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  1. I'm still hoping the current mechanics will be changed once the mysterious 'wellbeing' feature is introduced. I agree that certain aspects of cabin fever are currently unrealistic and counterintuitive, especially the fact that cabin fever increases while you're crafting, cooking or doing other meaningful things.
  2. Nice graphs, @Timber Wolf! Thanks for sharing! I personally usually don't worry much about clothing layering or wetness, simply because frostbite doesn't feel like a threat to me at all*. I try to wear more water-resistant clothes on the outside and that's pretty much it. If I happen to see that some of my clothes are getting wet (>50% hardly ever happens anyway), I fix it by spending a few hours indoors. Never had to light a fire or anything similar so far and I doubt there are many situations in which this may really be necessary. However, lighting a fire in such situations certainly adds to immersion and roleplaying aspects I guess. *I have never ever managed to really contract frostbite (only the warning, but never the real affliction), not even during multiple attempts when I tried to get it on purpose. So I guess that's where my "minimum effort" attitude regarding frostbite and clothing wetness is coming from. Why would I worry about getting something by accident that I don't even manage to get if I try really hard...
  3. As @Timber Wolf already mentioned, you have to craft hatchets (and also knives) yourself on Interloper. In other words, you need to visit one of the two forges currently in the game to get your ranged (& melee) weapons eventually. I personally prefer visiting a forge pretty soon after the start of a new run (usually before day10), but that's not mandatory ofc. You can also take your time and visit one of the forges at a much later time point if that suits your playstyle better. My personal favorites are PV and TWM. They're a bit (about 10°C) colder than the other maps, but they offer plenty of bears and other wildlife to hunt as well as huge amounts of coal and medical plants. However, they're probably not the easiest places to live. The easiest region in the beginning is probably ML due to its vast amount of cattail stalks, premade deer carcasses and opportunities to make wolves hunt down deer for you. As soon as you have a bow, the three ravine deer are also an extremely easy prey if you live inside the dam. In the long run, the easiest map to live on is probably coastal highway as long as you stay primarily on the ice plains. You'll never run out of prey on this map, fishing is possible along the whole coastline, it's relatively warm, wolves are very easy to avoid (on the ice) and there is so much shelter that freezing is pretty much no issue at all.
  4. question

    If I have nothing else to do, I usually walk around, pick up tons of sticks, wait for the sun to shine and start a whole lot of extremely pointless 1-stick-campfires with my magnifying lens. Guess that's the only way for me to ever get the firemaster badge.^^
  5. I guess it's only feasible if you're either unemployed or retired and have no other hobbies at all.^^ You see, playing one TLD day usually takes about 10-30 real life minutes on average (in the long run), at least for me. Ten minutes, if I try to pass time as fast as possible and only show the minimum activity necessary, thirty minutes if I play in my usual playstyle that is much more active (walking around/picking up sticks/searching for opportunities to use wolves for hunting, etc.) So playing 13.000 days would take me about 2500-7500hours. Given that I can only play for a maximum of maybe 12.5 hours per week (and that's already extremely optimistic, most often it's less than 8), I would need about 200-600 weeks (= about 4-12 years!) to finish such a game. If I did literally nothing else in my free time, that is. ;p I wouldn't really call that feasible, let alone desirable.^^
  6. Yeah, a bit more variety besides frying/grilling meat would certainly be very welcome. We already have multiple cooking skill levels, why not combining them with e.g. the ability to cook more "complex" (yeah, a very relative term for combining cans of premade food with meat, I know^^) recipes like chili-con-deer meat or soups/stews/whatever? Regarding premade food, I personally would love maple syrup or honey to be implemented.
  7. Given that from those maybe 5% of total players who may theoretically have the ability to survive long enough to have the character actually die of old age probably only 1% (at best) is also really interested in playing such an extreme long-term game I would say it's certainly not worth the work to implement it. Besides, even a 2000day-game (that will take approximately 400-1000 hours of real life time depending on the playstyle) is "only" about five and a half years of ageing - that's nowhere near a time point when it would make sense for the character to die of old age.^^
  8. I honestly don't know, because I never tried not to treat a parasite infection.^^ However, what I DO know is that I wouldn't advise you this strategy, even in case it's possible (which I doubt because the infection decreases your maximum health over time). On Interloper, a parasite infection becomes a pretty serious (and potentially lethal) handicap, especially during the last days of infection. You're going to be fully exhausted pretty much all the time and your condition will be at approximately 50-60% from maximum at best. Even a single wolf attack will almost certainly kill you under these conditions - not even to mention the massive problems to get rid cabin fever if it ever breaks out. Long story short: You should definitely collect these reishi mushrooms while your character is still in a more or less "good" shape. The longer you postpone the treatment, the worse it gets.
  9. Me too, but rather because I would honestly prefer the sandbox update. Don't get me wrong, I'm also looking forward to Story Mode, but no matter how awesome it may be I already know I'm not going to play it for even 5% of the time I spent playing the Sandbox so far. I'm just not the person to play story-based games over and over again. Even the greatest of these games don't entertain me any more if I play them more than three times after launch (and afterwards in the long run maybe once every two years) or so.^^
  10. Yay, finally some news! Reserved that weekend for TLD - now I just need to pre-cook some food, do the laundry and clean up everything during the week. Has been a looooong time since I prepared for a gaming marathon.
  11. Happy Birthday! You almost managed to fool me!
  12. @romerabr : Most of these threads you're referring to are some kind of an immature trolling attempt, unfortunately. I've forwarded the issue to @Patrick Carlson and will continue to lock/delete further threads. But as the creator is deleting and reposting these contentless threads over and over again on different accounts, @cekivi and me can't do much about it. Only @Patrick Carlson and @Mel Guille can ban users temporarily (or permanently). PS: I've merged the one other serious thread about updates to this one.
  13. I'm pretty sure it also depends a whole lot on whether you're looking in the same direction as your movement direction. 95% of the time I ever got a sprain while climbing some steep terrain I was not looking in my primary movement direction. In the light of that it also makes quite some sense that people get entirely different experiences - the more they encumber their characters and/or the more they move sidewards, the more likely they're going to drown in sprains. ^^
  14. I'm not aware of any sources of non-potable water, either. Except melted, but unboiled snow of course. Maybe non-potable water sources will get a bit attention with the cooking system overhaul. I personally would find more options to acquire unsafe water (lake fishing holes, waterfalls) interesting for sure.
  15. No problem, I'll move your thread. As for your questions: 1. No, they don't. Bullets in TLD just fly straight, they're not affected by gravity, wind or anything else. 2. I guess so. Unless sway was introduced to rifles in the meantime, that is. Sorry, I haven't played anything but Interloper for months, so I'm not sure what the current state of the rifle is. But if there is sway now, you would definitely notice it. 3. I think there is one, but it's so far away that I personally never had any problems with it. However, I believe we once had a thread about this topic and @selfless found some max range indeed.