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  1. There should be simple and advanced arrows. The advanced arrows is what we have today. The simple ones should be able to make without a forge and these cant kill animals. But when you have to defend yourself they can be useful to ward off hungry wildlife. The wildlife that takes a hit from a simple arrow will run away and so you lose your simple arrow.
  2. which windows?
  3. @Patrick Carlson Ah ok now i see it. I think its a leftover from the bedroll sleeping menu since in a car you cant pick the bedroll up. So i suggest remove the buttom left corner buttons and divide the long button into 2. One for sleep the other for cancel.
  4. yeah this is it
  5. No u didnt understand. Give a cancel button to the menu
  6. One does not simply get hypothermia. You must have slept for many hours straight which is a risk you are taking when doing it outside. So you took the risk and died. Thats how it is.
  7. @Patrick Carlson i hope u now know what i mean
  8. When you wanna go sleeping in a car there is no cancel button. And we need that cause now 2 times i have slept in a car for 1 hour when i was freezing and almost got me killed What i mean is you click on "sleep in car". A menu shows up showing how much calories it will cost etc. It is in this menu a cancel button is needed.
  9. When you wanna go sleeping in a car there is no cancel button. And we need that cause now 2 times i have slept in a car for 1 hour when i was freezing and almost got me killed
  10. If its near a rope then its there all the time
  11. Make a special rope book, then when you have read the book you can use the climbing rope to move heavy things like a deer carcass if there is a tree nearby
  12. For each location there could be a journal (like in the hut in the new mountain map), where there is a route on a map and you have to go there and pick something up and bring it back to the location. Like it could be a deerskin from a deer carcass or it could be 5 rose hips etc
  13. suggestion

    U can also make it so if you are inside and it has been snowing you cant get outside. Then you would have to find a window and work your way to the door and remove the snow that is blocking the door
  14. suggestion

    I like the idea that snowfall has some kind of effect other than visual
  15. U should be able to make a snowshelter next to a carcas and drag the carcas into the snowshelter and work on it in there Or build a snowshelter around the carcas