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  1. I'm not aware of any sources of non-potable water, either. Except melted, but unboiled snow of course. Maybe non-potable water sources will get a bit attention with the cooking system overhaul. I personally would find more options to acquire unsafe water (lake fishing holes, waterfalls) interesting for sure.
  2. No problem, I'll move your thread. As for your questions: 1. No, they don't. Bullets in TLD just fly straight, they're not affected by gravity, wind or anything else. 2. I guess so. Unless sway was introduced to rifles in the meantime, that is. Sorry, I haven't played anything but Interloper for months, so I'm not sure what the current state of the rifle is. But if there is sway now, you would definitely notice it. 3. I think there is one, but it's so far away that I personally never had any problems with it. However, I believe we once had a thread about this topic and @selfless found some max range indeed.
  3. No problem, that's what we mods are here for.
  4. Which platform are you playing on, PC? I'll move the thread to the right bug subforum once I know your answer.
  5. Hey Jonas, hier sind einige meiner Favoriten. Wenn dir was davon gefällt, kannst du es gern verwenden. PS: Wäre super, wenn du das Video dann auch hier verlinken könntest. Ich hab mit Social Media nicht viel am Hut und verpasse es sonst vermutlich. xD
  6. I think I've found some combat pants in the PV Radio Tower during a "The Hunted, Part 1" challenge once. Don't remember what exactly I thought of them to be honest. I'm not a particularly big fan of the armor stat, I rather ignore it. You can find an overview about all available pants here: PS: I'm moving this thread to the "How to play" forums. It probably fits better there.
  7. Your list is clearly missing a Starfleet Section 31 rapid-fire Phaser rifle. That weapon just has style.
  8. Are you aware that the achievement would become about ten times harder to get if it was changed the way you suggested?^^ I personally wouldn't mind that, but I somehow doubt even 5% of the playerbase is able to dodge wolves really 100% of the time for 25 days in a row. Would probably cause a lot of frustration and anger for the remaining 95% if they were forced to start anew each time a wolf jumps them from behind some rock.
  9. There hasn't been any major Update since Resolute Outfitter, don't worry. I Guess @SteveP is talking about the change that bears can't be shot through campfires any more. I don't remember when exactly this was fixed (somewhen last automn I think), but shooting them from cliffs is now the way to go.
  10. Danke schön für dein Engagement und viel Erfolg bei den Challenges!
  11. It's not a bug. As long as the wolves attacked you first and you only killed them in self-defense during a handfight, you can still get the Pacifist achievement. This is intended.
  12. For some reason I know exactly how you feel. Well, just that I'm not playing a lawyer, but a crazy scientist! Some things are actually so crazy, they could really be from a video game.
  13. Well, at least I've never died in my sleep during hundreds of nights I've spend in caves so far. (But I'm usually only sleeping 2-3h in a row, so I always notice when my character gets too cold before it has any severe consequences). The TWM and PV caves are indeed occasionally too cold during nocturnal blizzards, so I was sometimes forced to start a fire in these caves. But the other maps are generally warmer and as far as I remember I never had to light a fire in any ML, CrH or Ravine cave.
  14. That's possible, but during blizzards in the early morning hours the temperatures inside such open caves can get much colder than during daytime blizzards or nights without blizzards. Clothes that may have been sufficient to keep you above 0°C under standart conditions will then suddenly not be enough any more.
  15. As our prudent and wise cousins the chimpanzees have taught us, throwing feces is most efficient if one does particularly NOT put them into tin cans in the first place. -1 for this nonsense-suggestion. And now let's please stop talking about preschool toilet humor.