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Day 88


- 1h of morning reading until it warms up

- i didn't know i could chop picnic tables for reclaimed wood

- nothing at the waterfall itself. the river looks good to follow until i spot a bridge and do my best to scramble on top of a steep bank

- a snow road behind the bridge leads me to a cave that doesn't look too trustworthy. i stop regardless to pry everything off a deer

- i don't want to stay in the cave and i'm not feeling threatened so i'll carry the stinky meat and guts

- two ruined buildings on the road. an adventurer is one has painkillers and matches

- a wolf howls. now i do feel a bit threatened

- crossed another highway. keeping to the mountainside in search of a cave and find one

- 2% soda no thanks

- i can build the fire to cook meat. i have a piece of reclaimed wood from those two houses and 2 coal pieces in the cave. i need a stick to start

- i can just spend 10mins tearing up this braaaa...nch... ahh! blizzard!

- this cave isn't cozy. it has a flat entry so the wind blows in snow that curls around the floor

- started a fire and began cooking

- oddball the guts i dropped aren't curing. oh i need to move them deeper into the cave

- reading more of guns guns guns maybe if i read enough my rifle will get trained to shoot without my assistance in which case i'll have a chance to hit something

- deer meat for supper and well earned rest

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Day 89


- the blizzard raged all night. it's -1C even in the cave. a bit chilly

- got two sprains as soon as i set my foot outside... aww... i don't want to sleep them off... used painkillers to go back to the highway and the car i passed by yesterday

- haven't seen a car in a while i've been living away from civilization on a wolf mountain. also forgot why i used to carry the prybar around... locked trunks

- got a soda and 1 cloth anyway, spent 15mins crafting in the car to warm up. though the warmth bar went down a little

- what are those crows cawing at? empty guy and 4 rosehip bushes around him

- i passed those houses yesterday... i'm going back to the highway

- it's the end of the road! it's says so. ruined soda and candy bar next to a guy. scoooore!! hello timely prybar!

- gloves in the car trunk. nice

- back at the rest cave. drop sticks just in case and keep going along the road. ooh more munchrooms!

- where did the road go? climbing some steep mountain path and getting another sprain but the view is amazing

- oooh! i know where this is. this is the mine to coastal and my stash

- nothing that deteriorates fast here. another prybar

- past noon and so windy. drink soda and read. wait can't read due to sprain. food waste. more scenery then and rest at least it's 2h




Night 89


- try reading some more 14/25h what's letting me read past dark?

- OHH!! OHH!! look at the sky and the aurora majesty!

- the mine lights are blinking! i've never seen this before! this is super duper awesome!

- ran around the corridors in wavering light. discovered a tunnel i haven't been to before. very useful too quality tools and ammo box

- came back with my prizes perfectly satisfied. soda and finish off mre pack before sleeping soundly



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Day 90


- steady steady this shortcut down is making me do some scary leaps

- rolled to some kind of cave that doesn't inspire trust. checked it with the rifle out

- later discovered another cave by the river, much friendlier. a frozen friend by the fire had a knife and a bullet and some ruined food

- the waterfall splashes soundly, cattails and birch saplings grow nearby

- buildings and tractor ahead

- bark!! eep! i have no idea where he is, i just sprint across the road with loud growls right on my heels. it's an antsy doggo

- this is a big house with a bed. searched the living room. i wander where the wolf was. made exit through another door

- entered a house next door. it's a storage shed. reclaimed wood, sardines and tools

- careful sticking my head out the door. a fire barrel doesn't have anything. crossed the road and ran around two ruined houses

- searched a tractor and a red car

- barky bark! hide in the truck. i can see the wolf through the window

- should i read 1h for him to go away? nah... crafted 15mins and ran for the big house

- more barking. he sure doesn't want visitors

- searched the rest of the house. dropped off a lot of food at the fridge. then stored all extra items in the living room

- i can do three hours worth of reading before sleep

Day 91


- sounds windy out. eat a choc bar... too dark to read? boo!

- tear up clothes until the wind stops howling. i hope i don't get eaten by barky

- take toilet water and run for the bridge

- i'm going to leave the gas station for worse weather to explore. exploring an area behind it instead

- a wolf is chasing rabbits among the trees. let's not interrupt

- another cave and a deer next to it. i can take everything off and drop it at the cave.

- it's still very early so i go exploring and hope to come back here for supper

- wow this road has the banks as tall as the mountains... crawl along it until there is a gap to cross

- two picnic tables ahead... pff they've eaten everything without me

- a wolf is hanging around in the distance... went around a hill to block him off and found a forest cave. just a cedar long

- an adventurer not far off  has a hoodie and jerky

- ack a wolf is trying to sneak this way in between the boulders... time to head in the opposite direction

- frozen pond, frozen pond you've got choc bar and soda

- dropped the cedar log next to the stove in the fishing hut maybe i'll come back in the future

- i should head back to my deer supper cave...  i thiiiink the road is behind the hut?

- two sprains later, limped to the cave and cooked deer

- i missed a niche at the back. bedroll and food, also ruined peaches

- dropped my bedroll in this niche and curled up tummy filled with yummy food

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:xHappy Valentines Day everyone! :x

Day 92

- left the guts at the cave

- following the highway for the longest time with some steep wind and snow

- warmth bar is slowly dropping at -5C it's half down when i reach a bridge and a rambling waterfall with an empty cave by its side

- useless cave so keep going until i spot a frozen guy on a ledge. the ledge is tricky to get onto and when i do there is a connecting cave to the hydro dam

- followed the tunnel unhurriedly to pick up coal and warm up

- picked up some food and cloth from adventurer

- an exit glimmers ahead and there is a roof collapse... a deer has fallen into the cave

- doesn't have much meat on it, ignore and keep going

- uuff! it's blizzard out. go back in and take the hide with guts. still blizzard. read 2h still blizzard

- i guess i'll start a fire and cook 0.8kg of meat, maybe read some more then sleep


Day 93

- traveling along the winding river and collecting as i walk

- the river sends me over a hill and continues on the other side where i discover a cave up the bank

- an empty blue box and some jerky are waiting for me

- i keep hearing wolf howls as i travel the upper path until i spot a deer by a campfire

- 2kg of meat is a tempting offer. i take all plus a fir log and go back to the cave to hide from the windy, unfriendly weather

- ate a choc bar and read 2h while cooking

- noooo! i forgot to add one miserly twig, the fire was for 1:47 min ... awww... the second meat piece did not finish cooking and has to be started over

- 3 fails on restarting the fire ahh! 5 matches over my foolishness! this better be the king's dinner!

- the strong wind outside might be blowing into the cave thus the fire attempts failed

- one stinky lines on me due to carrying 3 chunks of meat. that patrol wolf is so going to smell me

- wolf? wolfy? lots of bunnies frolicking over the ice. i better grab all harvest food before he comes

- the hydro dam gates really are impressive, remind me of mordor or something lord of the rings scale

- the path runs up to scale the hydro dam wall and lets me tiptoe over most narrow ledge. sit on the wall and enjoy the view of the world

- found a fishing hook in a green box...

- there is also a deer on the other side... i wander how it got here and what took it down

- i have enough weight and food, so i let it be

- path? path? path? the snow covered door won't let me in. clicked the wall and fell into the dam

- is that a broken window i flopped though? heh i can't reach it back to exit

- this dam is not for my bunny nerves... the howls and creaks make me feel eaten just by listening

- managed to search very well the first room before night fell


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Day 94


- took sweet time going through the lower dam and found all sorts of items. wilderness cooking book is a very good find. i want more books to read

- found a work bench too and used it to craft a fishing line and an arrow. funny how i found an arrow shaft while i had feathers and one tip. and then found a line while i had 1 hook from the frozen pond

- ski boots? i have to stop to tear them apart. i'm already carrying insane 50kg

- eventually found two doors to exit the dam. one of them goes to the upper level and the other outside

- crawled along the ledge again back to the deer. i have grabbed a fuel book since you can fail 3 times on an 80% stick

- wooho! i can use magnifying glass! at least some compensation

- the mountains are gorgeous pink and the wolf makes an appearance skidding over the ice

- read another hour until the stars appeared

- this is a very nice night and i feel like predators won't attack me up here

- slept 3h three times under the stars and woke up fully rested




Day 95


- drank one soda and finished reading advanced guns book.

- woohoo!! penitent scholar achievement!

- level 3 firearms ding!

- the weather is grand. stay outside and shred all clothes over 0.10kg weight until moderate snow begins falling

- still super heavy... crawled to the hatch where an adventurer has two broken arrows to enter the upper dam

- i have been here before but i'll double check to be sure and i guess i'll tear up the cloth items such as rugs

- i missed a very well hidden firestriker and a box of ammo the last time. taking the fuel books too

- getting dark again. drink 3 sodas since i'm out of water and sleep


Day 96


- not the friendliest morning, snow curtain against black sky

- made a fire on the doorstep to boil water. 80 rosehips. i'll craft meanwhile.

- it got lighter. i can drop more wood into the fire and set more water to boil while i make a quick run to the trailer to drop off loot items

- i also remember making a stash in one of the trailers

- ooooof! got hit by a blizzard as soon as i walked down the steps. the trailer is near so i'll fight the wind to get to it without sprint

- this one isn't the stash trailer. it has an empty blue box. i fill it to the brim with stuff before running next door in the blizzard

- not bad at all. one choc bar spoiled but many items are still good

- i also have a pair of mukluks at 27% in the locker

- since i have 48 cloths and enough leather i can repair them to 100%

- the locker also has a book on shooting with 1/4h

- they are a less windproof and not as warm as the ski boots, but they are only 1.5kg vs 4kg which is a huge bonus and 10% more waterproof

- i'll give them a chance due to recommendations

- peeked outside, it's still kinda nasty

- i can run to the dam to grab water and the pot

- the water boiled out

- picked mushrooms near the trailer and slept

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I find the ski boots way to heavy. Mukluks are way better. I only use ski boots in places where I expect to be standing around in the cold for long periods of time (useful for living in the mountaineering hut, for instance). The rest of the time, I highly prize the ability to move! 

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@cullam I'm giving the mukluks a try, they're pretty good. I think the game in general values them more than other boots. So far out of various boots I found Mukluks just once during one of my runs. I found ski and insulated in various games.

Day 97

- windy and not nice. there is a river running under a bridge that's next to the dam

- went along it picking cattails. there are so many.

- i don't know this spot at all. mountain banks. wolves begin howling

- eventually i spot a rope. the fatigue is not great, i believe i can manage. i'm going to eat something and drink before climbing

- eep! there is a second rope! um... that's not good my fatigue is now reducing the weight a bit

- dropped the bedroll right there and slept 1h

- the blizzard is coming the blizzard is coming in two mins... it's -5C

- began climbing the second rope and stopped at the ledge... the ledge has a windbreak in positive temp. the fatigue dropped my weight limit again

- ate and drank then whelp i have to try sleeping 2h

- eesh the wind direction changed during sleep but i still have half of my warmth bar, not for long it's -13C

- i have half of the rope left and still too much weight... dropped a fuel book oh good i can climb go go go!

- this is definitely a yucky blizzard... phew! lucky me! there is a cave right there on my right as soon as i get off the rope

- it's a good cave. an adventurer has a small book 4h worth of reading and a cedar log

- this is cool, a coat i haven't seen. an old working parka. it's actually a good coat. my expedition parka is better but that one would be very welcome any mode too

- hello friendly fire... wow my hat and earmuffs are in the frozen zone, the rest is close to frozen

- still daytime... eat and read 2h... why am i made of stupid... i just made that mistake recently... the fire went out while i was reading... i have to be careful

- at least my clothes are almost fully dry

- it's night. i believe the cave is warm enough with the fire so i'm going to sleep

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