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  1. Thank you Patrick, enjoy the rest of the holidays
  2. Hey Patrick, So it's been a while since being on the forums, I showed up to 4 days of night event, which I deeply enjoyed :). Anyhow, do you guys plan on an end of the year update like you guys did last year with Timberwolf mountain? Or is that not possible? Let me know when you get the chance, thanks!
  3. Do you think that those maps will be eventually released on Sandbox?
  4. Wait, so is the test branch available for us to use yet? Or is the update already out?
  5. Wait, did you say Margret Thatcher?! How did she see you?
  6. Ah, ok cool!!!
  7. Are there a lot of French Canadians in New England?
  8. Ah, interesting story!!
  9. Well, I've only got 5 things to share so if that's ok cool... 1. I love documentaries, especially with reenactments of historical events 2. I love Hispanic culture, architecture, and music (this is very common in states like California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas where Spain once possessed them as colonies) 3. I am a strong supporter of education, especially European style education. 4. I hate bees 5. I always wanted to be a hobby rancher in the American Southwest. I know, I have some of the weirdest traits lol
  10. Hey Patrick, when is the test branch going to be online?
  11. So, what's the new experience mode? Is is another map?
  12. Anyone hear about the earthquake reports that suggest that the Northwest is supposd to be demolished by it, they call it "the big one"?
  13. That sound like a good idea!!
  14. Very nice to 'meet' you too