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  2. Unexpected Moose (spoiler alert)

    I say go for it. I've found the key to hunting moose is to exploit their aggression. Get yourself somewhere they can't reach but can see you (I've found fallen with some elevation and rock faces to work well), and when he ambles by take a shot and let him see you. He'll charge around you trying to get to you, and you can put arrow after arrow into him until you get the crit hit and he drops (and it sure looks like the only way to kill the moose is via crit hit or eventually depleting his hit points with repeated arrow strikes... so keep aiming for the head and chest). Depending on your cold scenario, take the two hours to quarter him, grab the hide and guts, and book to your shelter so you can start curing them. Then over the next few days, return to the bags, harvest two or three of 'em at a time (I usually do it by hand) and take the meat back to your shelter and fireplace. Repeated trips will get all of it for you.
  3. Sorry, I'll clarify what I mean by the "outer layers" confusion. You've got your Torso Outer and Legs Outer slots, which can each have two pieces of clothing on them. But this is a different meaning than when it's said that only the "outer layer" provides wind and armour bonuses. What provides those is only the outer-most layer, regardless of whether or not it's an "outer layer" slot. I'm entirely confident that you understand the system, but the wording doesn't make that distinction clear to a new player. I'm not sure what the best way to describe it concisely is. Maybe just a note the only one coat/pair of pants will give all the extra bonuses, as opposed to both ones warn on the Outer Torso or Outer Legs? Stacking two heavy coats has the exact same wind protection as just wearing one.
  4. Post your "Mystery Games" here!

    Recommended for people (like me!) who find Stalker a bit too comfortable, but don't enjoy Interloper so much. I prefer random starting locations and no feats, but obviously that's up to you! 8t+Q-lh4O-Lw+H-y8Bu-rAAA (where it says lh4O, the "l" is a lower-case "L", and the "O" is an upper-case O-for-orange, just in case that isn't clear!)
  5. V1.30 Stalker Achievement Run II

    Yep - that's a good tip too!
  6. V1.30 Stalker Achievement Run II

    I actually have a different view of this. I appreciate that with knowledge of the maps, an experienced player can choose a path that has low probability of meeting a wolf. It's part of the skills you acquire over time. And in most cases, you can't get from A to B without taking some wolf risk on the way - few places are really, really 100% safe.
  7. Stupidest way you have died

    Busy man-splaining the game to my girlfriend: "So, you see you these plants that grow by the river - you can take them for food. They don't give you many calories by themselves, but I've collected about 8 of them here so that should be enough for now. I can eat them before I sleep and recover some of my health condition." <closes inventory window to see a wolf charging towards me about 10 yards away> "Wuuuurrraaaagghhhh" Dead.
  8. Has anyone read this book by Douglas Adams titled The Long Dark Teatime Of The Soul. The title is from a quote from another book. in the end, it was the Sunday afternoons he couldn't cope with, and that terrible listlessness which starts to set in at about 2:55, when you know that you've had all the baths you can usefully have that day, that however hard you stare at any given paragraph in the papers you will never actually read it, or use the revolutionary new pruning technique it describes, and that as you stare at the clock the hands will move relentlessly on to four o'clock, and you will enter the long dark teatime of the soul. This would make a great EE to find said book.
  9. Fixed the Fish Meat, Rabbit Snare, and Food Poisoning issues. Although the sentence "Most items with a Condition stat will Decay over time, whether they are used or not. " is more brief than "All items with a Condition stat will Decay over time, whether they are used or not, with exceptions. " it's also a little muddier. The vast majority of items with Condition do decay, save for Tools as mentioned later in the guide. In this case it's better to say that all items Decay and then state exceptions than to use the word "most" and keep things in the gray. As for the Outer Layers concern, I think you may have to clarify it for me a little bit. The overviews for the Inner Layers do state that they only contribute Warmth and Weight. Added "Only Contributes Warmth AND WEIGHT" to all Inner Layers descriptions to avoid confusion, at the sake of brevity, and other small fixes to that section. Should make it clear to all readers that Inner Layers do not contribute anything but Warmth, Weight, and Mobility Penalty.
  10. Unexpected Moose (spoiler alert)

    This beauty was unexpected and I nearly crapped when I spotted him. Interloper spawn at DP and returned to this area after the tools were acquired. The bridge is used to access Stonechurch and make my way to the mines. Safe route is what I used to think. There are no tree markings in this area. Never spotted this moose until 60 days later when I planned to leave. The weather during three nights of aurora was improving. Packed up after the forge was used and planned on this route to leave DP. Climbing the embankment near the bridge and focusing on my right side looking down the road at a wolf near Hibernia. Spinning around to face the bridge was this gate keeper guarding the bridge. None Shall Pass! Crouched and terrified I snapped two photos. Packed with gear I choose to book it back down the hill. Only looking back when near the ship. Thankfully he was still on the bridge. Headed down the ice and made my way to Katie's Corner. Now at the mineshaft to cross crumbling highway and I am contemplating a moose hunt. With a full belly, 100% health, rested, all the tools, the bedroll (from first day), flare gun with 3 rounds and a nearly new bow with 22 arrows. Everything is pointing positive for the hunt. Still there is a very good chance that this could turn out badly; I never hunted moose before and only at level two bow hunt skill. If I can make in time before the storm my plan is to return to the church and be on the rock elevated above the moose to take the shot. This indecision bugging me. So come on and let me know Should I stay or should I go now?
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  12. Is there any way to hang stuff from the walls?

    Yeah, if this game was heroin... you could say I am addicted!
  13. Xbox One - Extremely Long Loading Screens

    Thanks for your post, @magicmurff. That's odd -- load times on console can be a bit longer than on a desktop, but it should never take five minutes! Have you already tried clearing the cache on your console? If not, give it a try. The quickest way is to power-cycle your Xbox One by holding down the power button for a full 10 seconds.
  14. My Dad had an interesting solution to modern transportation being knocked out by an EMP, or similar: Train Museums. The steam locomotives and old, pre-integrated circuit, diesel locomotives could be put back into service. There are often staff at the museums who would know how to operate them and they usually still have rail connections to the main lines. Now you have a means of transporting supplies, materiel, and emergency responders en mass to the towns and cities where they're needed.
  15. Firewatch?

    I liked it, but felt there could have been more. You're given different conversation options, but they have no real effect on the story. As such, the storyline of the game is very rigid. This leaves the replayability extremely limited, since you really lack any significant change in outcome. That being said, it's still a fun game for a while. Plus, I waited until it was on sale.
  16. Wind can push you around

    I know that wind in your face can slow you down. But, what if wind coming from the side can push you sideways? When I was transitioning from Mystery Lake to Coastal Highway, I ran into a major storm in the Ravine map. I got stopped just short of the bridge by the cold and wind chill. Thankfully, I was able to hug the cliff wall enough to get a fire going. I couldn't wait for the storm to pass, as I was nearly out of sticks for the fire. After warming as much as possible, I set out across the bridge. In reality, the wind and it's gusts might have pushed me off balance, causing me to fall to my death. This would certainly add more tension and suspense to that crossing.
  17. Take me to Church!

    Keep going! This game will teach you some survival skills and life lessons
  18. Write a Long Dark Haiku

    Wind howls in my face Hug the cliff wall for shelter Come on, fire. Come on.
  19. Flying bear

    The funniest part about a sandbox are the bugs. You can rate a game just for it. Love this game
  20. Be one with the wild world
  21. V1.30 Stalker Achievement Run II

    That's a useful hint, I saw that as well. But for some reason experiments with swapping clothes and slots gave me more certainty. Well... I DID know the backside of the dam, I have certainly exited through the one-way door and re-entered through the window when that part was new. But thinking back now... I can't remember actually transitioning to PV from there. Maybe I really never did that. Well, there is always a first time.
  22. Write a Long Dark Haiku

    I walk up to him His lifeless body frozen My chat says, "Eat Him"
  23. Hello! I've had this game for a couple years and haven't had any major issues until now. This problem occurs in both Wintermute and Sandbox. I had been playing well into Episode 2 with no problems and then took a month or so off to play a different game. I came back to TLD over this past weekend and found that the loading screens are extremely long. The wolf will run for about ten seconds, and then freeze. Eventually the game loads my next play area, but I have had load screens that last 5+ minutes at a time, which obviously is very frustrating when you're in Milton going from house to house. I believe the game is installed on an external harddrive, but I have not had this issue before. I've disconnected the Xbox and let it rest for a bit before plugging it back in, and still have the problem. I thought it was related to Wintermute for some reason, so I began a Sandbox game (custom). After about ten minutes of play in this mode, I found myself facing the same issue. I really want to keep playing but the long load screen is just killing me. Thank you!
  24. Companion Animal

    If for every person who wants to have a wolf pet in TLD I would get a bullet for a hunting rifle, I would be Rambo. I don't want to insult you, but it sounds like a typical 13-year-old girl dream of having a wolf pet. Stop it. This is not a game about having a c00t doggo, it's about killing those horse-shits everytime they do run at you. An idea of having some sort of a pet is nice, maybe like a Canary who would alarm you of dangerous mine collapsing ( I would like to see this kind of a feature, maybe during blizzards ). I don't understand that obsession with dogs. I have one, she's about 16 years. I love her, but man, they aren't better than any other pet. If I would be in a deep forest with a hungry wolf wanting me dead, I would snap his neck ( probably I'll day because I'm weak and a crybaby, but you get the point ).
  25. Snow shelters. No cloth needed! HA!

    thats awesome
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  27. Snow shelters. No cloth needed! HA!

    From the side, the 2nd one looks like it was made of giant marshmallows. In painkiller induced delusions, Will would probably literally try to eat himself out of house and home. And yeah, with a decent fire, it was pretty good. -Naturally, with a hole to vent the smoke.
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