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  1. My thoughts about dogs.
  2. Yes, it's a disapointing IA.
  3. OMG. The great mystery this countdown. 22days...22days....
  4. Without spoils, I can tell you it is very artistic and immersive asThe Long Dark is. I like this canadian universe. I've enjoyed it, but the replayability equal to zero, or you will begin the exact same adventure. My favourite things : - drive the car - investigate - listenning the narration - smokes cigarettes (I've already spoiled it) The end is very...very...
  5. The story mod will mean the full release (like 1.0 version) or not ? I'm not impatient that the game could finished, because a lot of things of the roadmap are still missing. Will the next update be accompagnied by a sandbox major update ?
  6. This is not my idea. I've simplyr read it on the official roadmap : "Wellbeing system (i.e. mental/emotional cost of survival; “willpower locket” fits in here)"
  7. I was pretty sure than "Kona" developpers are from Québec, as the strange accent of the narrator notice it. And they put cigarettes as items.
  8. Wrong sides of smoking cigarettes (because everyone hasn't to become a smoker^^) : - stamina problem for running - waste a match if there is no fire already lit up. - animal smells it ? - few cigarettes into the maps ? The last smoked one will be a sad adieu to it.
  9. Vomiting probably ? or Headache (that could influence ability with bow and rifle) ?
  10. Hello, For long time time ago now, I though to something for this wishlist which could bring some entertainment. I thought cigarettes item. I have abandonned this idea because I wrongly thought it was badly seen in video games. But, I have recently played to "Kona", a video game which take place into the far North Québec, and the main character has the possibility to smoke cigarettes. Why ? Because, there is a mental-focus system that makes the hero able to be aware on clues and researches. So I see it is not censorial. Since the publication of your development roadmap, we know there will be a mental system for the characters in TLD, am I wrong ? If it is the case, I wonder what do you think about cigarettes pack ? As a non-reappearing item, that could add a mental boost while smoking one cigarette. The cigarette should be lit up with any source of fire. However, the cigarette reduces the stamina for runs, like 1% during 30 minutes I don't know. And, unfortunatly, the cigarette is not hot enough to warm up fingers ! When I saw a whishlist about alcohol, it reminded me that idea for cigarettes. PS : cigarettes are too quicky smoked in the game I talked about (Kona). It should be a thing for relaxation and "break for thinking" so like 5 minutes. [I probably use wrong words for mental, but it's like that I say it in french].
  11. Yes, I didn't realise, because I have 8 hours advance here so It was already the 02 april.
  12. I'm not sure Hinterland appreciate these spoils ! Keep it for you !
  13. I know a community pressure can be a discomfort in Devs/community relation, so take your time I know it will be a great story mod.
  14. It's now warmer into into the car. Not my screenshot : it belongs to "WensFr" (a youtuber)
  15. You described the wolf behaviors from "WolfQuest" lol.