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      The Light at the end of The Long Dark -- Launch Date, WINTERMUTE, Next Sandbox Update   05/16/2017

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  1. @Thrasador Both @MueckE's and my points have been exactly that: people who don't understand random numbers often maintain incorrect assumptions about what to expect. What hasn't been addressed here is the corollary: Random numbers are not a not substitute for directed experience. They are a cheap method for builders to create variance within an experience without requiring much thought. Often they are misused and end up creating a feeling that the experience is arbitrary and meaningless. And those feelings are accurate. Random numbers don't care what experience you are having, or what steps you took prior to testing them. They are completely random. And unless someone puts some effort into the implementation: they are completely arbitrary. Don't blame random numbers for being random. Blame developers for lack of development. @Support: Random numbers are not art. They can occasionally create it, but then they can eventually create anything.
  2. Any game more than 100 days is thematically flawed. Winter cannot last forever. Go jump off something high and start over. Call this one a win.
  3. @MueckE The reverse is also not true. Just because something has a low chance of happening does not mean it cannot happen frequently. It is just unlikely. 1% does not mean it should never happen. It doesn't even mean one out of every hundred. In fact, after observing any 100 attempts it should have happened exactly once only 37% of the time. (it could have happened more than once [26.4%] or not at all [36.6%]. all are possibles and can be calculated because: math.)
  4. Renaming the "nosync" version of user001 to not have an extension seems to work. But to get it up into the cloud you'll have to drop it into the save directory while the game is running, and then quit. EDIT: I can also confirm shutting down the computer without first exiting the game results in save game loss upon restarting the game.
  5. @MueckE Say you have a coin. And you estimate that flipping that coin there is a 50% chance of it resting on "heads". And you flip it. And it lands on heads. Does that effect the chance of it landing on heads the next time you flip it? No. The chance of it landing on heads is always the same. If you flipped it 50 times, and every time it came up heads, the next time you flipped it, it could still come up heads yet again. But if we look at the possibilities, the possible outcomes, of those 50 flips there was only one chain of events that allows for all of them to come up heads. There were 50 possibilities that just one of those flips came up "tails" instead. There were actually 1,125,899,906,842,624 possible outcomes in total (one of which was the reverse: 50 tails). You experienced one. The likelihood of your repeating that sequence of events is probably 1/1,125,888,906,842,624 because every one has an equal chance of occuring. Likewise, the chance you are experiencing the possibility in which you never get parasites becomes less likely every time you end a day in which you ate one piece of tainted meat. After only 50 days, not getting any parasites is already a 1 in 1,125,888,906,842,624 possibility. Just with better odds (cuz 99% vs 50%).
  6. I think you are correct in that line of thinking.
  7. You'll need to find a copy of your "user001" file (or reasonable facsimile) from before the accident. Without finding a backup copy all hope may be lost. If you find one, place it in your save game directory while TLD is running (and Steam is online) then quit out. Replacement should then get sucked up to the cloud and replace all instances.
  8. Given the past deliveries to XBox, I wonder now how well the game will be received if it takes the extra month before PS4 players get to play a bug free version?
  9. A: Probably be stuck in a standby until episode 3. 2) Eventually, but probably not Aug 1st.
  10. I'm betting it will be very similar to the Hunted challenges. You don't have to progress the story, but it's not that interesting not to. Or different if you do...
  11. So STEAM seems to replace all your disk files with the cloud files when the game loads. While it plays it then uses only cloud data (you can delete or modify disk data at will without effect). Then it replaces all the cloud data with your disk data upon exit. Weird. So to get your original save game up into the cloud (and playable), you could put it in the folder while the game is running and then close the game. Have fun.
  12. All I can think is if you have a periodic file backup saved.
  13. You don't need to (and shouldn't) log in to report bugs.
  14. So you will want to find a user001 file from before the loss. That will recover all your feats progress. Otherwise, save the ep1sandbox1 somewhere else (or rename it), then start the game an a new game. Then replace the new ep1sandbox1 with the old and it should get proper attention. EDIT All other files are relics from past save game systems.
  15. Probability is fun. Another way of thinking about it is: you have a 99% chance of not getting parasites. Every time. Every chance is still a 1% chance of failure, but because you chanced it more than one time, and it only takes one time to fail, there is a greater likelihood that you'll end up failing. So surviving 10 chances is like .99(.99(.99(.99(.99(.99(.99(.99(.99(.99))))))))) or a 90.4% chance of success. If you keep rolling the dice, eventually it's going to come up snake eyes. Maybe soon, maybe takes a while (maybe twice in a row), but odds say it will eventually happen. Unless you actually quit before it does