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  1. Isn't Fluffy a she-wolf? ;-)
  2. suggestion

    It stands for my last name but I like the idea of polls. Part of good quality assurance is to gather customer feedback and polls are ideal for this, if well designed. People tend to like to be included on a poll with their inputs.
  3. +1 for more fur crafting items. Cured hides should not attract wolves; raw guts do because of their odor.
  4. I think this subject belongs in the bug reports; can it be moved there?
  5. Archery skill should increase irregardless of the target. Using a corpse as a target seems dark and needlessly inhumane. Using a frozen carcass as a target could be hard on the arrows, not the bow. I have also observed premature failure of the bow for unexplained reasons. I think it's a bug.
  6. Wild life may fight desperately to defend their young from predators.
  7. The wolf deer struggle is a bit one sided. Perhaps a wolf or two get injured before bringing down a big buck. The wolves should hunt deer in packs.
  8. What could you wrap meat in to preserve it? Butcher paper is one choice but it could be rare to find. Hides and guts are another option as well as a meat/food cache that you have to build from logs or stones or dug into the ground to keep cold in warmer weather. (something to keep in mind for later seasons in the TLD Series)
  9. Meat stored without proper wrapping will get dried out and will not be appetizing. Freezer burn is often the term. Preservation and wrapping for fish and meat would be a nice addition. Meat carcasses can be stored outdoors intact in quarters or large cuts to reduce freezer burn. At the end, you have left only the less desirable parts such as the bones. These can be made into soup for much needed fat and calories.
  10. question

    Maybe we can enhance this poll with suggestions for actual things the player might say. The list can be quite large. Perhaps this will be a two stage poll.
  11. question

    I think new vocalizations for hunting and killing are good to emphasize the caring of the player for his kills and to make obvious the inner conflict he/she may have with the taking of another creature's life. Other situations: Fear, Anger, Happiness, Despair, Sadness, Loneliness, Hope, Wonder Let's say the player attains a high vantage point and beholds a beautiful sunset; this should evoke a sense of wonder! After getting Cabin Fever, the player should sound depressed, lonely, bored, sad. When witnessing a death especially of another human, there should be anger or sadness. When sighting a wolf or a bear, there could be vocalizations for fear or concern or panic depending upon the player's state of mind. Hunger and fatigue could tend to increase the sad vocalizations whereas hunger should make him/her happier when gaining food. In short, increase the emotional responses of the player. Music also has this effect especially at night.
  12. What new things can the player say to increase the playing experience? What situations can use new vocalizations?
  13. By gore do you mean simply more visceral (sorry for the pun) visual effects? or actual entrails? I do like the idea of increasing the dramatic tension during a wolf or bear attack as well as other animal encounters. A moose for instance should pick you up and toss you around as you run away desperately! The bear should knock you down from behind as you flee futilely. Yes, increase the dramatic tension by all means! Entrails? well it's a real part of hunting and butchering so it has a place there. Why skirt around this issue? Children should see these things; where do they think their burgers and chicken drumsticks come from? I grew up on the farm and in rural areas so this was simply part of life. I would like to see the character also display more empathy for his kills such as saying sorry and better you than me buddy, or thank mon dieu for this precious supply of meat that will sustain me. More player speech should be easy to add. Animations are good; this is part of game making and it is important. It is up to the developers to understand the costs and trade offs; that's not our concern. We have no way to guess at this and our assumptions are very likely wrong.
  14. suggestion

    We've had a number of polls in the past. I did most of them. I don't know why you guys don't make more polls. They are a very good way to gather player feedback on the popularity of features and Hinterland has been very responsive to user requests. Just because there is a poll, is no guarantee of implementation of a desired feature. It is better to ask for a lot than not to ask at all and have a lesser game that looses out appeal when other (more costly) games come around. Hinterland is breaking new territory with The Long Dark! To find polls merely do a search for [Poll] with the search capability of the forum. I think I have about a dozen including one for the items on the current road map. Steve
  15. The wolves are already hunting in packs especially on the advanced levels. Random search patterns by wild life would be a good addition however the primary defense currently is knowing the wolf hunting routes. I completely agree that the wolf should range much farther and more randomly. This will drastically increase the dangers and increase the game difficulty. Well the advanced players have been asking for more danger so give it to them! (tee hee) I prefer the slightly more realistic and timid wolves of Voyageur. In Interlooper, the wolves should be rabid and could have red eyes at night for extra drama.