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      The Light at the end of The Long Dark -- Launch Date, WINTERMUTE, Next Sandbox Update   05/16/2017

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  1. It's gonna be a damn good game, that's what I think. Heck, it better be! My girlfriend, dad and I have taken off work for it and i even put down a batch of pickled eggs a month ago just for the occasion
  2. I'm not gonna agree or disagree on this. although you can probably guess my personal opinion. We should all show respect to eachother here. lead by example and all that. so you should try to refrain from actively calling someone out like this. Whereas I directly approached him and asked him politely to be civil, talking about a user like this should be avoided. if you and I see any more of this kind of behavior, we should remember to make use of the report button for the proper Internet authorities to handle it my body is about the same way. I've tried everything. dieting, exercising. I even went on a juice diet for a month. it was agony. and I'm still stuck at the same spot on that scale xD I'm only 18 aswell. they say if you wanna lose weight, you gotta do it before your 20s. I call bull, because I can't lose any of it. I gave up trying a long time ago I am guilty of hibernating myself, though I did always think it was a cheap tactic. I think the cabin fever is an effective fix, as it is a very real thing. if you're stuck indoors for days on end, you get a lack of vitamin d which is very unhealthy, and in the world of the long dark you'd basically be sitting in the dark staring at the wall all day, it's not like you can just jump on facebook or youtube to entertain yourself xD and it would begin to eat at your psyche. although having to sleep outside for a day is not a fun endeavor.
  3. Ooh, one time a wolf chased me to the edge of a cliff, leading to a very dramatic final stand. hell, I thought about jumping for a second. thought that was relevant xD
  4. Look at it this way. my father took a trip down to Louisiana for work, tried gator for the first time. Came out of a fine resteraunt, so there's not much chance that he got food poisoning. it messed his stomach up for 2 weeks. and myself, I never ate wild game up until recently. first time I did, it tore my stomach up so bad that I almost didn't want to eat it again. but that deer steak was the tastiest piece of meat I've ever had Certain cultures and groups of people's bodies are more attuned to eating certain things. a very sudden change in diet can make you very sick. and most of our bodies aren't custom to eating meat from our own species. there are many tribes and cultures that practice cannibalism, however. someone in one of these cultures would find it a much easier task, both physically and mentally. Don't even get me started on Indian food. stuff makes me want to vomit from the smell alone.
  5. I've encountered quite a few unfriendly people. back in the olden days when I joined, October 2015ish, everyone was so friendly. people didn't shoot down eachother ideas and insult eachother, that was so rare to see. Everyone was calm, friendly, level headed and open minded. this community has kind of grown bitter, in my opinion.
  6. I was being friendly, I assumed that selfless was just joking There's been too much unfriendliness on the forums these days. that was not my intention, I apologize if it came off that way! I honestly thought we were just joking around That's one of the most infamous ones, yes. terrible thing From my understanding, most of the survivors of the initial crash of that flight died from the cold, hunger because they refused to resort from cannibalism, and a few of the ones who did decide to eat the dead got sick from it.
  7. Well, in the kind of disaster that hinterland is portraying, that's kind of how it should be. predators would be driven vicious and hostile due to the event, and their main prey would be scattered and rare to find, so they'd be hungry and traveling in large numbers in an attempt to find food for their pack. That being said, I'd like to see wolves be hostile against one another aswell. wolves are VERY territorial creatures, and it'd be awesome to see packs going at eachother for stepping over boundaries But that's a discussion for another topic
  8. Wut
  9. In a ton of cases, the consuming of human flesh makes someone who's stomach is not attuned to it incredibly sick and ill. that is, if your brain will even let you eat it. I've read cannibilization survival stories, real life experiences, where they would swallow the human flesh and throw it right back up just because their brain tells them "NO. WRONG." Eating another person isn't as simple as most people think it is, unless you come from a culture who openly practices it down generations. in William Mckenzies case, it would probably do much much more harm than help. if I were in that situation, I wouldn't even consider it even for survival because of the possible health risks, and that's not to mention the morality of it.
  10. This is the exact method I use! I for one find it strange that these rabbits can get like 3 feet away from you and still not scare as long as you're crouched. it'd make sense if you were hidden in the snow, however, while standing in the middle of a frozen lake?...
  11. First off, I'd appreciate if you acted a bit more calm. while you haven't said anything particularly offensive, I can't say I like your general attitude. please keep things civil, thanks. Just keep in mind that this is a sandbox game, tailored by the player. there are no online leader boards, no competitions or challenges currently going on. as far as exploiting goes, while I don't agree with it, I can't see how it really makes any difference whether people do or don't do it. there's no reason to get so worked up over it. Anyway, if exploiting is your major turn-off to this idea, then how about we try to come up with a way to fix the possibility of an exploit in a way that still let's this idea work? any ideas?
  12. I said that your corpse would not have ALL of the equipment you were previous carrying. only a small fraction of it. it's from a role play perspective. you die, then jump into the shoes of another survivor in the same world
  13. It's as simple as "don't like an exploit, don't use it." This game has many exploits already. all of which, I personally avoid.
  14. Fixed issue with written journals not appearing in saved journals? So you're telling me that this was just a bug and I went on a big long rant about it in the playtest feedback page? I'll be deleting that now. thanks for the quick fix, you guys are awesome!
  15. I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong. I know that all proceeds go into development of the game, so I'm more than happy to donate But can I ask why I'm paying more for a coffee mug than I paid for the game? that's ridiculous xD Also gonna order a poster on next pay day! I can't wait to put that thing up in my room!