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  1. I could do with a sleep until rested button but I'd rather see that the game remembs my last choice for hours to sleep. As I will often go to bed when it gets too dark to do anything and sleep for 10-11 hours if I'm tired enough. But I want to get up at first light even if I'm not fully rested yet. A button to "eat and drink" is not something I would need. I generally eat multiple pieces of food before drinking. So the action of selecting a drink and pressing a button is not so bad and I will probably accidentally hit the "eat" button anyway for the last piece of food. But I don't mind if a "eat and drink" button is added so long as the "eat" button is not replaced by it, so just eating without drinking is still an option. Or else you would always have to wait until you finished drinking after eating.
  2. I carry a couple of petroleum jelly cotton balls for emergency use as well, but I find that birch bark or fatwood will light readily with a good firesteel as well. But I have also tried quite a few different firesteels and there is a big difference in quality! Some firesteels are a pain to use, they throw few and or small sparks that die out quickly. With such a firesteel it can be hard to even light a petroleum jelly cotton ball. Other firesteels produce a lot and large sparks that burn much longer, making it much much easier to start a fire. You can easily light dry grasses or shredded paper with a good quality firesteel. So judging by how easy it is to use the firesteel in TLD, I'd say it's a good quality one
  3. I've never had a game without a magnifying glass either. Usually find more than one. Whenever I start a fire outside and it's possible to use the magnifying glass, I will. I will even postpone lighting a fire if I can if the weather prevents me from using the magnifying glass. But even without the magnifying glass I can't imagine running out of all matches on all maps before quitting that game and starting a new one.
  4. Yes, bears come to investigate if they detect you and will follow you as long as you don't come too close (they will attack if you do) or get too far away (they will stop following you and go back to their normal route).
  5. Cool, I hadn't noticed yet. Haven't played long enough since the update to light a fire in the same place as I did before
  6. A little late, but still: have a good vacation!
  7. Well, I like to cook/ boil water outside because: I can start the fire with the magnifying glass if I have one It helps prevent cabin fever So around the bases I use there will be a good amount of burned out campfires in no time. I don't really care how the burned out campfires disappear, be it through harvesting them, via an option to manually remove them or if they simply disappear after a few game days. One way I use brands late game is to light a fire outside with the magnifying glass, than take a brand and use that to light a fire inside. This way I can save my matches for when I really need them. Or if I have lit a fire to keep warm while harvesting a carcass I take a brand so I can light a fire back at my base to cook the meat. Another use for them is to keep wolves at bay. So yes, I do sometimes gather more brands than I care for in places I visit often. And I don't feel the need to change the way I play the game, thank you very much. Just because you don't use brands very much, doesn't mean others shouldn't either. The most annoying thing about brands is that if you drop them inside, you can never move them outside because you can't pick it up. In a small space like Trapper's I find it very annoying to have a few brands lying in a corner. In larger buildings you can move them some place you don't notice them all the time.
  8. Interesting... I would have thought that sprinting would consume more calories for the same distance. But when deciding whether to always run or not (especially up/ down a hill) another factor should be considered: the increased chance to sprain a wrist or ankle when running. Also you can pay better attention to your surroundings if you walk, possibly avoiding bad situations for instance by spotting a wolf before it spots you.
  9. Who's to decide what should or should not be an concern for someone? I say that someone should decide for himself. Saying the game is in alpha and those issues will eventually be fixed is a reply that can be used for every single bug report, comment or feedback. So maybe we should close the forum and hope for the best..? I for one am annoyed by the campfire system as it is. You basically have 2 choices: Light every fire in a new spot, cluttering the landscape with burned out fires, especially in places you visit a lot. Try to light each fire on top of a previous fire, but after a few fires it becomes hard to click on the burning fire instead of one of the old burned out ones. I don't like either option very much and would like to see this changed. So yes, to me this is an concern. I don't care for an even harder difficulty mode like interloper so, like @nicko, these campfires are a bigger concern to me than interloper. I get that this is not the case for a large number of players but that does not mean I should not speak up about what concerns me.
  10. I'm almost certain that there was an update in the last 6 months or so where fishing was changed so you catch more around dawn and dusk. But I can't find anything in the update changelogs so I'm probably mistaken.
  11. I think @mystifeid gave some excellent advise here but there is one thing I don't agree with and that's this: Considering how easy it is to get new feathers, I would gladly give up 1 feather to gain an additional shot. I have to note here that I haven't played in a few months and never on Interloper yet so I don't know if the spawning of feathers is greatly reduced, but on I never used to have a problem finding enough feathers.
  12. Why would a fire go out if I add more wood (assuming it is still burning well and not already almost out)? In my experience adding wood when the fire is still burning will only prolong the fire, not make it go out. Not saying I think the current system is great, it could sure use some improvement. And I think it would not be a bad idea to have to build up a fire using smaller pieces like sticks before you can add larger logs but once you've got a good fire going, there is no reason why it would go out when you add fuel.
  13. I like it. It makes sense that you get better at chopping wood as you do it more. I would prefer less hatchet wear over additional logs as @Wastelander suggests. Even if I'm terrible at chopping wood, I would still take it all... I do get the more calories with higher cooking skill though. As you can cook the meat in less time, you waste less calories.
  14. I would love it if the UI remembered my choices, not just when failing to do something and not just with starting fires but always and with every action where I need to make a choice between certain items / tools!
  15. That bunker is always there in other games. It is meant as a staging place for going to TWM. That's probably why it is also in Interloper.