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  1. suggestion

    Might be fun / challenge to try and grow some of your own food, typically you would do this in a glass house. As plants need lots of light to grow. Not sure how it would go in such cold and cloudy weather in TLD, plus it would require constant warmth else the soil would just freeze along with any plants. I think I would first like to see some sort of smoker to preserve fish / meat.
  2. nice truck love the paint work , gas / lines bottles = explosions be safe. oh and hello black dog
  3. Hibernation yeah they fixed that by making it you need to get tired / need to sleep, and can pass time when not tired. so cool. You soon learn what you need to carry and what you do not. The more you get to know maps I guess the less gear you need to carry around.
  4. A Jump function? priority -10. Please HT focus on other cool stuff.
  5. no worries and welcome. here is what i thought. What do you take with you on a trip across the map? What do you take with you when you change maps? Some food and water, good clothing, and knife or axe. can always find more on other maps, What is essential and never leaves your backpack? When i get them, axe / knife and Water / Ration Food / matches How much food do you take with you? Do you use fresh meat or cans? How much medicine do you take with you on a trip? Depends on game mode, but yeah more you can carry will make it easier. Do you change clothes depending on the temperature? Not really, once I have decent clothing I usually stick with that setup. Do you prefer warmth rating or being able to sprint more? Warmth usually, weather can change pretty quick, can always walk warm. Do you use the Starvation method? No what does this do? If not, how much food do you need? Do you think its too much? maybe but I am sure HT are balancing issues all the time. How important are good stats in case of a wolf fight (hungry/tired/parched/overencumbered)? I don't think there are not just have a weapon / knife. What is the best decoy for wolves? you or just an old stinky animal food your harvested that cant be eaten. What is your method to prevent the wolf fight? avoid or run find cover
  6. Best answer it just play it and find your own solutions that is what makes it more fun and saves us filling in your school quiz saying that im sure you will get plenty of replys to your questions.
  7. Interloper game you will find it hard to start fires due to lack of fire starting options, maybe try a easier game mode.
  8. I found the game play kind of sucks, find it a bit hard to navigate and do stuff. Either way i prefer the long dark any day
  9. I can't recall a pistol in game before, if it was must of been a really earlier version of the game. Anyhow I think a pistol would be great fun. Whip it out and shoot that crazy deer that runs straight for you lol. Setup some drink cans for target practice.
  10. ya more youTubes would be great.
  11. maybe it was not a crossing? you need to find a different path.
  12. yeah I say those that think it can be better upload a copy of your sound effect.
  13. you guy/girls just need to get wet. then dry out and get wet again. simple! it's a game after all.
  14. What was the outcome of the new graphics applied to the rock cliff faces HT team? I seen a lot of negative comments from gamers about the new skin design, from looks like like bubble wrap to wow so purple(well not in my screenie). I'm sure you guys at HT can make it look better than what you did recently? please? Not all faces are made up from bolders? need more uniform less defined cliff faces. This is the most part of graphic design that i think need reworking at present. Well had to say it this is what feedback is for