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  2. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #5

    @Shy I've messed around a fair bit with custom interloper and the loot levels seem normal when you use the Custom > Interloper preset as a start for your customization. The topmost setting, Baseline Resource Availability, is the big one... it must be Low. Changing settings under Gear can also give you more loot than typical under Interloper. What doesn't work is the code. I've never had a code I've copied to text restore the identical settings when pasted for a new game.
  3. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    The Coop/Multiplayer idea has been often discussed, and I know your current opinion for MP/Coop. Adding MP/Coop is also a big intervention to the game mechanics... but I have a really interesting idea, how to add, I call it "Challenge Coop", to the game. The Host can create the Custom Sandbox Lobby and can choose the maps where the other (1-2 player) can move. But then every player joins in his single world. And ec. the player who survive longer has won. May you can see over the Survival book, how long the other players has survived or some other basic informations. @Raphael van Lierop have you ever thougt like a idea about that, I think it is a Coop System which seems to can fit with TLD, because it can not destroy the classic TLD feeling : )
  4. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #5

    I like the Bigfoot idea, because one feeling I'm missing in TLD Sandbox: story telling and anxiety (like you hear some shots in the night, or you find a corpse (but not the normal corpse which spawns in the world), which give you the feeling that you are not alone outside...
  5. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #4

    I like the Milton Mailbag forum, it builds up a stronger community, and we can learn new things about TLD and Hinterland and where the game is currently
  6. Bear Traps!

    Well the internet beat you to it; that discussion has been had a few times and it always failed to be either funny or successful. Glad we averted that roundabout.
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  8. Dev Diary — May 2018

    Any update on when PS4 Pro and Xbox One X support is going to land? It wasn't mentioned in the VIGILANT FLAME Update.
  9. Bear didn't bleed out

    Thanks for checking, I'll continue to stay outdoors while hunting too.
  10. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #5

    Most of answered questions are requests anyway. "Can you add bigfoot pls", "Can you add mod support pls", "Can you add more storage options pls". Just different phrasing. People are asking questions about the stuff they find important, yet missing in the actual game. Its fine. And there are no rule in the Milton Mailbag stating your question shouldn't be a request anyway. About the importance of my "requests", okay, maybe first one is a "it would be cool if"-type question, but second, about loot being ruined everywhere past day 80 or so, seems like an oversight in the game design of a major part of the game. I could rephrase the question, by asking "Was the change to make loot spawn globally on day 1 and start decaying immediately a conscious design decision? Did you intend for all items to be ruined on Interloper after day 80 or so, or it was unintended consequence?" I'll try the Custom Interloper though.
  11. Fire starter priority- lit torches

    It's an alphabetical order thingy after all, "Torch" comes after "MaTches" and "maGnifier" before them. In italian they're "torcia", "fiammiferi" and "lente" so I have the same issue searching for the torch but the magnifier is not on top. An even simpler solution would be to allow the choice for different arrangements to the menu. z-a alphabetical order would surely help, such as increasing condition (torches usually are low and matches always on 100%). It wouldn't always help (magnifiers are random and flares instantly switch from 100 to 0 when totally spent) but better then nothing.
  12. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Will you ever release a collector version of the game ? (when all Wintermute episodes will be released)
  13. What do you like?

    The new cooking system gets big thumbs up from me. The art, the location design - especially the views you sometimes get in certain weather. I like the feeling when you escape death by the narrowest of possible margins. And I like it when you're learning the game, or learning a new region or a new set of game mechanics after an update, when you figure out how to do something by your own intuition because that's what I'd do in real life. It's amazing how something so obvious as that is so overlooked in game design, I think. I like making plans. And I love it when a plan comes together. (But I think I love it even more when the game bowls you a googly and wrecks them up!)
  14. Fire starter priority- lit torches

    Another related issue I have is that the ignition source defaults to the mag lens if you're carrying one. This doesn't matter in the general run of things, but if it's a cloudy day and you're surprised by a sudden wolf encounter, you don't want to be spending any extra time than necessary changing options in the firestarting menu - you just want to get the thing smoking as soon as possible. (And yes, I have died because of this a few times before. I've even now resorted to leaving the mag lens behind at base when I go out, for this exact reason.)
  15. More Warning Messages

    Ideally, I'd like to see all interactions changed so that you perform them "in-game" rather than in menus. Then I think you'd get less 'break stuff by mistake' occurrences. (And it'd be much more immersive, naturally.) But given that that might not happen ever, and not for a long time even if it does, some extra warnings wouldn't do any harm. In fact, there have been so, so many complaints about people eating raw meat by mistake since the last update, that I'd be incredibly surprised if something isn't done about that fairly soon.
  16. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    What's the closest real life experience you've had to that which faces the player-character in The Long Dark? (or anyone else in the HL team?)
  17. Good God do these become annoying as balls., Please give us the option to skip the bear mauling animations!!
  18. Bear didn't bleed out

    I just tested this--shot the bear that wanders the ice near Misanthrope's (I shot him in the butt to avoid an instant kill), then went inside Misanthropes and passed 5 hours. Went back outside, bear was still wandering around, although I did spot several drops of blood, indicating he was still injured. Shot him in the butt again, went back inside Misanthropes, slept the night. Came out in the morning, bear was gone. So I'm not entirely certain of the specific mechanics of this, but yes going indoors is still counterproductive in terms of bleed-out time. I don't have enough information to be certain, but it seems that bleed-out occurs whether you are indoors or outdoors, but if the bear actually dies while you're indoors, it is removed from the game instead of dropping dead on the ground for you to harvest. Edit: I just shot another bear in the butt, this time the one between the Coastal Townsite and Abandoned Lookout. I passed time and slept indoors, and my "bears killed" count did not increase. I exited the house, and boom, the bears killed count increased by 1. I found him on the ice, 10% frozen. I then ran off to the last bear kill, and found him respawned already. So....results are highly variable it seems. I still haven't nailed down the exact mechanics, but now it seems that sometimes passing time indoors makes you lose your bear and he respawns a day later, and other times the bear dies on the ice and is waiting for you to eat. I...I just don't know. Personally, for future bear hunts, I will play it safe and tail the beast outdoors. Going indoors is just too much of a risk right now.
  19. What do you like?

    He was bugged in my game and so Ive never had a chance to listen to him. Hoping he will wait for me when I return after the Redux. Otherwise I'll have to watch a video or something of him.
  20. Eating and drinking sounds are gross

    While the sound of eating bothers me for the most part in the real world, for some reason the sounds in-game don't bother me. I believe the lack of open-mouthed chomping and wet squishy sounds was a good choice by the devs. Sadly, I cant realistically ask people around me irl to stop chewing with their mouths open, and so much at a time... My particular favourites in-game are the tea sipping sounds, cattails, and the bag of beef jerky being opened along with the box of crackers. The devs did pretty good recording/engineering these. One problem is the player swallows their painkillers dry.... lol
  21. Rarest clothing ?

    Oh definitely. I mean I think any Interloper player would be thrilled beyond thrilled to actually find a Rifle, as some kind of 1:10000 spawn chance or something. Even if they never use it, just finding it would be a huge story to talk about. Kind of like the uber-rare Sasquatch Raph mentioned they had entertained the idea of introducing, for no other reason than to spark urban legends among the players! Although to play devil's advocate, I think they'd just be accused of cheating or modding or something, so....maybe best to just leave Interloper alone lol
  22. Rarest clothing ?

    Ah, thanks for the clarification. I think a very rare possibility to find an occasional high-quality item would add to the thrill of the Interloper mode, so I was hopeful
  23. Rarest clothing ?

    Ugh quite right, quite right. Upon reading this, I realized I misremembered what I had done. I was using a Custom game, attempting to replicate Interloper, to provide some meaning to what the "low" or "very high" translated to. I will edit my post to be more clear.
  24. Rarest clothing ?

    Most interesting, I thought that the best piece for that layer that exists in Interloper is the Thin Wool Sweater. A Cowichan would be a huge win for any interlopist. Do you remember where you found them?
  25. Rarest clothing ?

    Cowichan sweaters and Mukluks are pretty hard to find, even on a loot-rich Pilgrim run. Everything else, I can usually find at least two of each item, even things like the Expedition Parka or Snow Pants. But as a rather dedicated Pilgrim/Voyageur player, I can count on one hand the number of runs that I've found more than one Cowichan or pair of Mukluks. I did once find two Cowichan sweaters while experimenting with replicating Interloper via Custom settings. I died from freezing. The irony is extreme.
  26. Eating and drinking sounds are gross

    Can't say it bothers me. On the contrary, I find my survivor failing to let out a hearty window-rattling belch after chugging a can of soda to be rather disappointing lol
  27. Oh, the irresistible allure of Mystery Lake.

    And with a new day, I emerge from my snow shelter. Ok, now that there's more light out, I see that the signal fire wasn't made of wood pallets. More importantly, I see a good place to set up a climbing rope. It's nowhere near as far as the climb I made to get here, so maybe I can get to the stuff I left behind and haul up the necessities. I just need to take the rope I used and move it here. While I'm at it, I retrieve the wolf quarters I left behind. After setting the rope, I decided to check out a cave I saw near the signal fire clearing. Nothing there, except for a discarded signal flare, but it will serve as a better home than a snow shelter. -Especially now that the wind is kicking up. Time to cook the wolf meat.
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