Outerloper - including pantsless TWM summit

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On 2/17/2019 at 9:00 PM, DaveMcD said:

Thanks @Stone you're pretty much bang on about the thrill level I experienced early on and without that bedroll I think I the run was probably doomed. It was a lot of fun in the first 5 -10 days

As for firewood - I had 51 days on TWM - a fair bunch in the hut etc  - I think firewood is quite manageable but it really does need to be one of your highest priorities. A couple of tactics I had.

Your job is now professional stick collector.

Invest your warmth and a bunch of your health each day grabbing sticks - I'd go out in the cold and use my warmth build up to gather as many sticks as possible every free chance I had. I'd even sacrifice about 30-40% condition on longer stick runs if I knew I was running low. I would only chop limbs up under a few conditions - if it was warm enough to chop it and only take <20% of what condition I had, if I could use the fire by the limb to also do a bunch of other things - harvest meat etc. Other than that it was pretty much all sticks.

Sticks don't respawn unless you pick them up AFAIK so clear them out ALL THE TIME to give them a chance to replenish.

I always tried to have a stockpile of at least 30 sticks in the HUT to keep me safe in emergency.

Don't burn long fires unless you have a buildup of food to cook or need a bunch of water - fires during a blizzard should only really happen during the coldest part when you're at risk of dying otherwise (you can often ride out a blizzard in the early morning passing time in the bed and only losing minimal warmth. If you can spare the matches enough then IMO you're better to save the fuel than the match - but make your fire still count for as much as possible - water, teas, cooking etc

If you go for a walk either have enough sticks + a piece of coal maybe to get you warmer than the temp - usually I'd have 20 sticks or at least go out with a plan to get that many along the way - you don't want to be trying to grab sticks madly in a blizzard while your fire is a few degrees too cold. 





20 Sticks + 1 coal is my load out for Forlorn Muskeg Keg Stand which is basically a 1 zone Outerloper. It's enough to warm up and then collect everything in an area and then come home with 100+ sticks. FM has more sticks available than TWM in my experience.

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