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  1. We'll share some news soon!
  2. We'll probably take questions from the community in the future, and answer ones we think will be interesting to discuss. Some of that could overlap with nuts and bolts game mechanics stuff, sure. Depends on what kind of questions we get.
  3. Get used to it. I'm a rambler! I think if you're not interested in hearing 10-15 mins of our thoughts about Mad Max, you likely won't be interested in future episodes. I would have gone on way longer, and intend to go back to it whenever possible.
  4. We don't want to limit topics to only those relevant to the game. It's meant to be more of a "fireside chat" format where we riff on stuff we're interested in. In future segments we'll likely pull some questions from the community and discuss them, but this is more about building a community around shared interests, not just The Long Dark.
  5. It means you have more available options in this slot. If you have an item in that slot and no additional options, there's no + symbol (like you have for shoes, socks, etc.).
  6. When we get around to it. Remember, the Roadmap is an aspirational list.
  7. Thank you for sharing this thoughtful analysis! You are very much on point.
  8. Nothing new to report on the console front.
  9. Yes, that is our intention, as long as we can preserve world continuity between Story and Sandbox.
  10. It's something that is very tricky to get right. We're working pretty hard on it. So far, I'm really happy with the results and I think it adds to the already strong sense of presence in the game world.
  11. Thanks for all the support, everyone! The team really appreciates it.
  12. Unfortunately, that's not the only spelling mistake in that screenshot.
  13. Lots to talk about here. I'll take it to PM.
  14. Hello Baukje! Thank you for your message. You're actually the first van Lierop I've ever encountered outside my immediate family. Feels a bit like discovering a lost relative. I'm so happy you decided to join us. Welcome!
  15. The Long Dark -- Sandbox Alpha Updated to v.346 -- "Penitent Scholar" Hello community, We've just updated The Long Dark Sandbox Alpha to v.346, which we're calling "Penitent Scholar". A video that discusses the update's major features and additions can be found here: Full Changelist below: THE LONG DARK -- SANDBOX ALPHA UPDATED TO v.346 -- "PENITENT SCHOLAR" NEW LANGUAGES * New Languages selectable from Display Options: French, Swedish, Korean, Chinese (Trad + Simplified), Japanese, Turkish, Norwegian GAMEPLAY * A Snow Shelter can now be crafted and deployed from the Radial Menu. This Shelter protects from wind and cold, but leaves you vulnerable to wildlife. * First-pass Survival Skills system has been added to the game, with the first test skills implemented. See the Skills section of the Journal for more information. The first Skills are: Firestarting, Cooking, Carcass Harvesting, Ice Fishing, Rifle Firearm * First-pass Feats system has been added to the game, with the first test Feats implemented. See the Feats section of the Badges menu interface for more information. The first Feats are: Book Smarts, Cold Fusion, Efficient Machine, Fire Master, Free Runner, Snow Walker * You can now find Research Books in the world. Spending time Researching these books will improve specific Skills. * Nomad Challenge added. Survive for 3 days each in 15 different locations around the world. * Whiteout Challenge added. Stockpile supplies and survive for 30 days as a monster blizzard bears down on you. * First-pass Almanac feature added (to support Whiteout gameplay). * It is not longer possible to Craft complex items (requiring a Workbench) in the dark. You can still Craft simple things from the Radial Menu in the dark. You also cannot Repair items in the dark. * Brandishing now costs Stamina and not Fatigue. * When breaking down items, the raw materials produced now go directly into your Backpack (vs. being placed on the ground to then be picked up). This will result in fewer bugs relating to harvesting items being stuck behind geo. * Fixed issues with Wolves sometimes walking in place. * Warmth from Bedrolls is now taken into account when Resting in Vehicles. (Note: You also get a Warmth bonus from Bedrolls when Resting in the Snow Shelter.) * You can now see descriptions for active buffs in the First Aid screen. UI * New Fonts added to the game. * Brightness correction now occurs before the Main Menu. Subsequent Brightness changes can be made from the Display settings, accessible from the Main Menu. * Reduced the number of stacking Damage event icons during Wolf struggles. (Note that the number of Damage events is still the same.) * Added new Skill section to Journal * Added new Almanac section to Journal * Added new Objectives section to the Journal * Added new Snow Shelter Build/Use/Dismantle UI * Added Badge art for all Challenges * Added Badge art for new Feats * The Badge interface can now be accessed from both the Main Menu and the Pause Menu * Added notifications for Skill Improvement, Skill level unlock, and Feat unlocks AUDIO * Added audio kickers for Skill improvement, Skill level unlock, and Feat unlocks GENERAL * Player is warped to a safe location if we detect player has fallen through world * Screenshot keys no longer force UI to chance from Gamepad to Mouse/Keyboard * Significantly reduced color banding in low light conditions * [For Streamers] We've added support for being able to access a second monitor without Alt-Tabbing. (Note that this will become a toggle in a future hotfix.) ### END OF CHANGELIST ### A Note on Leaderboards As we've deepened the options for player experience in the game, and provided more ways to share your progress with other players, we feel that Leaderboards don't represent a meaningful measurement of game progress, and therefore we are removing them effective immediately. We look forward to continuing to improve our in-game tools for sharing progress and player accomplishments. A Note on the Test Branch Process As many of you know, we experimented with a new Test Branch process for this update, where we provided an opt-in, pre-release test build of the game for the purposes of helping us find bugs, crashes, and balance issues. As a first test, the Test Branch was an overwhelming success! Our plan with the Test Branch is to shut it down it between Updates. Stay tuned for more information about when the Test Branch will be re-opened, and some refinements we'll be making to the overall process. We thank all of you who participated and helped make the Test Branch a big success! ###