I Feared Nothing (FanFic from Jeremiah's POV)

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I kneel next to the kill, getting ready to prepare the carcass. And the bear appears. Its actions don't seem aggressive. Until it charges. Terror grips me like a vice as my body goes into panic mode and I sprint towards the cave leading to Milton. I know I can't outrun a bear for long, but everything in me screams for me to try. I know the cave is my only hope of survival, and even then I don't know if I'll make it. When I'm nearly at the cave, I decide that I am a hunter, not prey. I fall into my natural stance, raise my rifle and shoot. Blood springs from the puncture but he keeps coming. Before the bear reaches me, I throw the rifle towards the survivor who emerged from the dark maw of the cave and I scream "Shoot the damn bear!". He pulls up the rifle in the distinctive way of someone who has never handled guns before, the distinctive way of a mainlander. The shot hits its mark and the bear turns and flees.  I move to stand and pain cuts across my ribs. My yell of pain reverberates around the rocks. I close my eyes. I am pulled from the cold ground and the world falls away.


(Sorry it's short, and it's not my best work, but hope you enjoyed anyway! Suggest any edits)

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