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  1. Ians, Great points. Wiki has the Lee Enfield No. 4 at about 9 lbs. (probably the rifle depicted in game). I always thought they should have the No 5 as a rare find at Trappers. It has a weight of about 7 lbs and was a popular 'scout rifle' after the war. Black powder - I always just assumed they would be heavier with longer barrels for the slower powder, but I stand corrected. The 1853 Enfield rifle-musket used in the Civil War was 9.5 lbs, the Springfield rifle musket 9 lbs. - so very comparable in weight it seems. I defer to your knowledge of ballistics, but it makes sense that the meat damage (blood shot) is from the hydrostatic shock of high velocity projectiles.
  2. In RL one would, if in such a situation as depicted, quickly fashion some kind of sledge to drag one's copious supplies from one local to another. I would favour the addition of a toboggan, found or craftable: http://www.warmuseum.ca/firstworldwar/objects-and-photos/equipment-and-vehicles/land-transportation/canadian-toboggan/
  3. Hi SGN, Firstly, welcome to the forums! A great avatar by the way:) Regarding your post - you will find this 'road map' interesting: http://hinterlandgames.com/the-long-dark/roadmap/ They have ' Snowshoes or Nordic skis ' as an intriguing possibility for near term development.
  4. I would like to nail them to the wall.
  5. I like the idea of a muzzle loader. Make it a .50 cal with a huge stopping power, with its own skill metric for loading times. Down-sides (other than being single shot) would be weight and more meat being destroyed. Car batteries would be the main source of lead. Lead can be melted over a normal fire, no forge required. You might have to find the bullet mold as a second item to craft bullets. Cloth for wads. Cans of powder and percussion caps? Maybe its a flint-lock? Ok, its getting complicated, but it would be fun
  6. If the streams thaw, you could have a salmon run for a momentary abundance of food. The downside would be many bears in the area grabbing the same fish.
  7. Thanks Mel, Pass along my thanks to the team at Hinterland for an outstanding game. Its been great to see the game evolve and I look forward to their future work. Ernest
  8. My guy is on the road. A little wary of what's up ahead. The .303 is down to its last round
  9. If you are writing a book, a rail or car trip to Prince Rupert may fill you with inspiration Perhaps travel via car through the Caribou region and hit Quesnel, Barkerville (old Gold Rush town), Smithers, Terrace, then west to Prince Rupert. There is a ferry that makes the trip back to Vancouver Island from Prince Rupert that is very beautiful if you get a daytime sailing.
  10. Hi Coccolo, I wanded over every square millimeter. If the arrows were there, they were undetectable. Maybe they should implement a garden trowel for digging for arrows! I have had cases often, like you described, where the arrow is not visible but is detectable with mouse searching. In RL I shoot a crossbow for target shooting and hunting. It is very easy to lose a bolt under the turf or, even worse, snow. Even more disconcerting than in game as a RL hunting bolt can cost over $25, LOL! I had a bolt go into grass and travel 2 meters under the surface. I had to make perpendicular cuts with a knife for some distance to find the bolt buried 5 cm under the ground. In modestly deep snow, if you miss, forget that arrow until spring, it could be many meters from the impact point. So I guess the game is not so bad! LOL!
  11. In my current run I shot a deer with the bow near Carter Dam. I could see the arrow protruding from the deer as it bled out and dropped. The arrow was under the deer and unrecoverable so I marked the spot with tinder and returned the following day but seemingly my arrow had despawned along with the deer. Later I killed a rabbit and the arrow vanished, maybe under the rabbit? I haven't returned to that point yet to see if its anywhere around the despawned dead rabbit. As arrows are a resource intensive item its disconcerting to loose them unnecessarily.
  12. I have always imagined it taking place somewhere on west coast of British Columbia, north of Vancouver Island and South of the Alaskan Panhandle, near the coast - Highway 16 along the Skeena river. It makes some sense as Hinterland is located in Cumberland on Vancouver Island and no doubt takes their inspiration from the west coast. We also need a highway of which there aren't many around there - so Hwy 16 stands out. We need Ocean, River, Whaling, Logging, commercial fishing, a railroad - it all fits. It could be Northern Vancouver Island, but that doesn't quite seem north enough, or remote enough to me. Also the railroad goes to Prince Rupert (along the Skeena Valley I think) so that fits as well. Also, there are no Moose on Vancouver Island so if they introduce that as they seem to be planning, that puts it on the mainland.
  13. The missing weapons at the rear of the Quonset hut are now one rifle and two bows. From both wolf and bear attacks. The output log is just after the last bear attack http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=857211351 output_log.txt
  14. What I meant by 'held shot' was that no held shot is possible for a long bow with 100lb+ draw, hence a limited advantage in some situations for a crossbow. In the time it might take a longbowman to see a target draw-and-release, the crossbow bolt will have already passed through its target and be stuck in the wall behind.
  15. In RL the pull tab can, because the metal is scored along the opening, can have a shorter shelf life. In game maybe they all lost their seal in the freeze/ thaw cycle. Those are the grayed out dead cans you see everywhere