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  1. As far as I know, it is on the long term feature map to add future installments of the game for the other seasons. I guess it depends upon the success of the game and demand. I think this is a superior game, much more strategic than other games even war games. More compromises; I love compromises.
  2. It would require a new feature to get fire without matches or the other fire starters. There has been considerable support for the addition of primitive fire making technology. Options could include bow drill, fire plow and many other options (see POLL on primitive fire making) or gathering fire from the environment such as lightning or sparking wires during some type of magnetic anomaly event. Even car batteries could potentially be used to start fires perhaps using reclaimed metal.
  3. In real life, the availability of containers is a very real concern. I like the idea of having water containers and start off with a one litre canteen and then add a bucket and other things. Also it would add realism to have a container for melting water too. Extra containers would weigh you down for travel but if there were a sled, it would be easier to make trips with lots of materials. The sled should have a limited capacity, say 50 kg. It's a major game change but we've had major changes before. You might wish to make a POLL to gather support or judge the opposition. The old hands will likely oppose changes while survivalists might think it adds great realism and additional challenge to the game. More challenge is good. More to think about; more compromises that must be made.
  4. The game requires that you learn to recognize when you have gotten somewhere you cannot get out of. Yeah its a PITA but heights are higher than what they appear (somehow). You can jump down or crawl down. The latter is preferred. You can often find a way up if you are persistent and move back and forth. I don't want or need a jump function; the game has been designed without it. It would change a lot if added but then if they decide its important, I can live with it. You should make a poll to solicit user feedback; be sure to identify [POLL] in the subject title to make them easier to find. You can find other polls by searching. A lot have been over come by events as features have been added. You can see the commonly requested items/features in the polls since I made a concerted effort to list them. Hinterland also has a roadmap with planned features and there is a poll for that as well to express your preferences. Hinterland is very responsive to user feedback and I hope they will continue to provide more great stuff especially (in my opinion) more wild life and more variety of behaviour of wild life. This is what makes the game interesting and challenging. Some old timers stopped playing when they felt they had mastered everything however the recent changes in animal behaviour have significantly altered the game. Old tricks no longer work too! The bear is much more difficult to hunt now.
  5. Only matches and a flare never travel without that minimum. I never carry wood except to drop it off when I arrive since I always gather it on the run. I like to have cattail roots for food and they keep indefinitely. If moving maps, I bring the lightest foods, not the heavy cans or meat although seldom is there much spare meat. I will bring guts if I have some and hides too if moving. I always bring all my tools when I move such as all axes and knives and weapons. Moving can be slow. Don't carry too much water; you can always get more. I try to leave as much stuff at base as possible. I prefer to carry guts not snares since it's lighter. I also bring cloth since that is essential for shelter building and clothing repairs but its best to repair all clothing to 100% before setting out and travel midday if possible. I don't like to sprint so avoiding the wolves is essential. This isn't too hard once you learn their haunts. I seldom carry extra clothing but with the new system, I would probably carry only what I can wear. Save your fur clothing for bitter weather and dress lightly if the weather permits; being able to haul meat, fish, hides or wood is important so I try to plan my trips for only one purpose and then only carry what is essential for that expedition. For short trips, it is best to dress lightly. For fishing expedition, you probably want the best clothing you can get. I only bring the bed roll if I'm going fishing, otherwise it stays where I need it, perhaps in a nearby fishing hut or a cave I need to use as a base. If I am bear hunting, I want that bed roll so I have a place to sleep near the bear since harvesting is a long thing. With plenty of sticks, it is seldom necessary to carry an ax however if your knife is low condition, use the ax instead to save the knife. Knives are essential for fighting the wolves. On the lower difficulties, a wolf battle is no big deal but very hard on the clothing. If you remove clothing before a wolf fight, you save your clothes but risk your skin and injuries. No big deal because it is usually easy to recover condition after a wolf fight if you have bandages and oldmans beard dressing. I leave mushrooms at the base for recovery from food poisoning. No need to carry them, they are heavy and even heavier once made into tea. It is better to carry pills since it is lighter. I like to boil up a lot of water at once and then only carry one litre at a time on short trips. You don't need much water for a day however it depends on the difficulty level. Raw guts seem to be the best wolf decoy. Check the long dark wikia for all the statistics. The knife is the best weapon for wolf fights. Hacksaw is very handy for butchering meat and I believe it can be repaired using the tool kit unlike knife or ax which require the whetstone. Try to think about carrying the least possible because when you return home, you will be loaded with either fish, meat or wood. Never all three at once. Leave the wood at the fishing hut or near your stove. Don't pack out wood unless you are setting up for a bear hunt and you will need fire. Bring lots of wood for fishing and stock pile it there. I consider starvation to be ill advised under normal conditions. I prefer to travel with a fully belly since it is better than packing the weight of food. Personally I don't like starvation technique; it is not realistic and kind of cheating however you cannot survive Interloper without this trick. Perhaps this will be changed in future; IDK. The best wolf strategy is to avoid them; as the game has progressed in development, wolves seem to be more on the hunt and you must know their haunts. Watch the Graxter for more excellent strategies and GELtaz is another great player with lots of tricks and tons of how-to videos. There are abundant videos out there on The Long Dark. You can learn from any of them however it can be frustrating to watch inexperienced players especially the famous gamers who don't play the game much. I won't name any names. The best players will leave a link to their videos here in the Video section. You may find the online maps to be useful or you can watch videos. The purists prefer to play the game without tips or spoilers; it's up to you which you prefer. Since you are asking for tips, I assume you want to get advice. Good luck and don't worry about dying; you will probably die several times before learning the maps and the weather. You must explore in order to learn the landmarks and the trails. There are often fallen trees to mark the important places on a trail and soon you will recognize the lay of the land enough to know where you are at. Navigating during storms is something you must do if starving but otherwise avoid it. It is slow and very hard on the clothing. I prefer to work from a base or two however many folks roam a lot and plunder loot. You can leave loot for emergencies; there is no need to carry too much stuff. It will slow you down and make the game play slow. Steve
  6. For all you folks out there looking for great tips, Graxter is a new and upcoming TLD video producer on YouTube. Check out these great tips and encourage the Graxter!! Thanks!!
  7. I don't know if you know this but Graxter advocates starting Interloper on TWM and then quickly moving off from there. See the Videos->Youtube for a link to his video. At first I thought this could have been written by the Graxter but maybe he took his notes from here! The hacksaw is becoming the tool of choice!
  8. I would like to introduce to you a very skilled player who is outlining the various strategies required for survival in Interloper. He very much uses the approach of S.T.O.P. which is all about planning, objectives, inventory management and priorities. Well watch the video and see for yourself. Also please encourage him to make more movies!!
  9. Groundhog day!
  10. Nice video buddy!
  11. Some of you noted my extended absence on the forum. That's because I recently moved to a new (to me) home at an interior location in BC. Not enjoying the snow and freezing weather too much. Good excuse to play TLD.
  12. Yes, I tend to agree that the whole process of hunting still leaves a lot to be desired. Is there any way we can get more strategy into this? Long range scouting? Binoculars for example? Watching wolves to determine if there are deer (caribou) around? Watching for birds to indicate a fresh wolf kill that one could scavenge? What is happening with deer despawning? That is, you chase a deer and loose sight of it and then it despawns? Is that still a thing?
  13. question

    What if you could somehow muscle a hand rail car up to the tracks and it made moving about easy? That is until you got to a blockade, which of course is also a perfect spot for a wolf or cougar ambush.
  14. Snow shelter survival. How are you planning to do it on maps like the Forlorn Muskeg when you must either continuously maintain a resource hungry fire? Yay for snow shelters and Forlorn Muskeg! +1 for Canadian content for the kudlik!
  15. I always thought cabin fever is something you get by being idle. Right now, you can just go to a snow shelter or cave to cure it (which it would only aggravate in real life) whereas when you keep busy by crafting, you should not be afflicted by cabin insanity. You are keeping the mind occupied. Insanity! I love this idea! Players loosing control of their avatar? Hmmm. Certainly a big motivation to avoid the hibernation exploit. Now if only one could add a penalty for the starvation exploit, the only thing that makes it possible currently to survive Interloper. Malnutrition?