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  1. We have finally FINALLY arrived back at the Trapper's Homestead eagerly with pry bar in hand and locked locker in front of us. Will it be clothing, a pony, or a rocket launcher we find? What happens next will make you question everything you know about reality...,
  2. The fate of the One Eyed Wolf and get my arrow back. I'm in dire need for some clothing...,
  3. I happened to document the incident. Showed up today in video
  4. I try to scare off a wolf from a deer with a flare, a fresh kill difficult to pass on, and I inadvertently glitch the game...,
  5. Probably one of the better moments I've had in the Long Dark..., at least in recording. I find the deer at the Derailment and totally go all in trying to field it..., then the blizzard comes in.
  6. Wolves. Always somewhere you want to be. Am I right?
  7. lol. It's just something I've always thought needed to be in TLD. Like, if you were to stock up for the end of the world, dried noodles seems like it'd be something in a food cache. I'm just glad you found adorable-looking dogs and NOT something..., else.
  8. So there I was, in the arms of hunger. A choice between another can of tomato soup or a can of dog food. The night before I ate tomato soup and now after boredom of the pallet I've chosen dog food. Not that there is anything wrong with tomato soup, but a man can only eat so much before he starts eating the can in the hopes of adding a bit more to the experience. ..., perhaps it's a moot gripe. To be fair I'm warm, I have food, and I'm not going to go completely hungry..., But still there is a demand. A need. And as my thoughts begin to wander and I shovel a bit of the cold dogfood in my maw I suddenly have the notion, a beginning of a craving and further a demand. Noodles. Ramen noodle soup. Chicken. Beef. Hell SHRIMP, I don't care. Takes 3 minutes to boil in water 190 calories per serving and each packet holds two servings that can be eaten out of a mug like a drink. No more canned flavor, protein bars, candy sweet dried yuck. Warmth bonus to boot. I demand noodles. If you want to name them Spoony Noodles I would totally be ok with that. No. Spoony Noodles is just too eh..., Spoodles. Now that's a name that'll sell.
  9. I try to keep mine around 60s, but that's just me. I don't know about wood cutting or use with the hatchet but 60s does great against wolves using the knife.
  10. So I was attacked by a wolf outside of the Deadfall area at Mystery Lake. The wolf in question had killed a deer fresh atop a hill next to a big rock. So I proceeded to do the flare trick and scare it away. Obviously my stupidity produced the unlikely and the wolf attacked me. Fended it off and everything was ok but as I was getting up I glitched through the ground. Now this has happened to me before BUT, the uniquiness of this particular instance was that after I couldn't pick up or interact with anything in the world. I could work in the menus and apply first aid to my wounds, but I couldn't pick up the flare, could not make a fire, I had a sprained ankle and the animation was not happening when I walked but I was still leaving footprints in the snow. I thought it was the sprained wrist and decided to close out the episode with a limp back to the Camp Office but once I got there I could not even interact with the door. So I did the noble thing and restarted. Reloaded the game to the point after the wolf attack and all was well...,
  11. I had the same issue recently with my 1060 6Gig hooked up via HDMI to a 32 inch flat panel. The region of interest was the derailment while I was fielding that dead deer you always run across there. It was a snowstorm and I'd get some pretty significant frame drops while look up at the snow and the trees, but minding the fire in front of me was a solid 60+ fps. I didn't have a snow storm to experience my next session with the game, but I did plug my video into my 22 inch monitor via DVI and the game was running at a solid clip of 60+ I just chalked it up to perhaps heat, but my card stayed cool. But it was indeed something.
  12. With an appetite for human flesh, the wolves are out in force on Mystery Lake really putting a damper in Spoony's plans to pilfer the contents of the collected cabins.
  13. Oh the mystery..., you delicious thing you
  14. In the next episode of SpoonyMass takes on The Long Dark's Sandbox Mode, a bunny is murdered (and I get WAY too excited because of it), we get mauled by a wolf, losing our good arrow, and we get naked and run through the snow (at risk of hypothermia of course )
  15. lol, not a shameless promotion or anything BUT..., this is the episode of which spawned the idea in my brain. I like the idea. But I can't tell you how harrowingly beautiful it is to set up a campfire next to a dead deer in the middle of a blizzard with crap nothing to wear and just a handful of sticks. Happened to me at the Derailment at Mystery Lake and it was just a great moment. I was just too damn determined to eat that deer. Also I've found Mountaineering Rope, but I'm unclear it's use..., is there a use? (I am like deliberately ignorant when it comes to other areas outside of Mystery Lake and Pleasant Valley)