Poacher's Camp my new favorite hunting grounds

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Welcome to Poacher's Camp

The spot is probably the most underrated and overlooked location for setting up a semi permanent hunting ground.  Typically as you approach this spot you're either on your way to the forge or your heading towards Mystery Lake.  Either way for most this is just a quick stopping off point to warm up or get "dry" in case you broke thru the weak ice.

There's usually some decent loot in here, tools that come in handy and some sundries.  Might find a rifle, a couple of rounds as well if your lucky.   the deadfall  lets you shimmy right up onto the roof where you have a panoramic sight advantage and are relatively safe from predators lurking about.


I like getting camp set up by unloading as much weight as I can as I typically carry more than I should when I head out into the wild.  My motto is better to have it and dont need it than to need it and don't have it...


First order of business is to get some water brewing  and my sleeping are all set up.  got some extra gear drying out after my slog back from the forge.

the area immediately surrounding these train cars are littered with limbs and sticks.  took no time at all to lay in a substantial supply of firewood.  Got some starter fluid nearby to help get some of that unseasoned wood fired up!


Little birds eye view of my bunk.  Got some skill books to read if the weather gets too bad,  got my gun and bullets nearby, not to mention a couple of bows and my limited supply of arrows.  


Keeping the fire going make it down right cozy when you're hunkered down on the roof of the train car looking for game.


Not long before the first visitor appears, looks like a big'un  to me!


Ouch, looks like that is gonna hurt.  perfect sight picture and I would have tagged him right behind his left ear.  I didn't take the shot, from the roof not doable...


As I was moving to get off the roof to go stalk the bear, I heard this scuffle behind me.  I switched to the bow and lobbed an arrow  and much to my surprise got me a 2fer!


after a frenzied harvest as the weather was turning bad, it sure is good to get back on my bunk with hot fire going and pan frying some fresh venison !


I hope you take some time to camp out at Poacher's next time your in the area.  So much to do here and plenty of time.

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did sharing.  Your feedback, comments greatly encouraged and appreciated.

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I've found I prefer it over Spence's as my main base in FM.  It's a great place to stock with supplies that are easily accessible whenever going through FM to any other destination.  I stop and drop coal or scrap metal, so that I can easily grab a supply when heading to a forge (regardless of whether or not I'm going to use the one at Spence's or the one in BR... and as you say, it's a great vantage point from which to hunt.

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I haven't set up camp there since I was attacked by a bear while asleep in that train car.

If this is still a possibility, It'd rule it out for me.

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Might be a bit tougher spot on Interloper as it is exposed to the elements a bit and you would need a permafire going to keep warm. 

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That is a nice spot for hunting, but there is a warm cave just up the hill, better for sleeping and curing hides and guts.  If you have warm enough clothes (mid 20s temp), you can sleep in the cave with the normal bedroll without a fire.

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