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  1. Something like this... Or a birch bark canoe could be used as a sledge in the winter sandbox: Found or crafted. Found would make sense in all of the lake and coastal maps. Its more unusual that they are not there. The canoe could segue into the spring chapter of the game. Perhaps waterways would be revealed connecting some maps?!/content/67637 A water craft might facilitate the collection of floating debris in coastal areas, the discovery of explorable islands, deployment of crab traps on coastal highway, several new ways to kill yourself! lol...
  2. I would support that. Perhaps the addition of a labour component. There is a lot of RL hands on labour in creating a buckskin hide, 4 - 6 hours total intermixed between soaking in an alkaline solution,scraping, neutral ph water soak, working in the brain solution, then drawing it out while it drys, and finally smoking it. I would be in favour of a couple on the devs creating their own buckskin hide in RL and then integrating a simplified mechanic in the game. In fact they can ping me here and I will give them a raw deerskin (in exchange for a Hinterland coffee cup ) , I live about an hour away...LOL. Its complete, with a .303 hole
  3. I have 'brain tanned' deer hides in RL. It is a fairly straightforward task of ten or so steps taking about a week. However, I don't think realistic hide tanning will be implemented in TLD as it stands as I suspect the developers have a philosophy regarding game additions where there has to be a 'play-value ad'. Some equation like Realism vs. Gameplay Value. So many tasks are simplified to reduce micromanagement that would be deemed to be low play value. A bit like disassembling the rifle to clean it. Some might find it fun, but probably the same criteria was used and it is simply assumed that you have done a bunch of stuff after a few clinking and scraping sounds. There is very little micromanagement in the game (with the possible exception of clothing) and no gratuitous crafting. Every element adds a unique facet to the game play.
  4. I'm in erudite company! Here you go, it feels a bit like a dating site profile lol... I live about an hour from Hinterland. I own the same rifle as depicted in the game. I have tanned my own buckskin. I built a 16th c. crossbow. I was an actor for some time and worked with Tennessee Williams on one of his last plays. I like single malt whisky, but can't afford it. I built a couple dobsonian telescopes to see what's up there. I made a copper still (For distilling water of course. I mean, you never know when you will need pure water). My favorite movie is Peter Brook's King Lear with Paul Scofield. My favorite poets are Pablo Neruda and Omar Khayyam.
  5. I would like a slight modification so that you can't get cabin fever if you are busy; reading, crafting/ repairing or cooking, etc. If you are just sleeping and passing time, then yes, the cabin fever mechanic makes sense. Maybe sole activities wear out - so if you just repair clothing for more then a day strait you start to go squirrely, but if you repair for 5 hours and read for five hours, that should be fine.
  6. Ians, Great points. Wiki has the Lee Enfield No. 4 at about 9 lbs. (probably the rifle depicted in game). I always thought they should have the No 5 as a rare find at Trappers. It has a weight of about 7 lbs and was a popular 'scout rifle' after the war. Black powder - I always just assumed they would be heavier with longer barrels for the slower powder, but I stand corrected. The 1853 Enfield rifle-musket used in the Civil War was 9.5 lbs, the Springfield rifle musket 9 lbs. - so very comparable in weight it seems. I defer to your knowledge of ballistics, but it makes sense that the meat damage (blood shot) is from the hydrostatic shock of high velocity projectiles.
  7. In RL one would, if in such a situation as depicted, quickly fashion some kind of sledge to drag one's copious supplies from one local to another. I would favour the addition of a toboggan, found or craftable:
  8. Hi SGN, Firstly, welcome to the forums! A great avatar by the way:) Regarding your post - you will find this 'road map' interesting: They have ' Snowshoes or Nordic skis ' as an intriguing possibility for near term development.
  9. I would like to nail them to the wall.
  10. I like the idea of a muzzle loader. Make it a .50 cal with a huge stopping power, with its own skill metric for loading times. Down-sides (other than being single shot) would be weight and more meat being destroyed. Car batteries would be the main source of lead. Lead can be melted over a normal fire, no forge required. You might have to find the bullet mold as a second item to craft bullets. Cloth for wads. Cans of powder and percussion caps? Maybe its a flint-lock? Ok, its getting complicated, but it would be fun
  11. If the streams thaw, you could have a salmon run for a momentary abundance of food. The downside would be many bears in the area grabbing the same fish.
  12. Thanks Mel, Pass along my thanks to the team at Hinterland for an outstanding game. Its been great to see the game evolve and I look forward to their future work. Ernest
  13. My guy is on the road. A little wary of what's up ahead. The .303 is down to its last round
  14. If you are writing a book, a rail or car trip to Prince Rupert may fill you with inspiration Perhaps travel via car through the Caribou region and hit Quesnel, Barkerville (old Gold Rush town), Smithers, Terrace, then west to Prince Rupert. There is a ferry that makes the trip back to Vancouver Island from Prince Rupert that is very beautiful if you get a daytime sailing.
  15. Hi Coccolo, I wanded over every square millimeter. If the arrows were there, they were undetectable. Maybe they should implement a garden trowel for digging for arrows! I have had cases often, like you described, where the arrow is not visible but is detectable with mouse searching. In RL I shoot a crossbow for target shooting and hunting. It is very easy to lose a bolt under the turf or, even worse, snow. Even more disconcerting than in game as a RL hunting bolt can cost over $25, LOL! I had a bolt go into grass and travel 2 meters under the surface. I had to make perpendicular cuts with a knife for some distance to find the bolt buried 5 cm under the ground. In modestly deep snow, if you miss, forget that arrow until spring, it could be many meters from the impact point. So I guess the game is not so bad! LOL!