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Ep 3 relise date?

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Helo, can someone tell me can i play it on i5 3470 and intel hd 2500.I played it before but cracked version :), bcs i wanted to see what is game about. But i bought it.

I am asking bcs there is redux version on steam, tnx :).

And one more question, waht is date of ep 3.

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i5 should be all right, but I don't know about the video card. I think likely not.

Redux is a massive upgrade to the game visually and narratively speaking, and in terms of gameplay. But you will want a better video card than that to really get the artwork in the game. If you haven't bought the game, you should; it's not really that much money and I've had fantastic return for value with the game; on a cost per hour basis I'm down to pennies.

As for Episode III, "When It's Ready". Hinterland got out of the business of announcing fixed release dates a while ago, and for good reasons. I don't stress because I've had this game for a couple of years now and their track record for supporting their game speaks for itself; in my judgement it is an industry best performance by this small gaming company.

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I run TLD on a relatively low end system, with all graphics settings maxed out - except for SSAO, and the games runs fine for me at generally 30 to 60 FPS

Of course I don't know how Redux will run yet since I still can't get it (I bought TLD at GOG and 1.4.1/1.4.4 is still not available).

Here's my specs:


Motherboard - ASRock M3A770DE
Processor - AMD Phenom II X4 965 - 3.42 GHz
Video Card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 768 MB - Driver Version: 391.35
Operating System - Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit
Memory - (2) 4096 MB Dual Channel (8 GB total) PC3-12800 DDR3-SDRAM Corsair - 1600 MHz
Sound Card - OnBoard


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