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  1. It's just a plane bear story after all.
  2. v.393 - When i go to cut Fir or Cedar wood by default I get the hacksaw tool. (if you carry one) I think it would be much nicer flow if you get the Axe first followed by the knife and then finally the hacksaw. Doing so will make it quicker for us to chop fir / cedar. Also I guess the same would apply if I as to break down metal, I would want the hacksaw first
  3. yeh i meant the snow roads or what ever you call them. off roads? I think some signs in those area will help players find other maps such as PV. Either way it's just a suggestion to maybe make noob players find this game more fun.
  4. huh, how about long roads to get to a map? a nice old sign of some sort would be great and this is what i meant.
  5. Who finds it hard to find how to get to new regions / map still? I presume new players have no idea at the start? I still get lost if I have not played for a while.(over 400 hours) Sure some of will say no problem it's easy, or I just use a cheat sheet/map. Others might say I get lost every time trying to go to Pleasant Valley or find Timber Wolf Mountain region. I suggest Hinterland add some simple but subtle direction signs into the world. This would surely make us explore more and find all these wonderful new regions of this amazing game? Rough example of a sign.
  6. button smashers
  7. v.393 I find a good place to store food is in the boot of a car, plenty of room and it stays fresher much longer than placing inside your cabin. Also just dropping it on the ground outside your cabin seems to preserve it much longer. At present it does not get scavenged but I hope one day the devs will add a fix for that. I.E if you store food outside on the ground(unprotected), you will lose a random percentage every 24hours. that would make it more real.
  8. Get playing the long dark - good practice for when it might happen. @RossBondReturns
  9. Looks awesome if it works, with Unity and TLD game mechanics? just saying. Guess that's up to them to find out.
  10. Ha, we are all doomed well eventually when a rogue alien decides we humans can't get along with each other. so boom, blows are insignificant asses to space.
  11. yerp this has been mentioned many many many many many many and many times. maybe they are saving this for the final game play is all i can think of.
  12. maybe the game needs a few fire starter levels? then master level can be left at 1000 more or whatever. specially if you decided to add more complex fire starting methods. I think levels will be needed? you guys at Hinterland Studios have prob figured this out already anyways.
  13. well dont double click on your moldy meat, pick something good to eat, or am I missing something here? console user I guess.
  14. nice to revisit DP.