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  1. suggestion

    I voted "no" on both suggestions. Not because they are bad, but because I think there are more rewarding issues the developers should turn their attention to. In detail: 1. I don't think that fleshing out the bandage "system" would be worthwhile at the moment. Making bandages re-usable does not seem necessary, since there is so much cloth in the game that you should never run out of bandages (unless you plan to do insanely long Interloper runs). And creating bait by producing a bloody bandage also seems moot, since it is very easy (and far more intuitive) to use meat or fish as bait. Carrying around bloody bandages to later wash them would also be too much micromanagement in my view. This is debatable of course, because increased realism regularly brings increased micromanagement, and it is a matter of taste how much realism and micromanagement one wants. But personally, I find a discovery or loot-hauling trip always more interesting than doing my dirty laundry. 2. Using bandages (and possibly herbs) to treat sprained limbs seems a reasonable addition, but before such an addition I would prefer - as some others have commented here - to see the sprains reworked in general. I have often remarked on these forums that I consider the sprain to be too easily healed in the current game. If I get a sprain, even on Interloper, I never think "damn, I'm in trouble now". I always think, "well, another sprain, it will be gone after the next nap". A sprain is nothing but a small nuisance in the game, while in a real survival situation it would be a very serious issue. Therefore, I would like to see sprains being a lot rarer (maybe only occurring under adverse conditions - when walking on a slope while exhausted, or when overburdened etc.), but at the same time a lot more difficult to deal with. For example, I would like to see the maximum weight carried drop to 50% once you have a sprained ankle. Plus limping should make you a lot slower. And pain killers - I like that suggestion by @Mroz4ka lot better than the poll suggestions - should only allow to use the sprained ankle as normal for a short period (to reach shelter in an emergency situation), but at a huge drawback - like risk of a fracture. And a fracture... that should be almost a death sentence. So to sum it up - I am voting "no" to the poll suggestions. Not because they are bad, but because in my eyes other issues should have higher priority. I would like to add another point: A long time ago, I would enjoy searching a medical cabinet and finding a bandage. The bandage meant I could fight one more wolf (at the time each survived wolf fight resulted in one blood loss, requiring exactly one bandage), which in turn meant some 4 kg of wolf meat and therefore a fixed amount of further days I could survive (at the time the game really worked like that). In today's game, finding a bandage means nothing, as there is cloth everywhere and you can make bandages aplenty at any time. I would like to get that feeling back that finding certain items is meaningful. Making bandages from cloth should therefore be made more difficult, maybe we should really have two types of bandages: an "unclean" bandage (made from cloth, which might give you an infection if used on an open wound), and a "clean" bandage (found in medical cabinets or first aid kits).
  2. Excellent work, as always, @Timber Wolf!
  3. How can you all not see the obvious? 'Wintermute' is a codename for the zombie apocalypse. And what's in the case? Come on! The virus! Astrid has been working in a top-secret US biologic weapons development facility, and there she stole the virus. Hence "no questions"! Jeremiah is the crazed mastermind behind it all. Like those Italian Mafia bosses, he is steering all his minions from his inconspicuous hut in the forest. The bear thing was all set up - Jeremiah could snap the neck of a bear with one hand. As soon as Will leaves on one of his errands, Jeremiah bursts out laughing in his hut, cackling things like, "Muahahahaaa... go get me some fish! Go get me some hides! Learn to sew! Learn to knit! Learn to wipe your ass with rabbits! Muahahaa! And there he goes. doing it, learning it, all with the case containing the end of the world in his stupid hands! Muaaaahahahaaaa! Oh, Will McKenzie! The day that case will finally be opened you will be banging your empty head against the wall! Muaaaaaaahahahahaaa..."
  4. If I remember correctly, the shovel could actually be found after glitching into the menu screen (Trapper's homestead in white nothingness), where it could be seen before that. The shovel also used to be around as a menu icon in times of old, standing for the construction of a snow shelter. The pistol was supposed to be introduced into the game at some point, I think it as announced as an item. Hasn't happened so far though. Interesting find about the car battery, I have not heard about that one before. It was expected to appear as a collectible item in the game long ago, as it was always standing out from the car engines visibly. But by now it has been like that for ages, so who knows. Flint & Steel have also at some point appeared in a menu, didn't they? Couldn't be used and disappeared again, that's my dim memory. I guess at some point, most of these items are going to be in the game.
  5. I don't see what this item would add to the game.
  6. Possibly. Would be psychedelic to step through the rift and find Jeremiah sunbathing on a sandy beach, with sunglasses and a small radio playing reggae music, sipping Pinha Colada, palm trees and blue sky in the background...
  7. Clearly, you are unable to recognize the significance of this extraordinary phenomenon... it's a rift in the fabric of reality, a pathway to another dimension which has been opened by an extraordinary electromagnetic field caused by the aurorae! Sun is shining through, that is obvious. It might be the way to a sunnier realm, an escape from the hopelessness of the Long Dark! We must all investigate!
  8. Ah, I remember now. That sentence was a reference to Lords of Midnight. For the older gamers among us.
  9. Reminds me of the notorious song "Pants on the ground"... man, watcha doin' with yo pants on da ground? Lookin' like a fool with yo pants on da ground!
  10. This. TLD is the story of the man who can't let go. Who thinks that "We'll always be friends" means "We may be together again at some point in the future". Who cannot forget what those lips were capable of. Who lives in the past and therefore has no future. A very sad story, and easily more impressive than the quiet apocalypse.
  11. Yeah. I also liked that comment. What does the future hold? Go and find out!
  12. Brilliant this one. +1
  13. The name 'psycho sherpa challenge' is enticing, but creeping about at a snail's pace with 50 kg of luggage is too meditative for me. I'll pass, but will be interested to see the competition.
  14. Heh. Yeah, that seems to work on some trees. It's a known issue.
  15. The only item decaying at that rate would be the burning torch, I would imagine. So either a glitch which turned your bedroll into a torch. Or - which would be hilarious - that you inadvertently lit your bedroll when lighting something else, and it was smouldering away on top of your backpack. Will McKenzie: Hmmm... I could swear I smell fire... but that's impossible! There is nobody out here but me...
  16. Hell yeah - introducing a distress pistol shot would make this definitely more interesting! You would have to choose whether to get it from the Summit or the Ravine (probably the latter). And concerning your 100% condition requirement, I think that was in part already included when I said "without getting assbite". But granted, firing the distress pistol at 100% condition would also require not getting headbite, handbite or footbite, and in addition to recover at the lighthouse back to 100% as well (which would require bringing along some food). The difficulty would have to be at least Stalker. On Interloper the challenge might result in a chore, one would have to try it. If it's still challenging on Stalker and good fun, then maybe Stalker would be better. But my real question was: Is assbite management a challenge when going for the speedrun? And maybe even fun? That's why I was asking the Pantlessnessologists, sobre todo el famoso profesor Ruruwawa...
  17. - that would have been hilarious. Can we create a community challenge around assbite? Like... travel from the Maintenance Yard in BR to the Whaling Thing Facility in DP as fast as possible without getting assbite. The challenge would of course involve never to wear any type of pants. Would that make sense as a challenge? Pantlessnessologists forward for the answer, please!
  18. Thanks for the explanation. Didn't know this one.
  19. Am I the only one who doesn't understand what this thread is about?
  20. Credit where credit is due, @cowboymrh. That challenge was brilliant in its combination of simple rules and requiring a different playing style - placing speed next to survival.
  21. That was my creation?
  22. As far as I can remember the ravine has no beds. If that is so, then the availability of cloth will also limit survival time, as the sleeping bag will wear out, and then you die from sleep deprivation. The challenge explicitly says you may only sleep in the ravine. So you may only clean out other regions as far as you manage without sleeping.
  23. Nice work. Went a little low on condition there, but you can recover
  24. I was thinking whether I should continue my Faithful Cartographer run, but in the end I thought I should start a new one, since I expect a couple of things will have changed in the sandbox as well with release. So, as always... Interloper... play the girl... no badges... and go. Day 1: Errrgh... guess I should call this "Night 1", since I spawn shortly after midnight. Fittingly, the aurorae are on. Beautiful, but word is on the yard that the aurorae also bring along zombie wolves. I'm a little spooked. Needless to say, it is freezing cold, I am losing warmth rapidly. So where am I? Somewhere on Timberwolf Mountain, but I have no idea where. I really should know this map better. I start running around, and soon I think I roughly know where I am - near the three-way cave which I think I once called Nick's cave, for reasons I have forgotten. As far as I remember I may expect matches as a guaranteed spawn inside. Yes, there is the cave... a box of wooden matches, bingo! And a torch! That will help me save matches! A candy bar in the plastic container, one piece of Cedar and Fir each, also three sticks. That's all. Freezing has set in, and the hypothermia risk pops up. Time to move on. Downwards I run and reach the engine-to-engine cave without incidents. I enter, it's a felt -2°C inside (my clothes of course are intended for a day on the beach). I harvest one stick for two tinder plugs, lilght the torch and use it to light a fire with the Cedar log. 60% chance, the first try works. The Fir log goes into the fire as well, and while warming up I make 2 litres of water. Hotzn, what's the plan? There is a container near the cave entrance in the Echo Ravine, but it is usually guarded by wolves, and the way through the ravine is long. Lots of freezing damage at least. I could wait until sunrise and make a dash for the container, then return here into the cave. But I need to cross the cave sooner ar later. Better sooner, since I must fear exhaustion - the only place I can sleep in is the Mountaineer's Hut, for lack of a bedroll. So I'll leave the container and cross the cave right now. I'll need light, so I pull torches until the remaining fire has nothing left to give. With the last torch burning, I set out into the darkness... On the way I manage to pick up 5 pieces of coal, which will surely be of use later. On reaching the exit, I have two torches left in my bag, a third one is burning. However, dawn has not yet broken, from outside an eerie green light is glowing through the cave mouth. When my torch is down, I drop it and ignite another one. The last one will remain in my bag to be used for igniting the next fire. The burning torch gives off just enough heat to keep the felt temperature above freezing, but not for long... I watch it burning down... still green light outside... Dawn finally breaks with the last embers of the torch. Setting out, I turn left, pass the engine and skimmy down the cliff, find the frozen river and follow it to Crystal Lake. No wolves to be seen anywhere, it looks like my lucky day! Enter the Mountaineer's Hut... assorted firewood and another box of wooden matches. I have frostbite risk at hands and head, and hypothermia risk. So the first thing is to start a fire and put all the wood on it apart from one Cedar log. Then I break the two crates (finding a hidden tin of sardines underneath one, nice) and put the reclaimed wood on the fire as well. Warming up with two arrows up now, that should suffice. So what have we got here? A ski jacket under one of the beds... a book (Wilderness Kitchen)... sewing kit... hacksaw (yay!)... candy bar. And a rope, which will probably stay here. Nothing in the hatch. Now what? It is still morning, but I am half fatigued. I must gather as many cat tail stalks on the lake as possible, also some sticks to keep the fire going. I should also sleep a little to avoid ending up exhausted. For lack of sufficient firewood, I cannot stay overnight. So I must move over to Pleasant Valley and sleep in the bunker. But I shouldn't be exhausted when I get going, or I will be too slow and take too much freezing damage.
  25. Ladies & gentlemen, as I have posted in another thread a couple of days ago, that challenge has been here before. It was actually the blueprint for the "hopeless rescue" challenge which is now in the game. Scyzara won it at the time, with lightning speed.