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  1. Again! We must gain knowledge of phase 3 and beyond!
  2. Intense. Please do go on.
  3. So I found my doom on my first Interloper run. After surviving for 9 days, I ended up in TWM, desperately looking for cattails on the lake in the middle of the night and at 5% condition... and met a hungry wolf. For those interested, the story is found here. I started a second run and I'm currently on day 36. Might as well report a little how I'm going about. So... Day 36: Returning from a trip to the coast, I am warming up again in my cabin on Jackrabbit Island. 4 hours of daylight remain, I've starved down to 80% but have some rabbit meat lined up outside in the snow, next to the veranda, so I'll regain some health overnight. 5 snares are set up behind the cabin (I put them there to be able to harvest any rabbits caught in them while being shielded from the wind). I have the impression that they mostly catch rabbits in the morning, so I expect to have some more rabbit tomorrow. On the kitchen floor I have 27 litres of clean drinking water und countless sticks. So no problem when it comes to feeding fires or myself. Matches: 25 in my backpack and another 12 stored away in the oven. That's not too much, and I should try to use the magnifying lens as often as I can. I have a hammer and a hacksaw, also a box of quality tools to repair them. Clothes: I've crafted the deerskin pants, which are still at 98%, and the rabbitskin mitts, which are at 94%. 12 cured guts, 1 cured leather and some cured rabbit skins are stored in the cupboard in the bedroom. I can repair the mittens, but will need more deerskin to repair the pants one day. My current clothing gives me a +10°C temperature bonus and an additional +6°C windproof bonus:
  4. Just discovered this and watched a let's play. The concept is awesome. If somebody would combine this with monstrum - that would be the ultimate horror survival scenario...
  5. I'm not sure how cabin fever works exactly, since I haven't experimented with it. I just saw that sleeping indoors does not raise the risk. I presume that resting does, but didn't test. Until I reached the forge, I never had a risk of cabin fever coming up in this run. I presume this is because I had spent little time indoors - usually just sleeping or warming up and then returning outside to gather sticks or some such. Using the forge, however, takes a lot of time - you have to heat up the thing to 150°C, so then you want to make good use of the fuel you invested. I made a makeshift hatchet (took 5 hours I believe), a makeshift knife (3 hours) and 4 arrowheads (4 hours), all in one session. Then I saw that I had a risk of cabin fever, already quite high. I shook that off by spending one night in the snow shelter.
  6. It's the old phenomenon that some players seem to feel better knowing their avatar could live forever, even if they never really make use of it. Interestingly, for me it's the other way around - knowing that my avatar will eventually die makes his/her actions more meaningful to me. Life is fragile and time therefore precious.
  7. No special management of sleep - I just get up in the morning and sleep at night, usually 9 hours of sleep in one go. Took some cooked rabbit with me from CH and found a little bit to eat in DP - a tin of sardines in the lighthouse, two cans of Pinnacle peaches in the safe in Hibernia, salty crackers on a corpse in the Riken. The food allowed me to regain condition overnight which I had lost from starving during the day, so my condition was always 100% or close to that in the morning. I didn't freeze much, since the trips between warm shelters in DP are short. The only problem which came up was a high risk of cabin fever (58%) after the forging process. In this context I discovered that the risk of cabin fever does not increase while you sleep indoors. Only if you spend the time otherwise. I was wary of wolves in Crumbling Highway, but only saw a single one in the distance on my way back. I don't think I will return to DP in this run, so no wolf worries in Crumbling Highway again for me so soon.
  8. Day 49: A little bit of fast-forward - at some point I set out towards Crumbled Highway. It was cold, I had to stop twice on the way to make a fire and warm up again. Finally entering Crumbled Highway, I made the snow shelter right after the loading screen, in the grassy area before you duck under the boulder to actually reach the burnt houses (and, possibly, wolves). I chose this area, because I wanted to be out of the way of wildlife (so as not to wake up confronted with a wolf or bear), and partly because it seemed protected from the wind. So I can make a fire next to the snow shelter and sleep without the fire being blown out. Not sure if my location was well chosen or not. Anyway, I soon realized that the snow shelter only gives a +15°C temperature bonus (and when I saw that, I suddenly remembered that I knew it before from somewhere). Unfortunately, that was not sufficient to keep me warm, and I didn't have enough firewood with me to keep me going through the night. So I was forced to press on, already quite tired. Going through the mine, I collected 17 pieces of coal, but had to drop them at the exit again, because things were getting too heavy to carry. Went down to the road to reach the lighthouse, the weather was getting stormy, and then I imagined I heard a bark. Old reflexes made me light my only flare. I tried to find another way to the lighthouse, but my girl held the flare right in her face, and it was hard to see. Somehow I finally made it to the lighthouse, freezing und utterly exhausted. Phew. The next day, I crossed the second mine, gathering more coal, exited on the other side near Hibernia, looted that (and cut down some metal shelves) and slept on one of the mattresses over night. From there I went to the Riken. The forge, finally. Made a makeshift knife and hatchet and 4 arrowheads, then returned to the lighthouse and from there back to my snow shelter. So the trip brought me the makeshift knife and hatchet. I also found a stim, a firestriker at 42% and a Maple sapling. Unfortunately, no bedroll. And I didn't have the nerve to stay in DP for longer, although I might have tried. I had 4 snares with me, they could have been a basis to get things going. But somehow I feel drawn back to my sweet home on Jackrabbit Island... So here I am, standing next to my snow shelter at the entrance to Crumbled Highway and tending to the fire, asking myself whether the night will bring some unpleasant surprise or not...
  9. Hotzn, a nickname? Who would pick something that ridiculous as a nickname? Well, yeah... it could be a nickname. On a sidenote, this thread is now marked as "hot" in the list. @cekivi, is this our doing?
  10. Not necessary. Hurrm... *clears throat*... welcome to the forums. Heh.
  11. I'm actually German. Does the name Hotzn not sound particularly German to you?
  12. Ah, thank you @cekivi. She might have been a ghost. Or a Russian hacker. You never know these days, and old Hotzn is easily scared.
  13. You're probably right. My last Stalker efforts were about surviving in TWM alone, so that could be where my feeling comes from.
  14. I remember very well when I was in elementary school, one day I was running down a corridor because I had forgotten something somewhere (I think I left a book in the changing room of the gym). My teacher (a lady) came down the corridor from the other side and called out to me, "whatever your brain lacks, you will compensate for it with your legs!" That has become the motto of my life since then.
  15. Interloper is great so far. it seems key to move around a bit at the beginning and get some equipment. Especially matches and the hacksaw seem to be useful to get going. And for this 'early looting' you have to know your maps. As soon as you start crafting stuff, the game reminds me of former Stalker runs.
  16. I don't think the game adapts to your playstyle. There has never been any mention of it.
  17. Nice idea, but it's unclear how this would affect the balance of the game. At least on the higher difficulty levels the costs for building an igloo would have to be very high.
  18. Would be an interesting feature to have backpacks as separate items in the game. The inventory would have to provide for possibilities to decide where to put something - into the backpack, a belt pouch, trousers or whatever. We could then drop the backpack and see it as an item in the game world. It would then act as a container - clicking on it would offer the options to either put it on or open it. Opening it would be like opening a drawer, we would see the content und could take things out or place new things inside (as long as there is space). Now bears could be made to occasionally surprise and pursue a player. It might then become necessary to drop the backpack to make a getaway, and the bear would plunder it, doing a lot of damage to the contents. We would then have to return later and salvage what is left. Food would of course be gone. This could be good as a "bear attack" would not necessarily be lethal (or close to lethal), but would "cost" resources. This would allow for interesting situations imo.
  19. I like this!
  20. +1. Maybe the game could take notice of whether condition goes further down and dynamically alter the music...
  21. Interesting. I saw the video a while ago and tried to do it myself on two or three trees. Didn't work. I didn't think it was the shape of the tree that mattered. Good find!
  22. I have suggested this a long time ago and I am still suggesting it: The one-way door at the Carter Dam should have a sign on its OUTSIDE, saying something like "Fire exit - door does not open from this side" or some such.
  23. Great thread, @Drifter Man, I hadn't come back here since my last comment. Now I read all the new posts from there and was biting my nails, thinking "why, why, why doesn't he try the snow shelter?". Myself, I have never used it and I wasn't even sure that you can sleep there without a bedroll, but I had a dim memory (from reading other posts) that you can. Now, thanks to your report, I find this confirmed. My first thinking was not to go for the summit, but to find a different location as base than the hut, using the snow shelter. And to construct it early, procuring the necessary cloth by harvesting some of the starting clothes. So you wouldn't necessarily need the hacksaw to open any containers. It would be interesting to see if that's a viable strategy (since harvesting the little clothes you start out with might be counterproductive when it comes to losing warmth), and also interesting to contemplate which spot would be ideal to put it. Maybe a spot with rabbits, and to put some snares right in front of the entrance. Could it be possible to harvest the rabbits while being inside the snow shelter? That could help a lot. Especially if you have the hacksaw. Anyway, it was a relief to see that at some point the idea with the snow shelter came up and you tried it. You are the Captain Kirk of the TLD world, boldly going where no player has gone before and returning alive to talk about it. Really love reading your reports, keep up the good work!