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  1. i actually looked this up. and, while some areas of northern canada and alaska experience a month of darkness, thats because theyre inside of a special polar zone. however, great bear island (which we can only assume is supposed to be the great bear rainforest, off the coast of british columbia. look it up) is, sadly, not within this dark zone. thats a shame, though. i'd love an in-game month of darkness
  2. well, its not too big of a loss i suppose. halloween 2017 isnt going anywhere man, all this talk of pumpkin pie has gotten me hungry, though. currently waiting on two homemade pumpkin pies to cool off on the stove right now
  3. this was an awesome event, and i really enjoyed it however,i didnt get much time with it. and the time i did get with it, i never did find a pumpkin pie or jackolantern. i missed out on the full experience
  4. i'd like to add to this, that i've been playing since this event started and i've yet to see a jackolantern, candy dish or pumpkin pie however, i am playing on the Nomad challenge. do these spawns still show on nomad? or, am i just very unlucky?
  5. im very excited for this, especially after being away from this game for the past week or so sitting here counting down that being said, i LOVE the idea of holiday events! i demand a turkey hunt for thanksgiving. and reindeer, santa clothes and fruitcake for christmas xD
  6. just letting yall know - this isnt abandoned just yet i havent had much time for anything, due to how busy i've been. soon as i get the spare time, i'll be getting back to this journal. cant wait to get back into the long dark
  7. i know that i usually update this every day, but i'm gonna take a quick break for at least today, and tomorrow. see, today i picked up where i left off on fallout 3. which, unfortunately, resulted in about 8 straight hours of gameplay leaving me with no time to get to the long dark today it will probably be the same way tomorrow. sorry for the inconvenience
  8. Day 8 - inside the camp office: Sometime during the night, my thoughts turned to my friends. William - I'd always hike down to the logging camp on those lonely days. He'd offer me whatever he had just in exchange for my company. Smokes, snacks, coffee, but mostly firewood. It always pissed Bill off when I'd abandon my post, but he understood well enough and never held it against me. Nothing ever happened out here anyway. And Bill, well he was just that easy-going type. Used to invite all us guys to the office on the weekends for a coffee. Even started inviting Alex up when he matured a little bit. We filled that poor boy's head with all kinds of crude humor. One hell of a poker player, though, he was a natural. He was a good kid, unlike myself growing up. And Max.. Well, Max had to be the toughest son of a gun I've ever met. Lived in the remote wilderness since he was born, has most of his family buried right in front of the cabin on his homestead. Always kept in touch with an old walkie he found in the office... That's it! I need to find Max. The way he lives out there, so secluded, he probably doesn't even know anything is going on right now. I could definitely use his help, and he's a nice enough fellow. Oughtta be willing to stick together. I'll grab something to eat, then head down that way. His cabin is secluded, but it isn't too far of a hike. later that evening - inside the trappers cabin: I've just arrived at Max's cabin. He's nowhere to be found. At first, I thought maybe he's out taking advantage of the recent increase in deer, but all of his supplies are here. He never ventures out without his backpack and rifle. Maybe I'm just worrying too much. I'll stay around and wait for him to show up, until tomorrow, at least. If he doesn't show tonight, I'll look for him in the morning. On my way here, I noticed that the train tunnel has collapsed, probably due to weathering. That explains the derailed train cars I saw not too far away from the office down the tracks. I found another body on my way here in the middle of the woods. This one, female. Considering there was only one woman in this entire area, it has to be Beth. She worked at the logging camp, had a thing for Max since the day she saw him. I don't think anything ever happened between the two, though. Looks like she was just trying to get to him for some help when a wolf spotted her. Poor girl wouldn't have stood a chance against one of those wolves. I'm just going to rest up, take it easy. Kill some time. I have everything I need here.
  9. thanks a lot for all of the positive comments here, everyone! im glad youre all enjoying this little journal of mine so without further ado, lets continue on - Day 7 - inside the camp office: Was hit by a pretty strong blizzard early this morning, which woke me up. I was stuck indoors for a few hours, but I used that time to cut up one of my sleeping bags for extra cloth to patch up my clothes, or make bandages if I need some. Hopefully I won't... But you never know, with everything the way it is. later that day - inside a fishing hut: I stood up to a wolf that tried to attack me this morning while I was out gathering firewood. I ran straight for him, and swung my hatchet just as he tried to jump at me. Slashed him deep across the chest, sent him running with his tail between his legs. I'm back out on the water now, and I need to get fishing before the sun sets. later that night - back at the camp office: Another blizzard tonight, and I was caught right out in the middle of it. Figures. Though I was able to get back safely, and brought back a good size bass, feels about 8 or 9 pounds. Nothing compared to the 10-pounder I brought back yesterday, however I was a little too hungry to care about the size at the time. Got a nice warm fire, and a full stomach tonight. I'll sleep well. But as I sit here in the darkness staring at my fire, I can't help but think back on how much I took everything for granted. Even stuck up in my lookout, at least I had a radio and a light bulb. And friends. Most of which are dead now. And now, I don't even have that much. If I make it out of here alive, I won't take it all for granted anymore. I'll just go home, and live my life.
  10. this is very well written, man, and i hope to see more one of these days!
  11. Day 6 - inside a fishing hut: I'm back out on the water as I write this. I spent most of this morning reading up on fish prep from some old wilderness cookbook I found back in the office, and gathering wood. Slept in pretty late, actually, it's too late in the day to even think of making another attempt at that signal fire now. Too foggy, aswell. I may as well just forget that idea altogether, at this rate. Gonna cast my line once more and see just what I can reel in. later that night - back at the camp office: I had to use one of my flares fending off a couple wolves on my way back here. It was dark, snowy, I had absolutely no visibility out there, so I had no choice. I need to try to stay out of those kinds of situations. I only have one flare left, which I need to use as a signal incase a plane or something comes over. What has gotten into the local wolves? Hell, all of the wildlife, really. I've noticed quite a few deer out and about. It isn't unusual for the occasional deer to hang around through the winter, but most of them herd into migratory paths and head down south this time of year. I saw a herd of five out on the lake. Bears are out of hibernation and the wolves are just pissed. Something unnatural is going on, making the animals all rowdy. I don't know. I'm not having much luck fishing. I'm barely catching enough to feed myself regularly, so I'm rationing them out. Starved myself today. Maybe I need to spend more time out there, but there's just too much to do. This is no way to live. If only I could find a rifle, I could take down a deer and eat good for a week. Of course, I've never actually gutted a large animal. Rabbit and squirrel are more to my liking. If I could find some rope, I'd be able to fashion a snare. There is none here, sadly. I'm down to my last tackle, however I can probably make another hook with some scrap metal I've pulled from breaking down unused lanterns. And I have one more length of line to use downstairs at the workbench. I needed to eat earlier tonight, and it was too dark and cold to go out and chop wood. So I chopped down my bookshelf for firewood, and had to use some of my kerosene to actually get it to catch. God, I need some rest now. I haven't been getting enough sleep.
  12. so you wanna know how to make jerky, hm? first you take a perfectly good piece of meat, then you let a new york city cab driver sit on it for the next 24 hours.
  13. Day 5 - inside the camp office: I've just woken up. Ate a can of peaches for breakfast, and now I'm down to one can of condensed milk. Have plenty of coffee, though. I'm going to head out and start collecting wood for my signal fire. I have a good feeling about it. It'll be a lot of work, but I know it'll pay off in the end. Just hope I don't run into any more wolves out there. later that morning, outdoors by the signal fire: I have my signal fire going strong, and it's still early morning! It's throwing off a very nice smoke stack, better than I expected. This thing is huge! I decided to build it up right by the tracks, which should give anyone in this area a clear beacon. I think this is enough wood to burn the whole day, however I'll check back every once in a while. You can never beat this weather. Time to go fishin. Just finished off that can of condensed milk (it was actually pretty tasty) and I will need food for later today. later that evening, back inside the camp office: Damn wind blew out my fire. I knew it would happen. I jinxed it. Classic Murphy's Law scenario. I should have just shoved that little thought to the deepest darkest depths of my mind. Seeing how sporadic this weather can be, I'm not sure if my signal fire idea will work anymore. Maybe I need to start thinking about some other form of signaling. With these heavy winds and blizzards this time of year, I should have known a signal fire wouldn't be reliable. I wasted a lot of wood. Still, doesn't change my plans for the day. Heading out to the fishing huts now. later that night, inside the camp office: I got trapped in the fishing hut by a blizzard for a few hours tonight. It might have been a good thing, actually. If not for that blizzard, I would have been back in bed a long time ago. Instead, I had just enough wood to ride out the blizzard, so I spent a few more hours fishing. Caught some pretty decent sized whitefish, and a bass. Should feed me well. But for now, I'm exhausted. I need to get in bed. I'll be able to get something accomplished tomorrow, hopefully.
  14. i was once watching Mountain Men, and this dude up in montana had a water generator. i cant remember quite how he did it, but he was pulling electric current from the motion of the stream or something like that. really, anything that has rotation produces an electrical current which can be routed and used. thats how those green energy power turbines work. hell, if corporations would band together and figure out how to harness the energy our cars produce just by the wheels turning, fossil fuels wouldnt be such a big issue but even if you jury-rigged a generator, everything youd use that generator for would be fried. your television would be fried, your microwave would be fried, your oven, your lights. the only thing that wouldnt be completely fried, is objects using electricity that were not switched ON during the event. thats my understanding of it, anyway.
  15. welcome to the forums! it's always awesome to see new people around here! and youre definitely right about things being implemented and improved within the game, feel free to post any ideas you have to the alpha wishlist for further discussion look forward to seeing more from you around here, and i thoroughly hope you enjoy your stay with us friend!