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  1. Have you tried driving deer into wolves by throwing rocks? I don't know if deer react to the noise of rocks, haven't tried it out yet. But maybe if wolves are attracted to the noise of rocks hitting something... then deer could be running away from the same noise?
  2. Damn! There goes another snowball...
  3. That's true, but to my understanding this is a different controversy. If the game was to cater for players with sight impediments, maybe the UI would have to vary color according to its background. Against a dark background white and vice versa. The question how much programming effort this would be for how many players. And whether the result would look good to the other players...
  4. Es ist denkbar, dass @Maquardmit "Mädchenmodus" den untersten Schwierigkeitsgrad meint. Er ist ein Padawan. Wenn er wissbegierig die Foren frequentiert, wird er sich irgendwann fragen, was "Queen of the Mountain" bedeutet...
  5. I have not yet tried out the new mapping feature, because I know the maps pretty well. Will try it, but surely won't go and map out a whole region...
  6. Day 6: I wake up... somewhere before dawn? Little moon icon is still up, but the windows are shining yellow-ish in the otherwise dark house. Back to 96% condition, but hardly any food left (8 cattails and one soda can). If I travel up signal hill, I will either freeze a lot or I must make a fire on the way. However, a fire will require quite a lot of firewood to actually warm me up. And I will lose time making the fire and warming up, and this time loss could permit a blizzard to set in. Hmmm... I seem to have gotten thirsty, and my girl says, "I'd eat snow if hypothermia wouldn't kill me". I don't remember having heard this audio cue before, is it new? Nice explanation for players why they can't eat snow... if they care to listen. I want to break down a chair in the bedroom, but it says "requires light to break down". Interestingly, I can see pretty well in the light shining through the window. Hard to understand this, unless there is something unintendedly wrong with the indoor lighting. Going downstairs, I decide to try and make some old man's beard bandages. Don't find the option to craft them. Have they been returned to the workbench? Or do you apply lichen and bandage separately now? Hmmm... Going outside into the closed porch, I see it's darker outside than it should be judging from the lighting inside. So yeah... not synchronized. There is a bear in front of the porch by the way. So back inside and wait... I pass 2 hours aaand - magic! - it's dark again inside! Another recurring bug, we had this some versions ago iirc. I break apart a cabinet door lying around, finding out that it is now possible. This is probably because the little sun icon has crept over the "horizon". Then I venture out to the car in front of the farmstead (bear has gone over to the wolves). I find - fittingly, I like it - a pair of driving gloves on the back seat. Returning to the Farmstead, I am already freezing. Wow, this is quick! Better make fire on the way up to signal hill after all... so I break up a table and around noon leave the house. I walk through the nearest orchard towards the road, because there are quite a lot of wolves on the other side of the trail. When I approach the road, I see another wolf lurking around on the other side (towards the bear cave). I cut across the trail and run, hoping to avoid attention, cross the fence through a gap and walk up the little slope at the foot of the cliff. Here, I make a fire to warm up. It's a felt -11°C, so I don't even need too much wood. A little experimentation shows that reclaimed wood - at 0.25 kg apiece - adds +3°C to the fire, while a stick at 0.15 apiece adds +1.0°C. So reclaimed wood carries a little more energy per weight. Shall keep that in mind. Fully warmed up, I pull three torches from the fire, leaving the third one burning. It doesn't help me much, because as soon as I have left my little camp, the wind picks up and blows the torch out. I make it to the Radio Control Hut without incidents but a sprained wrist (which I can sleep off there). Now let's see... ah! A pair of combat boots in one of the lockers next to the bunk bed. Cool, I haven't had these before... they are at 28%. Hm... excellent protection and waterproof. Temperature-wise OK, but heavy and slowing me down by 7%. Interesting, this really provides for choices. My sneakers are just 0.5 kg, and the combat boots 2.00 kg. That's quite a difference. But in future wolf-fights they might be just the right thing. What else... ah! A decent Mackinaw jacket! Very warm, but slows me down by 3%. Hm... interesting. And... a flare... Pinnacle Peaches... tin of sardines... and a tin of coffee. Always good to visit Signal Hill. I need to warm up, and what better way to pass that time than harvest a pair of driving gloves. This gives me one leather which I can use to boost either the sneakers or the combat boots. Before deciding on that, I go back outside and collect some Rosehips, lichen and a Maple sapling, returning to the hut for more warmth. Then I repair my jeans a little (they should really be blue in the clothing screen, currently they are grey) and the day is over. So, what's the plan for tomorrow? I want to leave Pleasant Valley. The nearest exit is to Mystery Lake, but I would have to pass the dam and... Fluffy. So no. I prefer Coastal Highway anyway, because I want to establish my base on Jackrabbit. Home, sweet home. So it's the mine. The question is, do I make a stop overnight at Rural Crossroads? I think I should. So... I will pass by the little lake with the fishing hut to see what can be gained there, circle round to Rural Crossroads for the night. Then one day later it's over to Coastal Highway... But all this is tomorrow. Today, the work is done. I eat the sardines and Pinnacle Peaches, quench my remaining thirst and go to sleep for 9 hours...
  7. Great to see more snowball resisting meltdown in hell. Moar!
  8. You also recover health when resting instead of sleeping (provided all your other needs are satisfied), only at a much slower rate. So you could have drunk all the coffee and then rested. You would have regained a little health. However, coffee - which often is a lifesaver in other situations - can actually sometimes have this disadvantage which you discovered.
  9. @nickois a respected veteran on these forums and as such may challenge and/or tease me. I don't take that personally.
  10. Both logos look ok to me, though personally I prefer the old one. What irritates me is Hinterland changing things without really improving them.
  11. To be honest, I never had problems with cabin fever. And still, I would like to see it removed. Why? Because it is always in the back of my head when I am staying indoors. Before the cabin fever times, I could totally relax indoors (exception: first visit to the dam in a new run). A moment of respite which let me turn to things like preparing water, mending clothes, reading books, crafting at the workbench and so on. Going outside meant cautious movement, looking out for wolves and bears, watching the weather, a certain stress level. Reaching an indoor destination meant relaxing. Ever since cabin fever threatens I have to monitor my indoor times. I can't relax the way I could before. On another note, I don't think cabin fever was a good solution to the hibernation problem. Considering that they removed Steam's online list with survival time records at the same time, introducing cabin fever was moot from a "levelling the playing field" point of view. It is now nothing but an artificial boundary. And I second all arguments brought forward by ChillPlayer and Ruruwawa. Anyway, the game is nearing its release. And I doubt that cabin fever will be removed in R1.0.
  12. Time to update this! Some of the locations have been added in the meantime, and we want this thread to be ready for 1 August. Don't we?
  13. The snow shelter may become useful during longer trips on Interloper when you are without bedroll. For example, when travelling from Jackrabbit to the Lighthouse in DP you suffer quite some freezing damage and exhaustion. Could make sense to build a fire and snow shelter on the way.
  14. Time for a little feedback: I still love the game, but find the Faithful Cartographer Update a bit disappointing so far. Maybe it's too early to say so, since I have not yet tried the two main additions - stoning rabbits and drawing maps. At least I think those are the main additions. The UI is just different, I cannot see any improvement. It seems that now we have to often keep a button pressed to perform an action, whereas before a single click was enough. Honestly - the single click was better. So all in all, the game has rather moved sideways than forwards. At least some of the changes are not understandable to me. I will try stoning rabbits soon. Concerning the map, I do not know yet whether I will derive pleasure from doing that. I know the maps quite well, so don't need a drawn map.
  15. Day 5: Again, I awake in the darkness, healed back to 89%. Maybe 3 or 4 hours until daylight. Check your things, Hotzn... 2 litres of water left, but that's no problem - as long as there is fire, there will be water. 11 cattails is all the food. Now this will become an issue soon. I may find the occasional candy bar at the Farmstead and Radio Control Hut, but then I either need to move on through one of the mines or start looking for game. The plan, under any circumstances, is to head out to the Farmstead next. I sleep and rest some more and go into starving mode. The little sun icon says the sun is up, but it's dark inside the barn. I peek outside... It's snowing heavily, but the wind has subsided. There is a bear about behind the barn, and off towards the Farmstead, wolves. I circle around all wildlife sucessfully and reach the Farmstead with only a little freezing. It's daytime, but very dark inside. Searching the house is a chore. I find a can opener, a prybar, some books, a can of Pinnacle Peaches and some antibiotics. In the basement a box of wooden matches. Lighting a fire (with a torch, yes) in the fireplace, I pull a torch and search the house and basement again. Seems I didn't overlook too much. I make some more water, do a little optimisation of equipment, and then it's off to bed. The plan for tomorrow: Make it up Signal Hill to Radio Control Hut.