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  1. yes, then i will bust it's ass to get some cloth etc. etc.ha
  2. have Hinterland studio gone off the grid?
  3. probably more efficient and easier to just build a temp snow shelter? and its already dooable in game.
  4. Ha and I just wanted a hot cup of tea or coffee. it's probably not needed, just thought one day it might be a cool addition.
  5. hrm thought we get a sandbox update this week, seem bit pointless now? just wait for countdown? eitherway all good. maybe HT will speak again please.
  6. just got 500
  7. just sleep for 1 hour, the game saves. (well i think it does)
  8. question

    you sharpen tools, craft bows and arrows. fish, hunt deer, craft clothing, or repair it, so much more. Survive!
  9. ha nice, Hans Zimmer has so many nice tracks.
  10. yeh crows over kills would be awesome I thought same thing.
  11. Heat up my Mugs if they are placed on my hot stove? How cool would be? maybe add a melt warning if adding the water bottles need a metal cup?
  12. Your boots or any clothing get wet based on their wetness factor and the actual weather your in, .i.e when its raining or a blizzard they get wet more. As far as I am aware all clothing drys similar percentage, I might be wrong but it seems so. I.E Deerskin boots have a water proofness 50% Trail boots have a water proofness of 35% Climbing socks - 25% Wool sock - 20% etc. etc.
  13. hrm i use head phones, yet it windows still says its speakers. either way this works for me. I will worry about that when or if it plays up again for me. and for those try pluggin into different jacks- yes tried them all multi times, this one config finally worked for me at least.
  14. have you tried a different sound device? I recently had some issues with an external sound device. I changed to a new headphone device and it works again. I have not heard of any sound issues since. you might have to play with win10 settings a bit as well - just type Sound into win10 search (near start menu)