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  1. Struggle Clothing Damage

    I don't know the answer to your question, but is it possible that the custom sliders - although saying "wildlife" - only refer to wolf struggles? As far as I know, there is no "fighting back bonus" for bears and moose, and the damage severity, at least for bears, is always the same iirc. So if these two aforementioned sliders apparently only target wolves... maybe the same goes for the clothing damage slider.
  2. Chinese postings

    Hmmm... is it just me or are there unusually many threads in Chinese today?
  3. Question About This Truck

    Good find, +1. How this vehicle would fit into the lore of TLD, who knows? The game lore never seemed very coherent to me.
  4. How To Up Our Game

    Agree with all your ideas. Also concerning the wolves, I would love to see less wolves but more meaningful encounters (wolf struggles being more dangerous). I would further love to have wolf packs roaming the landscape. Best thing would be to have them announce their presence with howling (and maybe a message "a wolf pack is on the move!"). You would then have to be very careful not to run into them - best would be to seek shelter close by and wait it out (until a message appears "the wolves have moved on"). Of course, if you're caught in a bad spot or do not have the resources to hole up somewhere, you may find yourself in a tight spot. Such roaming packs would force you to make interesting decisions - try to venture out to that interesting loot point and risk getting cornered there by a pack appearing before you return?
  5. The need to urinate, take a dump or clean up?

    Hrrrch... this kind of discussion flares up time and again, and I would think that the majority of players do not want to simulate peeing and pooping in a game. For aesthetic reasons. And because survival is the epic story of the hunter-gatherer and not the story of the finder-of-the-best-time-and-place-pee-and-pooper.
  6. Trapper Hat and Lighter

    The lighter has appeared many times before in the wishlist section, as has the craftable hat. Concerning the lighter, I do not see what it would currently bring to the game - we already have matches and we have the fire striker (which is better for its increased chance of lighting a fire). If the fire lighting mechanics were more refined, maybe a lighter could be the ultimate tool for fire lighting. But currently, I would rather not see it in the game. The craftable hat is strangely missing from the set of craftable clothes currently in the game. I would expect it to be introduced at some point, maybe with a new animal (beaver, fox, lynx or the like).
  7. Dev Diary - February 2018

    +1 for the GDC link @LucidFugue. Interesting stuff.
  8. Toggle Old Search Bar mechanic back

    The old search mechanic was perfect. One of those changes I fail to understand.
  9. Snow Blindness - Sun Glasses

    Interesting question, I think it should be so - sun glasses should darken everything, and the Inuit whalebone goggles should reduce vision to a slit.
  10. The Long Term

    Last thing I knew was that it was possible to survive practically indefinitely in the game. Fire can be obtained by using the magnifying glass, which does not ever wear out. So you don't depend on matches. Firewood is an infinite resource if you stick to sticks. A fire can be transported inside a shelter once lit, using the torch-pulling mechanic, so you can have indefinite fire in a shelter as well. Unlimited fire also means unlimited water. Food can be obtained with snares and sometimes fishing, and since rabbits yield guts, snares are also indefinite. There is a theoretical risk of running out of bandages or fishing hooks, but if you know how to avoid wolves, you hardly need bandages. And ever since we were given the hacksaw (which should not have been given to us imo), scrap metal is practically infinite as well. You get more fishing hooks than you will be able to use in a long time. You can hunt deer by chasing them into wolves and then luring the wolf away from the carcass - infinite deer meat & hides. Don't forget to use starving techniques to minimize your calorie usage. You can live for thousands of days and definitely for much longer than you will want to. At least that's how it was when I last played.
  11. Snow Blindness - Sun Glasses

    It would be a great addition imo. You shouldn‘t actually become blind, but vision should be impaired. Orientation should become much more difficult. Sun goggles would become an important item.
  12. Check the survival stories section for the „The Hunted“ reports by @Timber Wolf. The certified expert concerning this challenge.
  13. For when you are forced to stay inside

    Interesting idea. Texts would have to be from the 19th century or earlier to make sure that the copyright has expired worldwide (see worldwide cpyright expiry here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries'_copyright_lengths). But there are many interesting old texts which would fit the tone of the game. Take "The Last of the Mohicans", published in 1826 - its author, James Fenimore Cooper, died in 1851. That should be long enough to ensure that they are public domain worldwide.
  14. Unable to Pass Time; Lost in My Own Base

    That problem has been around for a long time. I remember a time when the "pass time" option did not exist and you absolutely had to either find your bed in the darkness (difficult once you had lost orientation) or - if you were so lucky as to have it on you - place your bedroll somewhere eligible and slip into it. It once happened to me in the camp office that after much ado I managed to find a place for the bedroll and upon waking up in the morning found out that I had slept on top of the workbench (the 'sonar' workaround did not exist at the time iirc). Strange to think I didn't realize that when I went to sleep...
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. Was Hinterlands decision wrong?

    I have not yet played Subnautica. But its ratings after release are really good. I presume you can recommend it?
  17. Was Hinterlands decision wrong?

    Hard to say what it would have been like, if they had released the game a year later. Remember the release date had been postponed several times and then finally been set for good. Blowing it again would probably have caused a public outrage. I guess it was a lose-lose-situation when the release date approached. A different question is whether it would have been good for the game's development to integrate the first story episode (or the first two) into the alpha. It would probably have done the story mode good to have player feedback before release, but then again the release would not have had very much new to offer after the alpha - meaning no new story episodes. And if there had not been a new 'package' coming with the release, people might have been disappointed. I guess it's hard to please everyone when you walk down the early access road.
  18. Dev Diary - February 2018

    I understand now that you are a true master of logic and humour. I apologize for my laughable and vain attempts at both and withdraw from this discussion (also not to derail this thread).
  19. Dev Diary - February 2018

    If that was the 'most fallacious thing' you have read in weeks then you a) either don't read much or b) don't know much about logic (no offense intended, I'm just strictly applying logic): The term 'true fans' implies that there are two types of fans - 'true' fans and 'false' fans. A false fan would be someone falsely pretending to be a fan. There are false doctors, false policemen and false experts in the world (further premises which I personally would regard to be true). It is easier to falsely pretend to be a fan than any of the professions listed above (dito). If there are people who will falsely pretend something which requires them to overcome a certain degree of difficulty, then there must also be people who will falsely pretend something which only requires them to overcome a lesser degree of difficulty (dito). Therefore, there must be false fans (conclusio). Now you are saying there cannot be such a thing as a 'true fan', because - that is the implication - there cannot be such a thing as a 'false fan'. However, given the understanding outlined above a 'false fan' can very well exist. What you really want to say is that @Mixxut made a premise that a 'false fan' cannot wait, at the same time implying that all who are impatient (or complain about the speed of Hinterland's development) are 'false fans', and that you disagree with that premise. Which is only fair, as that premise does indeed contain a slight provocation (and I would personally also disagree with it). However, if you had only expressed that disagreement instead of elaborating on logic and @Mixxut's intelligence (which in turn contains another slight provocation), your case would... have looked better. Anyway, I'm happy to see logic being discussed and - in part - applied on these forums. Always worth hanging out here.
  20. So... any news?

    OK, Dev Diary has arrived. Guess this thread can be locked.
  21. So... any news?

    Title says all.
  22. Dev Diary - February 2018

    Thanks for the Dev Diary, this all sounds promising. Good move to revisit Episodes 1 & 2, there is much to improve there.
  23. So... any news?

    Thanks. So the news is... there might be news soon. A bit like a countdown to a countdown, hm?
  24. Disappearing Wildlife

    Hm. So no despawn because of distance. I watched this once with a wolf chasing a deer away from me, I was on top of a cliff and they were down there. At some point the wolf despawned and the deer went from running into walking mode at once, turning around and walking towards its original spawn point. My further observation at the time was that the spawning/despawning distance of deer is higher than that of the wolf. So if the two run away in unison, the first to disappear is the wolf. Unless it catches the deer first. Anyway, I digress, and all that was some versions ago. Seems like your despawning moose had other reasons.