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Arrow Recovery Issue

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First of all, thanks Hinterland for updating Survival. Love your game, you're awesome!

I want to echo another poster about lost arrows (with deer, didn't try wolves yet). When I miss or the arrow breaks, I seem to recover it (3/3), but when it hits (lvl 5 - critical hit, instant death) in previous builds (1.47) the arrow would be lodged in the carcass and I would always be able to recover (recovered ~29/30), now I generally fail to recover (recovered ~1/6).

Even when the arrow was under in 1.47, I would either recover the arrow by carefully inspecting the carcass crouched or recover when the carcass despawns. Neither works anymore. Even if the carcass falls on the other side (falls left) with the arrow supposedly lodged on the right side of the neck, well 5/6 times the arrow is gone now. Couldn't find it anywhere.

So I'll stop hunting until next update. Loosing arrows is way too precious. At day 210.



Edit: I've attached images that may give a hint. In trying to repro for the bug report, I ended up with a floating arrow.


screen_(1191, 47, 1476)_053d931e-b941-4ef5-907b-2540bcdcb38b.png


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Split this into an entirely new thread and moved to the Technical Issues forum.

Please post things here or contact us at rather than putting bug reports in long-running discussion threads where they're likely to be missed.

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I'm experiencing this same issue. Arrows that hit ice often disappear. Arrows that bounce off of wolves often disappear. Arrows that break as a wolf dies to a crit often disappear.

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