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  1. Snowshelters wont keep wolves at bay
  2. The most serious i have done is not that serious, but one time i was running a Marathon in our capital and suddenly after 24 km my knee felt strange. A marathon is 41,195 km. Like my kneecap was on its way out of its place. So i had to stumble on one leg the rest of the route. Maybe the last 5 kms or so my knee felt a little better so i could begin walking normally again. But it was a long distance to stumble, it was in a city so i was in no danger but i didnt knew the city so i couldnt take any shortcut even if i wanted. My longest run up until that point was 32km but i made it. Another time was after school i was just a little kid and i had to bike home normally this takes 15 minutes or so, but this day there was a snowstorm and the snow had stockpiled on the road cause it was a small rural road. The snow reached up till my waist. And i had to drag my bike through this aswell. It was really tough. At one point i didnt have more energy in me so i just laid down in the snow and gathered some energy. When i had energy to move again i said fuck this i go up on the field where there not much snow. But i had to climb the small hill to get there not much maybe 1m or 1,5meter but with my bike and through snow it was hard but i made it. Then later the road split in two and i thought i would turn left whereas normally i would just go straight, because turning left gave me some cover from the wind. But it was a mistake because here again i ran into an area where the snow had piled up. So i had to go through this deep snow again. The trip took maybe an hour or a little more and when i came home i had nothing left in me and just dropped to the toilet floor.
  3. Well when i said make it a challenge i mean that it should be a challenge.
  4. Yeah give the player a choice. If sprained injury have the player suffer the pain and thus getting impaired or let him choose to take painkillers, making the injury worsen but have enhanced performance, and then later when you will take care of the injury it must be much more severer to treat it than if you did not take painkillers.
  5. The gloves and hats where lost during the chrash
  6. the idea behind using newspaper was to conseal the smell. Maybe there is something else that can be used. Newspaper was just a quick idea.
  7. I like the idea, but something more needs to happen. Because on interlopper it would be too hard. Maybe there could be a planechrash that you have to search it and find some supplies, or there would be 4 rosehips right next to where you spawn...
  8. Like it needs to be packaged (newspaper can be used for this?) and put up in a tree or something or else animals will come and eat it away. In real life sometimes i dont put my garbage into the garbage container because im lazy so i put it outside my door. Often animals comes to pick holes into it and see if there is anything edible.
  9. You are free to interpret the graphics of the game as you want. If all the wood in the apocalypse burns then how come there still are trees? I didnt say that all wood will burn.
  10. Many of the buildings are not normal anymore and cant be used
  11. Why do u think that?
  12. No the idea is to put it out of memory. The memory of the computer
  13. Yeah but actually it isnt. A fire is much smaller than a snowshelter so it takes much longer to find a place for snowshelter. In real life you wouldnt do that. You would find a space and start building it. And if the place proved to not be suitable for a spot the snowshelter will collapse
  14. they can easy remodel the maps. thats for the devs to figure out where the lava is gonna be
  15. After the magnetic storm hit earth there could be opened up to some lavapools here and there where u can throw things into it to delete them.