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  1. The wind thing already exists for smell detection. But given that smell range is currently almost the same as visual detection range, I can see how many might not notice. There's a separate hearing detection range, too, ICYWW.
  2. Not in the cards, sorry.
  3. Learn to conserve calories I guess. Your belly only need be full while you are also warm and rested and hydrated to gain health. Otherwise, the loss it adds is negligible. And don't be afraid to use mushrooms and rose hips for food when you need it. A meal is a meal. If that's not enough, many more calories are available from wild sources if you go looking for them, but they are not always near to the houses. Cattails, most conspicuously.
  4. Your rifle is supposed to end up lying in the snow nearby when you stand up, but the mechanic is currently broken so instead it is ending up under the terrain where you cannot get at it or see it. They have fixed this a few times already, but the last update broke it again.
  5. They are also attracted to gunshots, strangely enough.
  6. She does not respawn intentionally. However she has sometimes when game maps get updated.
  7. #firstworldproblems
  8. Animal blood trails fade depending on weather, but none remain for 8 hours. Your blood is more permanent. I don't know why...
  9. Searching through old posts is hard, I know. Last official word I recall came soon after the hands appeared and the complaints started rolling in. Read something like: we accomplished everything we intended with this animation and see no need for further refinement. So what you see is not a placeholder for something better to come. It is it. And maybe those hands will appear for other interactions. But the sense I got was their development was finished.
  10. Not planned. But it is possible those will still be developed and added post-release.
  11. Error persists in v0.393. Seems related to exiting the shelter by clicking near the bottom of the walls. Next use of shelter will always be glitched. Always exiting via the ceiling has not reproduced glitch. Weird.
  12. Ditto. V0.393. Sprained both ankles in quick succession while tending to a fire that I could see outside the shelter. Character was inside. Trying to recover from hypothermia. Clicked "add fuel". Sprained ankle. What? Then again a game hour later. Same situation. I may have gotten out to grab more sticks in between.
  13. These bears are easily distracted by meat, just like wolves. Firing the rifle without hitting one of these bears will make it automatically walk towards you. And running away from these bears is not dangerous and may break contact. Happy hunting.
  14. suggestion

    When I was leveling up Harvesting I would take all wolves down to the bone and then just dump the infected meat back on the ground. The corpses would disappear overnight but their flesh memorials stayed eternal. Maybe I should have rearranged each of them into a "W"?
  15. suggestion

    Nope. Wolves (and bears) will never detect meat that they did not see you drop. ADD: This can actually be confusing if ever you are being pursued by a wolf but happen to drop your meat at the same instance he cannot see you (for being behind a tree or rock or whatever) so he then walks right over what you think is a perfectly good bait set.