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  1. suggestion

    They shouldn't unless you're playing a save from a few updates ago. Spawns are occasionally reset when the game updates. As it is, these items should not be growing in winter. Growing things inside is also not a bad idea... it's just not really feasible without re-working the ambient heating mechanic. For instance, I'd love to make sourdough (recipe: flour + water + time = dough + heat = bread) but unless you had a constant fire (since buildings lose heat instantly) your flour would just freeze solid.
  2. Welcome to the forums @Blikkie
  3. suggestion

    John Snow is an especially interesting example of the unfortunate tendency in the sciences to dismiss anything new in favour of long held beliefs despite mounting evidence that they're wrong. I've actually had a professor remark in a lecture once that new ideas are adopted as the old Profs die off and stop blocking them. The good news is that although progress may be slow and sometimes blocked for foolish reasons science is always progressing. For a really good series on John Snow and the Broad Street Pump I recommend everyone check out the following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLpzHHbFrHY
  4. Welcome to the forums @Wicked
  5. Glad to hear it
  6. Nope, just lucky. The critical hit chance is low for bears. According the best source I could find (the long dark wiki) the critical chance (i.e. instant kill for a bear) is roughly 1 in 3 hits to the head.
  7. I blame this on the fact that you can light logs on fire with only a magnifying glass later in the game
  8. Welcome to the forums @Labenius Certainly an interesting article!
  9. I think we've all been there. I'm just happy I was playing on a low enough difficulty the first time I climbed the mountain to ensure there'd be a hacksaw at the top! I've also wondered this. If you're desperate enough, you're going to find a way into the locker with or without tools And pallets should definitely be broken down with the prybar as well. Breaking down wood is what it was designed for after all! That would definitely make it more clear that it was intentional.
  10. Or put it in one of the hundreds of old cans we have laying about to boil it? Boiling will kill any bacteria in the can if it has spoiled. The problem is any toxins that the bacteria have already produced will stay in the food and make you sick.
  11. Ditto. Those are exactly my concerns with the introduction of revolvers. Plus the Canadian gun culture makes having revolvers far less likely (unlike other hunting firearms). Personally, i like where @GorillaDust is going but I would suggest a .22LR instead of a pistol. They can be taken apart and folded for backpacks/survival, would be much easier to purchase than a pistol, wouldn't need new mechanics for how to load/shoot one, and it would be OK against small game, would injure/scare a wolf and would just make a bear angry. For instance this rifle is legally sold in Canada and was originally designed as a survival rifle for pilots http://www.cabelas.ca/product/3085/henry-us-survival-ar7-22-semi-auto-rifle?ak_t=4FB39492F3B23B53CF76E8D9A2890B51CCEDADA55D4A000069A17E581E274C16
  12. I was doing the same thing and then the challenge... abruptly ended with a black screen
  13. Welcome to the forums @blackkitsue At the moment the only announced versions are for PC/Mac and XBox.
  14. Welcome to the forums @tijagi Mystery Lake on Pilgrim difficulty is the closest thing to a tutorial/entry level map that the game currently has. Mystery Lake offers one of the easiest starts and has a sampling of all of the mechanics in the game except for forging. Pilgrim will also result in a warmer environment and animals will fear you instead of trying to constantly eat you.