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Прости меня, что отвлекаю вас, но у меня к вам вопрос и просьба одновременно.
Когда выйдут сезона?
Просто в ваших планах они есть.
Кроме того, механика игры уже обновлена.
А потом одну зиму в игре уже скучно.
А так можно было бы ставить цели в игре.
И было бы интересно, чтобы те, кто выживет более 1000 дней.
Спасибо, еще раз извините.

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Forgive me for distracting you, but I have a question for you and a request at the same time.
When will the season come out?
Just in your plans they are.
In addition, the game mechanics have already been updated.
And then one winter in the game is already boring.
And so it would be possible to set goals in the game.
And it would be interesting to those who survive more than 1000 days.
Thank you, sorry again.

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Bringing a change of seasons into survival mode is not going to happen simply because it would be so enormous in terms of necessary game mechanics and resulting bugs, exploits, and glitches that the resource requirements would eat Hinterland alive. And they still have to get the remaining three episodes of the Wintermute story-line out.

Maybe after Wintermute is concluded.

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