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  1. I am enjoying the series so far, the danger element seems subsided considering the presence of a film crew, but the subsistence living portrayed via the hunter/gatherer lifestyle does reflect the hardships of living off the land. Of the four homesteads portrayed, I am liking the Eskimo family. Chip's the guy needing the toothbrush... He seems very genuine. I am also impressed with the lone guy... very articulate for a guy living 62 miles north of the Arctic circle. His respect for nature and the circle of life seem very admirable. Hope you have had a chance to find the show and watch a couple of episodes, @Mel Guille and @Carbon very entertaining so far!
  2. Considering all the loot and goodies a player can accumulate, it's hard for me to leave stuff behind when I move camp to a new location or map but weight matters when you travel especially carrying a heavy backpack. Enter the Travois: The basic construction consists of a platform or netting mounted on two long poles, lashed in the triangular shape which was dragged by the pointed end. Sometimes the base or blunt end of the frame was stabilized by a third pole bound across the two poles. The travois was traditionally dragged by hand, sometimes fitted with a shoulder harness for more efficient dragging. A travois could either be loaded by piling goods atop the bare frame and tying them in place, or by first stretching cloth or leather over the frame to hold the load to be dragged. Although considerably primitive, on the type of territory where the travois was used (forest floors, soft soil, snow, etc.), it is possible for a person to transport more weight on a travois than can be carried on the back. So, two poles lashed together with a leather or cloth harness that you can load your stuff up on and drag it all to another location? Sold! I think that would be a neat craftable item. Two fir limbs, one branch, two deer hides 4 pieces of cloth and 8 pieces of gut to fabricate. now capable of dragging additional 25 kilos of stuff. Yeah, i know, hard to drag thru a cave or across the trestle, so you would have to abandon it when you change maps. It would still be there when you cross back, maybe a little more worn from exposure, but that seems reasonable to expect. I would expect to build one or more in each map area. Thanks for reading!
  3. That would be a nice and welcome addition to the game for both crafting and providing additional lighting. I spend more time fishing now since being able to recover fish oil for the lamps, so it would make sense that we should use some of that good ole bear grease to make some candles. I still would like to sit in a chair and read by candle light.
  4. Been watching a BBC documentary series entitled "Life Below Zero," it's about living North of the arctic circle, pretty interesting from a hunter/gatherer survivalist perspective. The daily challenges of surviving in cold climates, the need for high calories foods and the constant vigilance for changes in weather really demonstrate the hardships nature can dish out. The series is currently airing on Netflix, every time I watch an episode, makes me wanna play TLD and send that one guy a toothbrush...
  5. In game play, i have noticed that i can read without artificial light with less than one hour of darkness remaining. dont know if that is a glitch or if i should report that as such, but it does allow me to dedicate 1-2 hours of reading each day without wasting too much daylight. i would also like to be able to sit in a chair and read...
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I understand the random spawns, but was not aware that PV ever had a weapons bunker spawn. Going to have to search for that one sometime soon!
  7. Been a while since I played, so I was just curious if the various bunkers and prepper caches still randomly appear in both Mystery Lake and Pleasant Valley? Besides the obvious bunker between the Pleasant Valley/TimberWolf Mountain transition? I came across on older video on Youtube, that showed a Weapons Bunker in Pleasant Valley. I wasn't aware that one had ever existed, so is it still in game now? There was mention of one of the prepper cache sites being covered up with some of the new rocky mountain terrain enhancements but wasn't able to ascertain which bunker or map... haven't gone looking for it just yet either, been too busy lately falling thru the ice in Forelorn Muskeg, lol. Sure did like finding that bunker in Mystery Lake, now looking forward to finding similar bunker in Pleasant Valley if it is still available in game? Anybody know have any details, let me know, it sure changes the way a game starts when you start with a rifle and 20 rounds... Thanks for reading!
  8. Thanks for the heads up!
  9. I just stumbled upon this thread and saw the recency of your post... So... just out of curiosity, how's it coming on finishing Story Mode? Needless to say, we are all chomping on the bit... when should or can we expect a little taste?
  10. Hibernating for the sake of longer survival times sounds more like metagaming than actual game playing... i cannot think of a more tedious way to play this game than constantly trying to sleep time away in order to achieve high survival times on the leaderboards.
  11. Makes sense that it should be easily adaptable to do so. I would also like to see the option of passing time while sitting on a bench or stool or especially when the weather is bad outside, or preferably in one of those heavy overstuffed chairs like at Camp Office. Hey, @elloco999, i was just wondering... as a TLD Backer, do you get to have a little more input into the game's development process as compared to other players? Sure would be a nice perk imho if you did. So if you do, wink wink, tell em' this is a great idea! thanks!
  12. Been tromping around Forelorn Muskeg and sticking to the safe pathways through the marshy area means more switchbacks and directions changes than a crowded attraction at Disneyland on their busiest day... That being said, I just decided to start crossing where it seemed safe and weak ice be damned! I decided I was just going to continue to walk forward to see if i could make it across those expanses. Not such a good idea, but not nearly as bad as you would expect. you don't get far from the shore when the "weak ice" warning pops up and one to two more steps you're in the water. I decided to try my luck on a fairly short stretch of questionable ice. Each time the weak ice warning popped up i continued forward, when you do fall through the screen goes black and you hear that gurgling sound, I fully expected to be completely immersed when the screen resets and you're back on "solid" ice. I was hoping to be reset on the other side of the hole in the ice i had just created by falling through but no such luck. So I tried it no less than 3 times to make sure, but no go. Having falling through 3 times now, I was wet, cold and my clothes were freezing solid... I started back tracking to the tracks with the derailed cars and as I made my way across and now desperately needing warmth and dry clothing, i was surprised to see that only my boots, socks and pants had been affected. I kinda took that to mean that the water was shallow, so more of a nuisance rather than a deadly killer. Fortunately the railcar with the fire barrel were nearby and I was able to get there, dry out those wet clothes and avoid any further complications like frost bite, while I warmed myself up quite nicely over the next 18 hours.
  13. Of all the ways you can die in TLD, the two that seem to be missing would are being killed by falling tree limbs and branches and fresh snowfall avalanches... would certainly make for more immersive game play. When you listen to the audio soundtrack of a heavy wind driven snow storm in a tree filled area the persistent wind howling is broken up with the loud popping and cracking noises of tree limbs and branches breaking off and falling to the ground. Considering all the ways the weather in TLD can kill you, it would just seem plausible that you could get clobbered by a falling branch or limb if you were so unfortunate as to be outside in the back country during a major snow storm. Or better yet, caught in an avalanche while shooting the rifle after a snow storm at higher elevations. I mention this because Ski Patrols routinely use explosive concussive ordinance to induce avalanches in specific areas in order to minimize future risk and recently in game play, I found myself having to use the rifle to defend myself high up on TimberWolf Mountain where there were steep cliffs surrounding me... I could just imagine that one minute where my ears are still ringing from the report of my rifle, my little sigh of relief for having got a lucky shot off killing the wolf only to be killed moments or minutes later by 10 tons of snow crashing down on my head. So, death by avalanche? In a game that's all about snow and cold? Most definitely, Bob.
  14. Considering the animation only showed my hands with every wolf encounter when the only item in my inventory was the hacksaw, I have to say No, it isn't. But then, @cekivi, why not? Useful for every other purpose in the game. Why not be able to use it in the game as a weapon? Imagine that wolf is jumping up at you and you swing your hacksaw and the blade cuts down hitting the wolf right across the eye down the length of its snout slicing thru its nose. Having practiced your hacksaw jujitsu moves you immediately counter with a spinning hacksaw cross cut aiming for the rear leg tendon. Unless the wolf got the drop on you, you just drew blood at least once if not twice. Every once in a while I can get an immediate kill with a hunting knife and not suffer any damage. doesnt happen often but it does. Anyway if I can draw blood bare handed, I think I should be able to slice and dice fluffy with the hacksaw when he attacks me. I'd be interested in your opinion, let me know what you think.
  15. Yeah... facepalm... It came to me shortly after my post, fishing hut has storage... ha ha, now that you mention it, new challenge is to spend 100 days living in a fishing shack! Not complaining mind you about tradeoffs... just had a little different vision of what I would expect to find considering the Mountaineer's Hut was most likely used as a permanent base camp of sorts that climbers and hikers most likely utilized year round. I would expect that besides the cots and workbench they would have installed a couple of lockers. That would seem to be common practice in many parks public works projects. So considering that many people probably frequented that area I would expect at least somebody would have left behind an empty plastic container or two as well.