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  2. Trash can? You're supposed to be recycling those things! Geez, just because civilization has collapsed and you're alone in an endless winter doesn't mean you can go around mistreating the Earth.
  3. Northwest area of Forlorn Muskeg.
  4. The best arrow insta-kill for a bear is in the eyeball.. maybe that's where you need to hit the moose. For a deer, a good insta-kill spot is to put an arrow right up its arse.. seems logical to think a moose might be vulnerable in the same way.
  5. The 'stops running and wanders around' bit is no different than what a deer or wolf does after being wounded. But eventually they do drop dead. And for how long did you wait patiently, exactly? A bear can take up to 9 hours to bleed out and die.. for all we know, it might take 12 hours or more to drop a moose.
  6. So dann mal ein Update für Dich. Es es ist absolut möglich Elche sowohl mit Bogen als auch mit Gewehr mit einem einzigen Treffer zu erlegen! Und dies auch Instant ohne das der noch Kilometer weit umher rennt. :-) Hierzu sind auch keine über Skills notwendig, bei meinen Erfahrungen war es Gewehr skill 2 und Bögen auf 4
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  8. So I was listening to this Rock, Paper, Shotgun podcast. The dude was talking about TLD and how he was loving it, but that he had build up so many supplies that he actually had some free time. The conversation then went on to him wondering what the point was, that he wished that there was a goal beyond mere survival, rather than just working against your eventual and certain death. This reminded me of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (pictured): Now here is my best try at assigning TLD elements into it: BASIC NEED: PHYSIOLOGICAL - just like the original; food, water, warmth, and rest BASIC NEED: SAFETY & SECURITY - becoming proficient in the game, crafting tools and supplies, building up surplus supplies, learning the maps, learning to hunt, learning to overcome and/or avoid predators PSYCHOLOGICAL NEED: BELONGINGNESS AND LOVE - obviously, this need gets short shift in the game, and that fact is reflected by Cabin Fever. PSYCHOLOGICAL NEED: ESTEEM - sketching maps, gaining feats, gaining achievements SELF-FULFILLMENT NEED - creatively arranging your gear at a base? In my current games, I have been kept very busy just trying to complete the above tasks under "Esteem". Once those are completed, I am not sure what I will play for. If you think that the above pyramid has some merit, what activities could be added to the top of the pyramid to keep you playing with goals that go beyond mere survival? This is a game about survival after all, so maybe that is enough?
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  10. Schöne Bilder! Ich habe hier eines aus meinem aktuellen Spiel. Das Licht war so toll, da musste ich ein paar Bilder machen.
  11. Most constructive post in this whole thread aside of the OP. Just like he said, this is a welcomed option that doesn't need to be absolutely placed on the mouse.
  12. suggestion

    The only weapon I would like to see in the game, would be a weaker rifle. Something like a .22LR or a 9mm. Bolt action or semi-auto with a small magazine (5-7 bullets). With just a few twists : - This new rifle & bullets would be the most available, but it could only be used to hunt rabbits, and (with some luck and several bullets), get a wolf/deer down or scare them. Shooting bears & moose with this would be a complete suicide - with luck, it might scare them away. - On the other hand, the current rifle & bullets could be made rarer. I think this combination is balanced, more than adding a new powerful one-shot weapon with renewable ammo.
  13. I can't stand those items that are under 50%, because they look orange... grrrr
  14. I was in a 1.17 game started pretty much the day it released. Had plenty of icons (big and small) never appear when mapping. Once 1.19 hit, the basement of PV farmhouse, kept being reset, and it actually counted as a new discovered location every time. You could basically discover 100% of the world going back and forth between the basement and the main house. Having just mapped TMW and most of PV, there were already differences in icons from my old playthrough, sigh... Hinterland stating stuff is fixed retroactively, seems to me like a big guess. I've decided to start a brand new 1.19 playthrough, as soon as I get the 1000 fires badge. The problem with Survival game fixes: - Survival games seem stuck in the game version they were started in - Survival games create new bugs everytime you start one. - New patches tend to break current Survival games, without fixing issues. My best bet for achieving Faithful Cartographer, would be to start over in a 1.19 game.
  15. Good point. But priorities change. And who knows, maybe they will. They just commited a massive update to Sandbox. Once that is polished, I expect them to be hard at work on the story mode. Now the question is - will they only add a single episode one, or two, or all three of them at the same time? And if not all 3 of them, what will be the sandbox update in the meantime? Besides, I am pretty sure I heard them say (in this update as well) that they are hard at work on the mod support, and that its not yet in the game, but they want it. It is not unreasonable to think that mod support will come along with the episodes. I am guessing they probably said that they want to add it AFTER the episodes to get the community of their backs for a while, because many people here are incredibly impatient.
  16. suggestion

    Problem with a crossbow is that it would be a primary hunting weapon. The question is - how would we make it balanced compared to other weapons in the game? The musket option I said, that one was much more realistic in terms of game balance. Like I said, heavy (-), 1 shot(--), loud(+ i -), diffficult to maintain(-)... BUT, had craftable projectiles(+++). So, it is better than a bow, BUT it took much more effort to make ammo for it. That is why I would make it so it has really high crit change, better then rifle (+++), but really low bleeding ratio (--). Problem with crossbow is that it doesn't have this sort of balance to it. Its silent(++), heavy(-), easily craftable projectiles (+++), accurate and mid distance (++). Even if it was difficult to get it in the first place, once you had it, as long as you maintained it, hunting would become a breeze. So, unless we make it have really low crit chance (---) AS WELL AS low bleeding ratio, its still going to be an OP weapon. And I see how a lot of people would complain, once it get into the game, that the weapon is really weak, weaker then a bow, and they would want it more powerful. I am all for crossbow, if you can find a way to make it balanced for the game. Because I spent many hours on trying to figure it out, and the only thing I came up with was that it would be really weak - but even then, hunting would STILL be easy with it, as long as you had the patience to wait for your animals to bleed out slowly. But, as far as "craftable weapons" go, I am sure there are better, more balanced weapons that could have been added. Things like javelins, bolas... See, someone once had a similar idea - they wanted to see slings in the game. Because its an easy to make, very difficult to use acurately, but also very deadly weapon which uses rocks as projectiles. I argumented against it as well, because while it makes sense to use it in real life in survival situation, in TLD it would make hunting very easy, and you would never even have to work for the projectiles, because they are lying everywhere.
  17. No offense to anyone with actual OCD, but I am curious what sort of outrageous behavior people engage in while playing. For some I know its not being able to leave the microwave door open. Lately, I seem to have to throw all newspapers, stacks of papers, and anything newpaper related into the nearest trash can. I often wonder while I am playing; what is your current OCD game behavior?
  18. Yeah, and when do you suppose mod support will be? They have stated over and over that it will not come until the game is finished. Last time I checked they still had 3 episodes to finish. Do you really expect them to finish those episodes in less than 18 months?
  19. Ever played Skyrim? If so, ever tried to play it with mods? This is more than a dream. It is obvious that one of the biggest goals of Hinterland will now be adding a mod support. Once that happens, the game will be opened to community influence, and the game will grow in all matters of content. I don't see why we shouldn't expect to see things like more firearms (for those who want them), season changes, and much, much more, in a lot shorter period than in 2020. I estimate that within a year from mod support release, the game with all its mods will grow 6 times in content it has right now. Cause Skyrim wasn't a Sandbox, I think maybe a better comparison would have been Minecraft.
  20. suggestion

    It makes sense that a revolver would be a defensive weapon. Revolver\flare gun, bow\crossbow, seems like just doubling up to me. I agree with you that there isn't really the need for any more weapons. Everyone has there own wish list though.
  21. Seasons was a wonderful idea they put on the road map. Clearly a far reaching aspiration. If it happens prior to 2020, you can have my least dirty pair of thermal underwear. We can dream though right?
  22. suggestion

    The revolver has an interesting utility in the game, in my opinion. I don't expect it to be as much of a "hunting" weapon as a "self-defence" one. Something like the flare gun. At the moment, (even though its a bear killer) Flare gun is not much of a weapon for hunting - but if you get cornered by a big predator, it pays to have one in your hands. At the same time, that is why it is a weapon no. 3 on the wheel, and if you pick it up, it needs to be primed - to punish players for not carrying it in their hands already, or make it impossible to switch to it quickly after your rifle shot didn't kill the bear and its charging at you. Revolver is more likely going to be a defensive weapon. We don't really have weapons of that sort in the game yet, save the flare gun. The shotgun you mentioned would, in my opinion, be a defensive weapon as well. With just higher stopping power. Not much use in using it to hunt the animals we have in the game, but if its a single action and has high power at close range, it would be a very good bear/moose stopping weapon.
  23. I know, I noticed. I mentioned why those numbers are not very precise as to "number of people never making it past that" - because many of those statistics are done by seasoned players, playing the game with some sort of challenge. Often Interloper. Some players like Timber Wolf would play the scenarios where they are hunted by old bear just to play sandbox normally, while being hunted. Those statistics get recorded as well. And as far as "days in average survived" - I wouldnt expect it to be much past 40, because the highest amount of deaths in the game all around is within the first 10, 20 days - be it difficult modes like Interloper, or easier ones for new players. People with really long games, like 200 days plus will rarely die since they are very careful and increasingly more experienced. Fact being that most people in those games just get bored, and will delete them to play a new one instead of dying.
  24. Your mindset while hunting does though. I just found another one not too far from the Spruce Falls Bridge near Milton. I have a rock I can sit atop with a fire while I wait patiently for the moose to meander closer. I have a good side shot and I put an arrow into it's chest. It bellows and runs away. I can see the arrow still sticking out of it as it runs. For all of about ten seconds. Then it resumes it's meandering. Same old story. I wait patiently but the moose is not bleeding out. I hit it twice more, both times in the chest with exactly the same effect. Except now the moose is walking around nonchalantly with three arrows visibly sticking out of it's chest. Since I started with a couple of long range incentives to get it to come closer, I'm now down to my last arrow. There is a very long way to go if I want to make any more. I need those arrows that are in the moose and on the ground. The moose comes close again but this time it is walking away cross tail and it's neck this time is not shielded by it's antlers. I let fly and the moose drops in it's tracks. Two game days previously I insta-killed a bear with the first arrow. I wish I could do the same with a moose. Wow, there are a lot of wolves in this area. I thought I'd killed them all the other day but then got harassed by four more coming back last night.
  25. He is basing these numbers off of the steam achievements. According to the Steam numbers, most people don't make it very far.
  26. Sorry if I come out a bit rude, saying it this way... but perhaps you should try this sort of thing yourself next time, before making a post. Like, really attempt to solve it yourself. (then again, maybe you did and just didnt figure it out). You would have a lot better feeling if you made that discover yourself, though. I came over this by a total accident, in fact I figured this out before I knew about lighting torches from a campfire. Just by accident of crossing through a cave one day. Note: You can light a torch out of a flare as well. And I think someone once told me that you can light it, using a flare from the gun too, if its sticked on the ground - but I dont think I have ever tested that one out.
  27. @JAFO is correct, there used to be old roadmaps with things devs would like to see in the game eventually. Seasons were a part of that suggestion. At the same time, however, I remember claims that the Winter was intended as the only season by design - that the mysterious event that causes the aurora also influenced the world wide weather, basically causing the Ice age - but I am unsure now whether that was official sources, or just community theories. I think its the latter. I am not sure where you got that from, but if you came into realization that most people have a long learning curve when it comes to this game, and some will give up before getting to that point, especially before the game had any sort of tutorial in place, its not really proper to claim most people dont make it further then 40 days. Also, put into consideration that many people who fit into this cathegory are Interloper players, where the mode doesnt really make it easy to live on forever. But especially when it comes to Pilgrim players, survival past 200 days is really not that hard and even very new players can make it that far, especially if they don't attempt bear hunting. On the contrary, I think it is very realistic that the Hinterland will attempt something of this sort, because this adds a whole new range to the "long term" gameplay. As we all likely know, TLD gets very repetitive in the late stage of the game - when you have all the craftable clothes, all the supplies in the house, stockpile of hides and meat in front of the house, TLD gets boring and most people quit to play a new game. If seasons changed, there would be new things to do, perhaps we would see re-growth in the game, maybe resources othervise inaacessible in the winter (which would prompt the player to stockpile them for winter), quite possibly new locations to explore entirely, as the winter weather would tone down a bit, and somewhere would unthaw a passage into another part of the island. Pretty sure that would be awesome.
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