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  1. Put it all in a desk drawer = zero clutter.
  2. discussion

    I cant vote cuz I dont want dogs of any type, mostly because I dont want to see anyone get embarrassed trying to make them.
  3. You seem to be confused on what makes fandom. It is personal to the individual fans and it is certainly not zealotry; it is fickle. Maybe you want "groupies"? When a fan stops getting enjoyment out of an experience, they may complain at first but then they quickly become ex-fans. There is no agency granted; the fans are always in control of deciding what makes them fans.
  4. Hope it's something simple. Challenge saves are restored through the challenge menu not the sandbox menu, so maybe you just looked in the wrong place. Otherwise you might have to look through your hard drive and see if anything is still there.
  5. I once started to write a joke about how Hinterland might make an advisory statement to soon expect an announcement regarding a pending release of information to loosely schedule the next update drop (including which percentages of the team were working on each), but now it doesn't seem funny.
  6. If they wanted it to be clear, they could have presented it clearly. They didn't. For what end would they want their public guessing about releases for another 3 weeks? I already made my conclusion.
  7. 22 Days is to the small update. Story Mode will still take a bit longer to cook.
  8. In all honesty,if they have any sense of understanding, the game files they are editing now are the ones that support the mechanics of both Story and Sandbox modes. So without significant effort, they cannot release anything piecemeal. Its all or nothing. Again... EDIT: Why do I have to say these things?!? One line. Simple. Direct. Honest. Jeez...
  9. Have you tried bait? Bait is the new flare... (well, at least torch ((like they used to be (((you know ((((you know?)))) ))) )) ) also sprinting to break contact... and dropping over ledges. wolves cant jump. . . . . and ducking under things. wolves cant crouch. lots of options really....
  10. Congrats! At least its challenging you. "Dying of old age" is not compelling game play, IMO.
  11. Unlikely. You are supposed to feel vulnerable. That's interloper's shtik.
  12. I don't think this project has ever been for want of money (originally being fully bankrolled by a Canadian media loan). The only reason it had a Kickstarter campaign was because they couldn't wait until release to have fans (they have said). Then Early-Release happened. Now knee-deep in both fans and funds, there are no capitalistic impulses left to actually push them to finish. Until all their fans leave...
  13. Also, only the outer skin of the creatures exists in the game world. You may assume they have internal structures, but they do not; they are just balloons since their visual is all that is fundamentally required. Hits are then detected on the skin since that is the only thing being rendered. Detecting which shots penetrating that skin would also continue through some critical internal center and awarding the damage effects based on such would require much more complicated systems and logic than currently exists.
  14. Bleed out confuses many. We tend to assume as the animal bleeds, it gets weaker. This is not the case in TLD. A bear that was shot in the feet nine times will still take the same amount of time to die as A bear shot once (exactly 8 hours). And that bear shot only once still has 90% condition remaining at hour 7 so can absorb another 8 such shots. PS There are only 4 distinct hit areas currently. Head and neck are one.