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  1. Viewing all the things waiting to be realesed, on the official roadmap. It's huge. I guess 1 year still full release. What do you think ?
  2. Yes ! We don't ask for a high precision items physics, but at least just a physic for barycenter zone of the object, that could insert these items in the physics of the TLD's world.
  3. I predict...a long week end of gaming for me. I am better than Nostradamus for it.
  4. Rrrr. You broke the dream ! ^^ Of course, they are running though these items (except one time, one rabbit crashed bounced against a jerrican while I was dropping it). I wish we could concretely do that. As for fishing into rivers too.
  5. A rabbit trap. I've tried to force them to use the the good way.
  6. Since a long time ago now, there's a transparent rock here, in Timberwolf Moutain. I decided to see it to make screeenshots for you and I got stuck. I've joined screenshots with location coordonates.
  7. Ok. Do you think the sandbox will be updated before this summer ?
  8. These ideas have been said many times I think, but I try to make a compilation : 1. Sleep without bedroll (with major handicaps : back pain, recover as much condition as in a bedroll but recover less fatique-bar) 2. Sleep in the bedroll and in the bed in the same time with the two warmth bonus, with maybe houses colder during the night than they actually are : it's just for good sense of surviving reflex. 2. Possibility to collect water without fire, even if we had to boil it before drinking. 3. Possibility to drink simple hot water for a warm bonus. 4. Possibility to fish anywhere without fishing huts : like holes we make when we fall through the ice, we could make them on the spot (with prybar, hatchet, heavy hammer) for fishing. 5. Adjustement for tomato soup hydration 6. Possibility to pick up ad carying rabbits. 6. Possibility to drag things : around Xkg, at least dragging carcass. 7. Possibilty to read 30minutes (I'm thinking for real-time cooking and things what to do during cooking).
  9. Is The Story mod approaching ? Maybe during march ?I don't know why and from where but I am persuaded that is for spring. I am also pretty interested to see an sandbox-roadmap update.
  10. Raven Falls
  11. Windows 8.1 x64
  12. And your sentence make me full of hope. I wished it !
  13. I agree to saving time for boiling.
  14. Poetry of art/sound environment
  15. Does my computer getting old ? Since few weeks, maybe since v 0.393, the game has frenquently a loss of framerate, especially when I am outside. Do you have this kind of framerates problem more than before ? (8Go RAM, video card 2 Go, processor i7 4710 2,5Ghz)