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  1. GELtaz's channel is still shy a mere 22 subscriptions. Is everyone subbed? According to the polls, only 60% of you watch and enjoy each and every GELtaz video! We don't get that next TLD video until we do this guys.
  2. GELtaz has indeed updated the Interloper survival series recently; these are some of his best videos yet! Still have not reached the elusive 5000 subscribers. What's with that?
  3. Who else uses the Search facility but crazy interlopers like me!? There are hidden nuggets out there. This one was intriguing!
  4. Actually playing the challenges so that's equivalent to Stalker mode. I love dying in The Hunted! I do it soooo well.
  5. What if one of the things you could make at the forge were a double bit axe head and a splitting maul head? What if you could also forge and craft a cross cut saw blade and handle? This would give you a useful tool for harvesting larger quantities of wood and even other tools that could be used during extended storms where you had to have a really large supply of wood in order to survive. Currently internal temperatures are not tied to the external temperature however if they were coupled, firewood would become a much more critical resource and you would need to forge the necessary tools early on and lay in a large supply of wood and food against the week long storm which one could survive only by using a snow shelter and temporary outside fires which were really only possible in one or two locations in all the maps. Discovering those locations would be part of the long game strategy.
  6. I finally found the Poll on wood harvesting items including saws of various types. The word "saw" is on an exclusion list, since it occurs so frequently however the word saws is searchable. Wood saws and Other Wood Tools [POLL] Moderator: It's a tall order, but there are probably several topics (that could be merged) on axes, saws and other tools as well as a discussion on the concepts of longer storms that require a large cache of firewood. I have noticed the expert players (on YouTube) are now building caches of sticks every time they venture out and they frequently cache them for when they need them in advance. So far, I haven't seen anyone survive long enough on Interloper to endure the really long and horrible blizzards that are surely to come as the Long Dark Winter gets far far worse. I really love the concept of progressive hardness as well as the concept of game heuristic tuning to meet the player skill level. Evil grin. This concept should satisfy the most jaded Interlopers who are not yet challenged enough. Apparently there are some who survive Interloper without benefit of clothing nor matches? I'm curious if there is a leader board or statistics that could demonstrate these experts (possibly those with insider knowledge) just to throw down the gauntlet.
  7. Both. You should do some playthroughs completely without narration that showcase the in game narrative, the sounds of the game, the features of the game such as animal behaviours but without explanation so that there is potential for the observant people to catch things or get ideas. I would limit this to one hour and I would recommend that you hire or enlist a certain expert gamer to do this, GELtaz. If he feels up to tackling The Hunted, that is probably one of the intensest challenges. Maybe throw in a wrinkle with heading in an odd direction and spending the first night in the snow shelter. Compress or edit parts of it; your expert knows his stuff. Secondly, Raph, you should know what you want to say in your narrative up front and then choose a scenario or two for background. I'd kind of like to see you do the game too! At this point, you would be extolling the new features of the game and discussing its capabilities in general without giving out map spoilers and with maybe only a few basic survival techniques such as making a fire, setting a snare, fishing etc.
  8. I just wanted to add that some of these guys that review a lot of games and comment on them all, have given a good try at TLD however, without investing significant effort into learning the game, can't really be used as great examples. Some of our up and coming experts have done more to popularize the game and I think one or two of the big time gamers, like Jack Septic Eye, could stand to go on the TLD survival course and THEN have a go at a challenge, such as The Hunted! I love dying in this game. It's so thrilling and hopeless! Is that weird?
  9. Four members voted on the poll before I added the options. If you state what you voted for, perhaps we can discount those votes. I do not know if it is possible for you to change your votes now. Add your comments please, if you did. Also, please comment if this discussion has made you aware of potential uses for the snow shelter you were unaware of! It's nice to know if it has been helpful. Thank you for your participation and interest!
  10. There is a rumor that GELtaz has already completed the video to celebrate 5000 subscribers. I know this is true because I have inside information about this video. If you are having withdrawal symptoms for the next GELtaz video, then PLEASE! Help us find 28 measly subscribers!!
  11. GELtaz has gone from zero to almost 5000 subscribers in just two years largely because of the fans supporting his Long Dark game play videos. He needs just 28 more subscribers to reach this magic goal of 5k subs. This is a poll to determine how many people subscribe to GELtaz. It's also a little bit of fun and games.
  12. If I were attempting to survive in the conditions seen in The Long Dark. I would have all the axes I could lay my hands on as well as saws. The simple reason is that firewood is life in the far North. Plain and simple. Survival depends upon spending between 30% and 10% of your free time harvesting firewood; to do this job proficiently you need a sled, a saw, an axe and a splitting maul. Most people make use of gasoline to do this work because it is intensive. They use a snow mobile and a chain saw and that greatly reduces the amount of time they must spend cutting wood. If you are camping in a snow shelter, you probably have to devote the majority of your time to getting firewood to prevent freezing. You better have a good supply of fishing line, hooks and bait because that is your only hope for survival. That is the harsh reality of real life survival. TLD is a game. If we get better tools for harvesting wood, it would only be because we are going to face longer and worse storms. I'm not keen to have longer storms unless we have much more serious crafting and unless cabin fever mechanic is changed. As for energy expenditure, I would hate to rely on a hatchet; it is simply a tool that you can carry on a hiking trip in the summer. You would not carry one on an extended multi-day hike in winter; you would carry a light axe probably or a folding saw. In the game you find sticks all over the place. That's another compromise; in winter, the sticks are covered by snow and they are wet. You must find standing dead wood in real life, you must fell it, you must buck it, you must split it and then you must make kindling and finally you must have tinder. If you don't have matches or lighters, you better have really good tinder that takes a spark nicely! Most of the cattails you can encounter in winter, are not that great; you should have harvested them earlier and dried them. There is a Poll about wood harvesting tools. We should see how the results fare on that. Often we desire features that make the game easier; we forget that what we need are features that actually make the game much more challenging and complex!
  13. Yes! The player should have to dig a pit with rocks to keep out the bear or suspend the food from a tree using a rope. Throwing it down on the ground seems crazy especially since wolves track you when you have the meat on you and yet they fail to detect it when you drop it outdoors not within their sight. This is actually a bug isn't it? A meat cache using rocks is not easy to build since you need heavy rocks, that are frozen to the ground. An outdoor locker would be a better option. How would you stop wolves from simply staking out your cache and waiting for you though?
  14. @Tenasi Vol check out GELtaz, dude. Sounds like you are getting crappy dice rolls. That's the game; it has randomness built in. I used to get crap starts but I could still play through but I used Voyageur and no starving; those are my rules for play; I stick with what I get and don't quit and I don't use the starvation exploit. You can also check out Graxter. Besides, Interloper is SUPPOSED to kill you. There are simply people who play so much, they find the ways. It's not an accident. I can make it on the Hunted but the old bear always tracks me down; I make fires but he won't respect them and you can't get enough wood fast enough to sustain enough fires. It's cold. And that is random. Seriously, there are people who insist that Stalker is simply too easy. There is always a hump to get past; you need the basic tools and you need a weapon. Get stuck out in a blizzard and you die. Having good weather is vital. Interloper is for people who find Stalker a breeze. Why do people insist on playing at the hardest level? Is it an ego thing?
  15. A quick shout out for @Hadrian for putting together an entire series of tutorials for the beginners. He tends to keep spoilers to a minimum but covers the basics so I can highly recommend his series for those just new to the game. See also Against All Odds | The Long Dark [Season 1] — Complete Series Hadrian The Long Dark Playlists and Survival School | The Long Dark Tutorial & How-To | Resolute Outfitter — Complete Series For those wanting to up their game and take on the hardest aspects of the game, I can recommend @GELtaz! Very entertaining and you will learn from one of the best experts at this game. GELtaz The Long Dark Playlists The Long Dark Help and Gameplay The Long Dark Interloper Let's Plays And for the dozens of other folks who are making YouTube videos, you can always check out the list here on Hinterland to browse all the players: Home > GENERAL INFO & DISCUSSIONS > Gameplay Videos & Streams > YouTube