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      The Light at the end of The Long Dark -- Launch Date, WINTERMUTE, Next Sandbox Update   05/16/2017

      For the latest information on WINTERMUTE (story mode in The Long Dark), as well as details on the final sandbox update prior to our August 1 launch, check out our recent Dev Diary here: http://www.thelongdark.com/news/posts/light-at-the-end/ And while you're there, be sure to have a look at our new FAQ as well: http://www.thelongdark.com/news/posts/frequently-asked-questions/
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  1. Just some things that have been discussed over the years but never made it to the road map you can search for the topics if you like. I was making a point that some small features like that would really spice up the update because as it is now it is worse update than resolute outfitter I think. But yea sure I would love to see more features from the road map even more so. I'm crossing my fingers for a Rabbit hat though
  2. Since this is the official The Long Dark 1.0 I think that there should be more features than: map-making, collecting stones and butchering meat. I understand that the story mode took long time and energy to finish but perhaps some small features like zippo lighter, tea planting in pots, or at least new clothes crafting like rabbit hat, rabbit shoes should make it into the update. It is version 1.0 after all and it should go in history with a little more content. Also I've always wondered what Aurora gameplay effects & hazards would look like, I hoped that at least that feature would make it in 1.0 .
  3. OMG Not this again. As I posted many times before there is a way to have both, to preserve the lone wolf survival experience and have NPC's. Day R the phone game is an excellent example of that. You start alone trying to survive by scavenging, hunting, fishing and so on... but eventually you will meet other survivors and interact with them which includes trading, looting, fighting... if it works so well for a phone game imagine how the 3D experience would feel like. I am sure that many veteran players will back me on this, surviving alone is fun until day 60 at most then it becomes repetitive so we need another form of interaction new challenge. That's why I think that there should be NPC'S in the sandbox.
  4. I've read most of the posts on this topic and I wonder why is everyone concerned about the release date? The fact that we are only getting 2 Re-vamped mechanics does not concern you at all? I expected a lot more from this update not less. I mean Resolute outfitter offers tons more than this. I would rather wait for 3 months more and have a ton of content and new mechanics than this. They might as well call it Butcher pete and be done with it
  5. So basically all we will be getting is throwing stuff and chopping some meat, as far as new mechanics go and we have to wait for it until the 1st of August ??? This is quite depressing, when I saw the video on 0:35 there was a clay pot with dried up plant I thought that we will get planting mechanic at least. Hinterland your should up you game or the release will be a disaster.
  6. WHaaat??? no new update ??? nothing??
  7. Nothing happened
  8. You make very legit arguments. However I don't believe that story mode will be small. All this time up to now it was the quiet before the storm. The story mode will not be big that is true, it will be enormous. Just the fact that there will be NPC'S it a big addition enough, not to mention the Aurora effect we might get some electricity even who knows right?
  9. Wow this community is bubbling like a hot cauldron. Hinterland you better serve the soup soon before it evaporates just please do not time it with game of thrones it will be too much stress for my body.
  10. Well yea it all depends on the roll before the game starts throw a random Variable from 0 -100 : 0-33 option 1 happens 34-66 option 2 happens and 67-100 option 3 happens. Also if you want to go into more detail the text may be related to the injury, for example if you receive a bleeding affliction on the arm in option 3 the text might say something like this" A piece of branch scratched my arm during the fall. Thankfully it was not fatal. Now I have to find some bandages fast or I will bleed out. " In another game it may be " A piece of branch scratched my leg during the fall. Thankfully it was not fatal. Now I have to find some bandages fast or I will bleed out. " . Even more dramatic flavor. I'm sure that the devs can think of even more ways to personalize each game start so every game would feel unique.
  11. Starting with affliction is not about difficulty so much as it is for dramatic flavor. Off course you will be hurt you just survived a plane crash. Here is how I see the survivor should start: Option 1 (Easy roll): All clothes start at 30% + Sprained ankle or Sprained wrist (Story flavor: I landed on some bushes, which broke my fall but my clothes are shredded ) Option 2 (Medium roll): 2 pieces of clothing start at 20% + Sprained ankle and Sprained wrist (Story flavor: I've Hit the ground hard, but I can still walk in time I will heal ) Option 3 (Hard roll): 1 piece of clothing is ruined + Blood loss and Sprained wrist (Story flavor: A piece of branch scratched me during my fall. Thankfully it was not fatal. Now I have to find some bandages fast or I will bleed out. )
  12. +1 Also if I might add, on higher difficulties like stalker and interloper you should start with an open would however, there should be a parachute on the ground which you could harvest for 10 cloth and make bandages fast before you loose even more condition
  13. Hmm, to feed a horse you'll be doing a lot of shoveling. It is better to cut some pine trees and give the green leaves to the horse. Recently I've fed a donkey with some dried up pine leaves not the spiky ones but the softer kind.
  14. +1 You present good points although I don't believe that once the story mode is updated sandbox will be abandoned. If you notice in the road map there is a point where they plan to introduce character customization which is only for the sandbox mode so yea I think that sandbox mode will grow too. However now it is time for the story mode which everyone is waiting since 3 years ago. We shall finally see what happened to Will Mackenzie.
  15. I was just about to suggest the same thing when I saw your topic. The mechanic for wetness that is already in the game works fine. They just need to add that to the wood. Also wet wood could not start a fire at all so if you need fire fast better pack some reclaimed wood from inside, the chemicals used to preserve it make it more resistant to wetness. Sticks dry out pretty fast so I don't thing that wetness should apply to them. Maybe 2 conditions wet sticks which will turn into dry sticks after a while.