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  1. Hi, I launched the game. Really don't know what the problew was... Now everything is ok. Thank you all !
  2. First step, verify your files... Go to your Steam account >> The Long Dark >> Properties >> Verify Integrity Of Game Cache Which game version are you playing (I'm assuming v.218 or earlier since the build doesn't match the newest Unity 5 test run version). You should also attach your output log so the devs can take a look to see what might be interfering with the game starting up. Info to find your output debug files here: viewtopic.php?f=55&t=504 Verify Integrity Of Game Cache - doesn't work. Always shows 0% completed. Log file doesn't exist in mentioned folder.
  3. I did - the same...
  4. Hi, I cant start Long Dark last two or three days. Window "Strating Lhe Long Dark" is opened but nothing happens after that. Current version is 582096. Also I tried to check cache verification it doesnt work also. Coul you please advice what the problem is ? Thanks.