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  1. The Wendigo is a substantial part of late game survival and should NOT be removed.
  2. You are... not using the Hinterland mug?
  3. Nice examples, and yes, there is still room for improvement. But it should also be noted that the in-game comments are already a lot better and more context-sensitive than they originally were. The first place I would like to see further improvement is indeed the comments when finding food, especially when already starving.
  4. All those hours of playing TLD and I haven't discovered this before - I can eat food items and satiate my thirst by double-clicking on them, respective on the water container in my backpack. Oh, that little joy I feel now, everytime I eat and drink in the game... no more moving the mouse here and there, no more aiming at buttons which are situated down at the right on the screen...
  5. Bees hibernate in the Winter. You would have a hard time finding them, and they wouldn't sting if disturbed. It would be better to add a jar of honey as an item you can find and which could be used to attract bears for hunting.
  6. Binoculars and a compass have been suggested multiple times and years ago. Binoculars would be agreat addition in my view. Compass not so much, since the maps are already too easy to navigate as is. Could make sense if the maps were made larger and more difficult though.
  7. Painkillers should not cure the injury. Instead, they should blend out the pain, enabling you to walk faster and even run with a twisted ankle. A twisted ankle should slow you down much more than it currently does in the game. In that situation, painkillers could become a real life-saver, as they might enable you to reach the next shelter or run away from wolves before worse things happen. But later the pain should come back and force you to heal the injury by traditional means - eg healing salve, rest, herbal tea etc.
  8. So I found my doom on my first Interloper run. After surviving for 9 days, I ended up in TWM, desperately looking for cattails on the lake in the middle of the night and at 5% condition... and met a hungry wolf. For those interested, the story is found here. I started a second run and I'm currently on day 36. Might as well report a little how I'm going about. So... Day 36: Returning from a trip to the coast, I am warming up again in my cabin on Jackrabbit Island. 4 hours of daylight remain, I've starved down to 80% but have some rabbit meat lined up outside in the snow, next to the veranda, so I'll regain some health overnight. 5 snares are set up behind the cabin (I put them there to be able to harvest any rabbits caught in them while being shielded from the wind). I have the impression that they mostly catch rabbits in the morning, so I expect to have some more rabbit tomorrow. On the kitchen floor I have 27 litres of clean drinking water und countless sticks. So no problem when it comes to feeding fires or myself. Matches: 25 in my backpack and another 12 stored away in the oven. That's not too much, and I should try to use the magnifying lens as often as I can. I have a hammer and a hacksaw, also a box of quality tools to repair them. Clothes: I've crafted the deerskin pants, which are still at 98%, and the rabbitskin mitts, which are at 94%. 12 cured guts, 1 cured leather and some cured rabbit skins are stored in the cupboard in the bedroom. I can repair the mittens, but will need more deerskin to repair the pants one day. My current clothing gives me a +10°C temperature bonus and an additional +6°C windproof bonus:
  9. Great read. Those were my favourites: Just a tip: To my knowledge you can interrupt the harvesting process by pressing "Esc".
  10. Thanks for this, very useful. Must be a bug then.
  11. Day 80: 4 wolf skins are curing on the floor of the Quonset Gas Station, and I am waiting to start my first wolfskin jacket. It seems to take an awful long time to craft though, something like... 44.98 hours? A weird number. Is that worth it? I'll try it anyway, but I will either accumulate cabin fever risk (if I do it here) or else I will need a LOT of firewood (if I do it at the workbench in the Fishing Village instead). Something seems to be off with the behaviour of deer. I went up to Silent Clearing yesterday and encountered a deer there, which naturally took flight. Then it kept bouncing around the clearing for about 5 minutes, always coming back there - in spite of me standing there loosening arrow after arrow on the poor animal (and missing all the time). At some point I finally scored a hit and the deer went down. Deer pathfinding needs some work, if you ask me. Other than that, I am doing quite fine. My diet consists of rabbits, wolves (no more than one piece per 24 hours), deer and fish, and I currently have a bit stocked in all of my three bases - Jackrabbit, Fishing Camp and Quonset.
  12. Interesting question. I will pay attention to this from now on (I'm on day 80 now).
  13. Nice read. I concur with your thoughts, especially that the health system could be improved.
  14. Nice find with the drop-eating, didn't know that either. The fact that cooking food raises condition by 50% has been around for a long time though. That's a feature for sure.
  15. To avoid confusion - I am clicking on the food in my inventory. So I can see the condition before eating something.
  16. It would be cool if we could change clothing items with drag & drop. Clicking on the slot for a clothing item should show us all potential clothes for that slot, as if we had opened a container. We should then be able to drag & drop them from there to the slot. If the slot is already occupied with a clothing item, dropping another there should replace the former item, which would then appear in the backpack. This way we could experiment much quicker with clothes, eg exchanging outer and inner layer, and see the effects on our overall stats.
  17. This could be by design, who knows...
  18. Step into the campfire and you will learn that burns are already in the game.
  19. I've had them spawn behind me after chasing a deer through the area where I saw them earlier. Could it be the presence of a deer prevents them from spawning?
  20. Brilliant. Who hasn't hit a toe on entering the bathroom in the morning? There should also be a risk to sprain a foot when entering the bathroom after getting up.
  21. Muaha. Normally. May it be so on Pilgrim. On Interloper, however, we know that everything is deadly. Snow? We call it "White Poison" and "Death from the Sky"...
  22. Day 71: Still based on Jackrabbit Island, I have hunted my first wolf. It was at the Fishing Camp, and the wolf spawned on the jetty behind the cabins when I left one of them. To be precise, on the furthermost part of the jetty, and it was unable to leave that part. So... easy hunting. I also realized the arrow will just fire wildly from the bow if I keep aiming for too long. Good feature, that. Ate a piece of wolf meat though I know parasites are dangerous on Interloper, but didn't get parasites (risk was 1%). Then back at Jackrabbit's I tried to herd my first deer into a wolf. However, the wolf disappears - probably despawns while I get on the other side of the deer. So the deer and me are hanging out where the wolf was patroling before. Irritating. Then I decide to shoot the deer with my bow. A shot fromt the distance misses and spooks it, but what is this - the deer bounces off a boulder and then runs straight at me and, of course, into the next arrow I let loose. Strange behaviour, but I get my first full deer carcass with plenty of extra meat and another deer hide. While I cook the deer, my cooking skill advances to level 4, and I realize the meat I cook has now more calories. Nice.
  23. This.
  24. It would be cool if we had "events" in the sandbox that are similar to the challenges. Like there could be Grizzly Bears in addition to the Black Bears currently present, and if you shoot a Grizzly with the wrong kind of arrow or generally just wound it (non-mortally), it would go after you for a random number of days, just like in the "Hunted" Challenge. Or there could be quests like a note giving you a hint at a hidden cache that is only available for a certain number of days. And you would have to travel there quickly to get it.
  25. It could be made so that skill progression requires both accumulating skill points and reading the relevant books. So for reaching level 2, for example, you would need to accumulate X points and also read at least one book. And so on for the higher levels. There could also be other prerequisites, like crafting a minimum number of bows or hitting the target behind the Outbuildings in PV with 50 shots. You know... to become a real master...