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  1. I cannot emphasize this enough. I say the same thing almost word for word on every hunting thread I come across on the forums. Head shots are both unethical and generally ineffective. The game play mechanics should reflect this.
  2. You also need adequate clothing. It can easily go from +15C and sunny to drizzle or sleet and near zero especially if you're out for multiple days. Layers are your friends
  3. Welcome to the forums @citizen928 Personally I'm still against pistols and revolvers making it into the game but I'd love to see a .22LR or a .410 make it into the game.
  4. Welcome to the forums @Cautionkell I don't know if this issue has been fixed (I've been hanging out in the Forlorn Muskeg). Perhaps @Patrick Carlson or @Mel Guille have been on Timberwolf Mountain recently?
  5. Welcome to the forums @DaltonP
  6. The main problems with mergers is that some of the earlier posts are more than a year old now. Since the discussion (and the game) has changed a lot a merger would result in a very disjointed post.
  7. And the post lives again! This actually predates when I joined the forums
  8. Welcome to the forums @Shane Retter Digging through the archives I see Yes, I think the general consensus has become modding should be a net good. There's many little things that I and other players would probably like to tweak just for more variety. For instance, I'd love to add potato chips, maple syrup, and caffeinated colas to the game
  9. @ChillPlayer: I just hope Story Mode isn't being released until at least August. I have a thesis to write and defend!
  10. Part of that is animation prioritization. Running will always override a limp.
  11. As there are wounded animations perhaps this is something @Patrick Carlson or @Mel Guille could look into?
  12. Out of curiosity @Ohbal which 3 games did you back? To date I've only backed two games on Early Access (plus a few kickstarters) and I've been very happy with the results As an aide, Darkest Dungeon (the other Early Access game I bought) is amazing
  13. Unfortunately, that is much harder to test since you'd have to either use save recoveries/editing (not really good) or spend a lot of time in game to make the forged knife/hatchet and then deliberately engage in behaviour likely to result in your quick demise
  14. Well, 10 is not an exhaustive sample size and no, you shouldn't try to min-max the game like that. The big take away here is that the hatchet, pry bar, and knife are all relatively the same when it comes to a wolf struggle so something probably got missed or changed a few updates ago