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  1. I am playing on v.183 http://i.imgur.com/46Cnazp.jpg My game is getting saved here: ~/Library/Caches/unity.Hinterland.The Long Dark
  2. Game saves are saved in the osx /cache folder, which is cleared when I my maintenance cron jobs run... Which means my game save is lost. Game saves should be in ~/Library/Application Support/ or equivalent.
  3. Like the title says, not sure if a problem with TLD or the steam client, but all screenshots for me saved via steam's F12 screenshots all are saved as 100% black screens. Screenshots via TLD's own screenshot shortcuts work fine, but I can't upload those to the steam community.
  4. The same thing happened to me today. Shot a wolf eating a deer and it didn't die instantly. Was trailing it a ways behind following the blood trail and then it disappeared. I still caught up to the wolf near by but there was no trail of blood to it.
  5. I am a survivor. I want warmth for my shelter. I am surrounded by wood all around me in furniture and in the husks of former shelters. Let me break down and harvest wood from my environment for fuel for fires and for crafting spears, axe handles, and more. It takes less calories to snap the leg off of a chair than chopping down a tree.
  6. + 1 It's odd not being able to jump on a bed or a chair to look at what might be on top of a tall cabinet e.g. a hunting knife.