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  1. I had this issue as well after the beta before Resolute Outfitter. I was able to fix it by moving The Long Dark to a different category (i.e. out of favorites).
  2. +1 This seems like an easy feature that would satisfy a lot people.
  3. I saw this as well and saved a screenshot of the deer corpse surrounded by feathers, if that's helpful. It was approximately day 4, the deer corpse near the clear cut, and the corpse had a broken arrow. I didn't notice that there were many crows, but I was gathering sticks when I happened upon the corpse, so I never looked up.
  4. I'm not sure if this is related, but the only rose hip on the summit that I'm aware of has sunk into the snow as well.
  5. I found two hacksaws in TWM and one on a crate at the plane. (I think I found more in a crate with other tools.)
  6. +1 I would also like to just eat/drink from the cooking screen, but this seems like it would be easy and handy.
  7. I would like for sleep to be interrupted when you gain the freezing, starving, or dehydrated condition. This wasn't really a big deal until TM, where you have to sleep outside a lot. It's really tedious to have to sleep an hour or two at a time to work out when you need to start a fire, and it seems like freezing would probably wake you up anyway. I also often forget to drink before sleeping and needlessly lose condition to dehydration. (As a bonus, this change would make it more cumbersome for people to abuse these game mechanics to get ridiculously high survival times.) Of course, this shouldn't prevent a player from going back to sleep if there's nothing you can do about it, which is why I suggest waking on gaining the negative condition rather than on taking damage.
  8. +1 to Burning Sticks. Maybe they should only be -10 or -15 minutes, though.
  9. I would prefer for the torch to become noticeably dim at <10, but I would settle for a red torch icon in the bottom left corner. That's sufficiently minimalist for my taste.
  10. I enjoyed having to find the new areas, but as a result, I was always well equipped when I got to the new zones. Starting a new game in TWM was a great experience, so I suppose I'm glad for the ability to start there.
  11. Only a spoiler if you haven't reached the summit of Timberwolf Mountain [spoil]So the "container part of one of the cargo container immediately to the right of the door to the airplane "sunk" half a meter or so into the floor of the plane. It seems to have happened 1 or 2 days after arriving at the Summit. I can only access it by climbing on top of adjacent box. It may have happened when I harvested the large fir branch next to it. [/spoil]
  12. I just logged in to post this bug. Glad you're already on top of it!
  13. Not sure a hammer spawns there, but did you check the barn at PV? I've found a hacksaw there before.