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  1. I'd say forget mod support. I cannot see TLD has been built with mod support in mind (the oppossite is the case*) and chances are usually low you will suddenly see a full moddability. From all experience, forget it. * The thing is pretty monolithic. I think it's their concept, to keep things simple. If we ask for more options, it mostly did not happen. Examples for what I have mentioned or ask for: Optional stuff in UI, optional numbers at TAB menu, user made scenarios/challenges/missions... And, it's a unity game. We do not see 100s of xml or configuration files, which would already awaken the modders itch to change the game to his needs. There is nothing. No, my prediction is, we will not see mod support. If there is whatever amount of mod support, we'll not see a vital modding community. Because some necessary factors for a vital modding community are not there. E.g., one factor, it's the time. It's too late then. The game lives NOW.
  2. The crusade was also about the placement of elements. E.g. a red thermometer somewhere bottom offcenter looks... off. We shouldn't judge efficiency of unknown people in unknown companies. I mean, it's a complex system. In my job, even the upper next hierarchy does not know what I am capable of and they do not know what I exactly do, how efficient I am, etc. etc.
  3. Yes, you're not alone... Someone criticized it in closed alpha phase and made good recommendations with screenshots about how it could look, but unfortunately it's all gone since they deleted that subforum.
  4. Yes I see that now; I apologize
  5. OK for everyones understanding I have uploaded a "Looks great!" Patrick Carlson picture. Great resolution! 5600x5100 1337 quality!!!!111""§§ If I were an apple user I'd even throw all my money, all my EUR 50 at myself!!!!111!"§§§$$%/(&%$ (SCNR)
  6. I'm using 1920x1200, but that is not the point. Just look at the raw picture http://abload.de/img/screen_a2922128-bb93-4rrl5.png - this is the raw screenshot as created by TLD - look at it on 100% view (or let's call it 1:1), not zoomed in whatever way and you see it is simply upsampled crap with no interpolation having been used. I wonder why nobody understands the point (I mentioned the thing twice and people did not react, I was surprised).
  7. Hi, I think you are using reverb too much. For instance, the UI clicking, if we press escape, has too much reverb, you obviously want to have a wide stereo effect. But it's not good if you overly exaggerate fx... Also, there is some kind of wind sound, which sounds like a reverb with a long tail. In pretty open space. Thx
  8. Guys, is anyone willing to press F10 and checking the resulting screenshot (it will be saved on desktop) in 100% view... is it also as crappy as mine?
  9. If we turn off click+hold now, a once clicked action cannot be cancelled. I really wish for being able to cancel actions via right click. RMB single click for cancel/escape ... As I already told... I love Amplitude Studios games, where you can escape every subwindow by a simple RMB click (no matter which mouse position). It's very convenient, since your right hand is always holding the mouse. No need to move left hand to the escape key, no need to move mouse to a cancel button (but it of course should still be there).
  10. Hi guys, I cannot play currently, but watched https://youtu.be/CrlZTYs7vrw?t=1250 - has breath been toned down a bit? Still I think, it is just too much at night. It's too thick and too bright, too distractive... I don't think the moon can brighten up breath so much. Thoughts? best regards
  11. By not setting that carpal tunnel option as default, they are needlessly generating support questions. Nobody wants click+hold.
  12. I know this quote is useless, but... LOL
  13. Yes. 768000 x 480000 would also be high res. But its worth nothing, if its just upscaled from 1920x1200. I don't think it was like that before. I guess there is some bug. EDIT: I have uploaded a complete screenshot now. Look at it at original size/100% view.
  14. Hi, I reported it in test branch, now the thread/forum is gone. High res. screenshots (press F10, see Desktop) are just upscaled pictures without interpolation here. I have attached a relevant part of a screenshot @ 100% view. GPU is a GTX970.
  15. Usually you can only find out yourself. Personally I cannot help you, I've got something rather standard (a PC with GTX-970 and i7 Sandybridge). To me, 40 FPS is where I accept framerates, if it's not an extremely fast game as for the movement. In the NVidia Ecosystem, people usually start tweaking and tinkering in NVidia Control panel, or, more deeper, in NVidia Inspector, maybe you find something there. There are some interesting settings, i.e. "# of prerendered frames" comes to mind. But I am not an expert here. You typically have a general template and derive per-game settings from there. I don't know how deep Win10 task manager goes (I think it fails @ timeline and finding exact processes), as for FPS low spikes I'd typically monitor via sysinternals Process Monitor. You would easily see anomalies happening on the CPU/GPU/RAM/IO front and it helps hunting the processes down which are causing it...