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  1. Awesome track ... ! Would like to listen to more music made by you!
  2. I noticed a problem in Forlorn Muskeg with the thin ice behaviour, when the ice crashes and you fall into the water: i think the character is moved a little bit, when the character will be placed on the ice again and it happend to me, that i somehow was placed in the air, fell down and died because of the injuries. Probably because i was next to an elevated landscape, when it happened. Sadly i do not really know where it exactly happened in the map.
  3. Mmmm ... i stared for a long time now at the female paperdoll. In my opinion she looks feminine, but the strong body, hair-cut and the fierce look is the reason, that she looks like a boy at first sight. I wouldn't really know what to change, though, to make it better and still keep it realistic ...
  4. In the test_build forum i wrote, that i didn't like the visualization of the player character in the new clothing system very much and i found it to be "amateurish" drawn; i have bad feelings about my words and would like to apologize, especially because over time i really got used to the new clothing system, the character visualization and the completly redesigned clothes. I am still switching between clothing-view and backpack-view very often, but this might be, because i am just so used to the old backpack-view ... Anyway, the new clothing system is a really great addition to the game.
  5. Finally something to do during the winter holidays :-) ... thanks guys for an incredible update!
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  8. I would love it to be able to craft bear and deer traps. So +1 from me.
  9. I love the idea of in-game events. Looking forward to it. Thanks, Hinterlanders!
  10. ... i definitely do not have this amount of self-control ... ... sometimes it's even hard to not look-up one of the great maps available for TLD. I think both sides have valid points on this and @cekivi is probably right regarding locking regions when TLD is out of alpha / when story-.mode is introduced.
  11. Totally agree with you on this. For story mode it will make sense to lock the regions and to define a fixed start-location, but i assume, that this is the case anyway, when story-mode get's available. For sandbox games i prefer to choose in which region i want to play. And when there's a new region introduced, i want to play it immediately and not having to search for the transition-zone, first. I think it also helps the developers when more players are able to (and do) play newly introduced regions, in regard to finding bugs and evaluate new / changed game concepts. Eg.: climbing was only available in TWM at first (if i remember correctly).
  12. anyway, that would already add to the diversity. it need not be a full featured hospital or police station or something.
  13. Couldn't you learn the basics by reading a book and the rest is to practice, much like the other skills in the game? But how long would it take to build an igloo, how long would it last and what would be the benefit compared to other places like a cave or just a wind-sheltered hole?
  14. I think the hard weapons could just be behind armored doors. Impossible to get near to them. But i have never been in a military base, so i do not really know how they secure their weapons. I am all for more diversity in buildings and adding more (abandoned) (industrial) structure, but wouldn't it be more likely to find a hospital / doctor's house / police office, etc. than finding an abandoned military base ... ?
  15. ... and could help identifying the weather outdoors. You hear it, when there's a blizzard outdoors, but if it's silent the weather can be good or really foggy.