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  1. I believe in real-life, if you get food poison, it will be matter of hours you will begin vomiting. What do you think? Each vomit reduces 5%.
  2. Would love to see my pet companion to attack wolves and have them distracted or deter them from the player.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, mates.. Gotta be careful shooting :S, but do the wolves get attracted to shooting?
  4. Once the game is released as full version, it could be possible. Not sure.
  5. Do they? Had many situations they would follow.
  6. No?
  7. I beg to differ. Excessivelly drinking/eating COLD stuff SHOULD give you pneumonia
  8. Gas Station usually has 4-5 wolves patrolling around. The river usually has 2-3 wolves patrolling around as well, maybe that explains.
  9. suggestion

    Multiple different wolves fur colour or whatsover would be nice and combats the repetitive issue. On top of that, yes, the deer and wolf pathway when are fleeing is very bad as they keep running to you aimlessly.
  10. We should be able to carry animal carcasses to certain places. For example, I killed a deer in the middle of the fishing pond which has risk of wolves so I want to grab it and get it to my base safely and drop it there and take it's meat and so on. Same goes to wolves and rabbits. We should not be able to carry bears though. Carrying a deer requires ton of energy (Three arrows <<<) while wolves, two arrows and rabbit, just one arrow. What do you think?
  11. I would love if this is still being considered.
  12. Easier said than done, mate. How can I run from bears if one is "provoked" and is chasing?
  13. Like using the flare to wander off the wolves, the character automatically insults the wolve to leave. So, I dont think it would be any different when it comes to bears. Perhaps push a button? I believe I am wrong on aiming a gun to bear making it to leave but the fact bears will still attack you even though you are unarmed, standing/crouching doing nothing like playing dead is what something I dislike. On another strange fact, I shot the bear, the bear didnt even flinch which is practically impossible in real life not to flinch from an overpowerful weapon and it kept on attacking, disregarding it's life.
  14. So we are talking about a bug. On TOP of that, an another feature I suggested (On the first post) is, all animals SHOULD have CLEAR bleeding WOUNDS. For example, you shot a bear on the head, then the wound on the head of the bear should be clearly visible so you can understand easily which animal you shot as bleeding isnt always visible from distance or sort of.
  15. I believe there should be 25% chance only. I don't think bears can be that stupid to get killed. Shooting should definitely get them to charge you but aiming should just.. Give them a "warning" or sort of. As I said, aiming your gun to bear shouldn't always cause it to retreat. The chance of retreat could be around 25% and 50% if aiming at it with flare gun. The protagonist automatically could begin shouting at the bear to cause it to retreat. Perhaps playing dead would be a better idea? Like standing and not moving as a bear is inspecting you with a chance that he might let you off or attack you.