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  1. Or maybe every other time an equally cold blizzard happened before your Bedroll might have been in a better shape. Even two or three degrees can really make a difference depending on the mode, and your bedroll lacked 6.4°C. I haven't played Voyageur for ages, but I can imagine that it might be balanced in a way that you either need a fire or warm clothes + a bear bedroll in good condition to be safe during late night/early morning hour blizzards. (These are the coldest blizzards ingame). It might also help you to sleep only for 2-3h in a row during your next games. I generally recommend this strategy on Interloper, but it may also be a useful advice for the other modes under certain circumstances (especially if one doesn't have max. warmth clothes or a top-condition bedroll).
  2. suggestion

    Still +1 for this idea. It has been suggested countless times in the past and I still hope it'll be integrated into the game at some point (maybe together with the cooking overhaul).
  3. Are you sure about that? The bedroll always used to deteriorate primarily on use (0,x % per hour slept) and hardly at all by time, but maybe that was changed. I haven't tested it since the resolute outfitter update to be honest. But well, even if it's a fixed entirely time-dependant value now, I personally wouldn't call 20% per month "quick decay". I mean come on, killing one bear every 75 days should be totally doable for everyone who managed to kill two bears to craft the bedroll in the first place. Given the sheer number of bears on all maps together, I personally don't even find it a problem to maintain two bearskin jackets and a bedroll at once. (Did just that for about 200days on my current Interloper game). You just need to kill every bear you come across whenever they respawn and you'll have more furs for repairs than you can ever use.
  4. I would strongly suggest the bedroll, mainly because the bear jacket is so heavy that it's rather annoying to use. I personally would also not use the wolfskin coat, but rather go for a second light synthetic jacket. It doesn't make a huge difference on Interloper which clothes you wear (on the TWM map, at least) anyway - you will start to freeze even with two bearskin coats and a full set of maximum warmth fur gear after a rather short period of time. In other words you'll need to warm up in multiple caves while discovering /climbing the mountain no matter what. And for these situations, the (overall much higher) temperature bonus from the bearskin bedroll will most likely give you a way bigger advantage than the minor permanent temperature bonus from the bearskin coat.
  5. I would like to pick up one point of this thread from @Hatchet, but I believe it's better to make it a topic of its own: The current transition area between PV and TWM. I totally agree that it's not a particularly exciting part of the game world to travel through - basically it's just an empty gorge - , but what is even more odd is the lack of shelter along the way. If you know the maps very well, it's almost always possible to travel between different parts of the game world without major condition loss due to freezing (on Interloper that is, in the other modes freezing is not so much of a problem anyway). However, the PV - TWM transition route between the rope bunker and the mountaineer's hut is an exception from this rule. Unless you start a pretty big multiple-hours fire midway between those two points, you just can't travel between them without taking freezing damage. So I believe this transition area might clearly benefit from some form of enrichment. On the one hand to simply make it more interesting/exciting and on the other hand to faciliate travelling a little. I don't think we need a whole new transition map here, but rather some fascinating map features that make the trip more interesting and offer some form of shelter. What would clearly be unique might for example be a small group of arctic tents under a large rock ledge set up by a (now frozen) group of mountaineers around a burnt-out campfire. Or maybe the crashed plane's cockpit, half-burried in a small avalanche that it caused within the gorge when it came down. I think you get my point - some form of map enrichment that gives the region a unique touch and basically has the characteristics of a snow shelter from a gameplay point of view. I for one would be pretty happy about such a thing, further ideas or comments are very welcome!
  6. Agreed. I also find it pretty immersion-breaking when my character picks up some 100% condition food item and comments "Looks like this has been here for a while". That comment should rather play at items below 60% condition or so, not on brand new ones.^^
  7. I've never completed the Nomad challenge for the same reason. It just feels incredibly pointless to stay in a location for three days in a row - it's too short to create a real main base (= going hunting for fur clothes, creating bigger stocks of meat or water), but on the other hand it's too long to just sit idle and pass time waiting. I totally understand this challenge is not meant to be difficult, but I support the idea to decrease the time you have to stay in a location to only one day (or even less). Whoever needs to stay longer (to recover from wildlife attacks or whatever) might still do so without any disadvantage, but the rest of players wouldn't have to waste time waiting for some timer.
  8. Whenever I travel through the Ravine, I very much enjoy living inside the cave near the entry to ML for one or two weeks. There are three deer nearby and good places to build snares in the area, not even to mention the vast amount of sticks. To gain acess to a workbench, the dam is only a one minute (rl time) walk away. And one doesn't have to be afraid of cabin fever at all while living inside the ravine cave. Besides, temperatures are pretty forgiving in this region. Even in late-game Interloper, you can sleep through nocturnal blizzards without a fire inside this cave as long as you have a set of maximum warmth fur clothes. Edit: I've moved this thread to the "How to play" forum as it's more about advice than about feedback.
  9. Again: In Pilgrim, Voyageur and Stalker, there is one random prepper cache in PV AND the bunker near the rope that leads to TWM. (So yeah, if you don't differentiate between those two kinds of caches, it's 2 in PV altogether.) But only the former is a real, randomly located prepper cache. It can spawn in different locations in different games and contains different kinds of items that always belong to a specific theme (e.g. "food", "medicine" or "hunting"). In direct contrast, the TWM rope bunker is ALWAYS in the very same spot in every game and has no specific loot theme whatsoever. It's much more like a normal house than like one of the prepper caches. Just because it looks the same doesn't make it the same. And in Interloper, there is no random prepper cache, but only the TWM rope bunker.
  10. That one is none of the real prepper caches. It's there in each and every game, no matter the mode.
  11. Further videos (at the moment e.g. from Portugal & Lithuania) can be found on this website: http://everysecondcounts.eu/ More are going to be uploaded once they've been broadcasted on television in the respective countries.
  12. It's wasn't a lie, it only changed over the course of time. When Interloper was released, Fluffy did indeed not spawn in this mode. But some updates later (not sure if it was Resolute Outfitter or even a bit earlier) he got introduced on Interloper as well, probably because many players (including myself) had missed him dearly. As for the caches: To the best of my knowledge these should not have spawned on Interloper at any point of time. At least I never found a single one in dozens of games.
  13. I think you know me well enough to know I wouldn't mind that at all.
  14. Hm, very strange. I'm moving this thread to the Bug forums as the caches should definitely be there on Voyageur, Pilgrim and Stalker.
  15. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in such a detailed way, I agree to many of your ideas. And I would certainly find it very appealing if the feat system was expanded further to give different players the ability to adapt the game to their own needs & preferences. It would imo also add a lot of replayability to TLD as a whole if your choice of feats actually had a much stronger impact on the gameplay experience than it currently does. For me personally, this question also goes beyond difficulty - I would really love to see feats that change the experience as a whole (while the overall difficulty may still stay the same). Exchanging daylight hours for longer fire durations (and possibly much shorter wood foraging times) would certainly be one of my favorites. Not because I want the game to be easier or harder, but simply to give me the option to play Interloper mode in a different way than I currently do.