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  2. I'll have to agree with @Ruruwawa. My current 113 day interloper run started with 20 blizzards in the first 21 days.
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  4. Yeah, I try not to looking for things on internet... the only thing that I have is a map, at first I used to lost every time, so I get a map and enjoy the journey.. well I really love the game, I can't understand why, but I love it, so I am here, just for help and support. Tks rgds Matias
  5. Agreed but the feather spawns don't seem to happen in more than a few places for me. Sticks a plenty after a storm. So much so I barely chop wood much anymore
  6. No, if you look at the methodology of the experiment in the paper (try clicking on the "rich html" button in the abstract linked to) they are examining contamination of the snow after it has fallen. Within an hour the snow has the capacity to absorb appreciable quantities of some nasty things. Interestingly, in the absence of a nucleator (or particle), ice requires very cold temperatures to form in clouds. Some things are better nucleators than others and the better they are the warmer it can be when the ice forms. Supposedly the best nucleators are proteins provided by airborne bacteria but fortunately these are apparently usually plant pathogens (eg Pseudomonas syringae). The same proteins cause water to freeze in plants at higher than normal temperatures damaging the plant in the process. So while the snow may not be contaminated as it falls, the condensation nucleus can be a pathogen. Probably yes. However it seems that a problem with fresh snow is the air content. A video I dug up for another thread talks of nine litres of snow being required to produce one litre of water. A couple of others i watched suggested digging deeper for hard packed snow to help overcome this problem. And I find it pretty absurd that I (as a banana bender) am talking about snow at all.
  7. Maybe you're right!, I didn't see the wolf but you are right, that is the best way for me to hunt, but the frozen percentage was call my attention. Tks for you reply. rgds Matias
  8. The new clothing that came out with Resolute Outfitter has expanded the types of clothing. A new clothing type could be the leather apron and offers protection from forge heat. Forging can be dangerous and causes personal injury. Fleece and other synthetic fabrics exposed to high temperature heat should severely damage the clothing and other fabrics could be singed and damaged depending on the exposure during the forging process. This forge heat mechanic could be expanded so Items such as the gauntlets and work gloves provide a time bonus to forging as opposed to using bare hands. An abattoir apron to keep clothing fresh during field dressing kills. The ground is already painted red and this could extend to clothing. The gore that would be splattered on clothes during field dressing could attract predators If clothing could retain scent then an apron offers protection and keeps clothing clean. Crafting a leather apron should be available using cured leather and gut. This leather apron idea could be expanded into other areas of utility. Damage reduction from attacks. A wind breaker that extends to the knees but is directional forward facing. Offers great wind protection with less weight and improved mobility. Aprons are handy for forging and keeps clothing clean form gore. Damage reduction and wind protection too but limited to forward facing.
  9. How would it change via respawn ? And what would happen to wolves and bears in regions that I never go to (example if I never go into Carter Dam) ? Good idea though !
  10. I would like to think that the animals in-game would starve if they don't eat. It would take some time, but I think that the hungrier a wolf or bear gets, the more dangerous it is. I know that there is no way to really tell whether or not they are hungry, but wolves would walk longer distances, spot you from farther away, and do more damage in encounters. Bears, which are fairly passive animals in real life, should smell out and snatch any meat that people keep outside. They would be somewhat less aggressive, but would mock-charge if someone gets in their territory. If necessary, they would attack. Wolves, on the other hand, should be stronger, as they are a more common threat. I don't know about some people, I tend not to have very many run-ins with bears. If an animal stays hungry for long enough, it would have a chance of dying, but only after they had been hungry for at least an in-game week. Just a suggestion. I'm happy to reply to reasonable, sensible comments or questions.
  11. I'm not vegan, but I do consider the fact that my food comes from animals, plants, from many places, that there is a lot of hard work that goes into creating a meal to eat long before the ingredients enter the kitchen. So I give thanks to the animals that die for my food, just as I give thanks for the plants that I eat, and for the people involved in the raising and harvesting of said plants and animals for the purpose of food. Death is a part of life and what irks me is when there is waste. You don't simply waste food, and you don't waste parts of an animal. Granted, in the game, I avoid wolf and bear meat because of the parasites (though I understand that on Voyager this isn't a thing and shouldn't worry about it anyway) but I look at it this way, the meat, if not eaten by other animals, will rot, and become part of the earth again. Perhaps, when we see a changing of the seasons implemented, ruined food items will be able to be composted and make growing food easier.
  12. This is #1 wish for the sandbox as a mostly Interloper player.
  13. If you lose your headgear to wildlife struggles late game you have the constant threat of frostbite.
  14. Ah, the easy ways children can be entertained. Your daughter definitely has some good questions though.
  15. That seems like it would be the effects of exhaust fumes in the air mixing with the snow as it falls - thats pretty much the same as the acidic rain that we already have in cities (look at old stone buildings in major cities - they deteriorate faster then ones in the country). Unless you are suggesting that there is some kind of natural pathogen in the air that contaminates everything as it falls, I dont see the comparison. Obviously you wouldn't be going out onto an animal trail and picking up the dirty brown water, but it wouldn't be hard to go out and gather fresh fallen snow, or even make something to collect snow as it falls to guarantee its cleanliness. I mean realistically you would just pack your water bottle with fresh snow and keep it inside your clothing layer so your body warmth melts it.
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  17. Exactly what it says i was walking out of the quonset gas station in my Coastal Highway i saw a wolf that i knew i could out run and then about 10 feet in front of me POOF a wolf spawns. I visual see it pop in, it attacks me and thank god i survived. I'm playing on interloper I'm Not Happy right now.
  18. Just wanted to add a data point to this topic. I've picked up as many as 14 feathers from that corpse. I've also picked up a lot of sticks from the location you described. 70 doesn't surprise me. Also if you carry on down that side of the RR tracks toward FM you'll prob find that many more. The sticks repopulate after a heavy wind and apparently they just keep spawning if you don't pick them up.
  19. Ich komme aus Bonn :-)
  20. I know the "feels like" temp is a rounded to a whole number. That's why the Touqe's 1.6 gives you a +2. If the ear flaps are 0.9 the combination would be +2.5. Don't know if they round 0.5 up or down. If you can repair a piece of clothing to increase the bonus by 0.1 or 0.2 see if that puts you up another degree.
  21. Here is the 185 day update to my home base screenies: There is so much stuff laying on tables and on the floor. My base is a cry for help in the "moveable storage containers" department. The locker, the safe, and the three storage bins are all filled with stuff. No food, of course, because it doesn't keep, so I have piles of food outside the front door (which would also be nice to keep in containers.) I had mentioned in another thread that I feel like I will die of boredom before I die of anything else, at this point. My base is much, much more well-stocked after 185 days than it was at 90 days. And with the bearskin coat I'm now wearing, I've yet to experience weather that made the temperature feel lower than 35 degrees F consistently. Once I pass 200 days and gotten the achievement, I'll likely start a new game. But in the meantime, I'm enjoying the comfort of all my stuff.
  22. Ah nevermind; just found this in the roadmap. I will stay patient!
  23. You are more likely to find a Bigfoot than a sniper rifle or handgun in Canada.
  24. Since I have the opposite problem with temperature I'm having to learn this as I go along but why does the snow look like it is melting down (and why does the narrator keep repeating this phrase) in this video? Why does he warn not to add too much snow? How much warm air and radiant heat is coming from the water in the bottom of the pot? What is melting the snow that is actually in the water at the bottom? If warm convective air and radiant heat can efficiently melt a lot of snow all at once, how is it possible to dry boil a pot (and put a hole in it)? Another video (with a bigger fire) warning not to heat too much snow : If nine litres of snow have to be added a handful at a time to produce one litre of water, it actually looks like this process is going to take significantly longer than I originally expected. Anyway, there are a lot of people on this site with a better understanding of thermodynamics than me and who doubtless do this regularly, so I'll leave further discussion of how snow melts in a pot to them.
  25. and that's exactly my point why I don't recognize this as a survival show. HE can do it but his audience can't. What Les is doing everyone can do, you don't need special skills only some practice in certain things, like firebow etc.
  26. Can't you just quit the game and reload? It only saves your state on certain conditions like afflictions or entering a house.
  27. I actually don't disagree with that; I think there is a lot of showmanship that goes into Bear's stuff. But the thing is, Bear is capable of performing the stunts in his show, and he's capable because he's been trained to do it.
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