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  1. Found him after I had spooked him off with an arrow in his rump and tracked him down. Guess he must've shimmed up onto the cabinets when I went off to grab some firewood, some how... Oh well, at least he'll be nice and toasty this winter!
  2. Silly old bear! Looks like he got himself stuck inside that cramped little fishing hut. Oh well, at least his bottom will keep nice and toasty!
  3. If my past experiences with the game are still relevant, than I believe that once you've gone about a whole day without food, your endurance bar would slowly shrink until you feed yourself and had a good long sleep. I never went hungry for more than a day, so I wouldn't know whether your endurance would continue to drain as you continued to starve or if it would only shrink to a certain level. In any case, I think it would be good idea to attach some more penalties to starving yourself, as it would encourage people not exploit the healing system (i.e. starve all day and lose some condition, then eat 800 calories before you head-off to bed and heal back your condition). IMHO, your daily calorie consumption and expenditure should be used to determine your encumbrance capacity, which should function as so: (Calories Consumed) - (Calories Expended) = (Calorie Difference) [(Calorie Difference) / 10,000] + 1 = (Encumbrance Modifier) (Encumbrance Modifier) x 66 lbs = (New Modified Encumbrance) Example: Calories Consumed = 2,000 Calories Expended = 1,500 2,000 - 1,500 = 500 (500 / 10,000) + 1 = 1.05 1.05 x 66 = 69.3 lbs, 1.05 x 30 = 31.5 kgs Note that this function would only be calculated after you have slept for at least 1 hour or rested for 2 hours. In theory, the highest encumbrance boost you could receive would be an increase of 16.5 lbs (7.5 kgs), amounting to a total encumbrance limit of 82.5 lbs (37.5 kgs). However, this would require you to not only consume an excessive 4,300 calories but also remain absolutely sedentary for 12-hours straight! On the opposite side of the extreme, if you spend a whole day sawing-up firewood without eating a single morsel, your encumbrance would be sliced in half to only 33 lbs (15 kgs)!
  4. Here's a new location that was added to Mystery Lake:
  5. Recently, I managed to shoot a wolf on Mystery Lake and scare him off a deer he'd just brought down. It was foggy, so I didn't track him down to finish him, instead I harvested the carcass and trekked back to the Camp Office for the night. The next day, I hiked back to where I'd had shot the wolf and began to search for him, hoping that he'd died of blood-loss. I heard some crows call out and as I looked up on the crest of a hill, I saw them circling over what looked like a human corpse. But, as I soon discovered to my delight, it was in fact the wolf I had be searching for! TL;DR, crows will now appear over the carcasses of animals you kill.
  6. I might be no plumber, but even I must wonder how the sink is able to drain water directly through the drawer (especially since it's functionally and not just for decoration)? Instead of a drawer, there should be a cabinet underneath it, kind of like this:
  7. I'd love to have foxes in the game! 2 years ago, I posted some thoughts about them in another thread that you can find here: Rabbit wishes.
  8. This topic has come up before and there have been quite a few good discussion on how such a feature should be implemented, which I would personally be happy to have in the game. Would make my interloper runs that slight-bit less ridged & routine, as I would not be forced to acquire a box of matches ASAP (though it still be one of my top priories ). Actually, according to my own wilderness survival training and experience, the rule of thumb is that running water is safer to drink from than still water. So in this kind of instance, the water you collect from a waterfall will be much safer to drink than water from a lake. Still, you should always purify any water you collect from a body of water with either chemicals, filters, and/or boiling; but in a desperate situation, drink from a brook & not a pond. Yes, standing next to a waterfall will surely get you wet. In fact, holding your hand under the freezing cold water in the middle of winter should cause you to be afflicted with a significant risk of frostbite (perhaps +10% frostbite risk for every 1 liter of water collected).
  9. IRL, if I were stuck out in the middle of a frozen wilderness without a bedroll, I'd find a pine tree & lop-off a few branches to make some improvised bedding. Though it might not be the most comfortable thing to rest on, it keeps you off the ground, which would suck all the heat of your body before you even got half a wink of sleep. If this type of bedding were implemented into the game, I'd like to see it in this form: Improvised Bedding Recipe: 4 Pine Branches (harvested from Pine Trees; can be slowly broken-off by hand or quickly chopped down with a tool) Build Time: 10 minutes Can be built inside of Snow Shelters and Caves Temperture Boost: 2o C / 3.6o F Degradation Rates: 5% for every hour of sleep/rest (i.e. 20 hours), 1% every hour unused (i.e. 4 days & 4 hours) Repairs: 1 Pine Branch = 25% Repaired
  10. Here's some more ideas I'd like to get out of my head: Ski Goggles Description: "Designed to keep snow and wind out of your eyes. Might also protect them from a wolf attack." Slot: Accessories Weight: 0.25 kg (0.55 lbs) Warmth: 0.25o C (0.9o F) Windchill: 1o C (1.8o F) Waterproof: 80% Protection: 3% Sprint: 0% Repair: N/A Sun Glasses Description: "Well, it's the end of world, so why not go out looking like a bad-ass?" Slot: Accessories Weight: 0.1 kg (0.22 lbs) Warmth: 0o C (0o F) Windchill: 0.5o C (0.9o F) Waterproof: 80% Protection: 1% Sprint: 0% Repair: N/A Hearing Protective Muffs Description: "Paded earmuffs designed to reduce loud noises. They also insulate your ears, somewhat." Slot: Accessories Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) Warmth: 1o C (0o F) Windchill: 0.5o C (0.9o F) Waterproof: 80% Protection: 1% Sprint: 0% Repair: N/A Effects(?): Game Volume lowered by 50%
  11. Hunting the hunter. "Hey, dude! Check out my new ear piercing!" "Wish you were here!" "Get this thing off of me!" The Phantom Cabin of Mystery Lake [Insert X-Files Intro Music] Arrow in the head hat...only it's not a hat. [Insert Skyrim Arrow to the Knee Joke] "Guys? I'm still under here. This is not funny!"
  12. The overhaul to the clothing system in the Resolute Outfitter update was a truly welcomed and refreshing event. It not only changed how we clothe ourselves from the elements, but also contributed a significant diversity in the variety of clothes and garments we can find and craft. That being said, I still think that there might be a few items that would provide even more diversity and fill vacant niches if they were added into the game. This topic is open to anyone with new ideas for clothing and appeal. Let me get the ball rolling with a few of my own ideas: Silk Liners Description: "Thin, lightweight socks designed to wick moisture away from your feet, keeping them dry and comfortable." Slot: Feet Weight: 0.10 kg (0.22 lbs) Warmth: 0.25o C (0.5o F) Windchill: 0o C (0o F) Waterproof: 40% Protection: 0% Sprint: 0% Repair: 1 cloth, 75% in 15 minutes Rabbit Fur Cap Description: "A handcrafted cap made out of warm, fluffy rabbit's fur." Slot: Head Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) Warmth: 2o C (3.6o F) Windchill: 1.5o C (2.7o F) Waterproof: 50% Protection: 3% Sprint: 0% Recipe: 3 rabbit pelts, 2 guts, 8 hours to fabricate w/ sewing kit Repair: 1 rabbit pelt, 1 gut, 30% in 30 minutes Galoshes Descripiton: "Encased in waterproof rubber and lined with insulation, these tough boots have been worn by fishermen and miners alike to keep their feet warm and dry." Slot: Feet Weight: 2 kg (4.4 lbs) Warmth: 2o C (3.6o F) Windchill: 1o C (1.8o F) Waterproof: 80% Protection: 7% Sprint: 10% Repair: 1 Leather, 30% in 90 minutes
  13. I've been rooting for more rabbit skin uses ever since I joined this forum. Here are some old ideas I came up with over a year and half ago: Mend Clothing with Rabbits Pelts Rather than trekking out in the middle of snow storm to stalk down a deer just to repair that small tear in your deerskin pants, why not use one of those rabbit pelts you have stacked up in a heaping mound on your cabin floor that you haven't found a use for yet? Rabbit pelts can be used as a substitute material to repair fur clothing, though to a limited degree The initial repair would use 1 rabbit pelt and 1 gut, and would repair the damaged article of clothing by up to 15% The next repair would repair only 14%, then the next would repair only 13%, and so on until the fifth repair, which would repair the article of clothing one final time at only 10% After that fifth repair, you would not be able to repair that piece of clothing until you repaired it atleast once with the animal pelt that currently does the job (i.e. deer pelt for deerskin boots, wolf pelt for wolf-skin jacket, etc.), in which case the next repair you perform with rabbit pelts would begin again at 15% In total, the maximum amount you could repair any clothing item with rabbit pelts (excluding rabbit mittens and cap, of course) would be 70% Rabbit Fur Cap A cap made out of warm, fluffy rabbit's fur. Provides +2 C (+3.6 F) in felt temperature; +1.5 C(+2.7 F) in wind chill protection Weighs 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs) 50% Waterproof 3% Protection Recipe: requires 3 rabbit pelts, 2 guts,, 1 sewing kit and 8 hours to fabricate Mends: 1 rabbit pelt, 1 gut, 30 minutes repairs 30%
  14. It's not just on Coastal Highway that the wolves are congregating in packs; Forlorn Muskeg is swarming with these furry fellas. Just the other day a whole pack of them just showed up out of no where out on the ice outside the cave I was lodging in. Here's my proof: Each one of those blurry black specks on the ice is a wolf; there a total of 5 that you can see in the photo, though I did go out a find another dead one lying out there. Plus, that doesn't count the 2 other wolves I slaughtered on the shore line for getting in my way (rude little buggers they were, too!). In total, that's a pack size of 8 wolves; so glad they weren't coordinating as a group and springing any ambushes on me!
  15. The torch I am going to discuss about in this post is a very specific one: it is the one that is found in belly of the Hydro Dam, lying in the hallway connecting the staircase to the turbine room. While I had been scavenging the Hydro Dam in my current run, I picked up this torch and shoved it into my backpack to use it later when my crafted torch would eventually burn out. Several in-game days later, I finally burned out my crafted torch and I needed to light a fire. Naturally, I selected the torch I had picked up at the Hydro Dam; it was at 30% condition when I light it with a match. As I am selecting my materials to light the fire in the stove, I notice my torch is burning with at full condition. I exited the fire building menu, looked in my inventory for the torch, and saw that it's condition had rebounded from 30% to 85% condition! Here are the pictures I took before and after I lit the torch: Torch @ 30% Condition Before Lighting It Date Created: 1/27/2016, 6:38 pm Same Torch @ Full Condition Before Lighting It Date Created: 1/27/2016, 6:38pm Same Torch @ Near Full Condition After I've Light It & Used It Date Created: 1/27/2016, 6:40 pm