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  1. Time has been a strange phenomenon in TLD for quite some, well, time. It's a feature I first noticed in v258. Look here. Since then I have seen many threads related to that topic. When I first noticed it, a drop in temperature would shorten the burning time of the fire (illogical in my and some other peoples' view). So you could freeze to death if you went to sleep and a blizzard came to shorten your fire time. This may have been changed in the meantime to some other weird mechanism. I wish fires would just burn the time indicated.
  2. Looks like Snowball 47 could go the distance...
  3. Hotzn, look into the mirror! Did you do this? Did you fall prey to a bear for not listening before camping? Like a noob? Did you really do this? What are they going to think - Scyzara, toebar, selfless and the rest? Bad Hotzn! Bad! OK... Interloper, play the girl, no badges... Day 1: I spawn... somewhere. It's daytime, and,of course, cold. I may search around in the menus for more information, but it feels clunky... I have a feeling the game has become more cumbersome, but can't exactly put my finger on it. I liked to have numbers, it just gave me a better impression of how cold exactly it is. Anyway, maybe I just have to get used to it. I run along with the wind and come upon three cars and two dead bodies. What happened here, traffic accident? I have actually never been here, but I know where this place is - in Pleasant Valley. I search everything, finding a granola bar in one of the cars. Where to go from here? The fallen tree is pointing like a fateful finger, and I decide to head in that direction. Indeed it takes me to the rope leading up to Timberwolf Mountain. Should I go there? I have once found my demise doing this, I think it was my very first Interloper run when Interloper was brand new. Still, there are likely matches to be had in the Mountaineer's Hut, and matches are somewhat important here. So yes, after plundering the bunker (nothing much) I make my way up the rope. Gathering sticks on the way (and freezing mightily), I successfully reach the hut, finding a box of 12 wooden matches (yay!), a sewing kit, a ski jacket, a book and another granola bar. I make a big fire and warm up, then - no wolves on the lake, only deer and rabbits - gather cat tails and loot the fishing hut (hammer, scarf, Canadian toque and book on fishing - excellent). Back to warming up in the Mountaineer's Hut and feeding the fire. It is now dark and snowing outside, so I will have to spend the night here. Dismantling the crates, I have enough wood to keep the fire going until morning. I even manage to sleep and make plenty of water.
  4. Day 7: Waking up at... well, shortly before dawn, I am starving, but still at 94% condition. It's pitch dark, and a blizzard blowing outside. I realize I made a beginner's mistake by not dropping my Maple sapling on the floor overnight - it could have done some curing. Well, not a critical one. Time to make a plan for the day. I've got 8 cattail stalks left and a Summit Soda. That will carry me roughly two nights with good healing. I will make a stopover of one night at Rural crossroads so I won't reach the mine exhausted. The question is: Should I walk the big arch and hit the pond with the fishing hut? What could be gained there? I already have the hacksaw and am loaded with 27 kg. Hmmm... maybe matches. Can never have enough of those. But the big arch is long, I could freeze a lot, and wolves might get in the way. No. I'll take the shorter route down the rope and pass by the bear cave. Hit the road and collect what is at the green barn in the woods by the roadside. If I arrive early at Rural Crossroads, I may use the time to collect some cattails there. Yes. I will plan for a fire on the way though for warming up and will have to collect some sticks on the way to get enough warmth... Reaching the rope without incidents, I scan the terrain downstairs for the bear... nothing. At the bottom is a deer carcass, but stopping to harvest it would mean abandoning the plan, and I have made the experience that abandoning the plan usually leads to trouble. So off I go. Hit the road and make a fire to warm up on the first bridge. While I wait for the warmth to creep into my bones, I make some more water. In the meantime, fog has fallen. I grab some torches (really, the torch pulling...) and move on. See the green barn between the trees and check it out... a corpse... nothing on it. Just a couple of Rosehips to be had here. Back on the road, I toss the torch and see if I can light another torch by holding it to the one on the ground... it works... and a check reveals I didn't use a match. Perfect, we live in torch-world again. Next another deer carcass to the left. Had bad experiences with that in another run. No thank you. When I finally reach the little store at Rural Crossroads, I check it again. Some visibility inside now because of the torch. Seems I didn't overlook anything though. The texture of one of the fridges is definitely wrong. I walk across the riverbed from here, but there are no cattails at this spot. Enter the cabin with the bed on the other side to warm up, then step back outside to try the new map feature. I've got some charcoal so it should work, shouldn't it? I open the map by pressing "m". Hmmm... no button for drawing. Ho does this work? All right, general TLD knowledge tells me to go looking in some other menu. Inventory... charcoal... aha - I can "equip" it. Done. Now I can open the map again and... sketch. Guys, not meaning to criticize, but it's not exactly obvious that you have to "equip" charcoal to use the map feature. Would be nice if you could just start sketching from the map menu as long as you have charcoal on you. Anyway, what did I sketch now? Right. A little cabin. To be honest, I knew before that that cabin was here. Also I realize I gingerly sketched while a blizzard started and lost quite a bit of my condition. Hmmm... I don't see myself using that map feature very often.
  5. Excellent data. And it shows what I presumed - that the game is missing out on an opportunity here. As is, Fir is inferior in all aspects and therefore moot (it can still serve to craft or repair stuff, but given its abundance that doesn't really count). Shame really. Fir should have more fire duration, less chance of firestarting. Whether or not the temp bonus should also be modified... not sure atm...
  6. Thanks for the tips. I think the game is missing out on an opportunity when it comes to the different kinds of wood. Long ago, there was Cedar, Fir and reclaimed wood. Cedar gave a much better chance of starting the fire, Fir gave longer duration. I think it would be good if Cedar gave us more temperature and Fir more duration. So if we planned for a potential emergency fire on the way, we would take along Cedar to warm up fast and then move on. Whereas if we planned to make a real camp somewhere, maybe overnight in a cave or so, we would go for duration and take Fir. Hmmm... on second thoughts all that becomes moot as soon as we have coal, as that gives us both insane temperature as well as duration for the least weight... Concerning the combat boots, I didn't consider wetness protection so much so far. Maybe because I didn't run into any wet-clothes-freezing problem. But I shall keep that in mind and maybe go for the boots. I have to admit that I haven't gathered too much experience with the clothes, since I haven't played much during the last months. All these clothes mechanics are still pretty new to me.
  7. Good to hear I'm not the only one who has a problem with darkness inside buildings. I guess it must be tricky for the devs to hit the sweet spot. It should be a little challenge to find every piece of loot in a building, and I don't mind having dark corners or cellars or even whole buildings where you need to use a light source. Heck, the mines for example - they may be pitch dark, because that's what I would EXPECT from a mine. However, when I am in a room with several windows and it's daytime... it just feels strange not being able to see anything properly. That's when squinting my eyes gets on my nerves.
  8. That one was gold - didn't know about the option. Thanks a lot and +1. Thanks for the heads up. I find your posts equally instructive by the way, and given your knowledge of the game I'm a bit surprised that you can still get something out of my posts. Anyway, makes me glad.
  9. Close. I am a lawyer, and I have a second job in the field development of artificial intelligence.
  10. May I be so bold as to ask you what inspired you to make this post?
  11. Ohne sometimes tends to forget how funny Leslie Nielsen was... thanks for the reminder.
  12. Cool, can you mail order those? I would wear them to work. On a more serious note - snow blindness would be cool feature. If you spend much time outside when the sun is up, your vision gets temporarily impaired. Sunglasses would then be another useful item in the game. Or those Birch bark goggles as the renewable alternative (of course your sunglasses have a tendency to break in a fight).
  13. Interesting point. Handfighting wolves still is the quicktime event it was from the beginning. So what would handfighting NPCs look like? Maybe the same.
  14. Ah, OK. I misunderstood this then. So @Drifter Manis the current King of the Mountain I suppose.
  15. Didn't @Ruruwawa do 130 days? I may have misunderstood that. Even so... 100 days would be that goal.
  16. There should be an achievement for surviving 100 days exclusively on the TWM map on Interloper.
  17. How did I miss this post? Very interesting. I haven't had a wolf fight since the cartographer update, so don't know anything. I remember before the update we could sometimes fight off the wolf without any damage by starting clicking before the actual attack. I presume that trick has been removed with the 'weapon selection'?
  18. +1 for arcane knowledge
  19. Nice. Not exactly easy to recover from 2% on Interloper.
  20. Good one. Not exactly easy to make a long run on TWM. What mode did you play on?
  21. Guy on the right is Raphael van Lierop, saying after the flame, "ok, Alan, we can use that in the game... Alan?"
  22. Good one. I have to say that the scent mechanic per se is a good thing (proof is that old Hotzn has suggested it years ago). It needs work though. My idea from times long gone was that 1. scent has to travel with the air, 2. you have to see which way the air is moving (when things are fairly calm it would be best to see your breath moving away from you while dispersing; otherwise snowflakes travelling on a breeze could be a good indicator), 3. only animals downwind from you can smell the scent you are giving off. Other changes would be: 4. Meat lying around in the open would soon attract predators (from downwind) and be eaten. 5. Animal carcasses would spawn from time to time in random places. Not like on the ice but rather in less accessible places. A bit hidden so to say. In clear weather, the player could locate them by looking for circling crows. 6. After half a day or so, a pack of wolves would gather at these randomly spawned carcasses and devour them. Or a bear. A Latecomer would have to confront these to get a share. Would make for interesting confrontations.
  23. Intense, thanks for sharing. The answer could be that you leave the meat cooked on the lake and venture out to consume it there when you get hungry.
  24. Because you must have seen a different pun that I could not see.
  25. Heh. Loving this.