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2 hours ago, atomic said:

So, I came back from MT where I was rushing game into wolfs a bit nearby the farm there.

Back in Camp Office I started to craft arrows. It took me 15 arrows to level archery from 1 to 2 and another 25 arrows to get from 2 to 3. Now I have made 50 arrows in total, I guess I need further 30 to get to level 4. However, i have no feathers anymore. It's day 85 of my survivor's mission. I think we both need a break. Once I'm ready to search the world for further feathers I will reactivate him. 😀




Outstanding work my good man!

looking forward to your continued reporting on this activity, but I certainly understand needing to take a break.  it gets to be more of a job instead of a fun game...  thank god that the Firestarter  perk is cumulative or else you can imagine what it would be like trying to successfully ignite 1000 fires!


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