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  1. The second option is also my current assumption. Although I'll also be presently surprised to be proven wrong.
  2. Not that I am aware of. The system changed to button clicking speed (as opposed to strength buildup) several updates ago.
  3. Neat. I'm a big fan of Loading Ready Run so I've seen a few videos of that ferry terminal
  4. @CalNieDaGtarGuy: Well, I have two thoughts Odd that there wasn't a news post on our forums too I'm still not convinced that this means story mode is ready. However, I do think there's a very good chance that the sandbox will now be released as a standalone game. My reasoning is quite simple: It was also announced on Steam that there will be one last sandbox update before story mode. Every other update has had community testing before it was finalized. @Raphael van Lierop is a perfectionist (as seen in the huge quality improvements to the game over the years). It is unlikely the game will launch without extensive testing. Note that this reasoning is not perfect. Hinterlands has be hiring a lot of QA people recently so they have likely done a lot of story mode/final sandbox testing in house already. So, I will remain happily surprised to be proven wrong
  5. The full steam announcement is here: Note that the sale won't start until 1 Pacific Time so there's about 2 hours to go.
  6. Neat story @jessrm89
  7. Oh no! Did I forget to welcome you?
  8. And another welcome to the forums @smilingDONKforU
  9. Welcome to the forums @Piggy Based on your comments I assume you live in the lower mainland?
  10. question

    Welcome to the forums @earthmom
  11. Or save after every shot with the bow or rifle.
  12. I can attest that the official moderators (Patrick and Mel) are still on and reading the forums.
  13. Even in Empire Han only used the carcass to keep Luke sheltered until he could get a proper emergency shelter (i.e. snow cave) built
  14. Welcome to the forums @Erkkipappers
  15. Welcome to the forums @Incoming!