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  2. Mate, I've read your fantastic post several times and I genuinely can't tell if you're being serious. Just to recap, the game is set in the beautiful Canadian wilderness after a geomagnetic storm brought your plane down, it isn't set in post-apocalyptic Max Max territory. I've visited Canada three times in my life and I can honestly say that the people are among the friendliest on earth. I'd like to think that following a disaster the population wouldn't instantly turn into crazy, shotgun-crafting, attack-dog-training, thieving, murdering enslavers who'd sell me for two granola bars and a can of hot peaches. I do think your ideas sound awesome for a game but they're probably not what the devs are envisioning for The long Dark. I could be wrong though. For all I know they're in a meeting right now high-fiving a suggestion to syphon fuel from cars to make molotovs, or crafting a special saddle so you can ride bears.
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  4. Maybe this could even scale with difficulty. The lower difficulties could have topographic maps (no icons) that the player can then draw into. Maybe even (please please please) satellite imagery. Wouldn´t a camp office have some maps around? While I realize that adding such a big feature just for the lower level players, for whom exploring is one of the biggest parts of the game, and for whom not knowing where the map ends is awesome, is kind of unnecessary or even harmful, I also think that the community needs maps like this, especially satellite and topographic maps. As a compromise, all maps could be fastened to walls so that the player has to remember everything.
  5. As we all know, the game contains books that help the character improve his/her skills. However, those books don´t contain any information for the player. I think it would be a simple and nice touch to copy some small texts from help forums and discussion pages that could help new players. Maybe they could be designed like actual texts from such books and magazines, just as a small detail. Of course, the player should not be forced to read since most of the current players are pretty experienced already. For example: "Field Dressing your Kill, Vol. I " could explain (roughly) how much freezing affects the speed of harvesting and what the different parts are used for. "Wilderness Kitchen" could go over some calorie levels for different meat types and how the temperature of the fire affects the speed of cooking. Could also maybe mention the risks of food poisoning, parasites etc. "Survive the Outdoors!" could contain some diagrams on fire temperature and duration depending on fuel. Could also (since it´s a survival guide and not a fire starting guide) contain various small details that could be useful to new players but don´t really fit in any other category. "The Frozen Angler" could show lists of types of fish in either lake or sea, also with average weight. Could also mention some of the options of breaking ice sorted by effectiveness (without explicitly stating that, that would be too easy). "Advanced Guns Guns Guns!" could contain information on damage zones, bleeding and some info on bow hunting. "Frontier Shooting Guide" could contain crude explanations of how to aim, how the bullet drops, how the damage drop works etc. I would love to hear your ideas!
  6. The way I look at it, you already need to go and find the hammer before you can forge. On Interloper it's on a different map from the forge itself, but on the other modes it can spawn in the same region. Neither DP nor FM are very big, in terms of searching for them. I wouldn't have any issue with the metal work book being located somewhere near the forge (perhaps not in Interloper?). There's usually more than one of each book in the world as it is? In any case, I don't think you'd need to be worried about not finding it, or even about not being able to forge at all. It's pretty far from necessary, given how many ready-made hatchets, knives and arrow heads are available to find - plus the fact that these tools aren't even necessary for your character's survival anyway. Interloper is always the exception, but I doubt many people would object to that being made harder. It's supposed to be extremely difficult.
  7. You could simply add together the weight of the hide, the guts and the meat. Since bones make up ~15% of the total weight it would be easy to add that on as well, slap the whole thing on your total weight and see if you can move. This way the player could decide, depending on weight of clothing and equipment, if carrying an animal is actually an option or if certain parts need to be removed. I would not, however, give the player the option to remove bones, simply because removing bones from a carcass without damaging or removing intestines is unrealistic. You could also give the option to move dead bodies. If we assume that the average Canadian male is 80.7 kg (177.9 lb) it´s obvious that the player can´t really carry a body, but dragging them would remove almost all of that weight in favor of drag. We don´t need drag calculations, I think that the developers should just try a few slowdown values and choose one that feels realistic. It should enable the player to get a dead body out of a house, but not to horde bodies to farm feathers.
  8. I was going to say the same thing, except then I thought about the fact that we now have two forges. So, do we then need more then one book or does the book have to be located in a region outside of DP or FM?
  9. Not all in game loot is RNG, some items are hand-placed or have a 100% chance of spawning somewhere in the map. Just wanted to throw this here before you discard the skill-behind-book mechanic (which I find interesting).
  10. This isn't a bug, but a bit of unfortunate game design that could cost some other players their life (as it did to me last night, 45 days into a Stalker playthrough). Heads up to other players and the good people at Hinterland: I found myself stuck at night in the Spencer Family Farmstead after a day of crafting. I usually returned to a nearby cave to sleep, but this time a blizzard rolled in and stranded me. As I've done a couple of times before in similar situations, I lit a 10-hour 60 degree fire burning in the furnace, and walked up the planks to sleep 9 hours until morning. I guess in the past I 'entered' the bed from the foot, but this time, I entered it from the 'side'. The wrong side, as it turns out (ba-dum-tiss). I didn't check the temperature before sleeping. Because I was 'standing' to the side of the bed where there is no fire warmth bonus instead of at the foot of the bed where there is a fire warmth bonus, I died of hypothermia in my sleep. Don't get me wrong, I knew exactly what had happened and why. But it is unfortunate game design that the temperature is measured where I'm 'standing' instead of where I'm 'lying down'.
  11. I don't think gating the skill behind a skillbook is a good idea, RNG has been known to play some nasty tricks on players. True, forging is not something you should succeed at the first time, and maybe that should be reflected in heavy penalties for early forging attempts, ie: quality of item/forge times etc..
  12. discussion

    what is Guns! Guns! Guns! (+10pts Rifle Skill) ? maybe a new one I need to find or a dud?
  13. might be fun some hunting. http://store.steampowered.com/app/253710/
  14. yep it would be harder to craft, right. its almost the same percentage to catch a rabbit as with the other snare. cage: the rabbit has to walk against the stick for the cage to drop and it could go wrong (rabbit not exactly under the cage) sling: the rabbit has to get with his head into the sling and to move forward for it to tighten, could also go wrong (break) its just how i felt when i first saw these snares in game and i wanted to speak this out loud.. i guess it depends on how emotional you are (or i am) when it comes to animals. i do love them all
  15. ya nice and i get your point. also a lot more work/hours to craft that kind of trap and how effective is it?
  16. this is a point. but this is how rabbit cages for example in The Forest (edit: the game) are working: or a real life example you would need sticks to build them and could place them like the other snares. when a rabbit is catched you could get the option to break the neck (one of the fastest ways to kill small game without tools)
  17. More base customisation is/was in the roadmap, wasn't it? Craftable racks/shelves might be a thing later in development. It'd be nice. I'd really like to see an overhaul of the item placement system. I'd like to have it so all items can be placed in hands, and interacted with from there (in the game environment rather than in inventory menu). And following from that, the ability to go directly from 'item in hand' to the 'place item' mechanic, so that you don't have to drop everything on the floor, and then move it about from there. Take the example of the lanterns: you can't pick them up without going through the stage of taking them in-hand first - this feels a bit cumbersome when taken in isolation, because it's the only item that this applies to, but if it was the case for everything it'd make much more sense. It's a fairly minor detail as far as gameplay goes, but it'd make the environment feel more tactile and immersive, in my view. I find it odd that currently different items force players to interact with them using completely different control patterns to do essentially the same things (ie. pick up, use, put in inventory, drop, etc).
  18. good start many other cool ideas too. well worth watching.
  19. I think a forging skill makes absolute sense, given the other tasks that already have the skill system attached to them. In fact, and this has been suggested before, I think the whole forging ability should be gated behind an initial research book - so you can't do it at all until you have unlocked it by reading. Forging metal tools is not something you should be able to just do if you've never been educated in it first. I think the same goes for making hunting bows as well. Your first attempts would be so bad that the end product would probably be totally unuseable. I think you should need a skill level before you even attempt it.
  20. I think snares are in most parts of USA not sure I live in AU. Either way its a game I think I would set a snare to catch my rabbit / dinner if I was hungry. Not sure about your cage, bit like a cat trap maybe? sure might work but do you have one and if not how long would it take to make one / resources etc. either way i think the rabbit snares are good. Also if you don't want to snare them try shooting them.
  21. a rabbit has a more complex nerve system than a fish. and i do know that they do not suffer for real, its a game right? but: you pretend to do that in game and you imagine its happen for real, its called immersion. and the cage is not that bad at all, atleast its better then to let them choke themselves slowly to death. this is what i think, this is what law in europe thinks. i dont know.. are these snares legal in america?
  22. The do not suffer in the rabbit trap in game, the rabbit dies instantly and feels no pain what so ever! real life might be different yes. A cage on the other hand would cause the rabbit to stress out all night or day, pooing it self waiting to get killed. Also do you think fishing is cruel? and if you had no choice would you use a snare or die of hunger?
  23. suggestion

    One idea (sure a distant future maybe) is you have to travel to specific maps to find all growing tools needed to start a small green house! One map might find a packet of seeds in a safe perhaps, another might find Fertilizer used to feed your plants, and a map where a green house is located to grow them. Sure other factors may come into play such as the right temperature to grow them etc. but eh. from little seeds big trees grow. Might be good for a long haul game style play. where you need to think in future day 60, day 90, day 400 do I have some cool vegetables/fruit/herbs I can eat or use.
  24. HT can please make more Gun Racks in main buildings? i.e, the camp office at Mystery Lake this surely would have a gun rack somewhere inside. Another one might be TWM building. Surely seeing you already have a gun rack a Trappers hut it wouldn't be to hard or take to long to add to other buildings that need them? Thank you! == I love this game!
  25. does someone feel the same about the rabbit snares in the game like me? i hate using them an i dont understand why there are no "living traps" (<is it called like this?) here in germany these snares are illegal since 1934 and i think for a good reason. normally you place a cage where you catch the rabbit (it still lives) and then you kill it fast. or you can let it free again if you have catched too many rabbits for you to consume. why must the rabbits suffer edit:(in this game)?
  26. yeah you are absolutely right with that. its the coffeine addict in me that still wants more
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