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  1. Day 98 Evening, 6C (Overcast, Windy) Spent the day today collecting more wood and checking my snares. I managed to secure a good supply of cedar and sticks which should last me for a few days to come. I fear im overdue for a long blizzard. When i was finishing up my wood cutting this evening i was presented with an eerie sunset. I hope this isnt an omen for the coming days. Day 99 Morning, -2C (Snow, Gales) Not much to report today - collected some more wood during a brief weather window, but not inside, reorganising (again) Day 100 Morning, 5C (High Cloud, light snow) Heading out this morning to check on my rabbit snares. Ill also grab some more wood if any is easily to hand. Afternoon, 5C (Clear, Wind) I got home just in time! As i was approaching my front door i saw a massive bear prowling around. He must've winded me and came charging at me. I just managed to get into the front door in time. When i snuck back to the porch, i could see him standing up, looking at me and sniffing the air intently. My heart is still pounding as i write this. Evening, 5C (Clear, calm) I've decided to head out to the Ravine for a look around. There is a train wreck out there that could have some useful things. Ill take a rope with me to get down into the gorge. I had a few hours rest and will headed out before last light. I got to the cave a few hours later, but had a beautiful night sky to accompany me. Day 101 Morning, -2C (Clear, Calm) Arrived at the ravine and my rappel point this morning, climbed down and found some more flares! They will certainly come in handy.. The climb down was exhausting, i doubt ill be able to climb back up tonight. Ill hunker down in a cave around the corner for tonight. Evening, -10C (Blizzard) Luckily i had set myself here earlier in the day, a full blown storm is raging outside. Ive got food and water, and my bedroll so i can stay here for a few days if need be. No books though.
  2. Day 93 Afternoon 5C ,(Clear, Calm) Spent the afternoon repairing my clothes and setting out some snares. Im going to make an attempt at living off rabbit for a while. Day 94 Evening, 5C (Overcast, Calm) The calm weather continues. I spent the majority of the day stockpiling some wood. I think ill pay for this calm weather at some point. Caught 3 rabbits in the snares, all of them looking lean. At this rate ill barely survive each day. Need to think of something Day 95 Morning, 7C (Fog) Set out this morning to practice some archery and knock over a deer or two. I set out with minimal gear, my bow and arrow and full stomach. I really need to take a deer today, otherwise ill be dipping back into my iron rations. I trekked westwards, as i know there is a particular treeline the deer seem to like. Sure enough i spotted a group, all bucks. After creeping forward over the next hour, i was in arrow range and sent one off, hit the buck in the front leg and off he went. Poor bastard. Amazingly there was a deer nearby, oblivious to what just went on. I managed to get an arrow into his midriff and off he went to. I set off in the direction of the first deer, and after a few hours found him limping through the forest, back towards his brethren. My bow had split on the last deer, so couldn't put the animal out of his misery. He must've passed out from blood loss 30 minutes later or so, i quickly dispatched him and set to work. As i finished the weather started to change, ill need to look tomorrow for the second deer. Day 96 Morning, 5C (Snowing, Calm) Bear! Hes right out the front today. I crept out onto the front porch to watch him. I bet if he wanted to he could get in here no problem. Today ill stay in the house i think. Day 97 Afternoon, 5C (Blizzard) I set out mid morning to collect the second deer, or at least see if i could find him. After an hour or so searching i found him wedged against a tree, up a steepish slope. He was frozen stiff at this point and i couldn't dislodge him to flat ground so i could build a fire. I put one downhill so i could be close to it at least. After a good hour and a half i had all his meat and skin. As soon as i had packed a blizzard rolled in. I managed to make my way back to the house on my internal compass, i was fearful of coming across a bear or wolf with all this meat and blood on me, but they must've hunkered down for the storm. Wise creatures. I made it back home and cooked up the venison. Ive got enough for nigh on a week - ill need to make a decision about whether i mosey on over to DP. Too tired to think at the moment.
  3. Great info and love the screenshots!
  4. Id like the following -Custom maps -Different types of back packs (IE you can pack a hunting pack and leave it by the front door) -Animal AI behavior (Wolf packs that roam aggressively - this would be exciting it think) -More detailed hunting (animals can scent you downwind, carrying the carcass, meat preservation etc)
  5. Nice little update there. Ive also found wolves are more of a chore / easy meal than anything else now. I think if they were to roam in packs they would be far more challenging.
  6. Day 75 Day 76 Day 77 Day 78 Day 79 Day 81 Day 82 Day 84 Day 85 Day 86 Day 88
  7. Hey guys, Ive returned! - Ive edited the new format posts of screenshot journal entry's, so hopefully they are easy to read. Ive had to do this as i can no longer copy paste from the journal - lodged as a bug report but i'm sure it will never be fixed as its minor. Until then, ill be following the below format until i can either copy paste or just write the journals into a webpage first, then copy them in game (this works) Enjoy! Day 50 Day 51 Day 52 Day 53 Day 54 Day 56 Day 55 Day 57 Day 58 Day 63 Day 64 Day 65 Day 66 Day 67 Day 73 Day 74
  8. Very enjoyable thread so far. I look forward to the next entry!
  9. Are they wireless or wired? If wireless i tend to have the same issue when the connection to the USB dongle is interrupted, or more commonly when the batteries are running low. If wired, you could attempt to delete the drivers and reinstall. Failing that - pass sorry.
  10. Hey team, plat - Windows 10 version - 347 I just returned after that latest update to a saved game - i am unable to copy the text from the journal as i could before. I can select the text, but cannot copy (ctrl+c) anything. This occurs when im trying to paste to an external site or within the journal itself, therefor i believe it is no longer copying the text at all. Latest version as of today.
  11. Day 35 Morning, -5 (inside) Overcast, Strong winds Made it home, seems like i was just in front of a bad weather front. Today will be a relax day, maybe repair some clothes, sharpen my tools, clean the rifle and check on the furs and gut. Afternoon -5 (inside) Overcast, Light wind Spent the afternoon repairing and filling my spare storm lanterns. Now ive got 3, with 2 fueled and ready to go. Bear meat for dinner and then bed. I need one more wolf, might try nail one with my bow. Day 36 Morning-5 (inside) Overcast, Gales Plan is to get some wood, and maybe a wolf. Waiting until the weather clears. Mid-day -5 (inside) Clear, light wind Huzzah! Got the final wolf pelt i need. It would be nice to be able to take a few more for repair purposes, so i will need to continue actively hunting the wolves. Still have a ton of bear meat, will need to keep an eye on its quality as the days go by. I also found a good amount of fir, so im set for a few days. Now i need to try stay ahead and onto of my supply of wood and food. Expedition to think about. Day 37 Afternoon, -5 (inside) Overcast, Light wind Well ive decided it - when this last wold pelt has cured ill make this coat and set off for the lighthouse. I believe i can find useful gear out there so need to risk it. Ive got enough bear to cover me for the next 8 days or so. Hopefully i can have it done within that time. Day 38 - Day 43 Nothing to report - waiting on wolf pelt to cure. General chores, clothing repair, eating and sleeping Day 44 Evening -5 (inside) Clear, wind Well after waiting all week ive finally crafted my wolf skin coat. My furs are so much warmer then my modern clothing. Come morning i will get straight into it and set off for the lighthouse. Im on the last of the bear and need to get moving after such a delay. Day 45 Late morning -5 (inside) Clear, Calm. Its now time to set off. Ive got firewood ready for my eventual return, all furs on, 5 rounds of rifle ammo and sharpened tools. I hope i return from this.....ive got a funny feeling about it. Evening -5 (inside) ??, ?? Well made it to the mine safely. WIll sleep just beyond the portal to the coastal highway. MRE and soda for dinner. Day 46 Morning -5 (inside) Clear, Calm Managed to make good progress towards the end of the coast. Currently sifting through a small house, on a knoll on the side of the highway, Will have some candy and crackers for lunch and push on. Afternoon 1C (inside) ??, ?? Well im about to emerge in the area the lighthouse is in. Hopefully this pays off.... Late afternoon 1C (inside) Overcast, Gales Well i made it, was much easier than i thought., So far the trip has been worth it, ive acquired 12 extra rifle rounds. There isnt much else i care for at the lighthouse so i will push around the industrial complex further around the coast in the morning. Day 47 Morning -4 (inside) ??, ?? Well i made it to the facility i saw. After poking around i take it to be an old whaling station or something similar. Ive achieved what i set out to for this trip. I have found the following items of interest. 16 x rifle rounds 2 x whetstones 1 x knife 10 x cups of coffee I also found a shipwreck with what appears to be an old boiler. I bet with some coal and fir timber i could get ti hot enough to melt steel - this would be invaluable to make some more arrowheads and even i knife. Will rest here tonight and start the slog back home. Afternoon -17, -3 Blizzard Well i was hoping to make progress back towards the coast but a blizzard has rolled in. Im outside but sheltered in the entrance to the warehouse. Might wait and see if i can find a gap and push out. Day 48 Dawn -5 (inside) Clear, Snowing Well the storm blew out about an hour before first light. Im going to make some breakfast and set out as soon as the light allows. Late afternoon -3 (inside) Blizzard Ive made it as far as the coast, before a blizzard broke and i had to seek shelter. I was fortunate to pass the small settlement on the coast, so have holed up in the two story house there. Ill have some dinner and set out in the morning for the valley. Salty crackers and soda for dinner Day 49 Dawn -3 (inside) Fog, Calm. Time to set off this morning. Wish me luck...whoever reads this. It will be a hard journey. MRE for breakfast with a coffee and im off. Late Morning, -19, -5, Clear, Calm Emerged from the mine into the valley, and what a glorious day it is! I can see the farmstead in the distance, will take my time and make my way home. My pack is stuffed to the brim and then some! Early Afternoon, -5 (inside) Clear, Calm Home sweet home! Typically after leaving the mine portal high up on the mountain side, a very strong gale started to blow, coming from the south (the direction i was heading) until i was mere minutes away from home when it blew out. The haul for this latest venture is as follow. 19 rifle rounds (that makes 5 loaded and 53 spare) 1 x arrow 1 x wolf pelt 1 x birch sapling 2 x whetstone 1 x lantern 1 x knife 1 x rifle cleaning kit 6 x flares. All in all a reasonably productive trip, that should serve me well as i focus on improving my accuracy with the bow and hunting for meat and fur. Tonight i will have a delicious dinner of peanut butter and sardines, washed down with water.
  12. Updates coming soon - have had some full on Arma3 commitments Monday and Tuesday but should have more journal entries starting again from tonight