Game Constantly Crashing on Console Version

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This game HAS to have crashed on me more times than any game on PS4. I think it might be caused by a memory leak because if I save my game then close the app and restart and keep playing for like an hour or so it never crashes. When is this going to be fixed? The first time I ever played this game was like a year ago and this stuff was still happening way back then.

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Same here. Crashes a lot on PS4 in some circumstances and I have found examples of other players suffering from this.

For me and at least one other player, the crashes seem based around Pleasant Valley (entering and exiting buildings, i.e. probably memory leak). And certain region loading screens. There is some evidence to suggest that the PS4 crashes may be related to patches from late 2018 with updates to certain regions. For example on Coastal Highway I can play for days with no crashes, but play for an hour on Pleasant Valley and get a crash.

I will post any more info I find about what might be causing this bug as I play. On my current survival run I just made it to Pleasant Valley after only having 1 crash on a region transition, and no crashes in 3 other regions. So if I start getting crashes in Pleasant Valley now, we'll know that's definitely one of the problems.

Please see thread below for more info (I made it before I knew about the Technical Subforum)


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I've had the same problem (PS4), especially after the last update came out. Beofore that, it was a "clockwork" crash, probably due to a memory leak that caused the game to crash after 2-3 hours of gameplay and only in a loading screen circumstance (entering/exiting a building or a new zone), my workaround was simply to restart the game after ~2 hours of gameplay and I virtually eliminated the issue.

But since after the last update the game started to crash (CE-34878-0 error) in completely random circumstances, even when just walking around and even after 5 minutes of gameplay, absolutely unplayable and incredibly frustrating.

I have a solution though, not ideal but the game is playable at least.

You must delete the profile file (do a backup!), only that one, the survival and challenges files are safe. After that the game will create a new one and runs flawless for multiple consecutive hours. I have not played enough though to confirm that this solution will also eliminate the old "clockwork" crash, I will post an update soon.

Big downside: you will lose all your settings (not a big deal, you can just re-set them) and all your progress towards your feats. And all your badges. Tip: if you run a survival game where you had active feats, those feats will automatically unlock again. 

I hope this will help and sorry for my English, not my first language :)

Enjoy your apocalypse! 

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