2 cloth = 1 improvised weapon (cannot cut for harvesting but used simply as a primary weapon - Hand holded, a mirror to see the character's face ! We could see his breath, even if his face would inert of expression (like a 3d paperdoll) it could be really cool. It could be difficult to reflect the ambiant environement, but could be used for reflecting the face ? So with a simple view of the face (face changed according clothes : caps, scarf), and generic background screen ? Maybe with red nose and cheeks when cold, and black when he has a head frosbite ? Devs, is could be on the roadmap of first person view immersion ? I also wondering when glooves will be appearing on the first person view of hands. And also if frozen (frosbite) body part of dark skin could be visible on the paperdoll ?
  4. This already exists. I know for wolves and deer.
  5. We already have "at risk at frosbite". (for me in french : risque de gelure)
  6. I like it. It brings introspection on strengh and weakness character. It's also brings crucial survival choices to avoid it. Because we are in a survival game (and it's dose of realism), this dramatic punishment from the wilderness is needed.
  7. Yes, a better wolves AI is better than quantity of wolves.
  8. You made me think to a thing : does the bear can actually smell the meat we carry?
  9. Sometimes I play with a real confirmed hiker, and he tell me "drop your backpack you are exhausted and you carry to much". And answer " lol I CAN'T".
  10. A simple key to drop the all backpack. This backpack could be shown as an container. It could be particulary usefull to drop eveything when we are in safehouse, while repairing, reading, crafting etc....of course we need materials to craft and read. So we could keep only 2 or 3 things with us (that don't require the backpack). And the actual existing little container bacpack could be collected and used as a little one (=10kg capacity) (usefull for little travels and activities). Because sometimes I would drop everything except 2 or 3 usefull things for a special activity (read : the book, mending : 3 or 4 things for it). I think it's to long to drop heavy things one by one. Without backpack, let us the ability to hand-carrying this necessary 2-4 things (or in terms of weight 5kg). For example, without backpack the carachter could carrying the repairing-kit and 2 pièces of cloths. Or 2L of water. Or matches + tinder+ stick+fuel. Or just a book. So, if we carrying to much weight,, and we want to read : instead of drop one by one heavy items, just "drop the book+drop all backpack+pick up the book", and read. For me, dropping the backpack it's : - a question of immersion (like in reality, backpack visual when dropped) - really fast system to just selct-keep the needed items while dropping the excedent weight (the backpack withh all the rest of items) - possible backpack container function as actual little backpacks we found. - a possibility these little backpacks - the system which follows : carrying things without backpack (maybe 5kg maximum or 4 things maximum) (sorry for my english translation here, tell me if I'm not clear).
  11. I love paperdolls (maybe the woman face could be a little more feminine). But for the immersion, it would be better to see of weared clothes at first person view.
  12. I explain : I am forging in Forlorn Muskeg. The temperature is very hot, aroung 150°C. So I am hot enough to don't have hymothermia. But I am feet-naked. Do I risk frosbite from feet ?
  13. Impossible to pick up this scrap metal.
  14. ok you're right. And any food can froze ?
  15. Hands 3D are independent from the gloves we wear. Customization will it added ?