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  1. Play ability is one of the best ever I have experienced in a game.
  2. modding comes after the developer abandons the game maybe. Modders have fun with bug fixes after that? I guess you get your mod though, introduces bugs and all
  3. so was are the dimensions specs of this ultra wide monitor? and are you sure its not your GPU (graphics card) that is not coping with it? Try running latest doom? see what that does lol. (beware download is huge). I love how TLD is not huge in file/download sizes.
  4. well said, it's so cold therefore let us burn stuff for extra heat I say? just hope those plastic fumes dont kill us in the process.(ie sewing kit)
  5. rough date? == awewome either way hopefully some sort of update in March?
  6. either way my thought is the Pry bar should be limited and indistructable. maybe forge one or two if needed? yes it slows down the game in opening car boots etc, so maybe place one in their hands to start with? do I take this or not they may ask? either way if they don't they could be fragged, else they find or make some other tool in forgre to open stuff?
  7. Why would it instantly kill you! it just a lava pit after all, the only way it would kill is if you got to close to it? What we need is a wheelie bin. Where have you really been! (pun intended)
  8. @Wolfbait Maybe just monitor your in game warmth factor? in small sleeping hours you would not have froze. I think we have all died this way one time or the other.
  9. hah fired a shot and it turned out to look like the mountain was exploding.
  10. It's just a plane bear story after all.
  11. v.393 - When i go to cut Fir or Cedar wood by default I get the hacksaw tool. (if you carry one) I think it would be much nicer flow if you get the Axe first followed by the knife and then finally the hacksaw. Doing so will make it quicker for us to chop fir / cedar. Also I guess the same would apply if I as to break down metal, I would want the hacksaw first
  12. yeh i meant the snow roads or what ever you call them. off roads? I think some signs in those area will help players find other maps such as PV. Either way it's just a suggestion to maybe make noob players find this game more fun.
  13. huh, how about long roads to get to a map? a nice old sign of some sort would be great and this is what i meant.
  14. Who finds it hard to find how to get to new regions / map still? I presume new players have no idea at the start? I still get lost if I have not played for a while.(over 400 hours) Sure some of will say no problem it's easy, or I just use a cheat sheet/map. Others might say I get lost every time trying to go to Pleasant Valley or find Timber Wolf Mountain region. I suggest Hinterland add some simple but subtle direction signs into the world. This would surely make us explore more and find all these wonderful new regions of this amazing game? Rough example of a sign.