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  1. Hello! With Valentine's Day on its way we're inviting our community to share their topically-themed creations! Following the general theme of "A Valentine's Day in the Quiet Apocalypse," we'd love to see any artwork, journal entries, screenshots, poetry, videos, music, fiction, or other work that our creative and resourceful survivors come up with. Feel free to interpret the theme as narrowly or as broadly as you like. A love letter to the Old Bear? An illustration of the perfect spot for a wintery picnic? Is there someone you're missing as you wander the frozen wilderness, or are you happy spending some quality time alone with Mother Nature? Email us your creations at or share them in the thread below. On Feb. 14, we'll share some of our favorites on our social media channels. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! -- Hinterland Team
  2. Hello, We've hotfixed The Long Dark to v.393 on Steam and v.394 on Xbox One to address the following bugs: * Fixed issue where Arrows would disappear upon save or scene transition. *Fixed issue affecting blizzard sound effect audio [Xbox One Only] ###END OF CHANGELIST###
  3. Hello, We've just hotfixed The Long Dark to v.392 on Steam and Xbox One -- changelist below. * Fixed crash that could occur when getting Frostbite * Fixed uncommon crash related to leaving footprints * Reduced glare cast from first person Flare and Torch * Fixed issue with predators interrupting player sleep in invalid locations * Fixed issue with too many Wolves spawning in Pleasant Valley * Fixed issue with harvested Saplings sometimes providing Cured Branches * Fixed issue with items falling through ice after a Struggle * Fixed issue with wildlife sometimes not being able to pathfind to valid locations * Fixed issue with screen sometimes not smoothly fading in when starting a new game * Fixed issue with extra cancel button prompt sometimes showing up on Inventory UI (gamepad only) * Fixed issues with getting stuck in Forlorn Muskeg and Jackrabbit Island * Fixed issue with getting stuck when exiting the bed in the Quonset * Fixed issue with Forlorn Muskeg Safe not working properly in Interloper * Fixed issue with a container being destroyed in Forlorn Muskeg when breaking down a metal shelf * Fixed issue with being able to use Forge before it's hot enough * Fixed issue with First Aid Kits floating after breaking down furniture * Fixed issue with Research button not being localized * Fixed background blur when cancelling the delete of a save slot * Fixed missing damage state art for some clothing items * Assign non-zero weight bonus for fish at Ice Fishing Skill Level 4 * Assign non-zero reduction in fishing time at Ice Fishing Skill Level 2 * Fixed collision issues in some caves that could prevent picking up items * Fixed issue with drawn Survival Bow movement speed retained after Wolf or Bear struggle * Fixed issue with Arrows not animating properly in certain cases * Fixed corpse loot issue on Timberwolf Mountain * Fixed issue with Snares not being visible at moderate distance * Updated copyright notice on main menu ### END OF CHANGELIST ###
  4. Hello community, We've just hotfixed The Long Dark Sandbox to v.388 on Steam and v.389 on Xbox One, to fix a few bugs introduced (or discovered) after the release of our "Resolute Outfitter" update. Changelist: * Fixed delay after eating/drinking in inventory * Fixed collision on shed in Forlorn Muskeg region * Fixed minor clipping issues with objects in Forlorn Muskeg region * Fixed area where player could exit the map in Forlorn Muskeg region * Fixed bear getting stuck inside rail car in Forlorn Muskeg region * Fixed broken stats for old save games * Fixed issue for some Xbox players getting stuck at the boot screen.* Fixed issue for some Xbox players where the Distress Pistol would not fire. ###END OF CHANGELIST### A Note on Stats in v.386 We noticed that we accidentally included a bug with the stats, which shifted all of your stats down a field, so they appear in the wrong place. This hotfix should address the bug for all NEW games you start afterwards. However, it will not fix the issue for any games you started between v.386 and this version, v.388. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you! A Note on Holiday Hours The team has worked hard this year and will be taking a break between now and January, to rest up for the big push in 2017. As a result, Community support will be available, but at a reduced intensity over the next two weeks. Please keep this in mind when asking for support, either in the forums, or by email. If you find bugs and would like to log them, please do so in our public bug database. We will check them ASAP: If you prefer to send us an email, please do so at: support(at)hinterlandgames(dot)com, or post issues in the Technical Issues section of the forum, located here: As mentioned, please allow extra time -- up to 48 hours -- for us to respond. In general, the best support for the community tends to be the community itself, so feel free to ask for help if you are stuck, need game help or advice, are having technical issues, or just want to share your story. Our community is fantastic and we all look out for each other. Please remember to be kind to each other, mind our Community Guidelines, and enjoy a safe and happy holiday season. 2017 is going to be a very big year for The Long Dark. Thank you for being on this journey with us. - The Hinterland Team
  5. Dear Community, It’s time to talk about Story Mode again. Since this is the last community update I’ll be posting in 2016, this is also a good time to reflect on the last year of development on The Long Dark. The two stories are connected. 2016 has been a challenging year for me, and for Hinterland. We opened the year with the plan of launching Story Mode this past Spring, but I just didn’t feel good about where things were at, given the compromises I felt we were making to do that. I wanted to push further, do more, with the game, knowing that after all this time of you waiting for Story Mode, it would have to be something truly groundbreaking to really live up to your expectations. And to live up to our expectations. It’s been a constant balancing act between keeping our Sandbox players engaged and happy with updates, and also having the majority of the team working away on Story mode. Since it’s difficult to share Story progress without spoiling it, people sometimes feel as though we’re not working on it, which is frustrating for them, and for us. We deal with this by trying to stay focused on our launch and remember Miyamoto’s adage: “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” We appreciate all of you who continue to support us patiently. A sample of the 2D style we’re using for cinematic moments. One of the areas we’ve tackled this year is character realization. Prior to our Spring delay, our plan was to present all our characters in 2D motion-graphics sequences. We’re still using that presentation style for specific parts of our narrative, but I really wanted to push more of the storytelling directly into the gameplay space and I wasn’t happy with the idea that all our storytelling and character interaction would happen through 2D cinematic scenes. Despite the fact that our cinematic style is beautiful, I felt that we were somehow selling ourselves -- and the game...and our community -- short, by not trying to get more of this interaction into the gameplay space itself. This has been an aspiration of mine ever since I started working in games -- inspired by Half Life and Half Life 2, and their progeny -- an aspiration that has remained unfulfilled in all the games I’ve shipped to date. I guess I’m stubborn that way. I don’t know that we’ll get to Half Life quality interactive narrative in the first iteration, but getting more of our characters living and breathing in the world is still our target, and we’ve spent a lot of this year working on achieving that goal. But taking on 3D characters ended up being a much bigger undertaking than we expected. The whole 3D character pipeline was entirely new for this team, game, and engine -- we hadn’t made any of these characters, really, apart from a test (which you saw in our April Story Mode update -- the man near the fire; his name is Methuselah and we’ll have more to say about him in the future) and wildlife, which have very different requirements. It took us several months to work through the kinks in our content pipeline, get the tech working well, and in the end the initial results were not satisfactory. We’re continuing to iterate on what we have, and still struggling a bit with the tech and the content, but we’re getting closer. In the end, we’ll present our storytelling content through a combination of 2D motion-graphics scenes, and some in-game 3D moments, choosing the presentation style that best supports the creative goals of each particular moment. It’ll just have taken much longer than expected, to get there. On the good side, the possibility of having limited 3D character content in the world does open up some useful creative doors to other systems that would be hard to pull off without 3D NPCs, including better ways to reflect how your survival decisions as a player may affect other people you encounter, which is one of the key ways we want Story Mode to build on what Sandbox already offers. In Sandbox, you focus exclusively on how your choices affect your own survival -- a very ego-centric experience. In Story, we want you to think beyond yourself, and consider how your choices affect others. In Story Mode, you’ll finally get to see how the Aurora affects the world around you, introducing new hazards...and new possibilities. With the Sandbox update we just released -- Resolute Outfitter -- we’ve added the last major core gameplay system that remains before we launch Story Mode. We have two or three additional major systems we’re working on that we’ll be launching *with* Story Mode -- and these are pretty significant in how they change the way the game feels -- it’s likely that both these systems will also find their way into Sandbox, but we’re still working out those details. That’s been a theme this year -- the gameplay relationship between Sandbox and Story mode. My original premise for The Long Dark was that Sandbox would be the proving ground for systems, and Story would add the narrative layer. In general, this is how most open-world games function. That said, most open world games build their narrative layer in conjunction with their systems layer and due to our splitting the two “modes” apart, largely for the purposes of keeping spoilers out of Sandbox mode -- the Sandbox game has, to some degree, evolved to take on its own life as its own experience. It needs its own things to be successful -- it has its own “heartbeat”, as it were. And a hungry community needs to be fed! Thus, Sandbox continues to grow, in some ways, beyond the gameplay needs of Story mode... That’s not to say that Story Mode isn’t built on a foundation of Sandbox mechanics, but I think I over-estimated the extent to which Story Mode could be layered on top of Sandbox, without changes to systems or tuning. Some systems that work really well in Sandbox actually work against the player goals in Story, and vice versa. So, this year we’ve been working through that process -- pulling Sandbox mechanics into the Story game and refining them, streamlining them, tuning them differently, to support the more narrative-driven experience you get in Story. And likewise, there are some mechanics that are built for Story mode and will exist there first and most “purely”, and could get adapted for Sandbox afterwards. In Story Mode, we’re introducing new regions designed to help present the backdrop of The Long Dark’s quiet apocalypse. With the pressures of wanting to make significant progress on Story Mode without abandoning our players who mostly care about Sandbox, I grew the team to about 25 developers this year, with -- at various points -- most of them working on Story Mode content and systems, and either small “maintenance” teams working on Sandbox updates, or -- depending on the complexity of the update -- occasionally pulling a large portion of the team into helping finalize or test Sandbox mechanics (as we just did for our latest update). I’d say this has been the biggest challenge for our team, and for myself personally. I’ve led large game teams before -- up to 150 developers -- but in trying to stay lean on management overhead and also having a lot of the team being distributed (i.e. not everyone works in the same physical studio space), at some point we hit a size where things just became a lot more complex to manage and to move forward. We’re working through it and have taken steps to improve certain aspects -- including opening up a second physical studio space to house about ⅓ of our development team who were all living in the same city but working apart -- but to some degree these are challenges you solve while on the run, laying track while the train is running, and it’d be dishonest to pretend they don’t have an impact on development progress. So that’s a lot of words but what you want to know is -- where do things stand with Story Mode? Well as always, in the interest of withholding spoilers, I’ll keep things high level. We have about 6 hours of playable Story Mode gameplay, currently split into two episodes, and these are the episodes we will launch with. The first part serves as a prologue and sets the tone of the story and explains something about the world you find yourself in. The second part continues the story of Will Mackenzie, and what he encounters and learns about the quiet apocalypse of The Long Dark. Astrid’s story, unfortunately, will not be playable at launch, but her Episode will come soon after. We are still planning to release five episodes in Season One, all of which our Early Access/Kickstarter/Game Preview players will get automatically as they are unlocked, for the price they have already paid. We have some cinematic content, we have some in-game character moments, all the voice recording for Mackenzie and Astrid is done, as it is for most of the supporting characters (but not all). We’ve created two whole regions that are new to Story Mode (not counting the new Sandbox region we’ve just released, Forlorn Muskeg), one of them is finished and being polished, and the other is getting a bit of an overhaul for story reasons, but it’s close to being complete, and is pretty unique for our game. We’re about to start scoring the game -- Cris Velasco, who I was fortunate enough to work with on Space Marine, will be composing the score for Story mode, to complement the beautiful work done by Sascha Dikiciyan in the Sandbox score. We’ll be starting that after the holidays. I have some more design work to complete on the remaining systems I mentioned earlier, and then we can finish those as well. Unfortunately, this guy didn’t quite make it in for 2016. As you can tell, he’s not very happy about it. As I’ve said before, I won’t provide dates until they are close enough that we are 100% guaranteed to hit them, but I feel really good about where Story mode is at the end of 2016, and we’ll have lots of exciting stuff to share -- including new announcements -- some time after the holidays. As with the last community update, I’ve teased a few of the things we’ve been working on for our Story Mode launch throughout this post. Enjoy, and thanks for reading. In the meantime, please make sure you check out our latest update, Resolute Outfitter , which introduces a whole new Region, as well as an extensive overhaul of the Clothing system, a Frostbite affliction, and tons of other fixes and gameplay modifications. On behalf of the entire team at Hinterland, I wish you and your loved ones a great holiday season. 2017 is going to be a huge year for Hinterland, and The Long Dark. We’re glad that you’re here with us. - Raphael
  6. The Long Dark Sandbox Updated to v.386 -- “Resolute Outfitter” -- Release Notes We’ve just updated The Long Dark’s Sandbox mode to v.386, “Resolute Outfitter”. This is the last Sandbox update of 2016, and the biggest of the year. Details below. Video: *** NEW REGION: FORLORN MUSKEG We’ve added a new region to the game -- Forlorn Muskeg. It’s a vast frozen landscape of dead trees and ice. There’s very little shelter, so this region is definitely not for the faint of heart. Hardy explorers will be rewarded with access to a second Forge. NEW CLOTHING ART All the Clothing items have been re-built from scratch to better reflect the game’s art style. You may see some familiar items updated, as well as many new items. NEW CLOTHING ITEMS There are over 65 items now, which nearly doubles the amount of Clothing items in the game. We’ve also included a new Craftable Clothing item: Bearskin Coat. CLOTHING TUNING Every Clothing item in the game has had a tuning pass, though we expect to change some things based on further playtesting feedback. This tuning pass includes re-balancing the Weights and Warmth values of pre-existing Clothing items, to reflect the fact that you can now find and use a lot more Clothing than before. CLOTHING LAYERING SYSTEM You can now layer Clothing items using a slot-based system. Some areas of the body -- example, the Torso -- have multiple slots, which allows you to layer more than one thing. For example, you can wear two items on your head, whether that means two Toques, or Two Scarves, a Scarf + Toque, etc. CLOTHING UI & “PAPER DOLL” There is a whole new Clothing UI, which communicates what your Survivor is currently wearing in the various slots. You can now easily see when a slot is empty, and remedy that. You can also see when a slot has multiple options available, for example when you pick up a new Clothing item. Cycling through the valid items in a slot will allow you to see a comparison between the currently equipped item in that slot, and the other valid items in your Backpack that would work in that slot. Paper Doll layering should display the correct items on the outside layers, giving you a quick visual frame of reference as to what your Survivor is wearing. Damage states are visualized on the Clothing Items and on the Paper Doll items, providing a quick visual frame of reference for whether items need to be repaired or not. You can access the new Clothing UI from the Radial menu, from the Backpack interface, or using the C hotkey. WETNESS, FREEZING, & DRYING In certain weather types, your exterior Clothing layer now accumulates Wetness. As items become Wet, they lose some of their Warmth value, and become heavier. Once an item is 100% Wet, it begins to slowly Freeze. Frozen items lose more of their Warmth value, and become heavier. An item’s Warmth value when Wet depends on the Material type. Ex. Wool retains more Warmth when wet, than Cotton. Wet and Frozen items can be dried when worn or placed near a Fire, or when worn in interior locations with above freezing temperatures. Each Clothing item has a different rate at which it dries, depending on the Material type. Dry Clothing protects your body from accelerated Hypothermia risk, and Frostbite. CLOTHING ITEM STATS Every Clothing Item now has a series of Stats which are displayed when you select that item in the Clothing interface. Gear selection and maintenance will require a balance between these various factors. Stats include: * Warmth: How much Warmth this item affords. The Warmth of all *worn* Clothing items is totalled and used to modify the Air Temperature. The Feels Like temperature (accessible from the Tab key) is the result of [Air Temp] - [Clothing Warmth]. Ex. If the Air Temp is -20C, and you are wearing Clothing that offers a combined total +10C Warmth, the “Feels Like” temperature is -10C. We then use this -10C “Feels Like” to calculate how quickly your Cold Bar depletes. Keep in mind that some types of materials (ex. Wool) still offer Warmth when they are wet; others do not (ex. Cotton). * Windproofness: How much Windchill protection the Clothing item provides. This value reduces the effect of Windchill in reducing your “Feels Like” temperature. * Waterproofness: How water repellent this item is, which modifies how quickly it becomes Wet. * Weight: How much an individual Clothing item weighs. Remember, any Clothing items worn or carried in your inventory all count against your total Inventory Capacity. Wet and Frozen items will weigh more than those same items when they are dry. * Condition: A % range that reflects the current physical Condition of an item, between 100% (New) and 0% (Ruined). Item Warmth, Warmth When Wet, and Waterproofness scales with Condition, ex. an item’s capacity to provide Warmth is compromised as it becomes more worn out. * Mobility: Bulkier or more restrictive clothing items may impact how quickly you can move through the world. This is expressed as a % decrease of your Sprint stamina. For example, if you wear a combination of bulky clothing items that reduce your Sprint by 10%, you’ll notice that reflected in the size of available Sprint resource in the HUD meter. Note that this only affects Sprinting and not Climbing. * Protection: How much this item protects from Physical damage to your Survivor, including Wildlife attacks, Falls, Burns, etc. The higher your total Protection %, the less damage you will take from these events. Deeper Stats and differentiation through tuning means that you can now create Clothing combinations that support different playing styles or daily goals. For example, if you intend to make a fast supply run to a nearby location, it makes sense to wear light waterproof clothing to optimize your Inventory capacity for supplies you may find. If you’re heading into unknown territory and scouting an area you think might have hostile wildlife, you may opt for heavier items that offer more physical protection, at the expense of some mobility and carrying capacity. REVISED LOOT TABLES We’ve revised all the Loot Tables, to better distribute Clothing around the world. We’ve also hand-placed more items and balanced the availability of the rarer Clothing items. You should find the search more rewarding. You should not find too many repeat items per container, although it may occasionally happen. You should generally find Clothing items where you would expect to find them. Keep in mind that Loot availability is modified by your Experience Mode. FROSTBITE AFFLICTION Now that players can visualize what their Survivor is wearing in each location, we have the means to properly communicate Frostbite Risk. Through exposure (i.e. when an area of the body is not protected by Clothing), or due to clothing items becoming Frozen, an area of the body will begin to accumulate Frostbite Risk (expressed as a %). One this risk becomes 100%, your Survivor will receive a Frostbite Affliction in that area. Frostbite does permanent, irreparable 10% damage to your Survivor’s Condition (note: this tuning may change over time). You can track Frostbite afflictions in the First Aid screen (accessible from the Radial menu). It is possible to accumulate multiple Frostbite Afflictions -- one per major area of the body. Once you have a Frostbite affliction, your maximum Condition will never recover beyond that point. The speed at which your Frostbite Risk increases depends on the Air Temp, and the area on your body. For example, Frostbite Risk increases more quickly in the extremities -- hands and feet -- than on the Torso. Keep in mind that in addition to Frostbite, you still have to monitor Hypothermia risk, which works as it did previously. We intend to build on this system in the future, by adding modifiers to Skills requiring dexterity (ex. Crafting, or Archery, etc.) when you have Frostbite damage to the Hands, for example. IMPACT TO PRE-EXISTING CLOTHING One outcome of this update is that some Clothing items that exist in your current Inventory may change, post-update. This includes, to varying degrees, item names, descriptions, but also statistics. We apologize in advance if this results in you losing the benefit of a favourite Clothing item. We hope that on the whole, you’ll appreciate all the new benefits offered by the enhanced system. GAMEPLAY CHANGES: STAMINA We’ve modified the Stamina tuning to reflect changes in the clothing system, notably the inclusion of Mobility. You’ll find that you can now sprint for shorter bursts but the Stamina recovery is much quicker. Also, the Fatigue cost of Sprinting has been reduced, so over the course of a day you’ll be able to Sprint more before you get Exhausted. This is modified by the Mobility penalties of wearing bulky clothing items, which reduce your Stamina -- as indicated by the right side of the Stamina bar being blocked out with a section of red. This indicates how much Stamina you are “losing” due to Clothing choices. ## THE LONG DARK SANDBOX v.386 CHANGELIST * [NEW!] Addition of new region: Forlorn Muskeg * [NEW!] Addition of new enhanced Clothing system and assets; refer to the detailed design notes on this new system as it changes core gameplay significantly! * [NEW!] Affliction: Frostbite * [Crash] Fixed intro video crash on Windows XP * [Crash] Fix for rare crash when placing footprints * [Gameplay] Retuned Sprint Stamina recovery and Fatigue cost * [Gameplay] Retuned cool downs on Heated drinks; they will now stay warm much longer * [Gameplay] Retuned Hypothermia recovery times * [Gameplay] Retuned Hypothermia Risk times; it now takes longer to develop Hypothermia * [Gameplay] Hypothermia recovery times now modified by Experience Mode * [Gameplay] Added ability to relight a burned out Campfire * [Gameplay] Made Scrub Brush harvestable for fuel * [UI] Added new Clothing “Paper Doll” interface * [UI] Decoy moved to the Camp Craft submenu on the radial * [UI] Fix for buttons overlapping when progress bar is active on inventory UI * [UI] Accelerant now stacks (no longer degrades) * [Bug] Fixed bug that caused Fluffy to fall through the floor of the Dam * [Bug] Fixed bug that prevented Challenge retries from working properly * [Bug] Fixed bug that caused audio to be muffled after started a game after a drowning death * [Bug] Fixed bug that caused wind audio to cut out in interiors * [Bug] Fixed issue where it was possible to equip partially crafted clothing items * [Bug] Fixed bug with showing "Repair" instead of "Read" for books when using gamepad * [Bug] Fix issues with Distress Pistol not animating and playing audio * [Bug] Fixed snow shelter rendering glitches ###END OF CHANGELIST###
  7. Hello community, We'll be deploying a new build to the Test Branch later this week. This Test Build will include major changes to the Clothing System that we're planning to roll out in a December Sandbox Update before the holidays. We'll share more details soon, but in the mean time, keep the following in mind: * The Test Branch is optional; you do not have to participate. * All tuning is placeholder; don't freak out if you see something you don't like. We'll continue refining the values leading up to the full December Update release. * The Test Branch contains spoilers for the full Update. If you don't want to know what's coming in the full December Update, stay out of the Test Branch discussion. * Please avoid posting Test Build spoilers in the main discussions. * Current in-progress save games can be carried over to the Test Branch, but not the other way. This is to protect your progress from being polluted or influenced in some way by bugs or tuning issues in the Test Branch builds. We'll update here and in the official community once the Test Branch is live. We'll post detailed instructions on how to participate in to the Test Branch -- including how to download the build and how to post bugs/feedback -- when it is live later this week. Please don't ask for instructions in this thread or discussion. Note that the December update will include more than the Clothing System updates, but since the changes are substantial we'd like the current Test Cycle to focus on this system. The changes to the Clothing System are very extensive and introduce multiple new layers of survival gameplay. We're excited to get this system into your hands in the full December Update. In the mean time, your contribution to the Test Branch playtest will help us ensure the December Update is as bug-free as possible. We'll have another update on Story Mode progress to share, later in December. Thanks in advance! - The Hinterland Team
  8. Hello fans! Steam is running an Awards contest during the Autumn sale, where you can nominate your favourite game in various categories, and get a Steam Badge for your efforts. If you think we've done a good job with The Long Dark, we'd love a nomination! You can do so on the game's Store page: Want to learn more about the Steam Awards? Go here: Thanks for your support! - The Hinterland Team
  9. Hello, We've hotfixed The Long Dark to v.375 on Steam to wrap up the 4 Days of Night Event and fix a pair of related issues that had surfaced. Hotfixes for Xbox One and GOG are coming soon. We'd also like to hear your feedback on our recent Event in The Long Dark! Please take our community survey and let us know what you think: - The Hinterland Team THE LONG DARK SANDBOX HOTFIXED to v.375 CHANGELIST *Fixed issue with Cabin Fever and Intestinal Parasite Afflictions needing to be cured multiple times if contracted during the 4 Days of Night Event *Fixed issue where Glowing Red Eyes persisted in wolves past the end of the 4 Days of Night Event. *4 Days of Night Event disabled ### END OF CHANGELIST ###
  10. We'd like to hear your feedback on our recent 4 Days of Night Event in The Long Dark. Please take our community survey and let us know what you think: Thank you!
  11. Hello, We've hotfixed The Long Dark to v.373 on Steam and Xbox One, to remove Parasites and Cabin Fever afflictions for the duration of the "4 Days of Night" event. Apologies for any inconvenience these afflictions may have caused, due to eternal darkness and not being able to recover properly. Please note that this fix will also apply to Parasites and Cabin Fever afflictions in current in-progress games. - The Hinterland Team
  12. This Halloween, we're trying something a little different in The Long Dark -- an in-game event we're calling, Four Days of Night. This is a bit of an experiment to see how the community feels about in-game events that are built around a specific theme. Since it's Halloween, we're having a bit of light-hearted fun. In Four Days of Night, you'll experience: * Perpetual darkness -- the sun will not rise * Light sources (ex. Lanterns) last twice as long as usual * Demon wolves * Strategically located Pumpkin Pies with Warming and Wildlife Deterrent capabilities! * High-calorie value snacks in Candy Bowls * Jack-O-Lanterns that mark the location of rare Loot NOTE: These gameplay changes will apply to all in-progress Sandbox and Challenge games. If you are concerned about losing progress, we recommend you start new Sandbox sessions if you want to participate in Four Days of Night. The Four Days of Night event starts Friday, October 28th, at 10AM PDT, and ends Tuesday, November 1st, at 10AM PDT. Good luck, and we hope you enjoy it! - The Hinterland Team
  13. Hello community, We've just hotfixed The Long Dark to v.365 to fix some bugs in the recent update, Vigilant Trespass. THE LONG DARK SANDBOX HOTFIXED to v365 CHANGELIST * Fixed issue with Flare Brandish not playing audio or warding off wildlife when player stamina low * Fixed issue with unlit light sources being unequipped when picking up items with double click * Fixed camera issues when entering tilted vehicles * Fixed crashes due to quitting game during fade outs of scene transitions or exiting vehicles * Fixed crash that could occur when renaming a Journal * Fixed issue with being able type text in a Journal if you died while editing * Fixed issue with toilets disappearing when loading old saves * Fixed glitch with lit Matches animation when inspecting an item or container * Fixed issue with Storm Lantern playing ignite audio when running out of fuel * Fixed issue with movement speed if Struggle is triggered when player is crouching * Optimized audio in Desolation Point to prevent potential sound hitches * General fixes to Environment art and collision ### END OF CHANGELIST ###
  14. Dear community, Two years ago -- on September 22nd, 2014 -- we brought The Long Dark to Steam Early Access. It was a newer platform back then. Survival games weren’t truly a “genre” unto themselves yet. We were still hitting our stride as an independent developer, about 18 months into development and only 11 months after we wrapped up our successful Kickstarter. We had released an early version of the game to some of our Kickstarter backers, and we were thrilled to have some feedback. The notion of community-informed development was still pretty new to us back then, with the team mostly coming from traditional “triple-A” development backgrounds. We were used to working on games for years without being able to talk about them, pushing them out the door when they were as ready as we could make them, and crossing our fingers in hope that people would like them. The idea of releasing an early, unfinished, unpolished version of the game was both tremendously exciting, and scary as hell. What if people hated it? We knew The Long Dark didn’t really fit into the traditional mold -- which was precisely the reason we had embarked on creating it. But really, apart from 7000 Kickstarter Backers who trusted our vision enough to give us their money, we had no idea if anyone would like what we had made. Launching on Steam, in Early Access, was a turning point for us. On our first day, The Long Dark appeared in the #4 slot on Steam’s Top Sellers list. In the first month, we sold over 40,000 copies. We thought that was pretty good. By the end of January, 2015, we had sold over 250,000 copies. Today, across Steam and Xbox One, more than 950,000 people have contributed to the development of The Long Dark. We know we’ve missed promised Story Mode dates. We’ve not always been able to get updates out as frequently as we would have liked. Not everything we’ve added to the game has been universally loved (*cough* intestinal parasites *cough). We’ve produced nearly 300 builds and over 75 public updates. Our team has grown from about 8 developers in September 2014, to nearly 25 today. We have a studio on Vancouver Island and are about to open a Hinterland Outpost in Vancouver. Tens of millions of play hours have been logged. Millions of people have watched the game played on YouTube and Twitch. The Long Dark has been analyzed critically by academics, has been incorporated into philosophy and literature curriculum as a case study of “vulnerability”, it’s helped people suffering from anxiety issues find some peace, while also managing to challenge veteran outdoorspeople and survivalists. Seeing one game be so many things to so many people is one of the most rewarding things in the world. It’s even attracted the attention of some notable Canadian icons, like Margaret Atwood! (One of my personal high points on this project, so far!) I’ve been fortunate to see this game grow from the kernel of an idea. What started as a deeply personal journey about striking out to the proverbial “hinterlands” of the games industry, has evolved into an artistic survival experience that has touched many people’s lives. It’s also provided the team at Hinterland with meaningful work and a way to provide for our respective families and dependents. For you, it is $20 and (hopefully) dozens of hours of escapism. For us, it is a calling, a livelihood. For me, it has become integral to the very fabric of my being. Thank you for the faith you have put in us. Every day we strive to live up to it. We hope you have enjoyed the last two years of The Long Dark. Here’s to many more years! (But not too many more without Story Mode.) You are the best of us. - Raphael ### ANNIVERSARY BUILD To celebrate this anniversary with us, we’re giving all of you the exact version of The Long Dark we launched on Steam Early Access on September 22nd, 2014. For one week only, you can access it on Steam, by the following: Right-click The Long Dark in your Steam library Select Properties Click the Betas tab Enter the code: h1nterland2014 Select the build from the dropdown: build_sept22_2014 Steam should automatically update to this old 2014 build. To revert back to the current build, simply Opt Out of Betas from the Betas tab, and Steam should update back to the current Main Branch build. REMEMBER! Gameplay has changed substantially since 2014, so things may not work the way you are used to. Please help each other out! Also, please note that you will not find current saves in the old build. We’ll leave this build live for about a week, and then will shut it down. So enjoy it! We’ve also put together a little video to commemorate this anniversary. We hope you like it!
  15. THE LONG DARK SANDBOX UPDATED to v.364, “VIGILANT TRESPASS” We’ve just updated The Long Dark to v.364, “Vigilant Trespass”. This update introduces several new features and changes to content, outlined below. A full changelist can be found at the end of this message. Here’s a video that discusses some of the changes introduced in “Vigilant Trespass”. New Experience Mode: Interloper We’ve added a new Experience Mode: Interloper. Interloper is a highly challenging mode that focuses on self-sufficiency in survival. It is the most “extreme” of the Experience Modes for the following reasons: * The world becomes more hostile to you as you play. Global temperature drops, wildlife and fuel resources become more scarce, and Blizzards become more frequent. * There are no Rifles in the world. * Apart from the Hacksaw and Hammer, which spawn rarely in the world, you need to create all your own improvised tools (ex. Hatchets, Knives, etc.). * The best Clothing and Food items do not spawn. * Wolves are more rare, but also more deadly. * Wildlife becomes more rare over time. New Challenge Mode: Hunted, Part Two We’ve added the follow-up challenge to Hunted. In Hunted, Part Two, you must track the Old Bear from the Trapper’s Cabin, to its Den. Keep an eye out for tracks and blood drops. The weather may not cooperate! Improved World “Decay” Systems We’ve made some changes to how various systems work to ensure that, over time, the Sandbox becomes gradually more challenging over time. This is to combat the sense that the game becomes too easy once players have made it past a certain threshold in their survival skill and with improvised gear and tools. The new Experience Mode, Interloper, shows the most extreme version of this updated “Decay”, but we’ve applied it to all pre-existing Experience Modes as well. In general, we tune about a dozen variables differently as the game progresses over time, including (amongst other things): wildlife spawn behaviour, weather patterns, global temperature, and the availability of fuel resource spawns. The rate at which this “decay” occurs depends on the Experience Mode, with Pilgrim and Interloper being on opposite ends of the spectrum. Our intent is that these changes ensure the level of challenge in the game remains engaging over long-term Sandbox games, but consistent with the level that players would expect for that particular Experience Mode. First-Person Presence & Updated Locomotion We’ve updated all our in-game Light Sources with first-person animations. This includes: Flare, Lantern, Torch, Brand, Matches. Lantern placement has also been modified to work better with first-person hands. Both Male and Female hands are represented. For now, we are not visualizing custom player clothing or gloves/mittens on the hands. Please note that there may still be glitches with this system, as well as unanticipated effects to some of the in-game interactions. We’ve updated our Locomotion animations to work better with the First-Person hands. You will see equipped light sources in hand when walking, though hidden while sprinting. We’ve also modified the way Sprinting works -- you can no longer sprint backwards, nor sprint-strafe in perfectly lateral directions (though it is still possible to sprint forward and on an angle). Updated Rest & Passing Time Interface Our last pass on the Rest and Passing Time interface was confusing for players, so we’ve updated both these interfaces. Now, to Pass Time, you use the Radial > Campcraft menu to select the “Pass Time” option (the icon is a Deck of Cards). You will now get real-time feedback on how Passing Time is affecting your Status, and you can interrupt Passing Time at any time. Please keep in mind that the previous Warmth bonus during Pass Time was an artifact from the use of the Rest menu, and was not an intended bonus. You can now Pass Time anywhere (i.e. you do not need a Bed or Bedroll). Rest works as it always has -- you can Rest from the Bedroll or any Bed. Both interfaces have been updated to clarify your current Status, to help you make a better decision about how long you want to Rest or Pass Time. Wolf Decoy Exploit Fix We’ve fixed the Wolf Decoy exploit. Decoys will now cause Wolves to “retreat” for a period of time, but they will no longer stand there making an easy target. Only Meat (includes Fish and Guts) may now be used for Decoys, and the “Drop Decoy” action will automatically select the “smelliest” (i.e. lowest Condition) meat in your Backpack. Beachcombing Gameplay We’ve updated the Coastlines to have open water. You’ll find that useful things occasionally wash up, but keep an ear out for signs of weak ice. If you fall in the water, it’s instant Hypothermia and your clothes will all be Wet! New Skills: Archery & Mending We’ve added two new skills: Archery, and Mending. Keep in mind that we’re still iterating on the Skills system, so our plan is to continue tuning and expanding this system over time. Feat Slots Based on feedback from the community, we’ve modified how we handle Feats. Now each Experience Mode supports a number of active Feats -- 5 for Pilgrim, 4 for Voyageur, etc. During the Sandbox setup, you’ll need to activate any Feats you’ve unlocked so far, and those Feats will be active for that particular Sandbox game. If you prefer not to use Feats, simply do not activate any of them. Also, please keep in mind that you can’t enable Feats you’ve unlocked in your current game. A Few More Tweaks We’ve rebalanced Snow Shelters to be a little less effective. Linux users can now Alt-Tab without audio becoming corrupted. We’ve added a warning to help avoid burning partly-researched Books. Cleaning your Rifle no longer improves the Rifle Firearm skill. Cooking Fish now produces a small amount of usable Lamp Oil. We’ve also fixed several bugs; the full changelist will be published once we migrate the Test Branch to the Main Release. New Languages Apart from any new text added in this Test Branch (which hasn’t been translated yet), you should find the Sandbox has now been translated into: Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Finnish, and Dutch. Middleware Updates In this Test Build, we’ve updated Unity and also Wwise (our audio engine). We don’t think this will impact anyone, but it’s possible that these updates may have affected stability. You may notice this particularly around graphics, and audio. Please make sure you report any bugs around unusual graphics glitches, audio issues. NOTE ON TEST BUILD SAVES As noted during the Test Build process, we are not carrying progress from the Test Build back into the Main Branch. This is to prevent any bugs or issues captured in your Saves, from being introduced back into your Main Branch games. ***Please note that current in-progress games from the Main Branch should continue working as expected with Vigilant Trespass.*** Also, please make sure your drivers are updated! ***** THE LONG DARK SANDBOX UPDATE v.364, “VIGILANT TRESPASS” -- FULL CHANGELIST NEW FEATURES * Added new Experience Mode: Interloper * Added new Challenge: Hunted, Part 2 * Added full First-Person Presence for Light Sources: Flare, Torch, Brand, Lantern, Matches * Added Beachcombing Gameplay * Added Archery Skill * Added Mending Skill * Iteration on “World Decay” systems across all Experience Modes, focused particularly on: global temperature, weather patterns, wildlife presence, blizzard frequency, and fuel resources * Iteration on Feats system; players now activate a limited number of unlocked Feats per Sandbox game CRASHES FIXED * Fixed rare crash when firing Arrows * Fixed rare crash issue in Fire UI * Fixed rare crash in Badges UI * Fixed rare audio crashes * Fixed crash issues that could occur in the Snow Shelter UI * Fixed rare crash related to Cabin Fever * Fixed rare crash when accessing the Log screen * Fixed rare crash when cancelling Firestarting * Fixed rare crash when being stalked by a Wolf * Fixed “Many Campfires” Out of Memory crash * Fixed crash that could occur when trying to force burn an unread research book * Fixed rare crash that could occur when firing the Survival Bow * Fixed crash that could occur when entering a Struggle and holding a lit Flare/Torch/Brand GAMEPLAY TUNING * Tuned Snow Shelter dismantling resources * Hacksaws can now be used to harvest Saplings and Tree Limbs * Updated the Bed and Bedroll interfaces to support Passing Time as well as Rest * Enabled Users to view status overlay when Rope Climbing - but not the radial menu * Tuned Hacksaw per-use decay rate * Fixed Decoy exploit; Wolves will no longer make an easy target! * Cooking Fish now produces a small amount of Lamp Oil (varies based on Fish type and weight) FIXES * Fixed issue where brandishing the Flare did not increase Fatigue * Fixed issue where player could drop Decoys when in a Snow Shelter or vehicle * Fixed issues with drag-and-drop behaviour in Containers * Fixed issue with Inventory sort icon colliders overlapping * Fixed issue with audio when dragging scrollbar * Fixed alpha issue on car windows that caused trees/foliage to not sort correctly * Fixed floating objects after breaking down furniture in Farmhouse * Fixed issue with player crashing through top of Snow Shelter after picking up items * Fixed issue with debug screenshot behaviour * Fixed issue with Brands providing a Heat Bonus when placed near a fire * Fixed issue where players could become stuck on a black screen when retrying a Challenge * Fixed being unable to light Torches from a fire * Fixed issue where players could add Coal to a fire at an invalid (too low) temperature * Fixed audio dropping out after a player Alt+Tabs away from the game * Fixed issue with falling snow passing through walls in Forestry Lookouts * Fixed issue that caused wildlife to sometimes become stuck on chunks of ice * Fixed issue with Wildlife trying to pathfind into deep water * Fixed Flare effects showing through doors * Fixed issue that caused corpses to disappear when only partially in view * Fixed issue where players could place Camp Fires deep in mines * Fixed issue with looping Flare ignition audio * Fixed floating plates appearing after breaking down certain tables in Coastal Highway * Fixed inaccurate Calorie cost preview for Passing Time * Fixed Harvesting UI displaying incorrect requirements when harvesting with bare hands with the Master Harvesting Skill * Fixed issue with stackable items merging with invalid stacks, when dropped from inventory * Fixed issue with inaccessible backpack in Timber Wolf Mountain * Fixed issue with Torches not being lit by other lit (dropped) Torches and Flares * Fixed issue that prevented the Journal stats from populating when viewed from the Main Menu * Fixed issue that caused the camera to rotate and pan unexpectedly * Fixed issue that could cause incorrect camera FOV at the start of game * Fixed missing cabins in Coastal Highway * Fixed duplicate rope near Mystery Lake Western Access * Fixed issue with the Extinguish/Brandish prompts disappearing too quickly * Fixed issue that caused the Torch effects to become offset after a scene load * Fixed issue that allowed players to fire the Survival Bow after dropping their last Arrow * Fixed issue caused by picking up an Arrow and nocking it, while holding the Survival Bow * Fixed issue that allowed all Bunkers to spawn in Mystery Lake in certain scenarios * Fixed issue that allowed low detail trees to appear on the Main Menu when running Low or Medium quality Misc: * Memory optimizations * Fixed various environment art and world collision issues ### END OF CHANGELIST ### Thank you for playing, and we hope you enjoy Vigilant Trespass! The Hinterland Team