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  1. What's the difference?^^ For me, every location in TLD that gives you an exploration notice (and increases your locations explored stat) is automatically a "point of interest". I'm sorry if the term confused you or is usually used otherwise in other video games.
  2. this makes no sense to me.. It actually makes quite a lot of sense. The most painless way to kill a rabbit with a trap is probably a bait trap that breaks its neck with high force (given the trap works as intended and nothing goes wrong.) Like that the rabbit doesn't feel any pain at all, but simply dies within half a second. It's not getting aware of its situation and doesn't feel any fear. However, most people would probably consider neck fracture/dislocation more violent than suffocation or being trapped alive. It's not necessarily the least violent way to trap an animal that is the best (or most "humane") technique from the animal's point of view. Especially for flight animals being trapped alive is extremely stressful and thus probably worse than dying. We must not project our own perceptions upon animals for their needs are sometimes different. We must try to anticipate what's least horrible for the animal and that's much more complicated than just thinking about what would be least horrible for us personally.
  3. The cross and its initials are a reference (or rather memorial) to the brother of one of the Devs who died unexpectedly in 2014. It has always been there ever since the alpha release of TLD.
  4. I'm somehow suspecting this as well, to be honest. The total number of all points of interests (100% explored) must be something around 160 or so if I'm not mistaken (rule of three). And for some reason I'm always lacking about 10% of the maximum pois in all of my Interloper games, no matter how hard I try to explore everything. I would totally understand everything could be fine if I were stuck at 98% and only lacked 3or 4 pois simply because I don't know them (or forget to visit them in the particular game), but 16? There's still something seriously wrong with the world exploration stats. And I bet it's that it doesn't subtract the burnt-down houses from the maximum number of pois.
  5. Definitely +1 for reading during parasite infections and while recovering from hypothermia! :-)
  6. Couldn't have said it better.
  7. The highest number of wolves I ever encountered in Crumbling Highway on Interloper was three at once, but in 90% of my games it's only either one or two. I don't think more than three is even possible on Interloper.^^
  8. Fishing hooks lose 10% condition per repair. I don't consider this to be a problem at all, though. If you harvest all metal structures in all regions with a hacksaw, you end up with several hundreds of pieces of scrap metal which you could use to craft almost 1000 hooks if those are important to you. Good luck doing 10.000 repairs without dying of boredom.^^ I'm lighting 90% + of my fires with a magnifying lens on Interloper. All it requires is some planning and patience. Just have a decent water and food reserve all the time and don't cook raw meat immediately, but store it outside until a sunny day hits. There's at least a 2-3 hour window of sunlight every second or third day on Interloper no matter the map. You just need to wait for it and have both enough sticks and some raw meat/fish ready. If you wait for a sunny day to go hunting, you're doing it the wrong way round.^^ You can use one toolbox to repair another one. Just keep two of them and you'll never have to worry about running out of them unless you run out of scrap metal which is highly unlikely as I've pointed out above.
  9. I personally don't want to have another type of gun as I neither feel any need for it it nor find it interesting. But as we're most likely going to see some kind of a revolver added once NPCs get introduced anyway, I at least hope that we're not forced to shoot any other person with the revolver. Neither in storymode, nor in the sandbox. One should always have a choice not to use it, even if this means a disadvantage or risk for your character. In other words: I primarily want the revolver to be an entirely optional and not a mandatory tool how to interact with NPCs. I'm totally fine should some NPCs be aggressive assholes, but I want to have different choices how to deal with them that are more complex than just "shooting bad guys if they bother you".
  10. It's a bit more complicated than that, unfortunately. What makes you sick (in rl, that is) are often not the bacteria or molds themselves, but rather their metabolic byproducts which are often toxic for humans. Those toxic substances don't necessarily get destroyed by re-cooking the meat. Well, most of them do to be honest, but even very common bacteria like E.coli can produce heat-stable enterotoxins that remain active even after hours of cooking at 100°C. Those heat-stable toxins are usually not lethal, but can cause some nasty diarrhoea. I understand where you're coming from (and I wouldn't find it a bad idea for TLD as a game), but I just wanted to mention it. At least in real life, one should never re-cook spoiled meat but simply trash it.
  11. You're both right of course, sorry. I haven't played Stalker for a while now, but back in the days one could usually find some (often broken) arrows near the frozen deer carcasses that lie around all across TWM. Have you checked all of those carcasses already?
  12. I can't tell you for sure if it's a bug, but please report it on the HL bug database (together with an F8 screenshot of the coordinates would be best) just to be on the safe side. https://hinterlandgames.atlassian.net/projects/TLDP/issues/TLDP-945?filter=allopenissues For me personally it definitely sounds like a bug.
  13. I don't think I've ever found any premade arrows on Interloper. Creating all tools & weapons yourself is one of the core aspects of this mode.
  14. Yeah, I've never lacked it either. Sometimes it's quite well-hidden (e.g. in a fishing hut), but there was always one lens somewhere in all of my games so far. And as it never looses condition no matter how often you use it, you basically can't run out of means to start a fire in TLD. Hope that answers your question.^^ Oh and btw., further options for primitive firestarting are on the roadmap, but the Devs haven't revealed any details about that yet.
  15. Nice idea, +1!