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  1. In that case may I suggest a BBQ scented deodorant for the next time your character is out foraging?
  2. Yes, but the Revenant is also fictional Wounds that won't stop bleeding without tourniquets or cauterization are likely fatal anyways to a lone survivor. Everything else you're probably better off using cloth, moss, or paper to stop the bleeding and heal naturally. Remember, blood loss is bad but usually treatable with direct pressure. A massive infection due to necrotic tissue in and around the cauterization site would likely kill you regardless. For a summary video (which does concede that it may work provided you can get to a hospital quickly) see: http://sploid.gizmodo.com/how-cauterizing-a-wound-works-and-why-you-shouldnt-try-1540569493
  3. That is a weird series of events
  4. Clearly I am too used to your regular posts!
  5. Sigh. Would "sufficiently hot to render the metals to be forged malleable enough to be shaped with hand tools" be more appropriate? Considering that you don't have an anvil, file, bellows, etc. the "forging" we do in the game is so abstracted that it may as well be melting the iron
  6. Great ideas. I've often wondered if boiling/melting times would be addressed if and when the new cooking mechanics are added. It does seem odd that a fire hot enough to melt iron still takes 20 minutes to melt 1L of snow
  7. Welcome to the forums @VDC!
  8. If true that's something I never noticed and kudos to the design team! Also, very true to life. I know more than a few lakes that have shallow patches in the middle of them and others with sheer drop offs right next to shore
  9. I would also assume that the in game rifle is a Lee Enfield and not a Ross rifle. The Ross rifle was the preferred rifle for sniping in WWI but its battle performance was so poor for the regular infantry (it started as the battle rifle for the Canadian forces due to political corruption basically) that is was replaced in either 1916 or 1917. As a consequence, by the end of the war there would be a lot more Lee Enfield's coming home than Ross rifles.
  10. I miss the early alphas when this was still a thing
  11. @Scyzara: Hopefully this will cheer you up a bit as you deal with Hannibelle mouse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fl4L4M8m4d0
  12. Maybe. I still mainly play Voyager so I seldom (if ever) need to use the hacksaw or hammer since there are so many knives and hatchets
  13. Personally I'm in favour of this. Making tools more versatile would increase the chance of use (in my opinion) as opposed to making them redundant. For a case in point see the poor tool box. It used to be needed to repair items now you only need it to repair the lantern. Sure, it's super specialized now... but since I usually have a spare lantern my tool boxes are now almost always converted to convenient sources of scrap for forging. Versatile tools should still excel at one particular use (e.g. can't use a prybar to make scrap metal) but giving the option to use a tool in a sub-optimal way means I have more reasons for keeping it in my inventory. Especially after the last update where inventory space shrunk drastically due to the weight of the new clothes.
  14. This is probably not going to work. There were a lot of posts ~6 months ago detailing how cauterization is not a good technique as it will actually increase the risk of negative complications from wounds. Additionally, gunpowder contains toxic ingredients and setting it off within a wound would likely propel bits of gunpowder, dead flesh, dirt, etc. into healthy tissue. There's a very good reason why soldiers are issued trauma packs instead of cans of gunpowder for dealing with severe wounds
  15. Try to post some screenshots then so other people can see if they have the same glitch or if it's unique to you. I'll be honest: I haven't needed to sleep in a car for a long time so I have no idea whether or not I'll have the same problem... I'm assuming that beds and snow shelters do not have this problem?