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  1. Well I'd like to see something, besides him just lying down and taking it like "well. This is the end. It was nice knowing ya, smokey" I think in that situation, ol will mackenzie would be madder than hell at that thing, and would punch, claw and bite at it if need be to get out of its grip. Personally, if I had a knife on me in a bear attack situation, and were able to keep my cool and not panic, I'd take that knife and go for the eyes. That being a last resort, of course. Then, I've never been in that situation, so take that with a grain of salt. It's just an assumption, not an educated comeback I'm not saying to let us kill the bear point blank like we kill wolves. But to let us fight back and possibly hurt it and scare it off before we get down to 9% condition.
  2. This! I hate stumbling around like "oh... another hatchet. But I've already got 2, so.." Same thing with can openers, knives, rifles, etc. All tool spawns need to be drastically reduced. Wouldn't it be so much more interesting to say "OH THANK GOD, A CAN OPENER! I DON'T HAVE TO SMASH CANS OPEN ANYMORE!" As opposed to "oh, another can opener. I think I'll leave this one here, I've already got 10 back at base."
  3. When a bear attacks us, why do we just lay there and let it happen? This is a question that went through my head this morning while I was watching the edge, my favorite movie, for about the 10th time in the past 24 hours... Anthony Hopkins ( charles) and Alec Baldwin (Bob) would be ashamed of this complete lack of effort from our survivor. Now, I couldn't find the bear fight scene on youtube. But I did find the most awesome and iconic and my favorite scene from the whole movie to add here. What one man can do another can do! Let us kill the bear!
  4. +1! The current mechanic just makes it too easy.
  5. I want one SO bad but can't afford to be dropping money on unessential things right now Yes, this is the method I use. I should have been clearer in stating that Still, first couple times I did it, I ended up taking a big swig from the bottom of the mug out of habit... it wasn't pleasant, but I learned my lesson quick xD Instant coffee does sound plausible. After all, that's what I bring along on my camping trips. Much easier to make, but it is pretty terrible. I prefer the brewed stuff I think mess kits have been mentioned on another thread before, haven't they? I seem to remember discussing that.
  6. I actually kept an old electric percolator before it gave out. I'm a big fan of unfiltered, stronger coffee but yeah, getting a mouthful of grains at the bottom of the cup isn't exactly luxurious although, since I imagine that's how ol Will MacKenzie makes his coffee, it's pretty immersive when I'm playing the long dark while drinking it Absolutely love this idea! Then maybe we can get thermoses added too. Brew up several servings of Joe in the percolator, throw em into our thermos and head out with a 5 cup supply of hot coffee on the ready. That would be so nice
  7. So, recently my coffee maker broke. Without it, I've been dumping coffee grinds straight into the hot water, (AKA campfire coffee) and it looks something like this.. Anyway, this got me thinking. How does the survivor make his morning Joe? Does he use the same strong, gritty method? Probably so, with the lack of electricity or a maker. But surely in the northern Canadian wilderness, SOMEONE has to own an old stainless steel campfire percolator. There would have to be an added perk to using the percolator as opposed to mixing grinds into the hot water, however, or it would be a pointless addition to the game. I really have no idea what that would be, since every cup of coffee is virtually the same effect no matter how it's made. But yall sound off on this thread and pitch some ideas! Let's make it happen
  8. +1. On my last TWM stalker run I froze so many times due to accidently clicking the hacksaw when harvesting wood. On those maps where you can get down to freezing in 5 minutes, this makes a difference. You're frozen before you can hit the cancel button.
  9. So here this poor sod is, plane crashed and stranded on timberwolf mountain, about ready to feed himself to the wolves to stop the suffering. The first day was easy enough. This stalker stumbled upon crystal lake, took shelter in the cabin, found a coat and plenty of firewood and cattail. But from about day 3 on, it's been a non-stop struggle battling the elements, wildlife, sleep deprivation and starvation. He's clawed his way from death's cold embrace multiple times, been attacked by two wolves, rode out an early morning blizzard on a stick fire and has survived solely by fighting tooth and nail. Literally. Probably about the only thing that's kept him alive this far is his raging anger at lady luck herself. All that pent up rage and adrenaline sure comes in handy. He's definitely a determined stalker, but the world around him definitely seems to want this man face down in the snow. All the more reason for him to aggressively push onward, telling himself that he will make it through this. So here he sits by the fire, starved, exhausted, pissed off and ready to go out on another firewood run in the middle of the night. But at 11 % condition, this poor guy may not have much time left. But oh boy, if he does happen to make it through this, it'll be one heck of a story to bring back to the guys on a late Saturday night at the bar. To be continued, if mother nature allows.
  10. Riding out the morning blizzard, a determined nomad prepares to set out in search of his new home... (Hey, hinterland. You have full permission to use this for screenshot Saturday on the Facebook page... just saying... hint hint )
  11. The current 'jump in a car and the wolf / bear completely forgets you ever existed in the first place' technique has always bugged me since I started playing this game. It would be absolutely awesome if the wolf would climb on the hood of the car and claw at the windows, barking and snarling at you for a brief period before walking away in defeat. And depending on the aggressiveness level of said wolf, that may be quite a while before he gives up on getting you. Similarly, a bear might climb on top of the car and start bashing in the windshield with his paws, or charge at the door, both scenarios cracking the glass, and again depending on the aggressiveness of that bear, might do that enough times to actually break through and injure you and maybe even attempt to pull you out of that car. It would also be awesome if an animation for actually opening and closing the car door were added. And if the wolf was too close to you, would leap into the car before you could get the door shut. A bear would bite down on your legs and drag you out. Or you might slam it on his neck and send him running
  12. I for one don't find the food pickup dialogue immersive at all. Here I am starving for 2 days, venturing into a cabin, which I raid a cabinet and find a brand spanking new can of pork n beans... I don't think "man, I hope I can still eat this..." would be my reaction. Maybe that can be a line for food under 40% condition. Rusted cans, stale / mouldy candy, granola, energy bars, crackers, etc. As a side note, I found myself laughing out loud when my survivor picked up a can of summit soda and said "hm. Wonder if this is any good to eat." I also may or may not have said out loud "nah, but it's probably good to drink idiot." Just a small issue that kinda somewhat bugs me
  13. I have to get back to journal of a lone ranger. The "ben" save is still floating around ;)

    He's gonna be quite surprised to find that the train tunnel is suddenly cleared:D

    1. alone sniper

      alone sniper

      Wow !!

      can't wait to read it !!

    2. Tbone555


      Apologies for any disappointment - but I decided not to continue the story. It's been so long since I was legitimately into this game, so I decided to delete all my old saves and begin anew.

      Rest assured though - if I find myself as immersed in the game as I used to be with this fresh start, I may just be starting up a new survival story for you to follow :D

    3. alone sniper

      alone sniper

      It's okay !!! :)


  14. Hey! Look! They fixed the bad bots error. I can actually upload my screenies! Yall get ready for a massive pic dump More in the future