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  2. BareSkins are dying

    BaSk7-D9 [Vanilla Loper][Cold Fusion] part2 [...]I nearly kill my keyboard. I think quickly, I have clear weather and mild temperatures (-22), I lost 10% when coming, but I made a 14m hacksaw stop on a deer and harvested 20+ sticks. I should theoretically be able to make it back to the farm, and into its BED. Drink the herbal that was waiting for it from when I started the fire, and run for my life in midnight lights, blurred vision and flare in my hand, cause I would arrive to the farm from wolf territory. I sprint everything I can, exhaustion is not as bad as freezing. I see the farm orchards. I’m barked at from somewhere on the left, can’t see due to blurred vision. I light up the torch, look again while heading to the farm, 2 wolves approaching. I prefer not to look at them, I look at the farm door, and hold my flare as if I was an old ultra-catholic grandmother in front of the altar at Christmas. I pass the door just before freezing and exhaustion become red. I dance with my flare just behind the closed door, show fingers towards the wolves, sing a bit, and head to the stairs. Thinking of it, that’s strange we can’t sleep on the floor (with less recovery and no warmth bonus of course). Drink a cold Herbal, I wake up at 42%, just before dehydration (from full) so the 9h sleep might be the sweet spot before dehydration diminishing return. Maybe 10h. Anyway, that’s +34%/9 h =3.8%/h, we end up with 26% herbal-bonus on a 9h sleep, not as crappy as I thought before... With no bedroll I can’t go TWM to use my hacksaw, with no hatchet I can’t harvest the saplings for a bow to long-term survive in here, I’ll have to make a call soon. Looks like I survived another night, plus starting at 18% and ending at 42% doesn’t seem like a failure, even if still no bedroll, and 12hr fuel burnt for nothing. I realize it is actually still burning. I’m exhausted in real life from all this struggle to survive. Good news it’s a saving point. I need a break, I love this game.
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  4. I love snares after this experiment

    Curious as to why the bear turned away when using the snow shelter in the GIF above. Does anyone know if the game change and the wiki is outdated?
  5. Wolves quarter into 2 bags around 3-4kg. Deer quarter into four, with each weighing between 4 and 5kg. Bear and Moose can end up with up to 7 bags (at least I've never seen one produce 8), each one between 9 and 10kg.
  6. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Would it be possible to implement the ability to add more markers to the maps? I understand that the system already adds them for pre-existing landmarks, but would it be possible to players to add their own? Thanks! ~AnonymousLikeAlways
  7. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    How difficult was it to create Hushed River Valley?
  8. A Few Dead Men

    Deadman 3 / Day 27 I had more food than I could eat in one day, so my plan was to stay at the Camp Office, collect some firewood and cook. Things turned out a bit differently. First I checked the surroundings of the Office: sticks have respawned. Good. I used my hammer to break down some furniture - a chair, a few crates. Reclaimed wood is actually better than sticks for warmth and duration (per weight basis), it's just bad for firestarting. I cooked my venison and ate two steaks right away. In the afternoon I can't resist: clear weather, no wind. Yes, wolves will scent me, but two pieces of cooked venison can't be so bad. Tomorrow I may not get the opportunity. I drink a hot tea, pick up my venison and follow the tracks towards Forlorn Muskeg, picking up more sticks on the way. It's my lucky day, no wolves are around. I hesitate for a moment whether I should make a fire to the right from the railroad and collect cattails. I lose some minutes thinking. Winds pick up. I have to run to Poacher's Camp. On the way I'm checking for wildlife. The W-7 wolfpack (to the north of Poacher's Camp) is not here, bear B-2 follows path 1, which means it will take some time before it approaches the Camp. I slip into the boxcar and start a fire. I lose 1% to freezing. Inside and around the train I find a tomato soup (still edible), a flare, some coal and some clothes. I find a good hoodie and put it on. When I'm warmed up, light fog falls. I continue to the south towards High Blind, through areas I know to be wolf-free. I'm encumbered now, but I stop to pick up cattails - I'm never coming back and food is precious. I find High Blind but I don't go there. By the time I reach solid ground, fog thickens and visibility is now very poor. The cave should be here! I can't find it and wait for too long before starting another fire. 2% condition lost. It's dusk now. I need to find shelter but I'm not quite sure where I am. The cave must be nearby. To the east or to the west? I think I know FM, but everything looks different in heavy fog. I try going a bit in both directions, always returning to the fire. I sprain a wrist and an ankle, fix both even though it means I'm down to 2 painkillers. I still have some rosehip tea in reserve. I decide to go west. After a while a wolf approaches me from the front, I send it running away with the flare gun. A mistake possibly, I wasn't too cold, I could have tried to walk away. I think it was one of the Bunkhouses pack, so I must be too far to the west. I return to the fire, warm up and go back east. There are three deer on my left. There shouldn't be deer on my left, not here! Then I see another deer in front of me, and I realize where I am. The wolf was the one that guards the eastern cave (the one with coal) - the W-14 wolf. I was too far to the east, and now I ended up at Muskeg Overlook. I'm still warm, pick up some sticks, find the hollow tree and start a fire. Search the corpse and backpack for a pack of salty crackers. Harvest deer carcass for 1.7 kg venison. I cook and sleep in short time increments, worried about the wind, but the wind lets me live. In the morning I'm in 62% condition. I have 1500 calories in my stomach, 1.7 kg venison, salty crackers, tomato soup and over 20 cattails. I'm low on firewood though, coal won't keep me warm out there. I'll have to take care of that today. [71750 calories consumed]
  9. Something to remember. If you've just quartered a carcass and you're carrying all your precious quarters and guts be careful when you try to drop a decoy to avoid wolves. I just dropped a whole sack of meat and a wolf gobbled it up in an instant before I managed to hit it with an arrow. Talk about hunger. Straddle the line in discord and rhyme I'm on the hunt down I'm after you Mouth is alive with juices like wine And I'm hungry like the wolf Stalked in the forest too close to hide I'll be upon you by the moonlight side Do do do do do do do dodo dododo dodo...
  10. Bed Reading with warmth bonus

    Nice idea, it could have reduced calories consumption too I guess. Anyway the "not fully covered problem would lead to many other problems, I think about sleeping in a cave floor /car vs a bed.
  11. Should I post my stories?

    You may consider spicing it up a bit. Throw in some memories from the past, personal considerations and maybe some humour to give your survivor a bit of personality.
  12. Should I post my stories?

    Solid advice! Thanks
  13. A Few Dead Men

    Deadman 3 / Day 27 This will be make-or-break day for Deadman 3. With empty stomach, 10 cattails and maybe 10 drinks left, he has to find substantial amounts of food by tonight, whatever the weather. The best procedure would probably be going to the Ravine and killing a deer with the flare gun. Even if it fails, I would still find some food, cattails and deer carcasses there. But then I'd never get to Forlorn Muskeg. And it wouldn't be much fun. So, against my better judgement, I'm going to the Muskeg today. I'll dash to the Camp Office first, take a break and warm up. Then on to Poacher's Camp. I want to park in the cave that is nearer to Spence's (it tends to have no wolves, although there can be a moose around) so that I don't have to burn fire all night. At this moment I have 11 coals and 36 sticks. But if I don't make it there, I'll camp at Poacher's. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well, things didn't go quite as planned, but the situation is closer to "make" than "break". Morning felt temperature -20°C outside Forestry Lookout. Brr! I start the day with an empty stomach, so 4 of my cattails go straight away. I start a fire in the stove and make tea, then take a torch and leave. When I reach the tracks, I'm on my guard for wolves but instead I find a deer. It runs away from me but my plans immediately change. I drive it onto the lake and let one of the wolves kill it. I approach until the wolf reacts to me, then take my best guess and shoot. Unfortunately, I miss and the wolf runs away. I start a fire next to the carcass and boom - light fog turns into strong winds in a minute - the fire is dying even before the the fog effect lifts. Things didn't use to be this way, you could reasonably rely on the weather to stay consistent rather than changing by 180° any time. Not anymore. I retreat from the wolves - they pursue but don't attack - and take shelter in the Camp Office, sleeping for 3 hours. The winds subside, it is clear now. I return to the carcass a second time, start a fire. I manage to get 6 kg out before winds again kill my fire. I cook and eat two pieces on the spot, pick the remaining four and make a run for the Camp Office. Now I have food but almost no firewood... I have 10 coals but don't want to use them yet. And I need to make water and cook that meat. I'll have to figure this all out. [67630 calories consumed]
  14. Bed Reading with warmth bonus

    While possible, it is harder to keep yourself fully covered in real life so you wouldnt get the full warmth bonus in-game Also, I find it rather uncomfortable to read in bed unless I make an throne of pillows first. Perhaps those armchairs can be used for a similar purpose? Say, a new furniture separate from the bed with its own UI?
  15. A Few Dead Men

    Deadman 3 / Day 26 Today I don't want to make the same mistake of leaving too early. The world is too cold. But I must move out around noon at the latest and seek food. I'll search around the railroad tracks and hopefully visit the Forestry Lookout. It usually has some food and maybe a hammer, which would allow me to craft a knife and arrowheads in FM ------------------------------------------------------------------- First I repair my bedroll and harvest some cloth found at the office to have spares for repairs. Before noon I start a short fire in the stove, cook some reishi mushrooms and rosehips I found in the last few days and warm up my last can of pork and beans that will keep me warm as I go to the Forestry Lookout. Weather outside is nice - light fog, felt -12°C. I cross the tracks and collect some sticks. I check out Derailment from above - there is a deer carcass but the place is swarming with wolves. So not today. A few snowflakes fall. Soon winds pick up. When I reach the Forestry Lookout, it's all-out blizzard. The lookout has a hammer, whetstone, Sewing Primer. A bandage in the first aid kit and a box of tools. No food. NO FOOD. I can't leave in a blizzard, so I sleep in short intervals, hoping for it to end. The blizzard ends when the last daylight does, almost bang on. I munch on cattails and read books through the night - apparently it's clear enough for me to be able to do it. I finish the Sewing Primer and Frozen Angler, then I eat more cattails and sleep again. I have 10 cattails left. Unless I find more food, I'll be starving by the end of the next day. [64480 calories consumed]
  16. Next time you have a few minutes, check out the Crazy Russian Hacker on YouTube. Although his accent is think, he does some funny unboxing and taste testing videos of MRE's from countries all over the world. Sometimes the menu sounds so appealing, but then there are some funny combinations that will leave you scratching your head or at least be thankful you aren't enlisted in the country's army. lol
  17. Clothing and item combos

    No it's not at all. That's the best combo you can have for head gear and have a spare wool toque like @JAFO said. Rabbit mittens and Gauntlets are about tied for best. They only have minor differences in waterproof, protection, and mobility. Gauntlets repair twice as much but do require cured leather to where as rabbit pelts are a renewable resource. Expedition parka is only beaten by the bearskin coat, which you do eventually want. I would personally wear the mariner pea coat instead of the wolfskin coat. Snow pants are easily the best pants. Maybe consider swapping out a pair for deerskin pants if cloth is getting low. If you can't find Mukluks or Insulated boots, then make deerskin boots. I personally wouldn't wear ski boots over deerskin boots. Just remember that wind and protection bonuses only apply on the outermost layers and that mending can vary in materials required, time required, and amount of conditioned repaired per mend. Also it's not a bad idea to keep outer layer spares on you or at different base camps in case if the animals think you look tastier than normal. I think that's all i got.
  18. A Few Dead Men

    Deadman 3 / Day 25 Since my situation is about the same as yesterday, I decide for another round of fishing. I want to go to another fishing hut but I underestimate the cold in the morning and am forced to start a big fire in the nearest one again - I still take a 1% hit from freezing. The fishing goes even worse than yesterday - a 4-hour fishing session plus two short ones (while the fish are cooking) gives me one bass and one whitefish, for some 1400 calories. And that's all, for one day of work, 30+ sticks, one coal and 1% condition. Fishing won't sustain a deadman. Wolves return in the evening, blocking the path back to the Camp Office. A cup of warm tea and a flare keep me from freezing as I collect sticks around the Lake Cabins in strong winds and then return to the Camp Office via Lake Path. I am able to recover my 30+ sticks back but I'm eating cattails tomorrow. No more fishing here. [61780 calories consumed]
  19. Bed Reading with warmth bonus

    I think they didn't get the joke, or at least didn't find it funny.
  20. Clothing and item combos

    Mukluks are better than deerskin boots. Also, Wool Toques are a favourite chew toy of wolves.. well, it's probably your head they like actually, but same thing in the end.. so if at all possible, always have a spare.
  21. Moving of animals, too mechanical?

    Very good point.. so they're either really sneaky, or they teleport.
  22. A Few Dead Men

    Deadman 3 / Day 24 Today's plan was simple, so I didn't bother sharing it here before playing. Fishing. The idea is to fill my stomach before I get on my DysonTM journey again. I go to the fishing hut in the morning and fish, boil water and cook fish all day. I have a cooking pot from Camp Office but it's not efficient on a single cooking spot. The whitefish takes me about 30 minutes to cook, not long enough for me to fish in the meantime. Next time I should start another fire outside the hut just for cooking. I use the prybar to open the hole (takes about an hour!) and fish in 1 to 2-hour sessions. Unlike in TWM, when I did one 4-hour session and one or two 1-hour ones, I catch no big fish - only five whitefish. It's enough to feed me for today, but tomorrow I'll be hungry again. There are still no wolves, so I clear a few remaining cattails I didn't have time for yesterday. At dusk I use the good weather and follow the Lake Trail to the Quiet Clearing, but find nothing except a few sticks. I light a flare on the way back for a bit of warmth bonus, to avoid having to start a fire and spend time warming up. Flares have been piling up in my backpack and I don't have much use for them. I arrive at the Camp Office exhausted but I made it through another day without condition loss. [59970 calories consumed] Edit: a look at my skills. On Deadman, you can actually read books because you aren't starving (hopefully!), so I should stop feeding books to the fire all the time. Unlike in Interloper, my carcass harvesting goes up really slowly because I mostly take just the meat, and you skill goes up depending on the time you spend harvesting - i.e. you get more for hides and guts. At the same time, I find high carcass harvesting skill level relatively less useful than the others.
  23. Wildlife detection range

    Are you just walking normally, or crouched and in "stealth mode"? I'm pretty sure the wildlife detection setting only applies when you're walking or running around, and making noise. So whether the wildlife detection is set to close or far doesn't matter if you're crouched and moving quietly. Scent is a little different than wildlife detection. Wolves will pick up on the scent and start heading towards you, although they haven't officially detected you yet until they move within the detection radius. So if you're out on open ice or something and can see the wolf coming from a long ways away, you might be able to sprint far enough that it loses the scent before it actually notices you. In any event, yes, setting wildlife detection to far will result in a lot more wolves stalking you.
  24. A Few Dead Men

    Well that's ambitious
  25. Wildlife detection range

    So I started playing survival mode recently. I've started on easier settings. With the wildlife detection range set to its lowest setting, it seems ridiculously easy to get close to deer and rabbits. I've experimented with medium and it still seems a bit easy to get relatively close. If I go for far will I be asking for wolf trouble? Or are the wildlife scent range and smell increase from meat\blood more important. ANyone have any insight to share?
  26. Bed Reading with warmth bonus

    I mean in real life. The feature makes sense, of course it does. Why it wouldn't make sense in the game is something I cannot comprehend which is why I made that post. Anyways to be clear I would be 100% behind reading in bed in TLD.
  27. Should I post my stories?

    Any told story is great to publish, there are many different audiences and I'm sure your stories will find one. Just make sure it's easily readable, with paragraphs, punctuation, and possibly screenshots, that's more immersive for us readers. Good luck!
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