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  1. When I voted a while ago I picked TWM, but i think PV is really my favorite, it is rugged and desolate, but there is just enough man made stuff hanging around to make exploring interesting. And the map is huge, its size lends to an overall feeling of uncertainty and vulnerability. Sam
  2. Welcome to the forums! I like your ideas, I think we can have a couple more guns without this turning into a hunting sim. And I really like the idea of having pots pans, etc, having a container is a very real issue in a situation like this. There was a family that was completely isolated in russia during or after WW2 and they had a VERY difficult time once their cooking utensils wore out. As far as guns go, I like the idea of having a revolver, very limited range, and small caliber would make it a very specialized tool. Revolvers that shoot .22LR are pretty common, and would simplify things a bit if a .22 rifle is added. A break action shotgun would be sweet, preferably .410 or 20ga. Like you said it should be HEAVY. I still think the .303 should be the top dog. The main thing I like about having multiple guns is it leads to decisions, "Well, I have the .303 but no ammo, I'll leave it here at the trappers cabin and take the .22LR" Then you find a stash of .303 in TWM, "Crap, I should have brought it with me! I'm tired of eating rabbits!" Sam
  3. Haha! I couldn't have put it any better, for such a small team they're doing a ton of work Thanks! Sam
  4. 10-4 on that, I love spintires but I haven't played it in quite a while. Driving 4x4's in that game is the next best thing to wheeling in real life! The main difference I see between Ovee and Hinterland is HInterland has a presence here on the forum, the games director @Raphael van Lierop reads and posts on the forums, and @Patrick Carlson and @Mel Guille are dedicated to being here to comment, answer questions and just have fun! Ovee is almost completely MIA on their forums. Sam
  5. Yeah that one's driving me nuts (and I'm already crazy to start with!) A buddy of mine saw Methuselah in the trailer and said "So I see they've added you to the game!" I'd be ok with that! Sam
  6. If you wait till the wolf is done and leaves, then this is what happens, the wolf eats all the meat and ruins the hide and guts. If you chase off the wolf before he's done, there will still be some meat left and the hide and gut are harvestable as normal. Sam
  7. @MarrowStone Yeah having those gone is kinda odd. Which trailer was that? i don't recall that one Sam
  8. Woah, how did I miss this? Sam
  9. I would love to see an update too, but I'm sure they're working on it, and if they're as close as I think they are, they're better off putting everything they have into story mode. They really can't afford to mess up the release, a late one is quickly forgotten and forgiven, an untested buggy release is remembered forever. (SimCity anyone?) Sam
  10. A drying rack would be nice too Sam
  11. 10-4 on that, the struggle shouldn't do enough damage to kill the bear, we go down to 20%, bear goes down to 85%. Bear heads back to his den and sleeps it off, next day he's back in action 100% The only way to kill a bear should be with a bow/rifle/flare gun. It would work better once grizzlies are implemented, I've been told that if a black bear attacks you you want to fight like a man possessed. They're "small" enough that if you put up enough fight, they'll leave you alone. Grizzlies are a lot bigger. And meaner. Sam
  12. +1 I'm on board! Sam
  13. Agreed, I loved the climber's journal page when I first found it. The stories don't have to be connected, and in a way their separateness will tell a greater story, the story of The Long Dark. I have the feeling we'll see a lot more of this once story mode is out. On a related note, the first time I found the farmhouse and saw the upstairs, it hit me right in the gut, right in the feels. Same with the swingset in coastal highway. We need more stuff like this! @cekivi I like your ideas, having corpse's be containers always bothered me. it would be fascinating to see things like a corpse that was clearly attacked by an animal, with a jammed rifle laying nearby. Or one deep in a cave clutching a burnt out flare/lantern out of fuel, etc Sam
  14. Welcome! What part of Argentina are you from? I've always wanted to visit Patagonia, it has some gorgeous countryside. Sam
  15. I can get on board with this idea, and the higher your firearm skill, the faster you can get another round into the chamber Sam