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  1. It should also be noted that in the game weight dissapear when you eat while in real life weight only dissapear when you go to the toilet or when you breath.
  2. Having fire near a fishing hole what could go wrong? Description of what the gif shows: 2 guys goes on to a frozen lake. One guy is holding a flame the other guy is punching a hole in the ice. Methane is released and get in touch with the flame and make a fireball. The guy who punched the hole gets very close to the fireball. Wether he was hurt or alright is not shown. https://i.imgur.com/MDsSXbD.gifv Dont know if this is a thing in Canada though
  3. Cabin fever is good its just that i think there should be mental instabilities such as boilling water and then u lose concentration and then you stop before you are finished, or you get blurry vision, then dark vision then you wake up finding yourself to be nearby outside and have been outside for 15 minutes or you begin to walk diagonally instead of straight etc etc etc - instead we get this "cant sleep while inside" ... eeeh what? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cabin_fever Lets repeat that one more time:
  4. Distribution of weight does not negate weight. Weight is mass (kg) multiplied with the gravitational factor (m/s^2) and the result is a force (1 unit newton) pulling downwards. Now where does this force end up? In the ground so its your feets who will carry all the weight. Therefore distribution of weight means nothing in this game. You can have all your weight in your hand or on your back but your feets will feel the same regardless.
  5. I was going to Mystery lake through the dam and Fluffy attacked me. But with my hammer i scared him off however i was left for dead. With 2 % condition and a flare going i had to reach the 3 trailers without freezing or starving. Just one little freeze and i would be dead. So i managed to get to the place where the road turns right. I thought this was about how far i could go because now i began to freeze. And then also 2 wolves blocked my path. But i could make a fire with the flare and scare the wolves off and with the fire i made 3 coffees got some heat and energy into my body so i could run again and took the long way around the wolves and barely made it to the trailers with screen alternating to black and stumbling all the way. However i was far from safe it is interlopper after all so i took some pictures of my journal showing how i recovered slowly. some 10 days it took for me to reach 100% again. The last picture is a graph illustrating it better. http://share.pho.to/Ak4st
  6. I dont see it having any usefulness cause i know the maps already. I just do it because as a sidequest. And you can set up a fire so u dont freeze to death, or make a shelter
  7. I can only give u this information https://www.reddit.com/r/winterporn/comments/2utwgf/very_cold_self_portrait_at_night_pyramid_mountain/
  8. Can it be made so clothes begin to freeze before it gets 100% wet? Like at 20% wet or something? And it should freeze faster the colder it is , and dry up the warmer it is
  9. When mapping the area and surveying the area, make the area bigger but in return it should also take some time. Like maybe 2-3 hours
  10. already been suggested before
  11. Clothes should get wet if you get too close to a water fall
  12. I like the new riffle graphics
  13. It should be possible to practise shooting Make 1 liter of water. Drop the water. Place the water bottle on a shelf. Walk away from the water bottle, aim and fire. If you hit the water bottle it should explode and u lose the water. Also if you fired from long enough distance your skill with the riffle or arrow should increase. Also since this can be abused by firing and then reload the game to get endless ammunition the game should autosave if you fired when there are no animals around.
  14. There need to be a way to see what the temperature is, and its not to make the game easier. Its because i dont immerse myself into the bitter coldness when i cant see how cold it is. I dont feel im in a deadly cold environment. My brain just goes into its "colder than what is comfortably". And this is not enough for immersion. Well either put the temperature back on the screen when i press tab or make it possible to find a thermometer. It could be something antique and big and clumsy as this one http://barometersonline.biz/2014/07/24/antique-dutch-wooden-carved-wall-hanging-barometer-thermometer And then you hang it on the outside of the wall of your home. Also could there be a button in the fire menu which allows you to spend time until the fire is out. This makes sense now that u can pick up charcoal. Also there should me a medic window giving you an overview of the condition of your body.