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  1. I am not sure, I have been following the deer for 30 total minutes (I shot it with arrow on it's leg) and it never limped, it only run away constantly as it saw me only to be killed by a wolf in the end.
  2. Bumping it a bit if you don't mind. I did try hit a wildlife in their leg and none of them ever limped while running or walking. I am not sure if its a bug or the animation actually does not exist.
  3. That's what I am doing which is a bit hassle :s. But thanks for the responses!
  4. To place them appropiately!
  5. Agreed. But avoid bears at all costs. I mean, if you happen to encounter during a long journey without saving a progress and you have no flare gun bullets... Bye bye in that case. Flare guns are used only against wildlife. There is no use of it other than that. And no, helicopters wont come if you shoot it on the air!
  6. Flare Pistol do kill wolves and bears yes. But it's not recommended to use flares pistol against the wildlife because they are very scarce unless you are going to die.
  7. I believe in real-life, if you get food poison, it will be matter of hours you will begin vomiting. What do you think? Each vomit reduces 5%.
  8. Would love to see my pet companion to attack wolves and have them distracted or deter them from the player.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, mates.. Gotta be careful shooting :S, but do the wolves get attracted to shooting?
  10. Once the game is released as full version, it could be possible. Not sure.
  11. Do they? Had many situations they would follow.
  12. No?
  13. I beg to differ. Excessivelly drinking/eating COLD stuff SHOULD give you pneumonia
  14. Gas Station usually has 4-5 wolves patrolling around. The river usually has 2-3 wolves patrolling around as well, maybe that explains.
  15. suggestion

    Multiple different wolves fur colour or whatsover would be nice and combats the repetitive issue. On top of that, yes, the deer and wolf pathway when are fleeing is very bad as they keep running to you aimlessly.