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  1. Hmmm... just did the poll... where can I see the results? Concerning animals, I would like to see cougars added, as they would add something new gameplay-wise: a predator which does not bark and is very sneaky in general. Other animals I would like to see are the owl (I know you can hear it at night sometimes, but I've never actually seen it, maybe it's already there) and little birds. Just for the atmosphere. The owl would be especially cool if it existed, it would be high reward to see it if it requires going out at night and extinguishing light sources. I remember when I was a boy I once walked home at night in the winter, everything was covered in snow, and it was dead quiet. I saw an owl sitting on a fence pole. I stood close by watching it for a while, and then it unfolded its wings and flew off, closely above the ground. I remember very well that its wings were very quiet, no flapping noise at all. Magical. Another thing that would be high on my list is animal AI. Currently animals react in a very mechanical way. I would also like wolves to display pack behaviour.
  2. Look into this thread.
  3. Good initiative. At first glance it looks more like a drawing than a paper doll. Are you going to cut it out? These paper dolls also tend to have different paper clothes coming with them...
  4. @Pharose: These magazines are brilliant. It seems that the guy on the cover is always the same. How does he manage to get into fights with all these animals? And the girl is the same as well. She also seems to be wearing the same outfit to every calamity. I can picture their Sunday morning conversation: Man: Hey darling, it's Sunday! Why not go out into the wilderness for a little adventure? Woman: Fantastic! But not again to that swamp we went to last time - the one where we were attacked by the Snapping Turtles. Man: Haha, I remember that! How I bled! And you fainted! Good thing I had my hunting knife with me. Woman: Yes. Let's instead go to that other swamp we read about in the newspaper. Man: You mean the one where people claimed to have seen a gorilla? Woman: Ahahaha! Yes, that one! A gorilla, can you believe it? Man: Haha! Hahahahaha! A gorilla! Where would a gorilla come from in these parts? Haha! Well... not to worry - I'll just bring my hunting knife again! Haha! Woman: Ahaha! And I'll put on my blue skirt and red shirt! No bra, of course! Man: Hahaha! Let's go then!
  5. Ach, after all this time... would I be excited? I'm not. I'm calm. Lessee... 22 days, 00 hours and 26 minutes to go. Ha! That's a looot of time. Get comfortable, ladies and gentlemen... no need to be excited. OK, check Steam forums for news... ah, there's something... obscure... link to the timer... hm. Check timer... 22 days, 00 hours, 24 minutes. Am I excited? No. Checking my pulse... seems normal. Not excited. Not. Excited. OK. Backtrack this thread... @togg was the first to bring the news. Good man, that togg. Always got his guard up. Good man. OK... 22 days, 00 hours, 21 minutes. Hhrrgnhhhhhhhhh...
  6. If we start thinking about multi-purpose clothing items, where do we stop? Longjohns could become an emergency scarf. I already feel people thinking they can wear their mittens as socks, if need be.
  7. Serious necroing here, for a moment I thought this thread was new. @SteveP, in other forums you would be tarred and feathered by now...
  8. That's the reason I have difficulties watching his videos.
  9. It's been a while that I've played, but I remember containers outside in the open for example... at the collapsed train tunnel in ML (could have changed when they introduced the transition to FM) on one of the little islets connecting Jackrabbit's with the coast in the three-way cave above Echo Ravine in TWM on Bear Creek Campground in CH
  10. There are actually more of these containers around.
  11. Interesting info. I've never had too much trouble with sprains, so maybe I lacked the statistical material to make this observation. Would be cool if it was actually a feature - I mean that not looking where you're going raises the chances of getting a sprain.
  12. Hmpf. The true Interloper player would never ask for anything to be buffed. I say debuff the snow shelter. Make wolves move in while the player is out gathering firewood. Make it collapse and suffocate the player. Or leave it as it is so we can verify Drifter Man's bold theory that TWM-only Interloper runs of any substantial length are possible...