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  1. yeh I get what your saying, those buildings you enter it does not save until you sleep. hrm maybe they just need to create some new building extension /addon areas with lookout windows . anyway up to them in the end.
  2. ha yeah I have seen a few off topic in other posts also another building with a lookout window is Timber wolf mountain, well minus windows so its defiantly dooble on more buildings. just a matter of the devs working out best one to do
  3. yeah me to but I still like to look out the windows in the towers or pleasant valley building. Don't get me wrong I not saying add it to all buildings it wouldn't work. All I am saying is maybe add to the couple more major buildings with nice scenery. Soz this isn't even my OP so sorry @AlexandraRussia for highjacking it
  4. oh hopefully between the HTS support and steam support they solve it for you, which support team did you email?
  5. I didn't say you did claim to speak for anyone else! because I know you have your own opinions.
  6. well I am not saying you personally have to stand there and look out the window we all can make up our own minds and game play. The point is others and me might want to. It surely can only add more to the game.
  7. I guess it's just nice to look out the windows and watch a blizzard roll in or take in the scenery, whilst you sip on a mug of herbal tea with a crackling warm fire burning in the background. Well why wouldn't you? This would be a nice view overlooking a fishing hut harbor for instance
  8. So what did you do to fix it? please share in case others searching have similar issue to you.
  9. what version is your game? in v423 they added the below. * Accessible Interactions. We've added a new option in the Control settings, for players who suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and similar conditions. This makes all click/press+hold interactions a single click/press.
  10. have you tried adjusting the setting to not hold down mouse buttons to open containers? because by default that is enabled!
  11. You don't use a mouse? or haven't tried one? maybe your touch pad isn't working to good? or the game isn't working to good for laptop touch pads? ah or go into your game settings and turn off the setting for Carpel Tunnel holding. then you only have to click once instead of holding down to open stuff.
  12. Well only the devs would know not your or I. As we know when entering a building it saves your game just like sleeping, maybe it loads more assets during that time as well i'm not really sure! either way they have it working on Pleasant Valley so in theory they could get it added to more maps /buildings. Maybe it just takes a lot of time to develop.
  13. In this game if your not tired you can still rest (cat nap call it what you want) its the same thing! or am i missing your point? you either sleep or rest.
  14. oh yeh possibly, I can't recall it saving when you enter a tower or the outer area of the building in pleasant valley. Either way they could make more of the main buildings function similar to the one on pleasant valley.