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  1. serious necro on this post. wtg stevep =D keep commenting raph
  2. crouching can sometimes push you out of sticky areas.
  3. found these better ones
  4. He burns. .. and one with the shell embedded in his head
  5. Using the half spent torch to start fires guarantees 1 match starts. This may slow slightly the countdown to death.
  6. Can't wait to see what you've cooked up this time!
  7. There are enough cattails in the game to keep you alive for quite some time. Eventually having a knife is nice, but not having it doesn't doom you to die.
  8. Due to random chance of matches in locker (car trunk too) I ALWAYS open everything (depending on prybar).
  9. I really like the solution of wrapping the chance% in with the tinder. This is already true for the fuel and source right? Great post @octavian , WB.
  10. I agree more mechanics should be included to encourage exploration. I don't feel like the game needs to be hyper realistic as loss of gameplay though. Changing the stones to degrade at a realistic rate would indeed discourage exploration - and i feel like discouraging "camping" or "hibernating" should be paramount to realism.
  11. I'm not sure I'm clear on your use of the word logical. Do you mean realistic? Like closer to real life values? Or do you mean logical as "with sound reason"? The way the mechanic works now seems to encourage exploration and investigation - which are all fun aspects of this game. A whetstone that lasted a lifetime would discourage further exploration which doesn't seem to fit the spirit (as I perceive it) of this game and thus would be an illogical choice.
  12. I find playing real life is the most realistic experience mode. I like the whetstone/tool balance - removing it would clearly make the game much less difficult and imo less fun.
  13. Thanks again @Drifter Man. The pics add lots of flavor to your thread. Your writing style is super but the pics and their timing blend perfectly with your posts. Keep up the great work!
  14. Subjective nonsense: I read a lot of books in my life and i know i don't get tired from reading. RL: Physical exertion makes you tired man, unless you live on the moon. But, i would also appreciate an indoor activity in game that also quickly drains the rest bar.
  15. It was a suggestion, and by it's nature can't be wrong. How abrasive.