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  1. No. It's not appropriate in real life nor in a game; we don't need to make some political or philosophical point. This game is not a game about what happens after the SHTF; this is more of a different and thoughtful game which must stay true to its own vision, the vision of its creator. I don't think it's appropriate to cater to this type of impulse; if you were going to add in features to emulate the desperate struggle against starvation, the developers could have added more starvation foods such as worms, insects, bark, maggots and so on. I kind of feel like this whole thread is a bit of a troll. It just makes me shudder. Please! No zombies, no cannibals, no vampires, no undead travesties . Thank you!
  2. Now if I only had a sleigh and a few faithful dogs, I'd load up all the stiffs and haul them down to the sea and cook up these poor old cadavers in the furnace of the Rankin. There should be a challenge for that!
  3. Groan! Please! No Silent Lambs! Concerning funerals, I'm not one for celebrating supernatural things but I think the idea of humanity has some relevance after an apocalypse; Do we simply abandon all semblance of civility? No, this is Canada. The wilderness is closer to us. The coldness enforces it's own frigid reality. We never forget the lesson by Robert Service on The Cremation of Sam McGee! The Cremation of Sam McGee Related Poem Content Details By Robert W. Service There are strange things done in the midnight sun By the men who moil for gold; The Arctic trails have their secret tales That would make your blood run cold; The Northern Lights have seen queer sights, But the queerest they ever did see Was that night on the marge of Lake Lebarge I cremated Sam McGee.
  4. If you were to add the ability to transfer coals to start a new fire, that is not so different from carrying a brand or torch. On some levels, the shortage of matches can make life very difficult so these ways of carefully conserving fire should make the game very much more interesting! ;-) I like to see these neat survival tricks employed; there are times when you only have a single match so saving fire is an important priority!! The thing about a fire carry, is that you can add more tinder from time to time to conserve your ember. This level of realism would make a great addition to the game!!
  5. I remember there were several people trying out throwing stones at wolves. Very astute of GELtaz to clearly identify it! I just thought they seemed to get confused if you have a near miss.
  6. I think we should respect the sensibilities of those players who are not accustomed to First Person Shooter games which tend to stack up corpses like cordwood and walls are decorated in blood spatter. No No I say! This game is far too grisly as it is; it should permit the players to show respect and compassion for the dead. The theme of this game is quite... "Dark" so this question deserves serious consideration. I think we should definitely earn some type of karma points by being respectful of the dead. Perhaps it counts towards some gaming score when next we encounter an NPC with which to bargain!
  7. If you were trapped in the wilderness in a cabin with a bear stalking your cabin and your precious cache of meat intended to help you make it through the week long storms that you are expecting in November, you are going to want a way to deal permanently with that unwelcome guest. Digging a bear pit is a pretty sure and safe way to deal with him but you are right; it is an awful lot of effort. As a way to add long term strategy to the game, a bear pit and a strong meat and fish cache would be one way to do it; you still have to deal with tedium during long periods of darkness and bad weather even if you have sufficient supplies of fuel and food. Crafting decorative items and clothing is the way to go. Did you know another thing that can be done with a camp fire? You can temper your stones for flint knapping (assuming of course, they are the right kind of stone)!
  8. One of the most important uses for a container: CARRYING FIRE!!
  9. Has anyone noticed that as you gather fish oil from cooking your catch, that you tend to accumulate a lot of small bottles of kerosene? You'd think they'd be combined with the contents assuming the condition of the oldest one. I wish I had the luxury to pack a dozen small unused empty containers! Fuel is fuel and its going to get used up pretty quick, probably on starting the next fire or making a torch.
  10. As players test themselves in the Forlorn Muskeg, I think we'll see more snow shelter users. The main benefit I have seen is making one while stuck in a blizzard too far to make it to shelter. Waited out the storm and then moved on when conditions were better. When moving from one location to another, you may have a lot of weight that means struggling on in a storm is simply impossible. Having a snow shelter ready for that long move is just good planning! When I move from one map to another, I like to bring along my spare clothing and hides.
  11. I did a Pilgrim run recently to get the hang of the new stuff and had an occasion to test out wet clothing after a brief dip in the refreshing Coastal Highway Beach Combing. So clothing does indeed dry out much quicker if you shed it near the fire. I had to rotate through the clothing since I could not remove all my wet clothing at once without dropping below the safe sleeping temperature. Slept about 4 hours and dried half my clothing and then swapped out wet clothing and dried the rest. It was the closest I've come to expiring in the Pilgrim game however the experience is valuable. During normal play, I haven't had wet clothing; I get cold so fast outdoors with poor clothing spawns on Voyageur that I never get much chance for the clothing to get wet. Moving fast is essential. You do NOT have much time to lollygag while outdoors. Not until you can get a nearly full set of decent clothing.
  12. Used to be, you could sleep as long as you wanted to however that is now prevented to stop people who abuse the sleep function to pass time. It was called hibernation and then they added cabin fever to stop that. Make sense?
  13. @Support would save files be important? What do you need?
  14. I was playing an old game challenge, the Nomad, using the latest update software and I noticed something very strange. I was fishing in a hut for several days and when I came out to find more sticks, I saw a deer carcass nearby. I went closer to investigate and the carcass was making growling and eating sounds, just like a wolf. But no wolf was visible. Not wishing to test the limits of my luck, I decided to put an arrow into it. I aimed just to the right of the deer carcass where the wolf normally feeds and let fly. Blood and wolf dying wimper! Has anyone considered the possibility that disappearing objects could be a Unity bug? This continues to be a problem. Perhaps I may be able to help out. Would a non-disclosure agreement be satisfactory @Raphael van Lierop? Pay me if I fix it; this is what I used to do for a living; fix unfixable bugs.
  15. Actually you can get a LOT of fish by building up a supply of wood and fishing tackle and a bed roll in a fishing hut. Stock pile! Then fish for 4 hrs at a time. The more you fish, the more your fishing skill level increases and you will loose less lines to breakage and harvest more fish. You can easily amass 20-40 fish 2-3 Kg fish in a 3-4 day fishing trip. Far too many to carry. Store them in the hut; they don't seem to loose condition when cooked. Use raw fish for baiting bears or wolves. Never carry raw fish on your person, it's a magnet for the predators, unless you plan to hunt them. Then its a very good idea. ;-)