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On 13.1.2019 at 2:50 PM, BareSkin said:

I think, if the map is the updated one from redux (and maybe otherwise) that the detour around the landslide is optional, both from and to the Shed.

That isn't new. I think you could always climb over it. At least it has been that way for a long time

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This fence is why I never go to BR the chokepoint and lack of visibility makes it as deadly as Milton. If I ever happen to be there someday, I'll always take the back exit.

I smell the first 10+days brokenloper is near!

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On a further note when you make it to the hunting lodge begin the processing of the three dear corpses that are near the area, this will be enough for some deer skin pants, then if you have 2 ropes set the first one up behind the lodge and the other on the rock to the ravine, now get the two deer carcasses, all the cat tails, the supply cache and the possible fire striker. (only do this step if you have the hacksaw and bedroll (snow shelter is good)  then be very careful and mindful of the wolfs (got ravaged by a pack of three) climb to the lodge and give a prayer of thankfulness  to the TLD gods for their blessing. Get some rabbits if possible for hat and mitten production. Now be mindful that you may not get a sowing kit so keep a spare gut and a piece of scrap so you can make a fishing tackle.


For different spawns there are different out comes

If you get a hammer that is good gather enough scrap for tools. 

If you get a hacksaw,  do the procedure above. 

If you get both(unconfirmed), some how, then you are completely set, just don't waste the coal. 

If you don't get anything, welllllll............. DED no big surprise 

Oh and conserve matches they are more valuable then tools. 

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