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My name is Joshua. I've been a fanatic of The Long Dark since early access on Steam and Xbox Game Preview.

To oversimplify my persona; I am an average Joe who loves the outdoors and wildlife.

I enjoy video games, having a glass of bourbon with a fine cigar, hiking and camping, riding motorcycles, and spending time with my pug, Elroy.

I thrive during winter, when snow crunches beneath my boots, and frost covers the pines. I belong among mountainous peaks and icy boreal forests, where human interaction is rare, as I am excessively melancholic and misanthropic. I am an introvert; you can find me curled up amidst warm blankets, playing Nintendo Switch and drinking blue Gatorade/Powerade.

Being abnormally carnivorous, Buffalo wings are my favorite food. I also have a taste for beef, elk, bison, and venison jerky.

My love for wildlife is borderline insane. I have an affinity for the timberwolf, bear, mountain lion, bison, fox, hawk, and owl.

I would much rather isolate myself betwixt the wilderness than communicate with fellow humans. One could say I am an oddity.

My favorite films are The Revenant, The Grey. Alpha, The Hateful Eight, Bone Tomahawk, Hold The Dark, The Skin of the Wolf, and The Wolf Man (1941).

To approximate my demeanor, it has been said my personality is a mixture of the following fictional characters: Jim Hopper (Stranger Things), Rustin Cohle (True Detective), James Keziah Delaney (Taboo), Wolverine (Logan), and John McClane (Die Hard).

This is just the tip of the iceberg, an individual's spirit cannot be summarized in a simple forum post.

Have a good one.


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2 hours ago, Frosted Werewolf said:

One could say I am an oddity.

Oddities are what makes things valuable. We're all mere humans, and once everyone is peaceful, difference is a resource. If everyone follows a norm, I mean, the game is not funny right?

There are very good reasons to be misanthropic in my opinion, when looking at what our species is able to self-inflict, without even speaking of the planet that feeds us. Welcome to the forums!

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