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  1. +1 You present good points although I don't believe that once the story mode is updated sandbox will be abandoned. If you notice in the road map there is a point where they plan to introduce character customization which is only for the sandbox mode so yea I think that sandbox mode will grow too. However now it is time for the story mode which everyone is waiting since 3 years ago. We shall finally see what happened to Will Mackenzie.
  2. I was just about to suggest the same thing when I saw your topic. The mechanic for wetness that is already in the game works fine. They just need to add that to the wood. Also wet wood could not start a fire at all so if you need fire fast better pack some reclaimed wood from inside, the chemicals used to preserve it make it more resistant to wetness. Sticks dry out pretty fast so I don't thing that wetness should apply to them. Maybe 2 conditions wet sticks which will turn into dry sticks after a while.
  3. Here is an idea: Since full time seasons is eventually going to be implemented, why not make birch and maple saplings grow into full trees. Especially birch trees which can grow to full size in a year. So instead of making every tree interactable make saplings grow. Also birch trees are easier to cut down because they are thin, a kid could do it. Then maybe the survivor could collect seeds from the birch tree and plant them in a location he/she desires which will grow into saplings this year and the next year into trees and so on
  4. I've noticed that only headgear could not be crafted. Everything else is craftable, and with the new frostbite affliction hats are becoming some sort of a prize on the long run. So I propose that rabbit fur hat be introduced immediately. Since we can make complex clothing like coats and pants then how hard is it to stick 2 furs together and make a hat. Rabbit fur hat is long over due that is my opinion. Also it kind of feels right, what is the first thing you will make when you have 2 rabbit furs gloves or hat. Keeping your ears warm is more important than your hands not to mention the disability of using your hands properly with gloves.
  5. I am not a Physicist but I know this much the momentum of the train plus all the wagons is much greater than a car so a car would simply stop if the terrain is flat. Trains however will go on for a while, usually enough to crash into something. Also as you can notice the rail is quite damaged and when trains reach that spot well they turn over
  6. Haha nice joke
  7. You should watch the movie Unstoppable with Denzel Washington, it will change your mind when you see how much trouble can 1 runaway train cause.
  8. There is no chance in hell of fending of a hungry wolf with a branch, throwing spear and hitting it well that is another story
  9. Well it should especially if it is a Zippo. it makes sense since you can light up much larger part with a lighter then you could with a match before it burns up, but more importantly it would give us a variety of options. Here is how: Reduce the spawning of matches by 40% and increase the spawning of accelerant by 20% also introduce new item Zippo lighter which will start a fire by decreasing 10% of it's condition. The only way to increase it's condition back to full is by spending 1 accelerant fluid. Also you must never deplete it completely because it will dry out and freeze and will be ruined. The devs introduced so many new items in this game I'm sure that this will be minor inconvenience for them but it will give the game much character. Trust me I know this I've been with TLD from day one
  10. I suggested this Over and over again for years now it simply doesn't make it into the game. Also as I said many times before we can refill the lighter with the accelerant fluid which is supposed to be used like that anyway. I hope that some will at least answer this time cheers
  11. I apologize. I meant we should have this machine as a part of the workbench, basically add this recipe to the workbench: 10 tinder = 1 pallet brick crafting time 15 min. Also I don't agree that starting fire without tinder maters that much. First of all it is 5 min not 10, Second when is the last time you ran out of tinder. I remember it was in alpha 1.45 or something when the only way to find tinder was to forage for softwood. Tinder is more than abundant now, so it is pointless to waste a whole skill on preserving it. It would be much wiser to unlock some more useful thing like: Preserving the fire-striker, instead of using 2% now you use 1%. At a higher level you should unlock another way of starting fire, making bow-drill with: line, arrow shaft and cedar firewood for example. Finally this winter was very cold almost like in TLD with a difference of 5 degrees Celsius, so I know what am I talking about when I say you can't start a fire in the cold without any tinder and not only that you need to put small sticks and barks and wait for 5 min for the fire to catch on then you can put small firewood and after it burns and makes strong embers you can put like 2-3 logs since by then the temp in the stove is high enough to produce large fire. And even if you could why would do that when tinder is in abundance.
  12. Yes this machine should be in the game, or it can be a part of the workshop either way we should be able to press 10 tinder plug into 1 pellet brick which according to my calculation can burn for 35 min since 1 stick = 7 min and we get 2 tinder from it so 10 * 3.5 = 35 min. However even then I would not like the option to start fire without tinder simply because it is not realistic. Or at least give the option of starting fire without tinder but lower the fire starting chance by 20% if you start a fire that way.
  13. Maybe in a later update there will be a machine which can press tinder into pellet bricks like this: https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fogrevbriketipelet.rs%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2015%2F07%2Fpack.png&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fogrevbriketipelet.rs%2F&docid=nwtIFktVAuufoM&tbnid=ALN0z0VpH20veM%3A&vet=1&w=450&h=364&bih=667&biw=1024&q=briketi&ved=0ahUKEwjtx4bL0u_RAhWiJJoKHfkBAHoQMwglKAwwDA&iact=mrc&uact=8#h=364&imgrc=ALN0z0VpH20veM:&vet=1&w=450
  14. I have and I must say it is way better then it looks. I think that only one developer stands behind this project and he has done exceptional job. Off course you can not compare it to TLD which is way more polished and feels like already finished game, however Hinterland can still pick up a few tips here and there. For example I love that before the wolf attacks if you crouch with a shotgun just before it attacks you can make a head shot and kill it instantly but you must time it right or else you risk receiving some serious damage. maybe we could do something similar in TLD when you know that you can't escape at least prepare for a fight receive some bonus or chance to critical hit when you are prepared to face the wolf . Also a lot has been added, instead of just barely surviving by looting bags you can now farm, raise animals, drill for water install solar panels and so on... basically lots of paths to choose I wish that TLD had farming too but we have to wait for spring sandbox I guess. There is also a permadeath option which I love but the animals are hard to get away from which is somewhat unpleasant experience. There are also hunters NPCs which will shoot you on sight and are sometimes in groups which means get the hell out. If you watch them from afar you can notice that they do the same things that you do, collect wood build bases which feels very natural like you are playing with other players. I would love to see the same in TLD too NPCs which feel natural. I am sure that Hinterland will do even better job with their NPCs but it never hurts to draw inspiration from other projects. In conclusion I can say Subsistence is way better then it looks, given the fact that only one person works on it he has achieved much and should be rewarded with your attention. I think that the devs in hinterland should hire him to help with spring sandbox. That would be awesome.
  15. I think that the horse will be reserved for the spring sandbox, because what will you feed it in winter wolf meat?!?, or maybe some peanut butter and tomato soup . The only grass type plant is cat tail stalk which you'll need lots of since it restores only 150 cal. to feed the horse you'll probably need 50 of them.