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  1. Use a better wiki: http://thelongdark.wikia.com/wiki/Rose_hip_tea
  2. It is and always has been the irksome three-bushes-plus-one conversion of 25 hips -> one tea.
  3. If you are trying to drag out survival as long as possible, I think it wise to stay put once you are established. Hunt, fish, gather firewood, ad infinitum. Hibernation is harder now that Cabin Fever is a thing, so you'll occasionally need to spend idle time outdoors. But why risk traveling? There may be more clothes and food on other maps that are slowly rotting away, but you don't need them now so don't worry about them. Eventually you will want more bullets or arrows and will make your move to find/craft those. But no rush. The apocalypse is not going anywhere.
  4. Bear in mind the Roadmap is Hinterland's Wish List. Stuff they would like to work on. And the times listed are what they think it would take to accomplish if they go ahead and work on them. It is not a calendar of releases. Example: Moose were on the roadmap when it was first posted last April. They started working on them around August. Signs now point to their being introduced to the game soon; about 6 months after work started. To date I know of no work being done on Cougars...
  5. Its funny (to me) that this two year old thread seems relevant.
  6. It used to be you could get yourself a whole load of torches from any fire, then go camp out in a car, light them all, drop them, and enjoy a nice sauna. And other stuff would fall through the seats. It was a whole thing. So drop is now disabled in cars. NOTE: right-clicking on objects that are already in cars used to throw you out the door, maybe still does?
  7. Maybe it was the other way round? Then Yogi moved in because of all the pic-i-nic baskets. "Bear Creek" does kinda suggest otherwise though...
  8. Finances is not the problem...
  9. So you don't like how other people are allowed to play? What is this... America?
  10. Are you saying you want to fail? Or are you saying you don't like how matches get wasted if you don't hold down the button until the torch is actually lit. 'Cuz the second one is pretty annoying. If you actually want to fail more, just rapid fire the left mouse button until all your matches are gone. Failure achieved. OR are you asking why lighting a fire with a torch has any chance of failure? 'Cuz that is kinda weird. A lit torch is a fire...
  11. I'd want a random chance everytime it is drawn that it blows up in my hand. Because random failures make compelling gameplay, apparently
  12. No. Only your next life can reap the benefits. Karma.
  13. The wind thing already exists for smell detection. But given that smell range is currently almost the same as visual detection range, I can see how many might not notice. There's a separate hearing detection range, too, ICYWW.
  14. Not in the cards, sorry.
  15. Learn to conserve calories I guess. Your belly only need be full while you are also warm and rested and hydrated to gain health. Otherwise, the loss it adds is negligible. And don't be afraid to use mushrooms and rose hips for food when you need it. A meal is a meal. If that's not enough, many more calories are available from wild sources if you go looking for them, but they are not always near to the houses. Cattails, most conspicuously.