The Day The Power Went Out: Chapter 1

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It was a late June night and I had just gotten back from a small bar in town. We lived near the shore so the place always smelled of fish and seaweed a feature of the town I always disliked. I had decided to walk home with some friends. We joked untill they we reached their houses then they had to leave. So I continued walking it was a warm night  when the weirdest think happend the lights started to go out. I supposed it was a down power line from the wind that had kicked up. But if there was a down power line there would of been a repair crew streaking past here any moment yet as I looked down the road they were barren. So I continued walking with more difficulty because of the lights when something else starteled me; I had been walking and the lights came back on but this time they were filickering. I still made attempts to ignore this but at this point that was so hard to do that I just stopped and looked around. Hey I thought my shirt was never purple. It was tinted purple and the street around me had started to glow various colors, something I realized as a... No it couldent be not on the coast. I slowly looked skywards and "AAAH!!!". An aurora borialis. I started to run I started to see my house when it started snowing. Not just snowing it was coming down hard "But," I thought to myself "Its June and its snowing?"  I had just gotten to my frount door when the colors that tinted the ground faded and the lights stopped filckering and I heard many of the lights burst with a tiny "pop". I walked into my house, glass was scattered on the floor in frount of me. But I could not see anything but two lights in the darkness and the noise of growling. 

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1 hour ago, romerabr said:

Keep it going. 

Thank you for reading

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